Her Just Desserts



Dara had left a subtle trail of bread crumbs as bait for her man on a wicked whim, but as she arrived home this day, a rush of panic shot through her and she began to second-guess the wisdom of her own devious devices. There was a look on Mick’s face as he sat in front of her screen, one that she had never seen on him before, and Dara cursed herself for possibly having gone too far before testing the waters further.

There was a sense of danger and lewd betrayal in the air, as Mick kept a quietly insinuating tone humming through every carefully chosen word. He crooked a finger with a come-hither beckoning, and simply said, “Here. Now.” 

She nervously dropped her bag, slipped our of her jacket, swallowed hard, and pretended not to notice the hot flush that rose suddenly in her pale skin. Her adrenaline spiked as she took her first steps, and it threw her off balance just enough that she missed sensing the first churning ripples inside of her insatiable pelvic walls. There would be an unmistakable river rushing from there soon enough, one that would reveal a few of her salacious secrets.

Her bones began to softly shake as she reached the place he’d appointed for her to stand beside him. He turned the laptop’s screen to show his girl the obscene treasures he had unearthed there. Dara stopped breathing the moment her eyes caught the surprising number of her private videos he had discovered and dragged to the desktop. She had never meant for him to find that many, and holy fuck, how was this mess going to play itself out?  

He clicked the one that was at center screen, the one that was in mid-play as she entered their place, and there she was on the screen, wet cunt blatantly bared, glass toy half-swallowed in her pretty arched ass. She was plunging her hole, wiggling and moaning, even now and then swatting her own white bottom’s curvy cheeks in her depraved bliss.

He just let it play, and he watched her wide-eyed, immediate terror bubbling next to him. Again, she was so lost in her momentary panic, that she didn’t notice the puddle beginning to form in her own pristine panties. She was watching herself savagely masturbate on screen and toy-fuck her tight little wanton asshole for the camera, cursing like a street whore while begging for hands and cocks, toys and tongues to join in the foray.

He let it play to the end where, as she came hard and loud and long, she roared “Fuck yes, fuck me fuck me FUUUUCK!” Then, after her eruption, she teased the camera with a roll of the glass toy through her sopping wet, puffed-up labia, and a seductive, sword-swallowing clean-off of the sullied toy with her mouth and tongue, accompanied by her signature lush purring. The video finished, and the silent air crackled with a slew of breathless questions. Dara’s eyes teared up and her anus twitched. The hovering silence seemed eternal until Mick broke it with a soft question.

"How many?" He looked up at her with one arched brow. "How many did you send this too?  Or did you post it for all to see?"

She tried to answer, but her voice could barely function at first. “No!” she insisted,  “Not all.” She trembled. “Just…some”.

"Show me." he quietly commanded, as he moved away and gestured for her to open a file, that she knew she could not lie about. He would find it anyway, if he hadn’t already. ‘Besides’, she began a thought….  and her clit wriggled and rose to waken as the the thought vanished into a dirty dark corner.

"There", she said with her eyes lowered and another damp shiver in her flesh. "Just ummmm, some….favorite…followers", she stuttered. "I didn’t post it, I swear."

A wolfish leer washed across his face and seeped into his vocal cords as he said,

"You didn’t think to show me first?"

Dara could only get the word “I” out in a series of attempted excuses. 

"You like being watched. You want strangers to see how much of a slut you love to be?" He waited for her to admit what he clearly already knew.

She bit her lip lest she say too much. Her entire body was on fire with the thought of being savaged by her man, or a horde of men, while strangers watched, but she dare not let that out…not yet.

Mick suddenly rose from the chair, pushed it away, and took Dara and the laptop to the long sleek sofa. He set the computer down within reach, tore off his shirt, and then ripped hers open. He lifted her skirt to see what she was wearing and smirked at the thought of her virginal white panties going on this vulgar ride for his pleasure. 

As Mick sat, Dara audibly gasped. Next to him was her bag of recently ordered toys, opened and clearly washed and ready for use: dildos, a knobby glass wand and matching plug, even a riding crop.

"You’ve been shopping I see." he hummed. "For me? Or for your lovely, lecherous followers?"

Again, the truth stuck in her wicked throat.

He smiled at her in that crooked way that told her she’d better do anything and everything he demands without question.

"Bra off." he ruled gently. It dropped to the floor before his next breath completed, baring her already hardened nipples, which he noted, but let pass… for now.

He patted his jeans leg, and simply said, “Over my knee. Now.”

Inside Dara’s head, she was whispering to herself “Oh, my fucking god yes!”. Her clit was swiftly swelling at record pace as she leaned forward and across his body. This was something they’d never done, yet something she had prayed endlessly for. It was the real reason for the bread crumb trail in the first place. What she didn’t plan for was what came next.

As Dara’s hips found their nesting place across his thick, hard thighs, Mick leaned forward to the laptop, and quietly muttered as he tinkered. Dara dare not look. She knew better. He would tell her what she needed to know. And he did.

"There. Invitations sent.", Mick said proudly. Then, "On second thought, let’s open it up to everyone. You want to be watched. I’ll give my little slut what she really wants."

Dara finally dared to peek back just long enough to realize that the webcam was now on and open to anyone who longed for a reason to mindlessly masturbate to live sex. Whatever took place here and now was be out there for the entire fucking world to see. She was instantly horrified, yet so fucking aroused from the very thought, and as that registered in her weeping cunt’s shamelessness, she quickly flipped back to the fear that her soon-to-be-sopping crease was about to give her depraved mind away.

"Skirt up, panties off. NOW" he barked, and she fumbled to be a good girl  for him and comply at once.

Mick suddenly angled Dara’s bared ass to the cam and commanded, 

"Spread", and he pushed her legs open, letting her exquisitely tempting anal opening and her already dripping pink cunt’s smile be revealed to the web-whore hordes.

"How does that feel?" he asked. She only whimpered in reply. "Does this make you feel more like the dirty slut you really are?"

When he got no answer in good time, Dara’s delicate ass paid its first raw toll. Mick raised his strong, right arm and with open hand, laid into Dara’s hot gorgeous ass cheeks four or five times each with a shocking flesh-to-flesh, unflinching paddling. In the midst, Dara heard herself growl, “Oh… my… gaaahhhhdd…”

"Are you a cam slut, Dara?"

Nooo!” she cried. Cams hadn’t been her thing, vids were. Then again, she thought….

Suddenly, there was a new barrage of hard, burning spanks, leaving fiery raw hand marks, and the beginnings of rising welts on her formerly white, very tender, sweet ass’ mounds.

"YES YES" Dara cried, "I AM a cam slut", though it was only true as of this moment.

"And whose cam slut are you, babydoll?" The spanking continued, first and foremost to her blushing bottom’s moons, then up and down her splayed thighs.

"Yours!" she whimpered, sheepishly.

‘“LOUDER… tell me whose cam slut you are!” At the end of that sentence, she squealed as Mick’s pointed hand smacks went straight for her bared dripping cunt. The electrifying stings on her labia’s sensitive wetness, splashed her thighs, as it whipped up a tsunami inside of her.

"FUUUUCK", she cried, not knowing even herself if it was a protest or a whorish plea for more. "I’m your dirty cam slut, Mick, only yours!”

He spanked her clit and pubic bone twice for his own lustful pleasure and demanded she tell him more.

"I’m your fucking cam whore only, honey, I promise!!” The ass paddling began anew.  ”And I am your cum slut too. It’s ALL for you!” He spanked her reddened wet slit with a few more stinging swats each, and told her to beg for it. 

"Please, Mick, fuck me so everyone can watch! Do everything you want to me. I’m your dirty cam and cum whore!" 

"Whose cunt is this, little slut of mine?" he demanded as her swatted her clit twice more, until she tried to wiggle away from the overload of sensations.

"OH FUCK! It’s Mick’s slutty cunt. Take it. Take me!! Do fucking anything you want, I’m yours!!”

He stopped the planned assault suddenly, and let the paddling’s vibration sink into every molecule of her wanton bones and seep into every pore of her flushed skin

"That’s my good filthy girl." he purred. He pulled her hands back and placed them on her bright red ass mounds and barked "Spread them".

It hurt as she did, and she knew what was coming when she felt him lean toward the bag.

"And whose dirty little asshole is this?" he demanded. The tip of the riding crop stung her startled tiny clenched hole again and again.

When he finished, she began to speak “It’s yours, it’s your dirty asshole.” Then she whelped as he whipped her clenched anal hole a few more times, and the tears began to flow.

"Tell me like a good whore" he hinted, then stung her twice more.

When she could speak, she cried out “I am an ass slut - only for you, Mick. My dirty asshole is yours.” Two more stings hit, then he stopped and smiled to himself.

"That’s my good little baby slut."

As this wildly new exchange happened between them, Dara’s libido went from “Oh fuck, I can’t believe this!” to “Please, never fucking stop doing this to me!!” and she could tell that the latter feeling was not about to vanish in this or any other lifetime.

"Well my little cummy cam girl, let’s give your friends a show they won’t forget. Some pervy girl needs to learn her lesson: that she only shows others AFTER she shows Mick.”

He paddled her ass about five more times, as she wondered through her rising flesh’s rawness how long it might be before she would be able to sit again.Then he stripped her of every stitch of clothing she had, as he muttered lasciviously to her

"I want them to see every inch of my dirty girl.”

Before she knew what was happening, Dara could feel the nubs of the new glass wand being slathered in the slippery crevice of her stung cunt, and as the knobby rises nuzzled across her clit, her throat hummed a succulent naughty tune.

"Some little slut is soaked!" Mick said with wicked delight. He told her to spread her ass cheeks again, and Dara winced when she gripped her bottom. It fucking hurt, but she was determined to be a good girl now, so she obeyed without complaint.

The tip of the glass wand wriggled into her tight little ass’ grip, prying her open with a “you know you want it” promise. Mick removed it for a second, and dipped his rough fingers deep into her surprised cunt’s embrace. He wriggled about with intent,  then pulled out to paint her little rear canal with her own slippery musk spillage. One finger slid in to open her ass. Then two pushed her wider to ready her hole for the glass intrusion. When the first knobs of the wand pushed into her tight hole’s grip, her head whipped back and she let out an obscene whirring wail.

:”Does my baby slut need her ass fucked like a whore?”

She wanted to answer but was lost in the sensations, until she felt his hand whacking at her already tenderized bottom.”YES” she cried, “Please fuck my hungry whore’s ass, pleeeeease!” Mick was thrilled to hear that animal tone in Dara’s pleas. It made him so hard, he had to unzip and tug his jeans down to his thighs.

Mick worked the knobby wand half way into Dara’s twitchy rear, then he spun it about for the bumpy tease, and left it embedded there while he taunted her to the voyeurs.

"This is what a true cam slut looks like, folks. Go ahead, stroke away… just know this ass is ALLLL mine!"

Mick’s fingers dug into the puddled pussy below. He curled his fingers to her g-spot, and tugged in a steady rhythm at Dara’s pubic bone. He could hear his girl’s voluptuous moans revving like a cold engine trying to start in winter’s harsh weather.

"Like that babygirl?", but all he could hear was a string of indecipherable obscenities spewing out as her ascent to her first peak neared.

"Not so fast, baby, this is punishment not a reward."

His hand disappeared, then all of a sudden, Dara felt her world turned upside down, and she realized he had flipped her onto her back right in his lap.

"Grab your knees. Pull and open!" She did as he bade her, and was soon wide open to the world, the wand still niggling on its own halfway into her ass, and she was splayed like a crass nude in an old perv’s dirty magazine.

"Baby was a very bad girl, wasn’t she?" he asked. But before Dara could form another word, his open hand began slapping away at her slick, puffy cunt flaps again, in an unpredictable rhythm, and with just the right pull-away at the end of each swat, so he could continue the tease without overload.

Dara’s voice was vibrating, she was halfway to heaven, yet so spun about, she didn’t know which direction she was headed. When the cunt spanks eased, she suddenly felt the wand plunge head long into her ass so deep, she could feel Mick’s fingers kiss her widened asshole. Then suddenly the wand bumped its way completely out of her so fast, Dara cried out with the only syllables she could  manage ‘Ohh Ohh OHHHHHH”

Once again, the crop hit her anal opening, then her clit, back and forth in a steady rapid switch, and just as she stopped quaking from that, she felt its stinging licks on both of her diamond hard nipples. Her toes were curling, her pelvic rush was now a torrent running down the arc of her crimson’d cheeks, and she was so close to the edge, she could taste the impending orgasm, but he was not going to allow her to burst just yet.

The crop was laid on her belly, and something else was being dipped into her cunt for lubrication. When she sussed out the shape, she knew. ‘FUCK!” she cried out in her mind’s safe room, “It’s the long plug”. And sure enough it was.

Mick toyed with her already warmed ass, with this new wider, long-ass plug, teasingly fucking her with it, yet not letting it lock in.

"How badly do you want to cum, babydoll?"  

"Please push it into my slutty ass…. I’ll do anything for you. I promise! I’ll never be bad again!" (That was the only lie she would tell him today and she fucking well knew it).

"Pleeeease just FUCK ME already!!" she cried, echoing the vid he showed her at the start. Dara was in tears with the endless edging, completely jellied from the lack of any release, and ready to surrender to any terms without hesitation.

With one slow shove, Mick drove the plug in full length and added a few more ass paddles, interspersed with finger-taunting her cunt. He was intentionally taking his  declared slutty girl to the edge and back more times than even the watchers could count. if she was going to cum for the crowd, it was going to be stratospheric.

At one point, Mick pushed Dara to her knees, her raw red butt cheeks and clear glass monster plug right in the voyeurs’ drooling faces. And though his cock hardly needed the attention (it was at full mast and dripping as much as her taunted cunt was), he gave the cam whores a brief hair-fisting, face-fuck show. As he did, he whispered to her, “They’re watching this and cumming all over themselves. They wish they had a hot slut like you, baby, but you only do this for me.” And his eyes rolled back a bit as she hummed with a throat full of his mushroomed cockhead.

Finally, when Dara was a shuddering, half-melted puddle of wanton goo, and Mick himself was at the bursting point from this play, he lifted her onto the sofa, face down, and ass up toward the camera, 

She felt one more insertion, this time it was the vibrating egg, and there it was, nestled quietly in the tide pool of her raw pussy’s undulant walls. She knew he would hit the remote when he was good and ready to send her over the edge, though she was already pretty much there in her mind. 

In the next instant, the big fat plug in her bottom’s vise grip was tugged and popped out of its nestled place. Mick commanded “Stay open….” as he moved away for the camera to catch her freshly gapied hole.

There was silence again. The only thing she could hear was her own panting and whimpering. Then he spoke softly.

"Tell me what you want, little slut of mine." Her voice shook as she begged once more.

"Fuck me please, Mick." she begged with through her lascivious tears.  "I’m your own little ass slut and only yours. And PLEEEASE let me cum…. pleeeeeeease!  I can’t… I can’t….”

And before she finished stuttering, his rocket-fueled cock aimed its trajectory into the depths of her widened ass’ canal. As she felt him drive into her with a rabid fury, Dara’s head whipped back and she roared like a lioness finally getting mated and seeded after a year of denial.

This time as she rose, Mick hit the vibe remote and the little egg inside Dara’s soaked sacristy sent her soaring her through the roof and into the ether’s carnal fires. As Dara’s orgasmic waves hit her body’s shores over and over, it made Mick lose the grip on his own precipice, and halfway through his thundering cream-dump, he managed to pull out completely, to the sound of his little slut’s protests. He cocked his flesh weapon and let a few streams of cum shoot into her open bull’s eyes for the watchers, then drove back inside her for the deep, spasming finish.

As they gasped for mutual breath in the vibrating aftermath, Dara’s tears of joy ran free, as she heard her man whispering into her pounding ears, “I love my fucking beautiful slut. She’s all mine. And  yes, I’m all hers.”  All the while both bodies rocked, both throats gurgled and both hearts raced to find one another’s rhythms

And just for the perverse delight of it, when he was ready, Mick pulled out of Dara’s handprinted bottom, and held his soiled cock to her bitten lips.

"I know you love the taste of cum and ass, darling girl. C’mon, let the nice people watch the luscious clean up."

As Dara leaned forward and hungrily lapped away at him, something she truly did love like a kid with a candy reward, Mick soon reached to the keyboard and hit ‘Fade’ on the cam.

The show was over…. for now.



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