The Party Corner


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Lauren and Eric had some very classy, well-to-do, perfectly perverse friends, who began throwing parties for “dating meetups”, they called it, of any and all flavors. These festive nights, however, were becoming more and more about blatant sexual networking.

Sex wasn’t encouraged at these gatherings; there were no glory holes or dark rooms for orgies, or one-on-ones or anything in between. But if something did combust, as long as it was done discreetly, it wasn’t frowned upon or interrupted, because a little voyeuring seemed to ramp up the attendees, sell a little more booze,  and assure the party hosts of a good healthy gathering each time one was thrown. And frankly, it was fucking hot to watch. Only the crass were asked to take it outside.

Lauren and Eric had gone to a few of these lush parties, first for the titillation, then for the sizzling hot voyeur shows that would erupt out of nowhere, and also for the ensuing rabid sex they would end up having afterwards in the car, inside their front door (they once almost went at it on the lawn), or even on the hood of Eric’s shiny ride in the parking lot the last time, doubly hopped up on who might catch them.

Lauren was also continuing to encourage Eric’s budding bi-curious side, keeping his expanding dirty mind and evolving sexuality lubed and hungry for new horizons, in the hopes that he might move from “curious” to “I’ll have some of that, please”. 

Lauren herself was quietly bi -well, not that quiet. She just hadn’t told Eric everything yet. And though the couple had no designs that evening to participate or become the sex sideshow du jour, together or otherwise, they were about to turn an obscenely orgasmic corner this night with little warning.

Lauren asked her girlfriend, Nicole, to join them there, in case something juicy erupted she needed to share in a girlish moment.

"And why not?" she purred to Eric, "The more the pervier."

Nicole was a secret, now and then playtoy of Lauren’s, though Eric had yet to discover that fact. Lauren was easing them both towards a hot threesome night sometime soon, where all would be revealed and then some. As the the couple met up with Nicole and waited for the simmering, dirty deeds to ignite, the girls got chatting and Eric went off for more drinks.

Lauren grabbed Nicole’s hand mid-sentence, when she saw a dashing younger man chatting her beau up, and she secretly prayed that Eric wouldn’t brush the boy off too swiftly. Lauren tried not to be obvious, but this was already the one of the steamier things she had seen here - her man being hit on by a hot guy , and one she wouldn’t mind sharing with him, after the men had some filthy, delicious play time together. She could see Eric nodding towards her and gesturing that he had to deliver the drinks. Her heart sunk a little, but she noticed the young man still watching and waiting.

When he arrived, the girls were softly cooing at the handsome boy on Eric’s tail. Lauren leaned in quietly and said,

"He was flirting with you. Big time. Did you like it?" 

Eric went all awkwardly bashful, stuttering through the guy’s name “Geoff with a G”, and Lauren stopped him from having to explain any more.

"Baby, it looks like he’s dying to finish your conversation. Go and talk to him; flirt with him if you want to. Do whatever feels right to you. Nicole and I will leave you alone so you’re not being watched". Then she added with a wink, "Unless you want me to watch."

She punctuated that last insinuation with an unseen swipe of his half-risen crotch, lest the boy have his eyes on them too closely. Then she gave Eric that deep, genuine smile that said she adored him in every way, and simply whispered that he should go explore and have some fun on his own.

Lauren grabbed her drink, handed the second to Nicole, and waved to Eric as she wandered off casually. But once Nicole and she rounded the first corner, the girls hunted for a lookout point where Eric would not catch them spying. As it turned out, Geoffrey was keeping Eric’s attention pretty much where Geoff wanted it, so after a time, Eric forgot where he was and who he was there with.

Lauren could tell the boy was enamored of Eric’s form and his sweet, honest soul. There were casual touches - nothing blatant, but even those innocent reaches told a desirous tale indeed. No doubt Eric mentioned that he was new to any man to man contact in some unconsciously endearing manner. And Lauren nearly spilled her drink when she looked about after a lengthy discussion with Nicole about God knows what, and saw that the men had vanished.

She told Nicole urgently to look upstairs, while she sleuthed around the downstairs, but after a time, the two girls reconvened with no idea where the men had disappeared to. They girls headed for the bathroom, and just as Lauren made it to the door, she heard some quiet voices around the corner. She froze, then tiptoed about to see what she could see.

There they were, in an off the hallway room, and at that very moment, Geoff’s mouth was smothering Eric’s in the hottest manlove kiss Lauren had ever imagined. And when she noticed Eric’s body rocking the way he does when he’s being toyed with below, Lauren nearly gasped aloud with excitement at the sight of Eric’s fully-erect, gorgeous cock in the deft, silken hands of this seductive, younger man.

It was happening right before her eyes, and Lauren thought she was just going to cum right there all over herself and the floor beneath her. She wouldn’t even take her eyes off the hypnotic show to wave Nicole in, because just as she thought to, Geoff began dropping to his knees and tugging Eric’s pants to the floor. 

The brilliance of this gorgeous man-to-man cock worshipping suckfest was enough to send Lauren into orbit, but when Eric began helping it happen, pulling Geoff’s head in deeper from the back of his neck, feeding the younger man every inch of his cock and more, Lauren was a softly moaning, rocking puddle, and she didn’t much care whether it was cum or pee wetting her thighs… or both.

As the stunning cock-swallowing ramped up and Eric headed toward a cum-dumping muffled howl, the girls were now grabbing at each other, hands in one another’s panties, digging for whipped up honey, meaning to head into the carnal stratosphere right along with him.

Lauren started to orgasm the moment she saw her Eric jerk his body, in that telltale spasm he has just before he shoots off the first jets of his sweet, drowning seed. And as he fucked the young man’s throat mercilessly (God, she knew how that felt) and emptied an enormous load into this brilliant boy’s gullet, Lauren had become oblivious to the fact that there was now a crowd behind her, watching both the men in the lascivious act, and the women making each other writhe and explode from it all.

Geoffrey finally stood, sticky lust dripping from his chin, and the two men smiled at each other with soft, wicked bliss on their faces. Lauren melted completely when she saw her man pull Geoff in for a sopping, cum-filled throat kiss, something he had only ever done with her. The kisses eased and turned into teasing lip bites, and Geoff seemed not to want to let go of Eric’s glistening cock shaft.

When the men parted, Geoff breezed by the girls with a purring, soaked smile, and Lauren looked back to see her man grinning broadly at her. He was sated and happy, half-shocked at his own bravado, but there was another glint in his eyes. Lauren went beet red when she realized that she and Nicole still had their hands half buried in one another’s sopping cunts.

As the trio put themselves back together, and Nicole left the couple alone, Lauren leaned in to praise and bless her man for this stunning, filthy surprise, but was unable to find the words, she was so ecstatic. In her sassiest voice, she wryly said, “Well, I hope you got his number.”

Eric kissed her deeply, his mouth still coated in his own sucked and fed cum.

"He’s coming over Saturday. To join us. He likes girls too."  Lauren wrapped herself around Eric with a wanton groan, hanging onto him like he was going to float away.

Eric leaned down and whispered.

"You should invite Nicole. I need to watch some of that too…"



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