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As lovers, Rob and Danielle were amazingly adventurous, nearly fearless, and anal play had become one of their favorite erotic sports when they were nakedly entangled. Never wanting to settle for less than heaven, the pair were also on a constant hunt for new ways to send one another soaring into the shameless ether. Ass play had been less a part of Rob's arousal world before he met Dani, but her insatiable taste for so many things forbidden by old world mores opened his mind, as she opened his eyes and his startled anus to some of the most extraordinary pleasuring he had ever felt in his fucking life.

It didn't take long for Rob to fall in love with the way Danielle could fire off all of his orgasmic rockets at once (even from buttons he didn't know he had), just by adding some emboldened ass toying to her already brilliantly administered, edging oral assaults, and other assorted depravities.

More and more, these two wild creatures would push the envelope and prod one another into new adventures they sensed looming on their sexual horizons. 

"Why not try it once?" Danielle would say, when she saw him balking at one of her latest lascivious ideas. "If we don't like it, we'll toss it out of the repertoire. You might just fucking love it, baby!  Or are you afraid of owing me for that?" and she would let out the wickedest laugh ever.

She knew that, in the end, Rob would willingly to rise to any challenge she tossed his way, even if it took him a little time to process what he'd said yes to. And as for the "never do list" boundaries, they already knew they were on the same page there, so other than that list, nothing was off limits.

Today, they went shopping at a relatively new adult store that had opened very close to Danielle's place of work. She giggled when she texted him about the store's debut. "This is dangerous. I may end up owning the entire place and all of its contents by the end of the week! Eeps!"

The original intent of their excursion was to first check the place out, and if it was a nice venue to buy things, then together they could pick out a new, slightly larger girlcock for Dani's strap-on harness. Rob was loving the rides she'd given him when the fancy struck, but his back door was ready and willing to take in something longer and wider for a meatier slamfest. That thought alone made Danielle's insides quiver, and gush just enough to soak any pair of panties within striking distance. 

Oh, she had even more plans for him, for them, and maybe with a few joiners down the road. And she knew he'd be ready for those one day soon. But, for now, the mere thought of impaling this dominant-leaning man, and fucking his hot little ass like he was her wanton willing boytoy, both for her own orgasmic pleasures and his, made her soak her inner thighs at the most inappropriate moments.

The store, dubbed "Dreams Come True" (their site address read "dreamscumtrue"), was brilliantly put together. It was clean, creative and classy, and was stocked to the ceiling with so many things to fawn over, grab at and fantasize about. Five minutes in the place and the lovers wondered if they'd ever get out of there without stripping down completely and offering to try everything out right there on the floor. as a live in-store demo team.

As they headed toward the strap-on dildos, Danielle stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh my god in dirty fucking heaven!" She lifted up an enormous double headed dildo, which looked, at first glance, to be almost as big as her arm. She was drooling from the inside out, and suddenly could not imagine why this idea had never come up before. She knew why: they'd been too enraptured with every other carnal inspiration they'd adopted, so who needed to look for more? However, with this thick weighty monster toy in her grasp, she couldn't stop envisioning all of the perverse possibilities. Rob could almost hear Dani's cunt gurgling and her clit squealing with joy.

She looked at Rob with those big "You know you wanna" eyes. 

"I know", she hummed, "It's bigger than anything we've had in our asses, but, just think...at least we'll both be taking all of that in... together." She let that visual sink into his gluttonous. prurient mind, and she gently leaned into him as she handed him the heavy package, and curled her hands about his taut ass. 

"I will if you will."  She could tell he was surrendering to the idea. 

"I'll bet I can take more than you can" she dared him. 

"You're on!" he snapped back.  Rob just hated being bested without a tryout, and now Danielle had a new obscene dream about to cum explosively true.


Once back home, the double-headed dare was on. The monster was out of its case, cleaned and readied for some succulent, hot play. Lube and other implements were at bedside, and in a naked heartbeat, Rob felt Danielle's impatient hands reaching around from behind him to unleash his blushing ass from his jeans and boxers. Before he knew it, his clothes were hugging his ankles and she had him pushed and leaning over the bed, so his knees were at the end of the mattress and his delicious ass was poised for her first bold ploy.

"You need more warming up than me, baby." Dani teased him. "But you'll get your turn too. Remember, two heads, two asses, we both get the same down and dirty, ass-ruining ride." 

And as those words spilled from her mouth, Danielle's tongue slipped into the crack of his ass, and once she wet his nervous whistle, her fingers began to nuzzle their way inside of him, gently prodding open his tight rear door. He was melting into her luscious tease, because he already knew the places she could take him with her eloquent tongue and her lewd, brazen will. In no time his cock was being licked along its undershaft, and three fingers were spreading his anus open, and pushing their insistent way in, heading closer and closer toward her delicate knuckles.

Rob began pushing back onto Dani's hand, almost daring her to insert the missing digits and just fist him, but before anything more erupted between them, he whispered to her, as his ass suddenly clamped down on her burrowing fingers, "Don't go anywhere with those...." 

Without warning, he reached underneath, and yanked Danielle's slim body right through his legs and onto the bed. His strength and agility so often took his girl by sheer surprise, and this time it actually took her breath away. "Fuck", she growled, "How do you do that?" And in her mind, she was thinking "Just turn me upside down and fuck my brains out, will you?"

In no time, the wild pair were stripped bare, nipping and biting one another wherever they could reach. Rob's fingers took a little detour into Dani's now sopping cunt-gates, first to have a long taste of his favorite syrup, and then to lube his feelers up with Eau de Danielle.  And though Rob's probing fingers were soon making their way into widening her yawning back passage, both of the lovers knew they were going need a little more help with the warm-up for this monster of a two-headed snake.

"One toy each, one toy only, before the big guy" Rob declared. 

Dani loved the new game's call, and toppled him over to get to the toys first. She grabbed her suction cup dildo and tossed him the strap-on girlcock out of its harness. They tussled over the lube, and ended up devouring each other's mouths while slathering both toys in slippery, flavored goo.

When they were ready, brilliant Danielle turned the tables on his expectations. She pushed Rob to the bed and licked her suction cup, and attempted to secure it to his chest. When it wouldn't quite stay, she put his hands at the base and told him to hold it steady. She was in for the long, salacious tease, and he was about to get the most incredible view of her squatting over him and lowering herself, bit by squirming bit, onto this long, veined dong. Once it was securely inside of her moaning ass' grip, she began sliding with a taunting wriggle, bidding him to hold the base steady, and the sounds she made alone had Rob's cock standing at attention and dripping steadily away.

Dani leaned forward as she knelt down on the bed, encouraging Rob to tilt the dildo a bit so she could keep riding it in his view. She lapped away at his own leaking cockhead as she wriggled and fucked the toy for his pleasure. "Mmmmm, this is my reward for the hottest warm-up performance." She popped his mushrooming head in and out of her lush lips, then as he was losing all focus, she wickedly stopped and said, "Okay, your turn."

She reached back for him to pass her the lubed girlcock, and reminded him to keep the base of her impaler steady. She playfully spanked his balls to get him to spread his legs and lift them for her, and the ache that was already in his filling sac had him groaning aloud with her open-handed swats. Danielle then set to the task of giving Rob's ass a reminder lesson in how she loved to fuck her man. She took the slickened girlcock and shallow-fucked his hole's shuddering iris, until it willfully relaxed and begged her for more.

Once, her plunging toy was deep enough within him, Dani soon found a thrusting rhythm that Rob was happily surrendering to. She began to shove that girlcock into him as far and as fast as she could, all the while sliding up and down on the one in her own ass. Already the twin harmonic sounds of gathering lust had them both wondering if they'd ever make it to the big double header. 

Danielle purred as they slowed the prep-rocking, "God, this ass-to-ass fuck is going to be amazing... every shove will take us both deeper. Oh, fuck, I wonder if we can take enough of it in to make our asses touch."

Rob added, in between his panting breaths, "I wonder if we can cum without touching ourselves."

Let's try to do it, baby!" Dani squealed. "Make me cum with just your asscock fucking mine." 

Rob decided on another game rule. "If our asses touch, we can reach back and play with the other and make them cum. No self-touching at all."

Dani was growling now. "Oh my fucking heavens, YES!"

She turned her head back. "I'm ready. Let's do it now!" Rob was lost in her girlcock's push, so she stopped it abruptly and spanked his balls again.

"Fucking hell!" he yelled, and he spanked her ass back in retort, quite hard a few times, leaving burning hand prints in his wake.

She roared back to him, "You're only gonna make me want that more!"

Rob let out a long near-howl as she slowly, then swiftly unsheathed her girlcock from his reamed ass' canal. And in response, he pushed Dani forward and did the same thing to her hot little impaled hole, tugging the faux phallus from inside of her until it loudly popped our of her anal wink's grasp, which made her almost shriek. She turned to dive onto him and their tongue-fucking kisses lasted for a brief eternity, as the heat between them was already more than most people would bear.

Danielle reached for the big two-headed snaking cock they were about to share, and opened her mouth to envelop one end's wide umbrella'd head, letting her tongue flick out the way she did to Rob's cock, any time she wanted to turn his will to running jelly. 

"C'mon, baby, suck it." she teased him. "I will if you will." 

And her insides went completely liquid when her man opened his mouth wide and wrapped it around the opposite end of this thick, horsey-sized toy. She longed to watch him suck a real cock one day, but she had no idea how close that was to really happening. This moment gave her the first hint. The two lovers locked eyes, and  tried to match each other's oral skills, move for move, depth for depth. Danielle's nipples were near to bursting and her clit spun like a sparkling pinwheel as her hot cunt wept for triumphant carnal joy.

As if that weren't enough, she grabbed the lube and soaked her end of the giant cock, then handed the lube over for him to do his. "Boys first" she insisted, simply because she called it before he did. 

"C'mon, time to ride the big boy, big boy!" She straddled Rob in reverse again, and to distract him from the initial stretch, she pushed her gorgeous cunt into his face and wiggled it over him, just as the big fat cockhead kissed his slippery anus' gateway.

When she pushed inward with the big mushroomed head, Rob's hips rose right off the bed, and she pressed her pelvis back onto him, smothering his face. Then she let the huge head slip out of him again for a moment. 

Holy fucking fuck!!" he growled. 

"I know. baby" she answered. "I'm taking the same thing shortly, and my little asshole is way tighter and smaller than yours, Mister.  So, buck up, baby." She demanded. "You're not going to give up already, are you?" She wiggled her hips over his face again. 

No, he wasn't about to be shown up by a girl, and she knew it. Dani returned to the breaching task, and this time, when she pushed the monster phallus inward, it was far enough inside him to stay. She smiled at the elongated curses coming from Rob's throat, and she began toying with his ass, using her hand to vibrate and wiggle and push the fat cock inward. 

She heard him cry "Jeeeesus", just before she felt his hand hard-paddle her ass and clit again, which of course, she leaned into sluttishly and happily.  And the heat of that spanking made her shove his end of the game cock in ever deeper.

Danielle rawr'd when it was far enough into his panting ass to be considered ready for fucking. 

"Mmmmm, someone likes a big cock in his ass, doesn't he?. Shall we get you a nice big horsie to fuck, baby?"  His answer was more open-handed paddling on her already marked cheeks, which let up only when Dani wrapped her lips around Rob's dripping hardness and took it in enough to completely make his eyes roll backwards in his skull. 

When Rob could speak again, he teased back. "Well, you'll have to fuck the horse too then, it's only fair -  and you have two holes he'll want." The pair laughed together, then Rob said, 

"C'mon, time to get your sexy ass filled up too, hot cheeks!" And to punctuate his intent, he shoved his tongue into her ass so deep, with a fast-fucking motion, she begged him not to stop.... EVER!! 

Danielle rolled off of him with a push of his strong arms, and nearly melted with the sizzling sight of her man with a chunky dildo stuffed in his sweet mancunt. She decided one more tease was due. She knelt facing him, and bent the meaty-viened toy upwards, re-lubed her end, and like with the suction cup cock, she wriggled like a ravenous street whore on its big head to let Rob watch the vulgar pleasure it was giving her. This time it was her eyes nearly rolling backwards as she felt the huge monster spread her tight hole wider than she thought it would. And with every move she made, the length of the toy played with the other end that was inside of Rob's bottom, and now both lovers were moaning and quietly cursing together.

The angle wasn't quite working for any deeper penetration, so Dani finally let it slip out, and she begged Rob to turn over, then smirkingly bade him to lift his ass like a good cock whore. He played along, or he tried to, thinking he could wiggle his ass the way she did. But every move he made, even just turning himself over, had him oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing and making savage sounds he'd never heard himself make before. Every nuance of motion made the huge head inside him taunt his prostate and kiss the entire length of his passage it was filling. And Danielle was loving every second of this delectably dirty show. 

When he was finally in place on all fours, she took one more liberty, grabbed a love-paddle from the toy stash, and made sure his ass was as red hot as he had made hers, while she vibrated his side of the dildo enough to make him squirm and go almost breathless with the thundering sensations.

She then turned away from her moaning man, mirroring his all-fours stance, backed herself into him enough to grab her end of the monster dildo, and this time, she would truly work this beast into her tiny, tight hole. Once again, every move affected his ass from rim to head-depth, and the pair were soon making echoing sounds of guttural filth to rival the other. At one point, when Rob  could look back over his shoulder, he was thrilled  to see his gorgeous girl laying her head down on the bed, arching her mouth-watering pelvis and pushing back onto this near-fist-sized cock like her life depended on it.

They were now set for the fiercest ass-fucking ever, both of them already panting and both already gently rocking on each other. In this non-stop movement, they were testing the flexibility of the beast cock against each other, and in between their uncontrollable soft moans, they traded new taunts.

"You ready to fuck my ass, Mister?" Danielle asked. 

"More than you know, babydoll" Rob grunted back.

"Whoever takes the most cock wins" Dani challenged. 

"Whoever cums hardest without touching, wins!" Rob riposted.

"No self touching" he added,

"Only touching the other if we're close enough" Dani happily finished his sentence.

"C'mon, fuck me horsey boy!" she shouted. And without an answer, Rob shoved his hips back into Dani's and both lovers howled at the force of the huge phallus driving hard into their deeply-plowed insides.

The meat of the monster-fuck was on, and with every ramming push toward the cock's center, and every thrust toward their panting, penetrated partner, the raw ass-splitting sensations sent them both into new heights of vocal ferocity and verbal filth. They were both shouting obscenities to all the deities who had ears. Both Rob's swaying penis and Danielle's swollen cuntwalls were weeping tears of pre-cum rain, speckling the sheets with warm, slippery musk. 

Swiftly the foul language turned to daring, dirty talk. Rob growled that he longed to see Danielle do this dirty dance with her uptight girlfriend, Nikki, whose hot body Dani had crushed on forever, but who was too much of a prude to think about even kissing a girl. The very visual of sharing this kind of ass-fuck with the unyielding girl she lusted after, made Danielle shout back that Rob could fuck Nikki's throat as they did, and Dani would tongue dive for his cum afterward in some endless kissing with her prudish hottie friend. Then she said, " No, I'd rather eat your cum from her sweet pussy... so hold off until after we're done, then fuck away!"

With every lewder and louder dirty scenario they tossed over their grimacing shoulders, Rob and Dani would shove their pumping, penetrated rumps towards one another. Danielle could tell they were getting closer to actual body touch, and maybe finally touching each other for the final trigger trips. She rasped that she might not need him to even touch her now, and if he did, one graze to her clit and she'd be screaming so loudly, the fire company might arrive.

Rob, too, could tell they were nearing the middle meeting place, so he reached back with one long arm, and was able to grab Dani's thigh to add a pull to every rocking, forced push. And with that, the pair renewed their final shoving match, both bodies on sensory overload, vibrating from the inside out, both throats raw from near bellowing; both sets of bones hovering on the launch pad, ready for the raging, cosmic explosion to hit.

Danielle couldn't quite reach Rob's cock, so she threw her dirtiest visual yet to his ringing ears, to see how much it could set him or her off. "I want to watch you do this with your buddy Michael." She said with a wicked dare. "Fuck, you two hot assed boys, fucking like this?? Do you have any idea what that would do to me??" She bayed like a coyote in heat. "I'll lie underneath you both and suck your cocks together as you do... or maybe try and stuff both of your dicks in my little cunt once your asses are close enough to fuck me together... how about that, my dirty ass-fucker??"

Just at that moment, when they were both gasping at the ever-deepening penetration and the ramped-up visuals, their two asses finally met and rolled against each other. Dani's hand managed to catch Rob's cock and with one squeeze had him fly off with an animalistic orgasmic roar. And with the wild wriggling and the visual of Rob and his buddy Mike in a naked ass-lock like this one, Danielle went soaring off with him in a stratospheric, naked nano-second.

The lovers' two asses tried to stay kissing and rolling against each other, until one or the other of them decided to fuck the big snake again. The long wrist-thick double impaler reminded each of their inner cores that nearly every inch of its length was buried in one dirty hole or the other.  And both sets of raging orgasms rolled on and on in endlessly echoing waves with such fiery intensity, that the breached lovers felt like they were on the edge of losing consciousness. 

By the time the wild ride began to subside, their sheets were as soaked as their flesh - drenched in sweat and cum and exquisite, drooling fuck-bliss. Their bodies would not stop moving and shaking, swaying and rolling against one another, causing more echoing spikes, adding to the trail of aftershocks from the most intense climaxes either could remember (though even remembering their names might be difficult in this moment).

And as Rob and Dani finally agree to unsheathe the monster, they began to very slowly move apart, and with every inch of the phallus bared, there were more sweet obscenities and more unannounced thrustbacks for one more ass-fucked sensation.

The couple collapsed into a purring, nipping, cum-drenched ball of filthy joy. And after a long, lush makeout session, Danielle had one final dare to make.

She lifted the freed and sullied monster, and intently flipped it around to the opposite way they had used it.

"Suck and clean my side off, and I'll do yours..."  She let her tongue out to curl up and take a first taste.

"I will if you will." 

Rob was already in. He do anything for her after that feral bout of reaming ambrosia. And one look at him swallowing a giant cock again had Danielle's clit swelling, readying for round 2.. of whatever she could get going.

As she watched, all she could think was "I wonder how much of that he can swallow...."



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