Beach Boy 3



The Renactment

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I was so ravenously primed for the oncoming evening and so ready for the dirty dance with Mollie and Nick that I had to check the mirror twice to make sure I didn’t forget to put pants on before leaving the house. I made sure I brought flowers for Mollie, and wine and condoms and lube for the wild night, though the last two items I imagined Mollie to have stored aplenty in her naughty toy box. 

I arrived right on time as requested, and it seemed to be the ideal moment. Mollie had engineered her and Nick’s evening at home for the first telltale surprise of what this night might hold. She’d told Nick that they were not meeting me tonight at my place. She was not having that… which was true. She did not tell him that I was coming to them.

When Mollie opened the door, she swiftly shushed me and tugged me inside. There was a long moment of eye contact before she purred at the flowers and wine. “Very nice, dirty and a gentleman.”

"We aim to please", I said with the innuendo intended.

Mollie kissed me quickly and said, “You open the wine. I’ll do the flowers. Then I’ll get Nick out of the shower. He doesn’t know you were invited.” Once again, my wicked grin gave me away. I was indeed already loving this game.

It was time. Mollie disappeared and I heard her holler into the open bathroom door, “Nick, baby, get out of the shower. We have some unexpected company.”

I heard Nick’s voice acknowledge her, then the water stopped.

The Game Is On

Nick wandered out casually, drying his long pale locks, in jeans and a white tee, which was spotted with wetness from the haphazard toweling off. When he looked up, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Mollie wore the Cheshire grin to beat all, and simply said, “Look who I found - the man you sucked and fucked last night on the beach…. without me. I thought I’d invite him over to help you learn a few lessons in propriety, you know, when you’re part of a couple. Maybe you’ll both learn something.”

Nick froze, knowing he had no grounds to argue. He owed Mollie big time, and he would have to take his punishment or pay his sexual dues like a man. However, I think part of him knew this might be one of those punishments he would masturbate to for years to come.

"So, Nicky" Mollie hummed, "Shall I have him demonstrate what you two did on you?  Or on me first?" 

Without a warning, Mollie unzipped me and reached in and grabbed my cock, which of course was already rising from the very act of knocking on their door - not to mention the presence of the objets du désir before me, and the knowledge that some orgasmic adventures were about to erupt.

"See?" she continued as I hardened further in her hand, "He’s dying to fuck one of us. Or maybe both, I’d bet. I wonder who should get this pretty cock first. Or shall I say, second, since you had it last night". She wandered close to Nick and whispered in his ear, "I hear you took him sooo fucking deep in that ass of yours. Mmmmfff. I think I may need to buy a much bigger girlcock to fuck you with. Gotta keep that asshole happy, don’t we?"  Nick swallowed hard.

Mollie was trying not to give it away, but she fucking loved the idea of what had happened between her man and me. She just hated that she couldn’t be there to watch and masturbate, or even film the whole fucking thing for her own ongoing pleaure. But she was using this little transgression to control tonight’s threesome and make the double-cocked connection hers to own. I, frankly, had no problem with that.

She returned to my cock and softly fingered the head of it until it gave her a teardrop or two of pre-cum. She smeared it across her lips, then said to me, “Show me how you kissed Nick the first time.”

I pressed her to the wall as I uttered the phrase “against the lifeguard chair leg, like this…”.  I licked my pre-cum from her mouth, then pushed my tongue hard into her throat. Nick was still motionless, and when I glanced over, I could see his eyes wide as saucers and his jeans’ crotch bulging.

When the kiss broke, Mollie said, “Very nicely done. I’d definitely consider sucking your cock after that. Nick clearly did, didn’t you, honey?”

She knelt quickly, shot Nick a look which he knew all too well - one that said, don’t even think of moving or saying anything - then she wrapped her lips around my now almost fully rigid meat, and toyed with me, both shallow and deep, while rolling my balls in her palm like they were lewd dice. I reached for her hair as I did for Nick’s and began to rock a little into her open mouth, until she grabbed my wrists and pulled back.

"Not so fast, singer boy. It’s a delicious cock, but you’re not getting off that easily."

The double entendre in that statement made me laugh quietly, until she intently shoved my hard-on roughly back into my jeans and zipped me up, which caused a little moan and a catch breath.

Mollie stood, stepped back and glanced at Nick. “Since you didn’t invite me to join or watch or fuck myself while watching you get off together… you two need to show me how it looked. How about a little reenactment of those first kisses and, well… I’ll tell you when to stop.”

She motioned Nick to take her place against the wall where I’d kissed her, and Mollie then sat and licked her lips. All that was missing for her was the popcorn.

Nick was nervous. He’d never done any of this kind so blatantly in front of her, and in this mood, she was not about to miss a trick. I decided to get things started, so I pressed Nick to the wall, did the same lip lick that I had just done to Mollie, then I shoved my tongue down into his throat like I’d done at the beach that night.

As I reached down to rub his thickening erection through his jeans, Nick let go of his tentativeness and kissed back hard. His hand went to my crotch and suddenly, we were magically back in our tangle at the chair, but this time with one hungry feline voyeur, and in the light.

I did a quick sideways glance as I unzipped Nick’s pants, and I could see Mollie’s half-glazed expression giving away her sheer cunt-lust at the situation at hand. And speaking of hands, one of hers was back under her skirt, like at the bar. But this time she had no panties on and no will to hide anything.

The moment both of us boys had each others’ dicks in the other’s fist, and began stroking one another slowly, Mollie caught one of my looks and sucked the dew from her fingers just for my benefit. She told me later that she couldn’t tell if my first audible moan just then was from what Nick was doing, or from her wicked tease. It was both, I happily admitted.

As Nick and I got lost in our moment, Mollie was suddenly standing right by us, her wet hand on my cock, her dry one on his, stopping any further movement. She needed a moment to catch her breath. Clearly this was heating her up as much as it was us.

She let go of both cocks and softly said, “And then…?”

I knew what she wanted. I yanked Nick’s tee off of his body and tossed off my own shirt. I bit Nick’s nipples and sucked them as I pumped his cock, then I pushed him down to his knees, and we fell right into the cock-sucking scenario we’d shared the night before, This time, Mollie was kneeling right next to her beau, whispering taunts in his ear.

"Mmmm, fuck! That’s my little cockwhore boy. You better not suck anymore of these hot dicks without me there… or without my permission. Or I just might go visit every glory-fucking-hole in town to catch up to you."

All the while, Mollie was triple-fingering her needy cunt, tugging out of her sloshing depths only to circle and taunt and slap her clit, then back in deep and hard to stir her fever ever further. At one point, I could have sworn that she was about to get her whole hand inside of her weeping nest.

She was so ramped up that she pulled Nick off of my cock in a rabid moment, and took a few long hungry sucks of her own. Then she told Nick that he needed more finesse with his love of dick. She looked up at me before one last foray on my cock, and said to me, in no uncertain terms, “No cumming, you!”

She pushed her face onto my cock deeper than I’ve ever had anyone do, then unsheathed me and through her panting said to Nick, “That’s how you do it! C’mon, baby, show me how you can swallow him whole!”

Nick tried, but halfway through, Mollie gave me the signal to take the next step, and go to the next moment of the dirty story I had filled her in on.

I grabbed Nick’s hair and began fucking his face vigorously, and that sent Mollie into her first growling orgasm. I had to ease up once she came, lest I explode too soon along with her. Having her coaching him and taunting him while he sucked my cock, having her join him in the cock-swallowing, and then her cumming from watching me use his face as a hot cunt… holy fuck, that had me shaking!

We all took a moment to breathe again, then she said “Next!”. I dropped down and pulled Nick on top of me, then pushed and swiveled him around to the other direction. The man-to-man 69 demo began. Mollie nuzzled her face in between both of us to watch the cocks vanish into both hungry sets of cheeks, and to remind us that nobody cums without her permission, which wouldn’t be anytime soon. She, however, took herself to and over the edge of yet another moaning O.

She made us stop once she settled again, and I knew what was next. Without a word, I yanked Nick’s jeans down, and was only disappointed that he had gone commando - I thought she would have loved to see the shredding of his underwear with a wine opener. But I started immediately playing with his ass, licking and spit lubing it, and nuzzling the first fingers into it.

Mollie was in my ear, “You’re dying to fuck my boyfriend again aren’t you?”

"I am!" I answered, almost salivating for a taste. "That’s an ass begging to be fucked!"

She offered in a  dirty growl that if she had a cock she would never stop fucking his hot little rump. Then she said, “Wait. No. He’s been bad. He doesn’t get to be fucked yet. What he should get is a good hard paddling. Fuck, I should have bought one! Dammit!”

She tried her own hand at a few hot smacks to his ass, then she looked at me and asked how I was at ass paddling. I told her truly that, though I’d never spanked a guy, I always enjoyed giving spankings. She grinned, “Hmmmm, he might too. Hold on a moment.”

She went into her bag of tricks, grabbed a cock ring and choked Nick’s flow off at the base.
"No orgasms honey. Not ‘til I sat so."

Once his dick was garroted, she nodded to me. I pulled Nick up, I sat down, and threw him over my knees - his ass in my lap, his cock hanging and dripping, and my cock was hard and resting on the side of his closest hip, letting a small slippery river paint his skin.

I knew what Mollie wanted, and I went for it. I began with slow and steady hard smacks to Nick’s stellar tight butt - maybe a half dozen or more - then I spit on my finger and spread his cheeks to toy with his luscious little asshole, happily prying it open for use. He was gurgling and moaning.

Then, I locked eyes with Mollie for a moment, and started giving Nick a fast, fierce paddling, not letting up as I lost myself in the feeling and the feral sounds Nick was making, not to mention the dripping pre-cum spattering my legs, as his cock wiggled against my calves.

The next time I looked over at Mollie, she was fucking herself with a large black cock-shaped dildo, and fluttering on the edge of another sopping peak. Nick was moaning and wriggling. His ass was red hot, and he had completely surrendered to the wiles of his girl and her new partner in carnal crime.

Mollie signaled for me to stop. She moved in and whispered to Nick. “Such a good boy taking all of that. See what bad boys get? I really hope you didn’t like that too much.”

Once more she reached into her bag of tricks, poured some lube on Nick’s already worked anal wink, and slid a big glass plug into place. Nick’s groan made me almost echo it. He was so ready to be fucked and the plug said, “Not for you, not yet!”

Mollie smirked at me, “Nick’s ass is off limits for now. Until you take care of mine, mister.”

She leaned in and whispered some instructions to me, among them for me to take Nick into the bedroom. She had some restraints all ready on the beposts for him. Once Nick was bound, Mollie pulled me out of earshot of Nick.

"You’re gonna fuck me right over his face… among other things, Think you can handle that?"

"Handle, hell, I’d pay for that."

She grabbed my cock, and said, “Good. And sometime later, you need to give my ass a hot spanking like that. Fucking hell I love that kind of thing! And please teach Nicky some of that too. He sucks at it.”

"Deal", I said.

"Okay, singer boy, let’s go taunt Nicky senseless. By the way, I’m dying to see you suck some cock too. Maybe we’ll start there…"

"I thought you’d never ask…."



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