I love being able to provide this forum...it makes me happy to see it grown into such a wonderful community!  I honestly never really saw it growing this big or gave much thought to the cost that would be involved to keep it going down the road. 

Aside from the monthly fee to simply have the forum, I get charged for two additional things:

1. Page Views - Basically how forums work is you have so many free page views/month and after you hit the limit, they charge you for everything after that.  Early in the month we go past the limit and I get charged for a big chunk of the page views.

2. File Storage - We quickly hit our free limit and now I am paying for more storage space so that we can continue to upload pics to albums and post them to different threads like the Truth or Dare section. 

All that to say if you love the forum as much as I do and want to see it continue on, any help would be appreciated!  There are lots of ways to help!  You can donate, become a premium member (which also gives you access to all my personal pics and fantasies) or buy your sex toys from the bbgl toy store (link at the top of the page or below). 

You can also become a moderator or help promote the forum from your tumblr blog!

A big thanks to those of you who have already become premium members or volunteered to be moderators!! xoxoxo


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