My Reward


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Written by Mexme

After “coaxing” me into my first bisexual experience with a guy, Lacey finally kept her promise gave me my reward. She arranged a FFM threesome with her friend and co-worker Tiffany. Tiffany and I already knew each other and I was aware of their history. Tiffany and I spoke before meeting and arranged our own little surprise for Lacey. We met at Tiffany’s house. I arrived first with my bag of goodies. As we got ready, Tiffany kept asking me how Lacey got me to agree to let a man have his way with me. She never could’ve imagined me as being submissive let alone agreeing to have guy imposed on me. I revealed to her when Lacey offered me the chance to be with her, I couldn’t pass it up. I told her she was totally hot and that I typically don’t go for blondes but she could change my mind. I told Tiffany that I had mentioned it to Lacey in passing and that Lacey used it to her advantage. Tiffany blushed and was clearly taken aback by the revelation. I couldn’t help but tell her that if she had cut my hair the first time, maybe we would be doing all the experimenting. Tiffany smiled and said, “I’m glad to be having this fun with you tonight.”

“Me too. But don’t forget, we’ll have fun after we’ve had some fun with Lacey,” I responded.

Lacey came in soon afterwards and her and Tiffany kissed. Oh, it was a sight to see. Brunette and blonde together. Then Lacey walked to me and gave me a hello kiss. She looked good in her tight jeans, gray polo and black heels. As she was kissing me, I reached in my back pocket and quickly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her wrists behind her. Tiffany joined me as I told Lacey that tonight my reward included her being submissive to not just me, but to both of us. “Are you okay with that?” I asked. “Absolutely,” she responded with a smile.

I immediately bent her over, smacked each of her tight butt cheeks and repeated, “Are you okay with that?” She answered correctly, “Yes, sir.”

Tiffany’s mouth and eyes were wide open. Even though they had been together before, Tiffany had never bound Lacey. I pulled out the collar that Lacey had used on me. “Tiffany, would you like to do the honors?” I asked. She was giddy as a schoolgirl as she grabbed it from me and put it Lacey. We both stood back and looked at Lacey momentarily. I asked Tiffany, “What part of Lacey do like the most?”

“Her tongue. She licks my pussy damn well,” She replied.

I ordered Lacey to her knees and to present her tongue. “So Tiffany, want to have Lacey get you started this evening?” Fortunately, Tiffany was easily accessible. She was wearing a cotton cami, khaki skirt and cute flip flops. Tiffany bent over, moved her white panties over and Lacey started working her oral magic. Tiffany got nicely worked up and I had Lacey stop.

“We have all night to have fun,” I told Tiffany. “So what assets of her to like to see the most?” I asked. Tiffany replied, “I’ve always love Lacey’s breasts. They’re perky and her nipples are awesome!”

“Me too,” I replied. I had Lacey stand up on her own still cuffed. I pulled out my trauma shears and I cut her grey polo top right up the middle, revealing her baby blue sheer bra. I made sure to drape the shirt as far back on her shoulders. You could see her dark and hard nipples through them. Without a second thought, I cut the bra up the middle. The wide look on Lacey’s face was precious! “If you’re good, I might buy you another set,” I joked with her. Tiffany stood there admiring Lacey exposed and helpless. “There’s something missing,” I stated. I grabbed a pair of nipple clamps and placed them on Lacey’s hard and sensitive nipples. She gasped with each placement. “Now on your knees,” I ordered.

As Lacey got on her knees and Tiffany sat on the sofa, I unzipped my pants and had Lacey use her oral skills on my cock. Tiffany started playing with herself. While Lacey was still sucking I asked Tiffany, “Have you ever teased or tormented Lacey while she’s helpless?”

“No,” she said. “Lacey handcuffed me once and ate me out and used a vibrator, but that’s it.”

“Well why don’t you go and slip something teasing on so you and I can torment Lacey while she is helpless?”

As Tiffany changed, I stood Lacey up with her still wearing the nipple clamps. I cut away the rest of her shirt and bra off. Standing behind her, I asked, “Having fun yet?”

She responded, “You’re evil…. Sir. I thought Tiffany and I were going to please you together, sir.”

“Baby, of course you will. But it doesn’t mean I can’t have my own fun along the way too. You and I know that there has to be some payback for the position you put me in when the roles were reverse,” I responded. I had her slide her heels off and began unzipping her jeans. I pull down her jeans revealing the matching baby blue lace panties. She gasped a bit as she shimmied out of the jeans as the nipple clamps swung around a little. I had her put her heels back on.

Tiffany walk out from her bedroom wearing a sheer lacy bra and matching panties, white thigh highs and cute silver heels. She looked stunningly sexy. Legs went down to the floor and a seductive look that rivals Lacey’s. I was behind Lacey and reached around into her panties and fingered her for a little while. Lacey clearly enjoyed Tiffany’s outfit. As I fingered Lacey, I removed the nipple clamps one at a time. Her gasps turned into pitched inhales. I motioned Tiffany over, who clearly was turned on by Lacey’s helplessness. I gave her the leash to attach to Lacey’s collar along with a crop. Tiffany let Lacey around on all fours spanking her with the crop from time to time. It was clear Tiffany was new at this but she was enjoying it nonetheless… and it was hot to watch.

I took over. I grabbed the leash, pulled her to her knees. I told Lacey, “You look much better with jewelry.” I placed the nipple clamps back on. Hearing her gasps is such a turn on for me. I stood her up and finally cut away her panties and then bound her wrists behind her. I motioned Tiffany over. “Let’s give Lacey a little treat, shall we?”

She knelt know and started tonguing her pussy and I went down and started rimming Lacey. Lacey panted and gasped. I had Tiffany tug on the nipple clamps. Lacey yelped a bit. “Not going to show any appreciation for us pleasuring you?” I asked.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma’am,” Lacey responded.

I switched places with Tiffany and tugged on Lacey’s nipple clamps harder. She gasped and yelped even more. “Does she look like a ma’am?”

“No, sir…. I’m sorry. I meant mistress.”

“Since you have a problem with words, I suppose you don’t need your mouth.” I told Lacey. I went and grabbed a ball gag and placed in her mouth. I tugged on Lacey’s clamps more and enjoyed her muffled winces. Tiffany was in awe. I reached in Tiffany’s panties and she was wet. “I can feel that you’re eager to have fun,” I semi whispered to Tiffany.

“I’m quite curious what else you have in store. I’m having more fun than expected,” she replied.

I gave Tiffany the leash and had her take Lacey towards the bed and her lean Lacey over the edge of the bed while holding the leash. I grabbed more toys out of the bag. I pulled several different sizes of anal beads and butt plugs. After a little lube, I inserted the anal beads slowing removing them; then inserting the larger sizes. This time I would pull and push with increasing speed. I had Tiffany take over the anal beads while I grabbed the crop. I had Tiffany go back and forth with the anal beads while I held the leash and repeatedly spanked Lacey with the crop on each butt cheek. Lacey was breathing heavily and her muffled winces became more pronounced. I was spanking her harder, and Lacey was on the verge of cumming. I finally had Tiffany shove the beads all the way in fast and had her pull them out fast. Lacey tried screaming through the gag as she came. I then removed both nipple clamps at once. Lacey was trebling with the rush of sensations.

As Lacey was still leaning over the bed, I placed ankle restraints on her. I had her get on her knees and I then restrained her wrists to her ankles. She looked so sexy on her knees and the ball gag. With Lacey facing us by the bed I took the leash and put it around the bed post. Then I took Tiffany by the hand and told her, “how about we have our fun for a little bit?”

She teasingly took her bra, panties and heels off, keeping the hose on and got on all fours on the bed facing Lacey. I got behind Tiffany and buried my face in her pussy. She was already wet. I rim and tongue her ass as well. All the while she is moaning in pleasure, she is looking at Lacey.

I insert my hardened cock inside Tiffany and she exhales an, “Oh my god!” I couldn’t help myself I was already excited, I immediately started pounding her from behind, pulling her hair back, groping her breasts and spanking her little ass. Tiffany came within minutes moaning quite loudly. I didn’t give her a chance to recover. I grabbed her by her hair and had her sucking my cock right after. She gagged a few times trying to deep throat. I wanted to cum but I waited. I had her stop and told her, “I think the time has come to bring Lacey into the fold.”

I stood up, went to Lacey and took the ball gag out. “Are you ready to play with us, Lacey?” I asked.

“Sir, I’ve been aching to play. You two have me so turned on.”

“Prove it,” I said.

Lacey struggled to lean over to suck my already wet cock. I took a step towards her and let her suck for a bit. Then I reached over and undid her collar and her restraints, but kept the wrist restraints in place but unattached. “You’re free for now. Let’s keep working on your promise.” Lacey went to Tiffany and kissed her while at the same time spanking her.

“Tif, I can’t believe you two planned this. You're more devious than I gave you credit for,” Lacey said with a crooked smile. “Let me show you show your weakness.” With that Lacey grabbed Tiffany and had her kneel in front of me while she kneeled behind me. Lacey was tonguing my ass as Tiffany sucked my cock. I was in heaven! Lacey couldn’t resist to spank me a few times. The more I moaned, the harder Tiffany sucked. It wasn’t long before I came hard. To my surprise Tiffany swallowed most of it, even Lacey seemed impressed.

I stepped back for a while to relish in the ladies having their fun while I recovered for round two. I also took the chance to pull yet another fun toy from the bag. I come back to find Lacey holding Tiffany’s head between her legs. The sly smile on Lacey’s face as Tiffany was getting her off was priceless. Lacey took her right index finger and motioned me over. I positioned myself behind Tiffany and started eating her out. Tiffany continued licking Lacey’s ass. Tiffany’s muffled moans as I was exploring both her ass and pussy was priceless.

I was definitely starting to recover. I then laid on my back and both Lacey and Tiffany started kissing all over me. Each took a nipple in their mouth. I was in heaven…. and rock hard! Both girls made their way south and shared my cock. Lacey showed Tiffany how to finger my ass at the same time. They were both awesome! Lacey eventually got on top of me and straddled me while Tiffany sat on my face. Tiffany came as I ate her out. Lacey was working herself up. I had them 69 each other instead Lacey was on top with her ass facing me while Tiffany was on the bottom. As Tiffany was eating out Lacey from the front, I tongued Lacey’s ass for a while. She was moaning and trying to continue pleasing Tiffany.

I then inserted myself into Lacey and simply pounded her once I was in. Lacey came within a minute. Tiffany of course had been licking her and me the entire time. I switched sides and gave Tiffany the similar treatment but I went slower with her this time since I already pounded her once. Lacey made her way to Tiffany’s breasts and nibbled her nipples that were rather sensitive it turned out, and eventually was making out with her. Lacey then grabbed the toy I brought…it was a hitachi magic wand. Lace straddled Tiffany’s face with her arms over her head and placed the hitachi on Tiffany’s clit.

“Oh my god!!” yelled Tiffany as she had me inside her and the hitachi on her. Tiffany came once and Lacey and I continued. Tiffany was moaning loudly. I felt as her pussy started clenching and she was about to cum again. I pounded her a bit as Lacey placed more pressure and kept the setting on high. Tiffany came so hard she shook and nearly threw Lacey off.

We took a minute to caress Tiffany as she regained her composure. She looked hot, tired and satisfied. I was laying behind Tiffany and whispered in her ear, “Wanna get Lacey back?”

Tiffany smiled and said, “of course.” She quickly gets me hard again orally while I’m fingering Lacey in the ass. Tiffany then assumes Lacey’s former position as Lacey is now the helpless one. Tiffany keeps the setting on low as I’m licking Lacey’s ass and getting some lube. Already Lacey is moaning. I finally insert my cock into Lacey’s ass slowly at first. Lacey inhales deeply. I go deeper in her as Tiffany sits on Lacey’s face keeping the wand on Lacey and fingering her at the same time. Lacey is starting to feel overwhelmed. I start fucking her Lacey slowly but deeply. Coming almost all the way out and going as far in as I can. Lacey is responding rather well to it. Tiffany alternating tonguing Lacey and using the wand. I started going faster.

Lacey was having a hard time between breathing deeply and moaning. I reached over to Tiffany, kissed her and said, “I’m on the verge of cumming.” Tiffany set the wand to high and I started pounding Lacey’s ass. Lacey and I both moaned as I blew my load into Lacey’s ass. Lacey was left quivering. I laid on top on her, sweaty. We were all spent. We laid in bed for a while. We eventually made our way to showering.

The next morning, we woke up and gathered our things. Tiffany was smitten. “Last night was one of my best nights ever. If Lacey ever lets you, I wouldn’t mind the two of us having an occasional date.”

I told her, “That’s up to Lacey. I really had fun and I like you. Just know that I already have my attention split between Lacey and Jason.”

Tiffany smiled, “that’s so hot!”

With that, Lacey walked in, kissed me and stated, “You may get the chance to enjoy him again but it’ll be up to me.”

I looked at her and asked with a smile, “Ready for breakfast, baby?”

She looked at me with a sarcastic look. “You realize you left me without a top?”

I smirked,  “I’m sure Tiffany has a shirt you can borrow.”

Tiffany brought a few out. I picked a light blue one that fit nicely snug on her.

Lacey complained, “I need a bra.”

I reminded her, “I told you I was going to take you shopping today. First we’ll go to breakfast then I’ll take you shopping for new bras and panties.”

Tiffany was enjoying this. “You guys are bad. I like it.”

Lacey’s nipples were poking out nicely through the shirt. Lacey and I left soon after. It was a fun afternoon too.


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