1. It’s a symbol of ultimate pleasure.

2. TASTE - when men take care of their bodies and eat certain foods (pineapple/coconut water, etc)…yummy!

3. It’s pretty damn sweet to be able to cum on another person…I’d freaking love that!

4. You can shoot it pretty much anywhere and it looks hot…all glossy and slick.  Like art.

5.  Feeling cum splash against your body or inside of you…YES PLEASE!

6.  It makes my skin softer…true story.

7. When cum migrates out hours later and reminds you of the sex you had…ya can’t help but smile.

8. You can dream and boom…cum.  That’s pretty magical, right?!

9. It’s HOT to share in a kiss…all the sexiest couples are doing it.

10. That shit makes life y’all…tell me that’s not cool ;)

1. I get to strap on a cock and know “how the other side feels”.

2. It brings a man pleasure…when my girlcock slides against his prostate he experiences the ultimate pleasure.

3. I love ass.  Looking down and seeing my cock disappear into that glistening little pucker…YUM!

4. Having someone let you into their body is a truly bonding experience.

5.  I have a huge case of cock envy and I love feeling the weight of one strapped on against my clit.

6.  I can let my inner dom out if I like…pounding into someone and hearing their moans is so different that being the one on the receiving end.

7. It spices up our sex life…and really, who can say no to that?

8. There is something so sexy about knowing your man is confident enough to let you take the reins.

9.  As a girl who loves manlove it’s pretty fucking hot seeing something cock-shaped disappearing into his ass. :)

10.  I’m pretty certain I must have been a gay man in another life because fucking a man’s ass just feels right to me! :P

1. Two men are hotter than one…especially when they are into each other as much as they are into you.

2. All that sexual tension from trying not to give into what they crave (especially in books).

3. Seeing two masculine bodies together is INSANELY HOT.

4. Guys fuck a little rougher, a little more animalistic…yum.

5. Guys have similar sex drives and I love knowing they will go at it anytime and often anywhere.

6. Guys really look like they are enjoying cock in porn…and that’s refreshing because it’s yummy.

7. Two cocks means twice the cum!!

8. So many hot dynamics…top, bottom, power bottom, switch!

9. Have you heard the s#@%t that comes out of their mouths?  So dirty!!

10. There’s a good chance I was a gay man in a previous life!