1. Two men are hotter than one…especially when they are into each other as much as they are into you.

2. All that sexual tension from trying not to give into what they crave (especially in books).

3. Seeing two masculine bodies together is INSANELY HOT.

4. Guys fuck a little rougher, a little more animalistic…yum.

5. Guys have similar sex drives and I love knowing they will go at it anytime and often anywhere.

6. Guys really look like they are enjoying cock in porn…and that’s refreshing because it’s yummy.

7. Two cocks means twice the cum!!

8. So many hot dynamics…top, bottom, power bottom, switch!

9. Have you heard the s#@%t that comes out of their mouths?  So dirty!!

10. There’s a good chance I was a gay man in a previous life!