First Time Fisting


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Amanda was a virgin with girls, but she’d had an ongoing crush on her friend from school, Nora, a quiet but deadly sensual blonde, with lips that Amanda would give anything to taste in the right moment.

The girls had been flirting off and on, and per usual, Nora let girls come to her. She never pushed or pulled, coaxed or cornered. If they wanted her, and she wanted them, it would happen. She had her quiet, yet alluring ways.

Amanda always imagined herself daring to make out the first time in the car with the likes of Nora, in the dark of a parking lot; or maybe a goodnight dirty kiss at her own doorstep as her heart raced, praying no one was watching. She fancied her first girl kisses somewhat sacred, not to be peered in on by the unsavories.

So, this afternoon took her gorgeous and whip-smart head completely by surprise. She and Nora were on a group picnic and wandered away when some of the crowd got obnoxiously rowdy. The most Nora did as they wandered out of sight of the others was that she slipped a silken hand into Amanda’s, and it made Mandy’s heart hop like a bunny in heat.

When they got far enough away from the roar without notice, Nora tugged her new intimate behind a tree. Amanda’s whole being was vibrating with cached, dripping hunger and the nerves of newness.

Nora smiled at Amanda and gently touched Mandy’s face. “It’s okay, you don’t have to. Only if you want to”, Nora said softly.

"I want to."

"So do I, Mandy. I’ve wanted to kiss you forever."

Amanda audibly sighed.

"Can I kiss you now?"  Nora asked politely.  Amanda nodded yes, unable to make sound.

"I want to really kiss you . Dirty kiss you. Make you cum from kissing."

Amanda was flushed with heat and want in a flash, and she could almost hear herself about to beg.

"Yes. Kiss me. Please. Any way you want, Nora.", came the hoarse whisper from Amanda’s inner core.

Nora gently tugged Amanda to her knees, which Mandy thought was a good thing. Better not to be caught, was her willing assent.

But as Mandy closed her eyes for first contact, she found herself pressed to the grass, her panties vanished, and Nora was giving mouth to mouth to Amanda’s already embarrassingly wet and ready cunt.

Mandy’s breath was hijacked again and again as she tried to utter the phrase, “I thought you meant my mouth.”, which only spilled out in half syllables, and not necessarily in the right order.

Nora was swiftly and effortlessly taking the new girl places that she didn’t even know were possible to go. And in no time, Amanda surrendered to her own burning lust. Mandy’s fist was suddenly full of blonde locks, her hips began to grind back with sheer need, and she startled herself when she heard her own voice half-grunting “Fuck me, just fuck me…”

Nora interrupted her brilliant oral finessing just long enough to taunt back “If i had a cock or a dildo…”.

In their stead, Nora crooked  three fingers deep into Mandy’s now sopping, swelling cunt walls, and as the aggressor’s knuckles hit breach, Amanda shocked her self by moaning “More… more…”

Nora shoved one more finger in and let the knuckles hover at the inlet’s door, never stopping the dirty rhythms her digits were dancing to inside. Nora slid upward and kissed Amanda deeply with her honey-dewed lips.”Mandy sweet, I’ll fuck you any way you want…”.

Nora began to disappear southward anew, taking choice moments to bite each of Amanda’s peaked nipples on the way. When Nora’s mouth reached the drenched promised land again, she renewed her hand’s push inward, and to both of the girls’ surprise, Nora’s  slippery knuckles breached Mandy’s gates fully, as the girl on the bottom gasped and groaned and attempted yet again to form sentences to no avail. She managed the “OhhhhhMyyyy…” without the God.

Nora purred like the kitten that caught the elusive canary, “Oooooh, you greedy little virgin tart, you!” And she punctuated her joy with a little wriggle from her wrist inside of Mandy’s gripping walls.

With wicked delight, Nora hummed, “Tell me how much you love this…” And she slid her hand in further, right up to the wrist, and rolled it about, intentionally stretching Amanda’s back wall with a scintillating promising tease.

Suddenly “Jeeeeeeeesuuuus” was all Amanda could utter.

"Did you say ‘fuck me’?" Nora teased as she slid about inside of the girl who was tearing the grass out by fistfuls. "Cuz now I can…"

"How about like this?"  Nora added, as her fist made gentle fucking motions that turned Amanda into a pleading puddle of wanton greed.

"Ohhhhhhhh. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

"Mmmmm, I think she likes it." And as Nora began to find a rippling rhythm to take her prey to the fucking moon and back, she also leaned down again, and set to suckling and feather-flicking Amanda’s now erect and thumping clitoris.

Mandy was shaking and growling, and at one point got so loud, that Nora grabbed Mandy’s undersilks and stuffed them into the writhing girl’s open mouth. Then she stopped the fist-fuck-ride for a moment, which made Mandy’s eyes pop open in desperation.

Nora’s feral grin dripped the words, “Trust me, baby, I’m seeing this through. Just thought you’d like to know, I’m a  virgin too. Well, I mean, I never fisted anyone before. So, if you wanna cum from this today, you’ll have to promise to return the favor some time. Yes?”

Amanda vigorously shook her head in the positive without even a millisecond’s thought, and Nora was back at her haunches. pummeling Amanda’s insides with her delicate, balled fist, in non-stop rock-a-bye thrusts. And just as Nora began a deep hum in her throat to coax the carnal eruption, the gagged girl’s orgasmic liftoff burst forth, and Amanda wailed like a stuck banshee through her panty-muffled lips. Mandy soaked half of Nora’s arm with her ongoing river of gushing arousal, and kept cumming in waves that never seemed to want to recede.

Nora didn’t want to retract her hand from inside of Amanda when it was done. She loved the feel of those electric undulations, especially the surprise ones in the afterglow. When she did finnaly tug out of Mandy’s still moaning cunt, it set off another bouquet of rolling aftershocks all along Amanda’s half-clad shamelessness.

Nora nestled into the nook of Amanda’s shivering shoulder, gently removed the panties from her new lover’s mouth, and intently slathered the juices from her own formerly buried fist across Amanda’s gasping face. The deep kiss that ensued had them both occupied for a brief eternity.

"So" Nora smirked "You liked that kinda kiss, did ya?"

"Jesus Fuck!!" said the newly initiated girl. "If that’s kissing…"
The girls both laughed and it melted into another kiss.

"I’ve never…"

"I’ve never either. I told you. Fuck, you hot little thing, you. You went from kiss me to fist me in one lesson. You’re gonna be teaching me dirty things next."

Something about that thought made Amanda purr. This time she took Nora’s gorgeous face in her hands and kissed her sweetly and sensually. “I… I…  thank you.”

Nora melted a little too. “You can kiss me like that anytime, my sweet dirty little girl”

Amanda wriggled in delight, and retorted “And you can fuck me like that anytime. Any. Time.”

"Ditto baby. You better fuck me like that too.  But first things fist…err, first. We gotta clean up, and get back. It’s getting a little dark so no one should see."

They pulled themselves together and made a lush show of lapping up the honey from Nora’s hand and fingers, sharing it all in humming, licky kisses.

As they walked back to the group, Amanda shyly asked “Are you taking me home tonight?”

Nora stopped and pressed Mandy to the closest tree. “Taking you home? Hell, girl, I’m cuffing you to my bed and never letting you up.”

Amanda giggled and grabbed Nora’s hand in a way that felt like she could follow her anywhere.

All that Amanda could think of as they walked in the crackling silence was her own words that led them into this wild improvisation: “Kiss me. Any way you want.” Her cunt walls would ripple anew with the echo of those words, and another rush of syrup easily slipped through her labial grin.

Amanda would be dripping down her thighs the rest of the evening long, as visions of all-night fucking danced in her newly evolving, feral waking dreams.