Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

**This story contains an incest theme**

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Toys and Noise

It didn’t take long before Lily began to hear more feral sounds than ever before seeping through the paper thin walls from her big sister’s bedroom next door. It was never a plan, Lil giving Emily the packaged new toy she’d yet to use, but when the thought occurred, there was no question or hesitation. Lil knew that it would open up her sister’s back door for her own pleasure, and if other things fell into filthy place well enough, it might be the door Lily could use to take her big sis to the sexual moon and back a few times, and seal their secret taboo dance.

The masturbation soundtrack began with the usual half-muffled sighs and soft grunts as Emily fingered herself, and even during that early ramp-up, Lily kept wondering if their recent naked embraces and shared kisses were the cause of Em’s newly-heated needs. God, Lily was fucking hoping that was what was stirring her sister’s stewing pot. Then Lily heard the telltale whimper of a first time anal toy user as the slim head popped into that tight, barely played-with pucker. Then came the soft hum and the added fingers. Lily knew the wriggling button had yet to be hit or there would be uncontrollable audible moaning. Lily had already burnt one of these toys out herself, so she knew the hot bliss first hand.

When Lily heard Em start to use grunted obscenities, she knew it was time to go and participate, but she could barely stop herself from shoving half of her fist in between her thighs for her own pleasuring. Lily finally got up, tiptoed nude to her sister’s door and gently nudged it open, then leaned back to watch, one hand tugging at her own nipples, the other digging into her soaking pussy’s slit. Both girls began to emote lewd sounds in synchronous harmony until it registered in Emily’s ears that she could actually hear her younger sister matching her own vocal rhythms. Emily opened her eyes and tried to stop the vulgar motion in her ass and her levitating hips as she too dug into her pussy’s moaning purse. But she was too steeply into the climb to stop willingly, and before another second passed, Lily cried out, “Don’t stop!”

The girls locked eyes. Lily was on fire and loving every crackling second of this daredevil invasion. Emily was stunned that she was not only giving in to her carnal vulnerability, but also feeling a lightning bolt of heightened lust run through her every nerve ending with her younger sister’s matching play and hungry naked presence.

Lily, with a deeply aroused whimper said, “Hit the wriggle button, Em”. But she could see that Emily had no will left to stop and look for it. That was another gift of a cue to ravenous little sis.

"Lemme help", Lily said, and she knelt next to the vibrating Emily. Lil whispered, "Let me show you….", as her hand met her sister’s in the warm wash of Emily’s swollen, sopping cunt lips. Lily took the vibe’s end, and softly said, "The wiggle button is just above the on switch. Here."  Sshe flipped it on. The vibe began to wiggle deep into Emily ass and Lily gave it a well-studied slip and slide and twist ride, spelunking into her sister’s gasping bottom’s hole. Emily was so startled that her hips were halfway to the ceiling and her eyes were tearing up with overload. 

"Too Much. Stop. Please!" cried Em. And like a good sister, Lily eased off the wriggle, and let the vibe just buzz in place inside of Emily anal canal.

"It is pretty intense the first time. Probably should work up to that. But you see what I mean, Em?"

Emily was hovering in orgasmic limbo and could barely speak.

Lily smiled and just said “It’s better like this.” Show and tell was over. It was time to dive in.

Though Emily remained in a state of semi-disbelief, she was too far gone to do anything but surrender to the moment. And to the queen.

Before she knew it, her baby sister was sucking her nipples, and gently using the ass vibe as a slow moving thin cock, slipping and sliding it in and out of her depths, tip to hilt, in a wickedly promising tease.

Both of Em’s nipples were soon sucked to tender diamond hardness, and Lily’s lips were making a path southward with no apologies. She kissed Emily’s sopping lower slit and sucked her juices in with intended slurping sounds. Then she raised her head up and waited for Emily to look down.

"Let me show you how girls eat pussy." Again, Emily was unable to form thoughts, much less the words to express them.

Lily had her prize in hand and mouth, and wasted no time in diving in and using every dirty trick in the book to take her sister to the edge and back more times than Emily had ever skirted an edge with another. Lily’s right hand played ass-fuck with the vibe, sometimes shutting the buzz off, and other times hitting it to match something her tongue was doing to Emily’s thumping clit, while her fingers played come-hither on Em’s g-spot and pubic bone.

Emily had lost all resistance and was clawing at anything she could reach, including her little sister’s thick, dark mane. Lily knew she had sealed the deal when she felt Em’s hand fisting her hair and pushing her face deeper into big sister’s twitching drenched abyss.

Lily stopped her tongue lashing on her sister’s pussy just long enough to growl, “Cum for me, Em, and don’t try to stop, cuz I’m not gonna let you stop.”

Lily started fucking Emily’s ass with the toy, devouring and shoving however many fingers she could into her sis’s sweet cunt, then just before the leap, Lily turned the wriggle button on and the toy started it’s snake dance, fathoms deep inside Emily’s rear canal.

There was an orgasmic roar from Emily that neither of the girls had ever heard before, and Lily went to work making sure that the screaming flight didn’t end until her sister had hit a few dozen peaks along the way.

Emily wailed and spasmed and rocked and peaked again and again, until Lily felt the perfect let up point, and began to ease her novice sister back down to earth. Her devouring turned to soft kisses, she let the vibe stop and slip fully out of Em’s rear, but she made some long lapping licks from anus to clit to tease Emily, then turned Em to face down, then took a moment to shove her tongue into Emily’s ass and wriggle it about to mirror the toy’s earlier movement. Emily just arched like a cat in heat and growled into her pillow. Lily stopped and purred, “Yeah, I love that too. Hence, the flavored lube.”

After the First Collision

Lily crawled upward and wrapped her arms about her big sister, who was still shaking and twitching from the roll of orgasms she’d just been launched through. Lily caressed Em’s hair and whispered sweetly, “I love the way you taste. The way you cum. You are so fucking beautiful, Em.”

Emily just held tight and tried not to think of that repetitive phrase rushing through her weakened mind “But you’re my sister….”. She could think it, but somehow the words didn’t come.

"Em, thank you for letting your little sis show you, teach you. it’s late. We should maybe shower off the sex and crawl in together. I wanna sleep with you tonight, ‘kay?" Emily shook her head yes.

"Good. C’mon hot stuff." And the girls began to giggle when Emily tried walking but her legs were still half rubber.  Lily held her up and kissed her sister deeply, then whispered, "Some time, if you’re up for it, I’ll teach you how to do those things to a girl.. like me."

They found their way to the shower and before she reached in to turn the water on, Lily leaned in close and nipped at Em’s ear. Then she said, “I really want to fuck you some time, Em… soon.”

Emily let slip an unintentional “Unf!” and half-joked back to her baby sister, “Yeah, too bad you don’t have a nice big cock.”

Lily felt a jot run through her, and quickly said, “Hop in there, babe. I forgot something. Be right in.”

A few minutes later, Lily appeared with the perfect addition: her waterproof harness and a big veined 10-inch strap-on dildo affixed to it.

"Did you order a big cock, miss?"

"Holy fuuuuck!" Emily roared. "Oh fuck oh fuck….." which in Em-speak, translated to "How the fuck can I ever say no to that, attached to someone who knows how to make me cum harder than anyone I’ve ever fucked?"

Lily could see the lust in her sister’s eyes, still lost in the fog of her last O’s.

"Bend over, babydoll" Lily purred wickedly, "Your hot little cunt is mine."

Emily’s will was jello. If Lily had asked her to suck the cock, she would have knelt and worshiped it. Emily finally said, in a really filthy tone, “Make it good, little sister. I don’t want to have to tell my friends you’re a lousy fuck too.”

in a flash, Emily was bent over, holding onto the silver handles on the tiles, and her sister was ramming a monster cock, balls deep, fucking her better than any man had yet in her sexual life.

Lily eased the rhythms now and then to lean over and talk dirty into Emily’s burning ears.  “If you’re a good girl”, Lil growled, “I’ll let you fuck me sometime. Hell, I’ll make you fuck me!”

At one point she taunted, “Wait until I fuck your hot little asshole over the kitchen table like this.” That somehow hit a mark in big sister, and Emily finally flat out begged. “Fuck me, Lily, just fuck me until I can’t walk!!”

By the time this ramming girlcock session was over, the water was cold and the girls were on the tiled floor, Emily was face down and ass up, breached to the hilt and still cumming. Lily was rocking with her faux cock fully embedded in her sisters pussy walls, a fistful of Emily’s hair in her hand, and rocking her own orgasms from the friction of the strap-on cockslam, as it rubbed her endlessly against her hungrier-than-ever clit.


"Your bed has a big wet spot" teased Lily. "Come sleep with me in mine."

The girls cuddled up close in Lily’s bed, and Emily clung to her little sis like she was a soft teddy bear. Emily kept whispering, “Oh my god… oh my god.”

"Promise me you’re not going to get weird on me tomorrow, Em." Lily said softly. "We tried something. It’s fine. That’s what young horny girls do. Yes even sisters sometimes. And if you don’t want to do it again… well, I won’t make you" She could feel Emily relax. Then she added with a naughty tease "But I’ll still want to." She laughed.

"Kay", Emily answered, nearly half asleep. "Promise me…."


"That you’ll always fuck me that good."

Lily beamed in the darkness of the room. “Count on it, Em.”

Emily chimed in “I’ll keep your secrets…”

Lily finished “And I’ll keep yours.”


The next morning, Lily awoke to find Emily gone from her bed. It set off a whirl of worry in her wine-thumped head. She grabbed her cell phone and texted Emily.

"Where’d you go?"

A moment later came the reply. “B’kfast and coffee are ready. I owe you for the O’s. Come and get it.”

Lily decided to play princess. “What, no b’kfast in bed?”

There was a noticeable pause, then Em’s text rang in. “You said you wanted to fuck me over the kitchen table.”  Emily knew that would get Lily up and running.

Lil was downstairs in record time, her arms wrapped around her big sister, their mouths sharing morning kisses.

"You okay?" Lily asked seriously.

Emily offered quietly, “I’m a little weirded out. I mean… first bi sex is enough right there. Then having it with my own sister.  Fuck! Okay, and  yes, a little sister who, by the way, is the hottest fuck ever.” They laughed and kissed. 

Then Emily moved back again and continued, “I thought I should keep my mind open a bit longer. Be nice to find out if I liked cumming in your face and being fucked into oblivion by my little sister… without the wine.”

"You really should learn the other side too, in case you meet a hottie at school" added Lil. Then she whispered teasingly, "Who will never be as good as me."

They sipped coffee, and chowed down in hungry silence, even sharing a soft kiss or two between bites.

"One thing", Emily said, as she cleared the table after their meal. "Next time you fuck me, can we do it face to face? I really want to see your face when you do. And your orgasm face. And pinch your nipples when I want it harder." She playfully pinched Lil’s nips and the heat began to ramp up once again.

Soon, Emily would be on her knees tasting her sister’s wetness for the first time, and not long after, she would be rocking face-to-face, riding the big girlcock, willfully kissing her seductive little sister, and whispering, “I love you, Lil.”

I love you, Em.”

"Fuck me like you mean it."

"Count on it baby. Just don’t tell."

They had 8 more days without their folks there. They would break the orgasm barriers and try things even Lily hadn’t considered, by the time those days had passed.

Written by http://nakeddoors.tumblr.com/

**Warning this story contains an incest theme**

(inspired by a follower’s confession of a real-life desire)


They were sisters, four years apart, similar in many ways, yet, as with most siblings, there was a certain balance in their dynamics as part of the family whole.

Emily, the somewhat quieter of the pair, was the older of these unique pretty brunettes at 23, and feisty Lilly, the sleeker and wilder. was the baby at 19. And as close sisters do, they shared everything - laughs and clothes, daydreams and sexual secrets. Well, they shared almost everything. Lily, it seemed had one deeply buried secret; well, two really, that she wasn’t quite sure how to broach, even with her deeply bonded, slightly curvier big sis.

Lily was secretly and happily a full-blown bisexual girl. She liked her boys just fine, but her playtime with girls she found to be erotically exquisite in a completely different way. And she had indeed played well and fully with both sexes. She was never a wallflower, but she oft found herself more submissive to at least some boys. With girls, she tended to be the queen of the sexual mountain and she had learned well a few really hot tricks along the way from an excellent domme-leaning lover and teacher.

She even owned, after a time, a strap-on harness with a few attachments, a gift given to her for her birthday by one of her sub girlfriends who begged to have Lily use it on her mercilessly. Lil thought that she might end up using it on a boy as well one day, but there was something so intensely arousing about taking a girl to fuck heaven by slamming a thick, donned dick into her girl’s moaning wet pussy walls. And even better, driving one balls deep into a girl’s tight little ass pucker for those extra squeals and growls. Lily’s true bisexual nature was the first of the two secrets she kept, and she had no idea if Emily would be freaked out or fascinated by this admission. She wanted to share, but…

The other reason she’d held her bisexual adventures back so tightly from her best friend and sibling was due to the taboo nature of her second secret, which went hand in hand (or tongue in nethers) with the first. It seemed that Lily’s biggest ongoing girl crush on the planet… was Emily. Yes, she was quietly lusting after her own big sister, who she found ultimately alluring on so many levels. She also loved the idea of crossing taboo lines just to pour more fuel on the wet wildfire. Lily knew that, if one day they dared, they could be the perfect fit for each other. The trust bond was already implicit and they could go to any lengths intimately without worry. Not to mention, Lily loved her sister’s body with its freckled curves and sweet succulent flavor. As connected as they were, it would be so much more than just stratospheric ambrosial sex.

Emily had no idea how many nights that Lily had spent masturbating to the visions of the two sisters falling into a depraved orgasmic bed together, and Lily had been terrified of baring this secret. Nothing scared her more than breaking this essential bond in her life and losing Emily - that was her greatest fear about the admission. it took her quite some time to even admit this taboo desire to herself, but once she did, conceding to the mind-bending arousal of crossing that naked familial line, it burned ever deeper within her. Hanging on to it alone for this long, and with Emily so close in proximity every day, only made matters worse.

Both girls, still in school, were living in at home for the convenience and the financial boon of the arrangement. And their rooms were right next door to each other. They even shared a bathroom in the hall, and did so very well, even playfully. And seeing her sister naked as often as she did, Lily was in dire need of spilling her hidden mind’s beans, hoping that Emily would welcome what was inside.

Emily should have realized that, when she herself masturbated, though always trying not to be loud, her younger sister could hear every whimper and gasp and hot guttural release through the walls. And Lily, more often than not, would listen, and finger herself, or grab a hidden toy and start self-fucking, with a pillow clamped over her mouth to muffle the echo. Little sis would cum like crazy, spiked by the sounds of her big sister’s shivering orgasms.

The sweet part was, the pair were naturally affectionate, so Lily could steal a quick kiss or a brushing fondle without seeming inappropriate. And they teased each other about sex and boys and what new dirty things they’d discovered, so those topics could open doors, Lily thought. She was so at a breaking point, and again with girls, she tended to drive things, so her inner domme was likely to rise up in a hot moment and make this happen. But she knew, this needed a gentle approach, at least until Emily was naked and in her grasp. Then, all bets were off.

As Lily’s hunger and needs rose, an opportunity finally presented itself. Mom and Dad were off on a big Anniversary cruise, leaving the girls in the house alone for 10 days. Lily thought, “Somewhere in there, I just might have to…”, even though she had no idea how it could or would play out. She just knew what she wanted, right down to taking her sister into orbit with her big ten-inch strap-on. That thought alone made her panties instantly sopping wet. And she thought of it a lot once her parents announced their dates of departure and return.

Now or Never

It was the second day of girls being at home alone, and by a miracle, events began to trickle into place for some sort of carnal collision with very little effort on Lil’s part. Lily played everything by ear ias things unfolded, and the more the pennies dropped for her, the more certain she was that now was her time to reveal all, in hopes of grabbing the lush wanton prize. The only chanted prayer left was that her sexy big sister would want to play along and let little sis lead the way.

It was Saturday night, and with Em’s recent parting from a beau, she was not out on a date, and had no plans to party at all. It felt like the perfect night to stay in and drink some wine and maybe watch something in the peace of an empty house. Lily was showering off her work day, and shuffled into the kitchen in a sleek silk robe.

"May I?" Lily asked, as she lifted the wine bottle.  Emily giggled. They were always stealing Mom’s wine, with the addendum which they chanted together, "Don’t tell Dad."

They sat and caught up and sipped and snacked. Lily asked about Bobby, Em’s recently dumped beau. Emily revealed that he had only gotten close to Em to get to one of Emily’s girlfriends, who happily gave Bobby the “fuck off” for being such an obvious douchebag.

"Boys.." Lily scoffed. "If they didn’t have dicks, what would we need them for?"

The girls laughed, and the dick reference opened to door to more sex talk.

"Was he any good?" she asked her big sis.

"Ha. Not even. He didn’t get much either. I must have sensed something wrong, because I never really touched him. I made him go down on me first, and he was rubbish at it. It’s my new barometer for men."

More laughter from both sisters, and Lil added “Brilliant!”

It was time to dare. “Girls are so much better at that.” Lily slipped in.

It didn’t register as she’d hoped, but Emily said, “Yeah, probably.”

In a way, Lily felt safe for the moment and decided to deflect her concern by changing the subject.

"Ever try anal, Em?"

"No. I’ve kinda wanted to, but I haven’t always trusted the idiots to be kind there. I let one finger me a little, but no."

There was a long pause as the look on Lil’s face suddenly piqued Emily’s curiosity.

"You have??"

Lily slipped in close, by habit really, as if Mom and Dad could hear. Never mind they were currently at sea.

"Ohmygod, Em. If it’s done right, it is soooo fucking good. It’s so sensitive there and added to some hot clit play, it will make you fucking explode like nothing else. You need an ass toy. We should do some shopping online for you tonight!"

Lily grabbed her iPad and started hunting for the bookmark to her favorite sex toy store. In no time, she had a page opened and was showing her big sister some luscious playthings to open her anal sex arena.

In the mix of Lily’s descriptions and recommendations, Emily finally stopped. “Wait, you have some of these toys? And you found a guy who gets you off orally while playing with your ass too??”

Lily actually blushed as she tried to think about just how much to say. She downed some wine, and poured another glass for herself and for Em. Emily could see there was about to be spillage of secrets, so she went along with the toast and the gulping. When the glasses were set down, Emily, in her way, simply said, “Tell.”

Lil blushed again, It felt right.

"Yes, and no. Yes to the toys. No to the boys."

Emily frowned momentarily not getting the whole picture.

Lily giggled through the wine. “I should show you my pleasure toy chest. Maybe you’ll wanna borrow some.” They both teased the other about that. Lily continued, “You really need a good ass plug. Masturbate with it in, walk around with it, you’ll be soaking and moaning in no time, trust me.”

Another loaded pause, then, “No. I haven’t found a boy yet who is good at that either, though some of them fuck nicely. And I do like a nice cock in… ummmm, places. And tongues everywhere, especially back there. UNF!”

Now Emily was OMG-ing and laughing along.

Lily took a breath for the first big spill. “I did find… a girl… who was reeeeeeallllly good at oral, and taught me a couple of yummy things.”

There it was. Lily swallowed hard, hoping her sister wouldn’t freak out.

"You’ve played with girls?" Emily asked quietly.

"A couple…". Lil wasn’t going to spill all of her bi secrets just yet.

Little sister turned the tables swiftly, “Haven’t you? Even thought about it? Or kissed a girl maybe? C’mon, fess up.  You must have…”.

Emily was quiet. “Not really. A couple of times, I have thought about it…”
Em didn’t finish that thought aloud.

Lily guided the conversation calmly and smartly. “I’m surprised. Isn’t college the place to experiment with bi sex?”

Then she got intently silly, poked her big sis in the side and said, “C’mon, I know you’re shy, but you must have kissed one girl, or secretly masturbated about one.”

Another pause as Emily’s pale skin flushed semi-crimson. “There was one… I thought I wanted to. But…”

Lily smiled and perkily said, “Well you should try one. Or three. They kiss really well, and feel really good to cuddle naked with.”

Lily rose out of her chair with the food platter in hand, dropped it by the sink, then wrapped her arms about her big sister from behind, kissed her neck and whispered in a dirty tone,
"And they suck nipples and eat pussy increduby fucking well." Lily punctuated those ideas with a boob grab and a quick pubic grope for effect, which in the scheme of things, was not that odd for this teasing affectionate pair.

"Gawd, Lil!" And the laughter broke the tension.

Lily suddenly shouted, “Em!! We should go skinny dipping!! We’re never here without Mom and Dad!

Shy Em chimed in “Umm, the neighbors.”

Lily countered “Ummm, leave the lights off! Duh!  C’mon, strip, girl. It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked. Take that last gulp. Summer’s almost gone and this is the perfect way to play here tonight.”

Emily swallowed the dregs of her glass and turned to see Lily having already dropped her robe to the floor, and reaching now to help undress her big sis. “Mmmmm”, Lily whispered “A moonlit naked swim.”

Lily leaned in for a half-innocent kiss, turned her naked sister to face the sliding door and smacked her ass and she said, “C’mon, sexy pants!” And off they went to the pool.

First Taste

There was something both calming and arousing about swimming in the nude under a gorgeous near full moon. The sisters swam alone, splashed about with each other, and even stopped and sat on the pool stairs and shared more intimate secrets. And it was both less revealing and more seductive lit only by moonfall. Lily got to quietly reveal some of the things she had done with one of her girlfriends and how incredible it felt and how hard and endlessly she came from it all.

Emily was covertly intrigued, asking specific questions. Lily near shocked her with the tale of the first girl who strapped on a faux cock and fucked her senseless.  Emily seemed as startled with her sister’s daring sex life as she was at her own arousal from the thoughts and visuals being painted. No doubt Em thought the darkness would hide that stirring, but little sister could sense the intrigue, which only made her more bold.

Lily slipped out of the water and stood naked in the moonlight for her sister to see. She disappeared into the kitchen and came back with the rest of the wine. Lily slid back into the cool of the water, the girls clinked glasses and sipped.

"You should really find a girl you like, someone you’re physically attracted to at least, and try it. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll know afterward, right? Then, maybe no need to try again. If you do like it, there’s a whole other dating and fucking pool to pick from."

Lily was quietly counting on her sister being genetically predisposed to it.

"I wouldn’t know how to…" and Emily trailed off.

 Lily put her glass down and moved in a little closer. “C’mere.”

Lily embraced her naked sister in a much more intimate fashion than usual, and began rubbing her own stirred curves against Emily’s.

"This is how girls feel together." And she softly kissed Em’s shoulder over and over again.

"C’mon, it’s not that weird. We hug and grab each other all the time. We’re just not dressed is all." She felt Emily surrender a bit.

Lily continued her little lesson in girl play. “And this is how girls kiss.”

She started softly, letting her tongue traces the circumference of Emily’s mouth, as her hands cupped and fondled Em’s flexed ass cheeks underwater. Emily again, shyly gave in a little bit more.  Lily then grabbed her glass, and said “This is how my first hot kiss started with a girl.”

She gulped the contents without swallowing, then pressed her lips to Emily’s mouth and shared the wine, mouth-to-sibling-mouth, with twisting tongues, and soft audible moans. And this time, Emily couldn’t help but actually kiss back. Whether it was the grape or the setting or the moment, a wicked wall or two fell and it emboldened the younger sib.

"See?" Lily smiled. "Girls can be sexy to hold and kiss. Just sayin’." Emily blushed at her own rising thoughts.

And not to press her luck too far too fast, Lily changed the subject. “I’m getting our fluffy robes. it’s cold. C’mon.”

The girls went back inside, and Lily with her robe open helped Emily into hers. Lily leaned in and softly offered “You are very sexy, big sister of mine, and very sexy to kiss.” Then she smiled that naughty smile and said, “Remind me to borrow you when I’m single.” And started that giggle going again.

The girls cleaned up the kitchen, took separate quick rinse off showers, and readied themselves for bed in their side by side rooms.

Lily called over to Em, “No telling Mom about my girl play, Em, kay? And, ummm, well… I won’t tell if you won’t.”  The second statement hung in the air. She wasn’t about to add “about what we did in the pool tonight.”

Just before they both closed their doors, Lily wandered into Emily’s room with something in her hand.

"Em, I have a present for you. I forgot that I’d just ordered this, and I promise that I have never used it. I just took it out of the package now and cleaned it for you. It’s a long anal vibe. And here’s some lube for it." Lily leaned in close and nipped at Emily’s ear as she whispered, "It wriggles too.’

Emily blinked “Flavored lube?”

"I told you, I like a nice tongue there… when there’s one available. And this kinda feels like one…. never mind. Just try it and see. I’m telling you, your body and your orgasm count will thank me." 

 Emily took the gift, trying not to give away any of her own swirling thoughts.

"G’night, Em", Lily said.  "I really wanna…. ummmm", the rest was in her eyes. Emily closed hers and let Lily lean in and kiss her once more. And yes, big sister kissed back tentatively.

"Must be the wine" Lil joked.

Emily blushed raw with the rising, though fairly obvious realization. “Lil, we’re sisters. Isn’t it kinda…”

"I know, silly. That’s why it’s safe. I’ll keep your secrets if you keep mine, ‘kay?"

Emily smiled. That had always been their pact, and it brought her back to their deeper, life-long connection as wild kids together.

Lily whispered with that dirty hum “Now go fuck your ass to sleep and thank me in the morning.”

Lil popped back into her room, knowing that she wasn’t about to sleep anytime soon. She knew what and who was about to cum, and she knew she would be there to help a few more explosions happen. She said a quiet prayer of thanks for thin walls and slipped naked into her sheets, eyes wide open, and her fingers already digging into her stirring wet cunt.

Lily knew that she was about to get her wish…. and eat her too.

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