Written by SMQ_daBody

I am a 5'5 chocolate thick woman. When I was 13. I looked almost the same as now, smaller tits n ass but still well endowed. Here's my story of my first FF experience.
It was a Saturday afternoon and I was at my friends house we were doing normal girl stuff. Nails, hair, taking about cute boys in school. A few hours went by like this and things were normal and fine. Until her bf showed up. We had been laying in her bed until he showed up. She got off the bed and ran to him and they started making out which was a normal thing. But today I wasn't in the mood to watch them go at it so I got up and went into the front room to watch tv with her brother. I guess when she came up for air she saw I wasn't in the room and came after me.
Why'd you leave the room she asks. I'm watching tv is that a problem. No, but it seems liie your upset. Why would I be upset . Idk but you are. I roll my eyes and tell her I'm ok and to go baco to her boyfriend. No not untill u tell me what's wrong. Well now your bugging me go away 
She nows tell her brother who 6'5 to pick me up and carry me to her bathroom in the back of the house. And lock us in there untill we fix whatever is wrong. While in the now locked bathroom she continues to ask what's wrong over and over. And something inside me snaps and I kiss her. I had no idea why I did that. I step back and look away into the mirror. She looking as confused as I am. How long have you been into girls she softly asks. A few years now but I've never acted on it. Oh, so I'm your first kiss then. I look at her in the mirror. Her small perky breast popping out of her low cut shirt, her wide hips and long legs. And I look away , what are you doing I ask myself out loud. I'm just standing here she says. I'm not talking to you why can't you just leave me alone before. .. before what, what are you.
She doesn't finish her sentence because I'm back in her face. Eye to eye in a stand off. With one hand I grip her hips ans pull her closer the other hand I use to turn off the light. Now we stand there in a dark room with my hands on her hips she blinks and I kiss her again. She doesn't kiss me back butI keep on going. I pick her up hold her in the air she wraps her long legs around me and kisses me back. I carried her to the sink and sit her down and start undoing her jeans. Wait she says what are you doing. I don't know is the only thing I can say. I lean down and pull her frim breast from her shirt and slowly suck and tease her nipples. She's told me before how much she likes when her bf does this . I am able to slip her pants off her waist and rub her pussy thru the panties. She lets out a soft moan and it drives me wild. I want to hear more. I slide her now wet panties to the side and tease her clit with my finger tips . Her legs open slightly more. I stand up and while looking deep into her eyes I lick my fingers. 
This unusual taste is nice I think to myself. I stand her up and pull her panties and pants to her feet. She's got a small fro but its neat as if she combs it. I kiss her again before dropping to my knees. Her wet puss is in myface, I take a deep breath abd smell her. I look up to see her watching the door. I stick my ttongue out and get my first taste of another woman's body. 
For twenty minutes I lick and suck her goodness. Untill she comes on my face at this time I didn't know what an orgasm was she I didn't know to stop or continue so I continued. Sucking her clit and fingering her . Again a burst of fluid hits me in the face and she pushes me away. I stand confuesed as to what's happening. Did I hurt you I ask, she laughs ans tell me no she just can't takeaanymore. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me deep and strong. My hand slides down to play in her hairs. She jumps didn't I telk you I can't take anymore. Sorry I laugh. . She gets a wet towel and cleans my face. . She asks are you ok now. I don't know, I didn't know that I was attracted ti to you untill now. I think I'm going to go home now so I can think. 
When I get home she calls me to check to make sure I'm ok. I ask her if things have changed between us . She says no . We get off the phone and I lay in bed trying to make sence of what just happened. To this day I don't know what made me do whst I did but I will say that things between us did change, but in a fun way.