Written by Sarah X  *contains a bestiality theme so be warned*

A brand new, quite dark, beast story. Written for a friend.

We were late. In fact, we were beyond late. The party had enticed us for far longer than either of us had intended and now we were quite drunk and staggering home in a murky light that soon threatened to become dawn. This worried me far more than it concerned Emme. Her family were on vacation, while my grandfather, whose spare room I occupied rent-free, would soon be up and asking me the first of that day’s 3000 questions through my bedroom door. If I wasn’t there he would panic.

“Emme! Move faster! We wouldn’t even been rushing if you hadn’t locked yourself in the bathroom with that boy for two hours.”I smiled. I wasn’t really mad, Emme was too cute. Besides, I’d spent a pleasant hour teaching Ryan Hollins to go down on me at the party. His girlfriend really would need to thank me if she ever let him take her panties off.
Emme stumbled and giggled. She had a thin black nose ring through her septum and she had stopped to adjust it, clumsily, her eyes wide with concentration, strands of her fair, candy-striped hair blowing across her face as the sky continued to brighten.“I think I may have caught this on his hat,” she said, to no-one in particular.

My phone said 5.23am. I groaned. Gramps had never stayed in bed beyond 6am and we were 30 minutes (fast) walk from his house. It was only 20 to Emme’s. Why THE FUCK hadn’t I just said I was going to stay there? Emme smiled and began texting on her phone, oblivious to my glare. We would have to take ‘The Shortcut’.

Everyone called it that, so much so that it had become a kind of urban myth in our small town. Parents warned their kids by saying it in a scary voice, anyone who was late for anything was presumed to have met a grisly end after stupidly taking ‘The Shortcut’. I’d only taken it once before, goaded by my brother, climbing over the padlocked asylum gates with him and not bolting until he’d pointed out the small cemetery where they’d interred patients who died with no next of kin until the asylum closed in ‘87. By the time I’d darted through the dusty outbuildings and squeezed through the fence, I had very obviously pissed my pants, much to my brother’s never ending amusement. But nothing had actually happened to us.

I clung to this fact as I took Emme’s hand. “We’re taking the shortcut Emme, there’s no time.” Her big eyes widened further. Emme wasn’t afraid of much and she was fascinated by deaths and cemeteries. I suddenly realised she might not share my desire to shave 10 minutes off our journey by running through the asylum like scalded cats. By the time we were squeezing through the rusty gate, Emme had woken up and was recounting various facts about the asylum and its graveyard. She had a fantastic memory for facts about anything which interested her. “The last woman they buried here was called Daphne Dufrene. She was from Memphis. She’d been here 30 years after killing her family and keeping the bodies in her basement until the heat pretty much baked them and the smell alerted her neighbours.”

My short black jersey skirt had snagged on the fence and I unhooked it carefully as I squeezed my ample boobs through the gap while trying to give Emme a look which suggested I didn’t welcome her impressive trivia recall. She slipped through the gap effortlessly, her slim figure and tight ass barely touching the steel. I smiled at the thought that it would hardly matter if her thigh highs had snagged, they were already full of holes. I had no idea if they’d been purchased in that state; Emme customised a lot of clothes.The sky was now the colour of battleships. There was no sunrise, just a gradual brightening which helped us see the wide open courtyard and the abandoned outbuildings we would need to traverse.

Emme had sped up, walking in front of me with a cute wiggle in her tight black skirt. Despite the urgency the sight reminded me why I often fantasised about my friend, masturbating myself to orgasm as I imagined her sitting on my face or holding my hair out of the way as she watched me suck her neat pussy lips into my mouth and catch her clit in my teeth as I tongued at it. Jesus Sarah, now? Really? Is this your antidote to this scary shortcut? Imagining sex with Emme?

She stopped suddenly, crouching slightly.“Stop. It. We don’t have time.” But Emme was serious. She put a small finger to my lips and pointed into the shadows of the open garage area dead ahead.I froze. There was a large dog - Guard dog? Stray? - standing in the half light. It seemed alert but was facing mostly into the building, away from us.I was terrified but Emme acted quickly, grabbing my hand and dragging me left toward a concrete gateway and grassed area.The cemetery. Great. We scooted in and crouched behind a broken headstone in the corner. I already knew the shortcut had failed me, now I just wanted to get home without being mauled.

Emme faced me, grinning, her finger still on my lips, both our skirts riding up as our knees intertwined and tried to stay still. We had no plan. I could see the entrance to the graveyard over Emme’s pretty head but, other than admiring her blood red pout, I couldn’t see anything which should indicate a need to move.Waiting five minutes, our thighs maintained their light friction and I felt my pussy tingle. I was getting aroused! And the arousal had awakened my bladder.

“For fuck’s sake, I need to pee Emme.” Several beers in the last few hours had made this the kind of urge that wouldn’t wait. Emme shook her head and mouthed ‘Wait’ but I really, really couldn’t. And she was about to discover something else…I hitched up my already short skirt and Emme’s mouth dropped open at the sight of my pussy - freshly shaved about 12 hours before and definitely not encased in the rainbow panties I had pulled on before the party.

Emme whispered:“Sarah! Where is your underwear?” I looked sheepish. “I put them in Ryan’s pocket as a gift.” Pushing Emme’s nylon-clad knee out of the way I began to piss; a steady, high pressure stream which ran past her but made quite a noise as it gushed, free from any cotton diffuser which would have seen it trickle, muffled, down my thighs. We heard an unmistakeable low bark and froze..,except my peeing. Emme raised her eyebrows and then shocked me rigid by calmly reaching out a hand to cup my bare cunt, the pissfall broken by her fingers and its noise considerably reduced. I barely stifled a gasp. Her slim fingers wriggled in the stream as it turned to a trickle and the last few drops squeezed into her palm.There was a large puddle seeping into the path to her right and I fully expected Emme to move her hand and make a crack about how it stank. She didn’t. Instead she curled her middle finger and slipped it into my cunt ever so slightly, a half grin on her elfin face .I had wanted to hit on Emme for years. Why had she chosen now? WHY NOW?

In answer she leaned forward, her finger half in my wet slit like a test, and breathed in my ear. “I’m sorry Sarah, the boy in the bathroom didn’t finish the job.” I kissed her, grinding my pussy down onto her hand as my tongue explored her mouth and I tasted the lipstick she’d applied after her bathroom failure passed out. The dog seemed a secondary problem now, half forgotten. My hands explored the ground to my right where dry, overgrown grass offered me a spot to recline comfortably. Lying back and spreading my legs I ordered Emme to eat me in vicious whisper, pushing her head down onto my salty mound as she knelt between my thighs and began to lick my folds, pulling me apart with her fingers so her small tongue could make forays inside my neat hole.I gasped and gripped her hair as her nose ring grazed my sensitive clit and her fingers clasped the flesh where my thigh became my pussy to stop me writhing. It was a grey morning but still quite warm. I pulled my sweater up over my breasts and unhooked my bra, grabbing Emme’s head and almost forcing her to suckle noisily on my puffed up nipple, her teeth biting down into the nerve filled teat and driving me wild.

We wrestled like that for a bit, trying to be quiet but getting more frantic as we kissed and my fingers found their way into Emme’s knickers and roughly penetrated her swollen little cunt. Standing up, I ordered her to bend over the nearest concrete casket, practically tearing off her panties and preparing to tongue her cute little thigh gap from behind as her lips hung invitingly. Then I saw the hound. It was virtually next to me, it’s wide head almost at my shoulder, teeth bared in silent menace. I had no idea what kind of dog it was but it was big; a short, reddish brown coat and a ridge of raised hair along its muscular back. I stepped away from Emme and its snarl subsided. Jesus, was it protecting her?

“Stay exactly where you are Emme. There’s a very big dog right between us. It doesn’t like me.” She tried to twist her head to see but before I could get a gravestone between me and the beast, it sniffed the air and stuck its big black nose right into her steaming cunt. Her squeal was high pitched enough to break glass but it didn’t deter the hound. He set to work, hungrily lapping at her pussy flesh, turning his head to get as deep into her ass crack and wet gash as his fat snout would allow. Emme growled - I swear it was a growl - and her eyes rolled. She bit her lip and her black painted nails gripped the rim of the sarcophagus she was spread upon. I took the opportunity to get the grave between me and the dog and grasp Emme’s wrists, looking directly into her contorted face as the canine gobbled noisily between her slender thighs.

“Emme, look at me! I’m so sorry. Look at me!” I was worried she might pass out but her mouth broke into a dreamy grin. “OHMYFUCKINGGOD…..Sarah! This is soooo nasty, you can never tell anyone that this happened. OHFUCKMYCUNTISONFIRE.” She looked me in the eye and breathed out. “Sarah it’s so FUCKINGGOOD. JUSTFUCKINGAAAAAGGH.”

She took my hand and squeezed it as the dog finally broke from his cunt eating and stepped back. I was too slow, too enthralled by my friend’s depravity to pull her over the grave like I should have. Whining, the animal suddenly reared up and a great paw hit the concrete either side of Emme’s shoulders. His weight bore down on her as the wind was forced out of her lungs and fear returned to her eyes. “What’s he doing Sarah? Get him off me now, he’s too heavy.” I wasn’t really sure what Emme expected me to do; the dog weighed more than either of us and it was frantically scrabbling for purchase and angle. “OHFUCK!!!!! Sarah!” 

Emme had felt his eager prick mash against her entrance. He was hitting it repeatedly, each unsuccessful attempt drawing a grimace from Emme and a whimper from the now frantic animal. Emme was going to get hurt if I didn’t act. I looked around for a stick, a rock, something I might be able to bash it with. There was nothing. Running around to its haunches, I planned to kick it in its balls or pull its tail. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Its HUGE cock hung down where it had clumsily lodged it against the concrete, preventing it from penetrating the slim teen buried beneath it. Each clumsy thrust was only fueling its primal lust and frustration and poor Emme was in danger from asphyxiation as its ribcage pressed onto her back. I was useless. Transfixed by the - increasingly erotic - sight of my friend being dry humped by a dog.

Just as I thought I could cover its head with my sweater, I saw it…a little pale hand with black nails squeezing between girl and dog to grip the angry purple shaft. Her fingers pulled it up and, before I could draw breath, the weird shaped tip, was rutting up and down her very wet pussy. Emme’s voice reached me. “Sarah….help me…..help me put it in….it’s the only way he’ll stop leaning on me.” In a trance, I moved closer. The cock was as thick as my wrist and Emme was tiny. She couldn’t see the clear mismatch in genitals that I could. I gripped it ahead of Emmy’s hand - there was room for both - and pumped it. “Emme it’s way too big. I’m going to just wank him and see if he’ll just get off once he cums. ”She shook her head. “FEED IT INTO MY CUNT. IWANTITPLEEEASE.”

Adjusting her hips slightly, she pushed against my hand and the first inch of dog cock docked into her inflamed pussy. We all paused, momentarily, until a fresh effort from the dog saw over half his prick disappear into Emme, her cries denoting that it was a width issue preventing further penetration. I could see her tight cunt stretching around it and felt my own fingers helping as continued thrusts saw inch after inch bore into her straining lips. Emme was on the edge. Ecstasy offset the pain and her legs locked out frantically as an orgasm ripped through her and her beast lover steadied his powerful hind legs for a final assault.

I never intended to let his knot near her elastic pussy. My hand had been gripping the shaft in front of it. But as Emme squealed and pushed back, the dog instinctively went for it, knowing the base of his cock needed to fill a mate before he unleashed his seed. As they both forced themselves together at the groin, my hand lost purchase and his knot breached Emme, his fat pointed penis now buried to the hilt.T he dog made the most primal moan I’d ever heard as his heavy balls emptied a hot, sticky load so deep inside her I expected her to choke and vomit it up.

As the animal’s haunches continued to twitch and more semen painted her insides, Emme sobbed through several violent orgasms and passed out. She remained unconscious as the dog’s knot subsided and he slunk away, spent. I tenderly cleaned her ravaged cunt with her panties and, I admit, my mouth. The cum was salty but tasted heavenly mixed with Emme’s own, sweeter, discharge. As I licked the last few drops and gently wiped her labia, she came around. I looked up at her smiling, tear-streaked face and, for the first time, read the name on the headstone we had desecrated. Here lies Daphne Dufrene….



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I've never been into animal, or incest, but the stories I've read here are so freakn hot. I highly enjoyed it. I hope there's more

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