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Being a folk dancer, I was wanting to get some extra workouts and I didn’t want to be in a gym. I found out that our local ballet school offered free classes for males (it must be a membership drive). Going there early on a Saturday to check out the registration and talk to the Principal. Liking girls in tights and leotards, I was  definitely in the right place. Everywhere I looked, there were girls standing, stretching and talking amongst themselves. One thing I didn’t notice were any guys and thought am I at the right time, right day? I quickly found the Principal and she assured me that everything is OK and just get in line for registration. As I was getting in line, I noticed a couple of girls giving me the look over. Registration happened and first class would be later in the day. I went to the guy’s locker room and placed my stuff in and left for awhile.

I returned and changed into a black full length unitard with a t-shirt and nylon pants over top (what I usually wear at my other class). I walked into my classroom and saw that there was a room full of girls aging from 14 to 20, no guys though. This class was a conditioning type, no one looking to out perform but to work on basics and routines to enhance their auditions. I found a spot and we all waited for our instructor. One girl turned to me and asked why was I here? I told her and other ears perked up that I wanted to work on some ballet to strengthen myself with my other group. When I mentioned the name of the other group, some were very interested due to how athletic and flexible the males need to be. Just then our instructor walked in and before she got three steps past the door, her eyes targeted me and said “hello, but please remove your shirt and pants …. I assume you have proper attire under those clothes”. So, here is me stripping out of my stuff in front of the girls. I had to adjust myself when I turned to the ballet barre. One girl looked right at me and I thought that her tongue was going to pop out. Our class went well, my instructor didn’t make my first day too hard.

After class, I collected my clothes and walked to the guy’s change room. Walking to my locker, I passed by a couple of guys changing from a class as well. From what I could hear, they were from the professional division. It seemed strange that they were down here when they had their own floor with change rooms. One asked me where I came from and told him that I was taking the conditioning class. What I realized was that he was only in his dancebelt (male thong) and as he was talking to me he was removing it. As we finished talking, I was looking at flaccid shaved cock. He said it was good to talk and hope to see you later as he walked to the shower. The School’s old studio was very - old. The change room had two square showers tucked into the corner facing each other with linoleum flooring in-between. As I was changing (and hoping they were not watching) I noticed that the guys would shower then dry off on the linoleum, hang the towel and walk back nude to their lockers. these guys were quite well hung and wondered if the girls ever notice? I quickly changed and as I was half way, one asked if I was showering? I said no. He said that he was just making sure because they need to adjust the hot water (this was a line I found out later).

The next week came around and I walked into the class - unitard only (and dance belt), I didn’t see the three guys from the week before when I was changing. Class started off well and the girl that watched me last week looked at me and waved quickly like she didn’t want people to notice. During a break, a girl walked up to me and asked if i met her brother last week. I said that there was three guys from professional changing but I didn’t get to know names. “You did then - Marc and his friends dance upstairs but like to change down here, too crowded upstairs, You should say hello to them. Oh, can you pass a message to him that I’m OK and don’t need a ride”. I replied with a confusing OK, and nice talking to you as our instructor switched up the people and routines. One routine needed a guy - me, to balance a female dancer while she is doing some turns and some other moves. As we were preparing, she slid her sweet ass across my crotch area and someone woke up. I tried to ignore the raising issue (the dance belt can hold, but cock twists and rolls to be in a good position- vertical against the chest. I felt my scrotum tighten and my member crawling up my stomach. We worked through the routine and instructor changed to something else. After class I walked back to the change room but as I was walking amongst the girls leaving the room, someone gave my ass a good squeeze, I reacted inside and quickly looked as if I dropped my towel but couldn’t see the guilty one - they all either were talking to each other or walked out with stone faces.

I walked into the change room and the guys from last week were there. Before I forgot, I asked which one was Marc. Marc was the one that was talking to me last week. “I have a message from your … sister that she’s OK and doesn’t need a ride.” Marc replied with a “Oh, great now I don’t need to rush”. I was a little more tired and hot from this weeks practice and thought that a shower would be good. “Hey, um … Marc, do you need to adjust the water for the shower?” I asked. He told me that it is still good. “which one are you taking, I am going in too?” “I am not picky, so you can go first …..” I thought that was an odd piece of conversation to be asking me, but I shrugged it off. I walked to the shower with towel around my waist and Marc was in one already. We did some small chit-chat while we showered. The curtains to the showers were gone - that was reason for the different floor in-between. “So you dance somewhere else?” asked Marc and I told him of what and why I was here. I turned to rinse my back off and saw Marc giving his cock some strokes and making himself erect. “I like to make myself really clean, have only one of these you know.” as he smiled. Mac noticed my reaction was not of disgust and he picked up on it. “Looks like someone enjoyed the show.” and nodded to make me aware that I was fully erect. “Sorry, I didn’t realize” and I turned to the shower. “No problem, see lots of cocks here anyway” Marc answered back. Marc finished his shower and a second guy walked in while Marc was towelling off. I finished rinsing and noticed that Marc’s buddy was watching me as I grabbed my towel to dry off. “Your type of dancing must keep you in some good shape” Marc’s friend - Steve asked. “Yes, but nothing like what you guys must go through” I replied. I went back to my locker and Marc’s third friend Rich passed me. His cock almost hung down mid-thigh and that was limp!

Time went by and Marc and I were pretty well dried off. I sat on the bench to start getting dressed and Marc walked over, his cock semi-erect asked if I was in a rush to leave. “I am asking if you’d care to join us for some play time” He took my hand and let me hold his cock. As if on some kind of queue, my cock seemed to shoot up the same length as Rich’s. Not sure as to what to do, Marc told me to take my time and feel it and play. I started to stroke and his shaft started to pulsate from his heartbeat - his veins protruding more. I leaned over and ran my tongue across his shaft - feeling every vein, I moved up to his head and put it in my mouth and felt his balls. He gave out a little groan and I heard the shower water turn off. The other sound I heard was the door being locked. “have you done this before?” “I popped the head from my mouth, a trail of precum followed as I pulled back to answer - “no”. “Do you want to keep going?” This time, I didn’t answer with words because of the cock in my mouth - “hmmm” was all I could say. Marc pulled out, and told me to lie back on the bench. It was an interesting position to be in - the bench was only 12” wide so my legs couldn’t be on the bench. I was flat footed on the floor and that position made my cock stand straighter than a flag pole. Marc went and leaned over me and his cock found it’s way into my mouth. He grabbed mine and started to play. I only had his head in my mouth and realized that he worked his way to get mine all the way. I was stroking his shaft and he was eating mine like an animal going after it’s prey. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I took his out of my mouth and made the announcement, he stroked me until my belly was covered with my cum. “sorry, I just couldn’t help myself” - I apologized. “How were you doing?” I asked “Well I can keep going.” Marc replied. My heartbeat came down and I looked at the cum on my stomach - “I need a moment”. Marc replied with “maybe I can help you with that.” Expecting him to start stroking me me I heard a female voice - “WOW, aren’t we having some fun?” My cock shot up (mostly because of the shock) and saw Marc’s sister walk around one of the back lockers. It just occurred to me that she walked in when I heard the door lock. She was still in her leotard and tights and she came down to sit on the floor beside me. “Sis,are you going to help?” - asked Marc. “No, I just want to watch”. - she took a finger and swirled it around in the puddle of cum that was still on my stomach and tasted it. “I think that he is ready again so that he can make you cum” - she finally said. Marc went back to his position and my cum was smearing on his chest. His sister came to sit beside me to give me guidance. I circled my tongue around Marc’s head, and it found the opening. My tongue played with the opening and spot just below. With me stroking his shaft and playing with the head, I felt his cock getting ready to release his cum. I directed the head back into my mouth and felt his hot thick cum go down my throat. Some found it’s way coming out of my lips and I just kept meeting his thrusts with my strokes. I drained his balls, swallowed what I could and played with the remainder on his shaft. Marc stood up and from my view, some cum was dripping from his cock head onto my face. His sister grabbed a towel and cleaned my stomach and ensuring that she had a touch of my member. Marc said that he needed to shower again and I should too. “Will we see you in class next week?” asked his sister ……….    



11/16/2013 5:47pm

So. Fucking. Hot!!

I was one of the only males in a ballet class of women for some time, so I relate to this incredibly well. I know the sights and aromas and feel of lithe bodies against me. I wasn't into men back then, but ballerinas were my first lovers, and were amazing.

I love the how the contact between the men unfolds, and I almost came when his sister turned out to be in the room watching and wanting to be closer to help a little. There is something so sizzling hot about the brother and sister mixed up with a first time MM blowjob and 69. And now I am imagining Marc and his sister in a three-way with the folk dancer.


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