Written by Biboy90

When I was 16 I got my first male crush. I was working at a summer camp, spending the summer living in little cabins surrounded by other guys. By now I had already begun to explore the idea of bisexuality and I knew that's what I was even though I had nothing to prove it. This particular summer I got assigned a two-person cabin with this guy, we'll call him Jason, who I had been eyeing for a while. He was pretty attractive, or at least as attractive as a 16-year-old could be to someone of the same age. Needless to say, I was very excited to be spending the entire summer living with this guy. As I found out in later years, he was exploring his own bicuriosity, but at the I was blissfully content with sharing living quarters with what I assumed was just a cute straight guy. 

For reasons I can't explain, he invited me to start taking naps with him. Looking back, it's pretty obvious where that was intended to go, but being young and naïve, I let my self think, "Yeah, I suppose this is something a couple of straight guys might do." Any time we felt like sleeping, I'd curl up next to him on his bed, he'd put his arm around me, and we'd sleep. That's all it was. I felt safe and comfortable cuddling with this guy while I slept. It just felt right, not necessarily sexual (not at first anyway), and it started to open my eyes about how much I enjoyed being with a guy.

Things went slowly. We obviously were getting to be pretty comfortable with each other. We'd talk about all sorts of things, the way good friends do when they're lying awake at night, and occasionally the topic would stray to typical guy talk about girls and our own sexual exploits (few and modest at the time). Somehow I summoned the courage to tell him that I was bi and he took it remarkably well. He thought it was really cool and he wanted to learn to learn more about how I came to this conclusion. I think our talks sparked something in him because things were a little different two years later when I came back.

I was 18. I was a bit more sure of myself and I knew what I liked sexually. I requested to get paired with Jason again and, much to my delight, it happened. We moved in and caught up, chatting about what had happened since the last time we saw each other, but I could tell things were a little different. It was in the way he looked at me; he didn't just look me in face when we were talking, I could tell he was taking all of me in. That was okay because I was doing the same. We weren't shy teenage boys anymore. He had grown into a man, and I could tell. We gave each other a friendly hug and I could tell he had been working hard on his physique. When he pulled me into his chest, he felt a lot bigger and stronger than I remembered. 

We started teasing each other in subtle ways. We still took naps together, but now his hand wasn't resting on my chest like it used to. He'd keep it at that sensitive area right below my naval and his fingers would gently, almost imperceptibly caress my skin there. He was no longer modest about changing in front of me. Sometimes I'd be laying in my bed reading when he came back from a shower and when he'd turn to face away from me, I'd steal glances in his direction. My pulse always quickened when he dropped his towel and I'd get a prime view of his athletically toned ass. I was grateful to have a blanket over my lap because it would have been hard to hide my excitement as I watched him bend over to grab his clothes. 

This gave me an idea. I worked at the waterfront area of the camp so I had access to the lake anytime I wanted. The camp was on a small lake in the middle of the woods which we shared with only a few summer homes. After a hot summer day, it was the perfect place to take a little dip after hours. On once such day, I decided to have a little fun. I carefully selected a couple guys that were pretty easy on the eyes, as they say. I invited them to go swimming with me after dark, which they enthusiastically agreed to do. I also invited Jason to come along. What they didn't realize was that I had a rather selfish reason for inviting them. They all showed up and jumped in the water, swimming and splashing around, enjoying the feeling of the cool water on warm night. I started talking about how, sometimes, when I'd go swimming I liked to do it naked. I said it feels awesome gliding though the water without your trunks. One of them had also been skinny dipping before and said, "I'm game! We're all guys here!" I smiled because that was exactly what I wanted to hear. Soon everybody was stripping off their swimsuits and throwing them up on the dock. We swam around for a while; it was dark so there wasn't much to see below the water, but every once in a while Jason would swim near me and I'd feel his hand brush against me. At first it seemed innocent enough that it could have been an accident, but he must have started to feel a little bolder because his hand grazed my rear and his fingers lingered for a couple seconds on the bottom of my ass cheek. 

When everyone got tired of swimming we crawled out of the water and onto the dock. I thought, "Now for a show!" Standing in front of me were four naked guys, unashamed to be nude in front of each other. I tried not be obvious by staring, but I was enjoying having so many cocks openly displayed in front of me. This was a dream come true for a guy who secretly harbored an attraction to other males. What surprised me was Jason. He was grinning while everyone stood around toweling off. His grin wasn't just because he was also enjoying the view; he was smiling because he was easily the biggest guy there. Even after spending a while in the water, he was sporting a pretty impressive piece. It was hard to hide how shocked I was at his size. His cock hadn't stirred at all and it was already 5 inches long; I  tried to imagine what it would look like hard. As it turned out, I didn't have to wait very long to find out. "It's getting cold," he said, "I'm going to hit the shower." Then he looked me in the eyes and gave me a little wink. Nobody else saw it, but I knew it meant he wanted me to follow him.

After we were done swimming, everyone put their clothes on and went their separate ways. I decided to make my way over to the staff shower house still thinking about the little wink Jason had given me.  I lost track of Jason on the walk back, but I stopped by our cabin to grab some soap on the way. I stripped down and wrapped a towel around my waist then walked over to the shower. The showers at camp were at lot like the kind you'd find at a marina. Each shower was a separate room with a door to the outside. I found one that was open and stepped inside, hanging my towel on the hook as I entered. I turned the water on and got it nice and hot, relaxing as I luxuriated in the warmth. I had just started soaping myself up, paying special attention to cock, when I hear a knock on the door. "This one's taken!," I shouted over the sound of the running water. Expecting the person to go away, I went back to my business. I was startled when the door opened anyway. Instinctively, I cupped my hands over my crotch out of modesty. I saw Jason's grinning face peek around the door. He slipped in and shut it behind him, then stood there with his arms crossed, his own towel around his waist. "You don't have to cover up you know," he said, glancing down with an arched brow to place where my hands were crossed. "I've already seen what you've got there." He dropped his towel and my eyes widened. His cock was looking a little fuller, and a lot bigger. He stepped forward and grabbed my chin, leaning in for my first kiss from a guy. My arms relaxed as I kissed back, melting into him as he pulled my closer. While his tongue explored my mouth, his hand started to explore the rest of me. I moaned a little when ran his hand down my back and squeezed on of my ass cheeks. Suddenly he pulled away from me. "I think you were in the middle of something," he said, gesturing to the soap I had set aside. 

In a bit of a daze I let him lead me over to the water where I stood with my hands braced against the wall so he could "help me get my back." He soaped me up and started to massage my neck and shoulders, the heat of the water and the firm pressure on my muscles making me deliriously contented. Then he pulled me into a hug from behind and I reached up to touch his face. This was the most erotic moment I had ever had with another person and I couldn't believe it was with another guy. One of his hands started to explore my chest while the other traced its way down my abdomen, finding that V between my hipbones. I was practically quivering as his finger tips reached my pubic hair and when his hand finally circled around my cock I gasped. I was quickly becoming hard in his hand and all he had to do was squeeze. I noticed that behind me his own cock was getting harder. His rigid shaft was pressed against my crack and it made me want to feel it. I reached my hand behind me and for the first time ever grabbed a cock that wasn't mine. I loved the way it was hard and unyielding but still velvety soft to the touch. This time it was his turn to moan. I turned around and dropped to my knees. I looked up at him and asked, "is this okay?" He just smiled and nodded. He was an impressive sight, the way he seemed to tower over me, with the water cascading down his abs. I looked at his cock, now in front of my face, and held it with my hand. I put my mouth to the tip and licked it, enjoying the salty taste of his pre-cum. Trying to imagine how it would feel if it were my own cock, I took it into my mouth, being very careful not to touch it with my teeth. I caressed the underside with my tongue while I sucked it in deeper and heard him moan above me. Trying to go as deep as I could in spite of his size, I started to bob my head on his cock, picking up a rhythm. He put his hand on the back of my head and worked his fingers into my hair. By now I knew he was enjoying my performance so I started to pick up the pace. I reached behind him and held on to that glorious ass of his while he held by head and started to fuck my face. It didn't take long at this rate before I started to notice the telltale signs: his cock got harder, his muscles clenched, and he shoved his cock in deeper. "He's going to cum!," I thought. This was my last chance to back out and I had to make a choice: did I want to swallow? I decided to go for it! I brought my hand around and grabbed his balls. This sent him over the edge. His balls pulled up tight and he exploded in my mouth! I could feel his cock pumping cum through his shaft and right into the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, surprised by how good it tasted, hot and salty, flowing into my mouth, but there was too much and I had to pull away. The rest ended up on my face and chest. I was in a frenzy and even though he was starting to wind down, I wasn't ready to stop yet. I wiped up some of his cum with my hand and leaned back. Using it to lube myself up, I pumped my cock while he stood over me smiling. It didn't take long and I was cumming all over the shower floor. I sat there panting, the water washing the sweat off my body and carrying my cum down the drain. 

We cleaned up and left the shower one at a time, then spent the night together in his bed. I knew had a really fun summer to look forward to.



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