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It had been three years since I’d moved back to the west coast, but I still hadn’t seen one of my oldest friends Kenneth. Kenneth and I had a falling out because of  a girl (of course). He cheated on her, they broke up and I slept with her. It wasn’t a good ending to our friendship. That was over 15 years ago and I hoped that we could mend a relationship that was 10 years in the making. I knew that he was hurt over my actions, but I also knew that with the chance to explain we could fix it.

When we were teenagers we did everything together. Partied, dated girls that were friends, you name it, we did it. There was never anything sexual between us, although a few times I thought there might be. When we were 17 I remember being at his house for a sleep over. We worked together at a god awful restaurant, and I would often crash at his place. Mostly because his brother always had weed, but also, it was closer. One night I could see his erection though his pants and made a few “off side” comments about helping him out. Kenneth was always very homophobic, and I was way too liberal. I didn’t fantasize about men, but the thought of sex with another man never bothered me. It was about sex. Kenneth spurned my ideas about his hard cock, but with playful rejection. There was a moment, just before he turned to fall asleep, where I truly thought he was going to whip it out. I wondered as we dozed off what I would’ve done? Even the playfulness of our conversation had my cock jumping in my pants. I know that he was worried about other people finding out, about whether he would like it too much, and if whether or not I was joking. I always felt I should’ve just reached out and wrapped my hand around his fluttering boxers. Just to calm him down. And then see where that led us.

I was happy to have found him so many years later. We’d spoken once when he strolled through Toronto, but It went horribly wrong when the girl between us met the two of us for coffee. In our late thirties, things are different. I’ve got a family and he lives with his girlfriend. Life has carried on, and it was time to catch up. We met at a pub a few blocks from his house. The conversation stumbled out of the block, but soon we were right into the thick of our always fun friendship. We laughed, we recalled the past, it was awesome. Before I knew it we were off to the strip club. We sat a few rows back from the stage, and swilled back more drinks. At this point, I was in no shape to drive home, not to mention, I didn’t even know where we were. Kenneth said he lived close, and that I could crash on his couch. I sent a quick text to my wife, and ordered another round.

Drunk and giddy we criss-crossed our way down the road, like we did many years ago. Kenneth took the walk to be serious with me about the “girl”. He was hurt, but it was important to move on. Our friendship was way more special. I smiled, I was relieved. He grabbed one more swig of the beer we stole from the bar and headed into a complex of townhouses. I followed with my heart at ease about the past. There was no way for me to thank him for forgiving me. Suddenly he stopped to pee by a tree. He rambled on about his neighbors while he pissed all over their fir, with just the top of his ass cheeks showing. Just before he finished, he turned and started to zip up, but giving me a glimpse of that cock. I felt a small twinge in my pants, and I think he caught me looking at his crotch because he slowed his movements until I made eye contact again. A small smirk danced across his mouth as he said, “it’s this one right here.” I followed drunk in my own thoughts.

He opened the door to the townhouse and we fumbled over shoes and jackets. Kenneth went right to the kitchen and fetched two more ice cold beers as he gave me a short tour of the main floor. It included the bathroom, the couch, and the television. The only things I needed at this point other than water and a Tylenol. He flipped on HBO and took a gulp of his beer. In the corner of my eye I watched him adjust his cock under his jeans. “The worst part about going to the rippers is coming home with a loaded gun.” I didn’t even laugh. In fact, I didn’t say anything, I just sipped the beer. As I put the bottle on the table, I caught the seriousness in his eye. “If I only someone could help me out.” he mumbled. He was scared, my heart was in my throat. I quickly grabbed the beer and had another sip with a shaky hand.

I placed the beer methodically back on the table, but slid my hand over to his bulge and dropped to my knees rather than go back to my seat. He nervously gazed at me, before slugging back more suds. I used that time to unleash his half hard cock and quickly wrapped my lips around it. I didn’t want to lose the moment, and I didn’t want to think about what was happening. Most of all, I didn’t want Kenneth to have second thoughts. His cock grew bigger and bigger in my mouth, and a little dab of pre-cum moistened my tongue. He moaned briefly as I started to envelope his stiff cock. He wriggled his pants and underwear down as I grabbed the shaft and licked from his balls up to the shiny tip. I looked up to see sure bliss on his face. It was all the encouragement I needed to start really working my mouth. He took another sip of his beer than pulled my head off his cock so that he could feed me a small sip. The cold beer swashed in my mouth as he gently placed my mouth back onto his fat head. I bobbed up and down, taking time to involve his tightening balls whenever I could. I even flapped my tongue on just the edge of where his ass and scrotum meet. I imagined how hairy his ass was, and how I wanted to taste it. His hand slide down my back, so I got on all fours while I sucked his cock. I wanted him to think about fucking me. I wanted him to imagine being behind me and thrusting that huge cock into my tight ass. The more I dreamed, the more I sucked, the more he gyrated. I knew that he was going to cum, and again, I didn’t want him to think too much. I peeled my face of his cock, stroking it with my hand. I waited for his head to peer down at me again. He looked me in the eyes frozen. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” I said ever so sexually. Kenneth just nodded. I knew he wanted to, he just needed to know it was okay. My hand went faster as my mouth went slower. I could feel his feet tighten around my knees, and held my lips fastened on that cock. I looked up to watch his face. I’d never seen a man cum like this. His warm juice shot deep into my throat, and I swallowed every drop. I just stayed still until there was nothing left. I unsealed my lips and gently licked around the entire head of his cock. It was then when I noticed that I had cum all over myself. I was spent, and I rolled back to my seat to take a celebratory swig of my beer. Kenneth looked like a car accident victim. He reached down for his pants and stuttered something as he left the room. I used my tongue to try and get every leftover spot of cum off the inside of my mouth as I fell asleep.

When I woke up confused at where I was. Luckily, Kenneth’s girlfriend dropped a cup of coffee in front of me. We chatted for a few minutes before she headed off to work. Kenneth had an early day and was long gone. I wondered how he was handling the situation. I was fine. In fact, I was pretty proud of myself. The girlfriend said I could use the shower before I left, but I wanted to go home with only the smell of cock on me. What was interesting was, just before she left she smiled and said, “I didn’t think that you guys would have been able to mend your relationship, but this morning he said everything was great and that you might even be closer than ever.” I smiled back. Then she said, “He said you might even be coming by to help him out from time to time.” I fell gleefully back onto the couch and wrapped my hand around my cock. I couldn’t wait.


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Excellent story! Got nice and hard reading it!

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