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It’s a Friday and it’s the last class before Christmas. We have four weeks off before I have to go back to school. After school I’m not getting the train home as normal instead I have to stay with Brian for the next four days. I have to stay with Brian as my parents were going to Galway for the weekend. I’d met Brian a few times as he was a work colleague of my father's. Brian lived on his own just outside of a small town in a three bed cottage. The school bell went off, class was over, and everyone was off for the Christmas holidays. As everyone was just about to leave the class the teacher said we had to solve a Math’s problem.  This year was an important year in school for every 16 year old in the country as it was exam year. Everyone moaned when we heard this but I’d decided there and than that as soon as I got into Brian’s house I was going to do my homework. I didn’t want it hanging over me for the Christmas holidays. I walked out of school with the lads I normally walk to the train station with. We were just having a laugh as we walked out of the front door.  I had a look over at the car park and didn’t see him there, so I decided to walk out of the front gate. I walked up the path and saw Brian coming in the distance. I got into the front seat and said hello to Brian. He asked how my day was and if I’d any homework. I told him about the math problem and that I was going to get it done as soon as possible.  I asked if he had a desk I could study at and Brian said I could work on the kitchen table as he didn’t have a desk.

On the way to his house we stopped off at a chippers for dinner. Brian said he wasn’t a great cook, so he didn’t do much of it. Brian was a 40-45 year old man. He looked after himself by going to the gym and running. We got on well over dinner; I’d never really talked to him before as I’d no reason to. We got back to the house and Brian showed me my room.  It was a double bed in a very good size room. I walked into the kitchen and started to do my homework. The math problem was very difficult and it was taking ages.  A while later, Brian walked in to ask how I was getting on.  He leaned over me by putting his right hand on the table and his left hand on my shoulder. He said best of luck with it and walked into the sitting room. I had another go at the problem and got a bit further with it.  I was at it for a good bit now at this stage so I just got up and had a walk around. I walk into the sitting room where Brian was sitting down watching TV.

I sat down beside him as there was only a two seater couch in the room. Brian asked how I was getting on.  I laughed and  said that I could be better.  He patted me on the leg and said not to worry. He left his hand there for a few seconds extra...longer than appropriate.   He said sorry as he removed his hand, his eyes briefly meeting mine.  I said it was okay but I got up and went back into the kitchen and sat down at the table.  I didn’t know if Brian was gay or if it was my mind playing tricks on me. I’d being having fantasies about being with a man for some time now. Would I be ok with it if he made another move on me?   Would I kiss him...would I get another chance like this again?  Thoughts like this were flying through my head. I calmed down by starting to read. Brian walked into the kitchen and sat down beside me and again put his hand on my knee.  I said noting so he left his hand there. He asked what I was reading, and as he finished the sentence he started to move his hand up and down my inner tight. I didn’t stop him. I was very nervous at this stage. Could I let a man feel me up like that?  Was I okay with it?  I felt my cock getting harder.  Brian started to move his hand closer to my cock.  I put my hand on his and stopped his hand from moving closer to my cock. I didn’t remove my hand but I told him I was nervous.   Brian removed his hand and smiled.  He stood up and got both of us a drink of water.   He said he was sorry as he handed me a glass.   I smiled nervously and told him I liked it but I’d never done anything like this before.  We talked a little more about how I had thought about being with a guy but thinking about being with a guy and being with a guy are two very different things. We also talked about him being gay and about my age.  He explained he couldn’t help himself as he liked me from the start. We had a great talk and them moved into the sitting room to watch some TV.

After half an hour watching TV and also thinking about Brian’s hand on my leg and how I liked it.  I decided to put my hand on his leg.  Our eyes met as I licked my lips trying to convey my desire. I needed him to take charge, to make the first move. I moved my hand up and down his leg a few times and then removed it. Brian turned and gave me a kiss on the cheek and put his hand on my leg. The second he put his hand on my leg my cock was hard. Brian moved his hand up my inner thigh.  His hand brushed the head of my cock and Brian said that he could see that I was enjoying it. He said that he was enjoying it as well and asked would I like to feel how much he is enjoying it. I said yes, so he put my hand on his cock. It was my first time I’d felt someone’s cock.  It was so hard. I just went for it and moved my hand along his cock. I could feel it getting harder. Brian was rubbing my cock and grabbing it. The both of us were so hard and I was very horny at this stage. Brian asked me to sit on his lap. I got up off the couch and Brian moved into the middle of the couch and I placed my leg either side of him, I was straddling Brian, that was such a turn on for me, it felt so good. I just sat there for a second as I didn’t know what to do. Brian put his hand on my waist so I put my hand on his shoulders. Brian moved his hands down so one was on my leg and the other was on my bum. He left his hands there for a few seconds while we kissed, he moved his hands under my shirt, his hands were so soft and gentle on my skin. Brian pulled me in closer to him and then he kissed me. I loved it, I could fell his beard, I thought he was clean shaving but I could still feel it around my chin. I could feel his tongue in my mouth, it felt great. I could feel his hands all over my back. I moved one of my hands down and lifted up his shirt and I put my hands down and lifted up his shirt and I put my hand on his waist. I was touching the bare! skin of another man. Brian started to lift my shirt off so I lifted my arms without even thinking about it so he could take it off. He kissed my chest along my collar bone and then down my chest, I started to lean back until he was able to kiss my tummy. Brian kissed all over my tummy and when he stopped ho told my to stand up and take off my shoes, socks trousers and finally my underwear. I was standing in front of Brian fully naked. I’m about 5’5”and a slim build, I’d do a good bit of sport so I’d a flat tummy, I’ve no hair on my chest or tummy, I have hair around my cock. Brian was looking me up and down, he was saying I’d an amazing body. He moved forward on the couch and placed his hand just above my knee and moved his hand up my leg, his thumb came close to my cock but didn’t touch it, his hand continued up to my tummy onto my waist and then back down to my leg. He moved his hand in between my leg and started to touch my balls with his finger tips. He moved his hand back towards him, moving his finger tips from my balls onto the shaft of my cock and kept moving his hand up until he reached the tip.

Brian stood up and told me to take off his shoes and socks, next I’d to stand up and take off his shirt and I reached up and started with the top button. When I had his shirt off I could see that he had hair going across his chest and some around his belly going down into his trousers. I had to open the belt undo the button and zip, I pulled down his trousers. I could see how hard his cock was under his briefs. I reached out and grabbed his cock and moved up and down the shaft, I did this for a few seconds until Brian told me to pull down his briefs, I pulled down his briefs and the waist band got stopped by his cock so I had to lift the band up and over his cock. I stood up and looked at Brian, Brian is taller than me and he has a nice tummy. His cock is hard and big, its longer and bigger than mine. Brian kneeled down in front of me, he put both hands on my waist. Brian started kissing my tummy and over to my waist and back up again to my tummy, I could feel my cock touch his chin and few times. Brian moved his right hand from my waist to my cock, he leaned back looked up at me, opened his mouth and then moved my cock into his mouth and closed his lips around my cock. Brian starts sucking my cock. I almost cum in seconds, it was so good. I said to him that I’m going to cum, he stopped as he didn’t want it over so soon. I asked him to sit in front of me on the couch, so I knelt in between his legs. I placed my left hand on his inner tight of his leg and used my right hand to hold his cock. I moved my hand down and his foreskin came down as well. I was giving Brian a handjob, I couldn’t believe it. Brian was really enjoying it. I was thinking I could return the favour and suck his cock, but I was so nervous doing it. About 2 minutes later Brian ask if I’d like to suck his cock. , I told him I was to nervous, I moved my head down and kissed his tummy I moved closer to his cock, I heard him moan, I played with his cock more. I lifter my head up and I tuck a deep breath and I went down and kiss! ed the s haft of his cock, he loved it, so I kissed his cock again, I gave his cock all little kisses up to the head of his cock, I did a few more small kisses around the head of his cock and then I opened my mouth and out his cock into my mouth. His cock filled my mouth, I started off by moving my head up and down on the head of his cock, Brian loved it so much, he was saying that it feels great, I started to move my hand up and down also. I was giving Brian a blowjob and a hand job. I was loving giving someone this kind of pleasure. I started to take his cock deeper into my mouth. As I moved his cock deeper into my mouth I kept my hand on his cock and I was still playing with him. I was moving my hand up and down and my lips were moving from the shaft of his cock up to the head. If I kept doing this Brian was going to cum in my mouth, and I didn’t want that at all. I lifted my head and Brian looked at me to see what was going on, I told him I didn’t want him cumming in my mouth. Of course he was okay with that, he said he would tell me when he was about to cum. I went back to sucking Brian cock. I was rolling my tongue around his head and using my lips and the shaft of his cock. Brian was moaning louder now. He said he was going to cum, I kept my mouth around his cock, Brian said again that he was going to cum, I kept my lips around his cock and looked up at him and Brian looked at me and knew that he was going to cum in my mouth. I slowed down the movement of my lips and moved my hand faster, after a few seconds I could feel his cum in my mouth. I kept my lips around his cock and kept on playing with him. I let his cum flow down the side of his cock and onto my hand. When I couldn’t feel anymore cum coming from Brian I pulled my mouth away from his cock. The taste was very strange in my mouth, warm and a sort of thick liquid. I did swallow some of it, which was fine. I got the idea of keeping my mouth around has cock while he came from porn and erotic stories I’d read. Brian was sitting there breathing heavy, I could see and hear the pleasure I’d giving him.

Brian said it was my turn to cum now. He asked where I would like to cum, I just shrugged my shoulders. Brian said that he could suck my cock and cum on his tummy or in his mouth, he could give me just a hand job or I could fuck him. I looked at him with eyes wide open, and I said the last one “fuck you”. I asked, if I was to fuck you where would I cum, his response was the greatest thing I ever heard, he said “inside him”. Brian got my by the hand and led me into his bedroom, were he pulled the bed covers onto the ground and from the wardrobe he got some lube. Brian opened the cap and put some lube onto his hand as he walked over to me he reached down and grabbed my cock, as he covered my cock with lube he was playing with me, so I looked up at him and started to kiss him. It felt great to kiss a guy and to kiss Brian was special as I had to go on my tip-e-toe. I had to work to kiss him. Brian got onto the bed and lay on his back and he spread his legs in the air by pulling his knees down onto his chest. I kneeled down and moved closer to his ass. My inner tight was at the side of his ass now and I was able to put both hands on his inner leg and I could feel his balls and grab his cock. He told me to grab my cock and guide it into his ass. I had the head of my cock at his ass hole, my heart was beating so fast at this stage. I leaned forward and pushed my cock into Brian the feeling was so good it felt amazing, my cock was inside Brian. I pushed p bit more and Brian started to moan, my cock went deeper and deeper into Brian. I could see my cock disappear into Brian. Now my cock was fully inside Brian now, the visual effect it had on me was amazing. My cock looked great being inside him. I pulled my cock out slowly and then started to push my cock back into him, I started to get faster and faster. I was fucking Brian, I couldn’t believe it. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started giving him a hand job, he really liked it. I wanted to have his cock in my mouth again, I missed it being there but I couldn’t bend down and suck him off, and I didn’t want to stop fucking him either, I would have to suck his cock another time. I stopped playing with him as I was about to cum. I put both hands under his knees and started going a bit faster, Brian ask if I was just about to cum, I couldn’t open my mouth from the ecstasy I was feeling so I just nodded my head. Brian just started saying how good my cock felt inside him and how he wanted me to cum inside him. “Cum for me, cum for me” he kept on saying, I couldn’t hold it anymore, I gave one last trust of my cock into his ass and I came. I could feel it leaving my cock, wow, this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I pulled my cock out and I could see some of my cum coming out. Brian opened his arms and put down his legs and told me to lay down on him. I just lay on Brian with my head resting of his chest.


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So hot, I had all of my first male male experiences with boys my age, never anyone older till I was in my 20's. I always wonder if I would have the guts to be the teacher. Never had the chance. But I do have a younger cousin that i'm sure likes the cock.

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