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So on a dark spring night I brought myself the courage to ask my straight step brother for something outside of any straight mans comfort zone.

"Do you want a Blowjob?" I ask hesitant and scared that he would insult me. "It’s only gay if you want it to be." I explained.

"Ok" he said.

My jaw groped in disbelief. For once a beautiful boy is going to let me do something in my favor. He was only and 5”5’ but he had the body of a surfer and the hair also. He was the hottest boy I have ever seen.

"Give me a second to get ready" he ordered.

I sat there ignoring my own hard on. As I felt precum oozing out of my head I knelt by his side while he laid in bed on his phone looking at porn. He gave me the heads up and I started. First I admired his soft cock.  It was untouched and not the biggest but definitely the most beautiful. I watered and licked his head like a very delicious lollipop. I plunged my mouth deep until I felt his trimmed balls scrape my nose. I continued to move faster and faster until an explosion of cum filled my mouth and almost made me cum.

"Oh my god" he moaned "I just chummed in your mouth and you didn’t even flinch," he said as I sat savoring his taste before swallowing.

"I don’t mind it like most girls" I explained.

"Dude you would make the best boyfriend," he smiled while panting, exhausted from emptying his nut in my mouth.

I loved every second of it.



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