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It was almost too much to take in. I mean it’s one thing to have someone “secretly” watch you masturbate in the shower. I could have always played that off as if I hadn’t noticed that he was standing there. But it’s a whole other thing to have someone walk in on you, naked, covered in baby oil, masturbating in the middle of a common room. Screw that, he enjoyed it so much that he’d pulled out his own cock and eventually shot his hot load ON me. WTF happened?! Not for a second though, did I have any regret. In fact I wanted to do it again. Hell I wanted a lot more. But how, exactly, could I accomplish that? I mean if we got caught, we were screwed. Literally. We’d both get prosecuted and likely dishonorably discharged.

I guess it was that last, little bit, that kept Josh from saying anything. It’s not that he didn’t have a chance. As much as time allowed, I made sure I lingered. Around the room, at the mess hall for breakfast and lunch, whenever everyone else at the table left, I sat there for a few extra minutes. Still, he refused to make any reference toward yesterday afternoon, in any way. I mean at the very least, I wanted to talk to him about it, even though I had no idea what I was going to say. It’s not that I wanted to date him. Hell no. I just wanted to play with him. Or us, rather, just enjoy masturbating together. I don’t know what his deal was, but he wasn’t giving me anything. No hints or clues. It’s as if he was gonna pretend that nothing had ever happened.

Later on, after work, we were all at dinner. Generally speaking, I liked to eat off post as often as I could. But honestly, who could afford it? Enlisted men didn’t make much at all, and what we did make was usually spent on beer at strip clubs on the weekends. So there I was, enjoying a gourmet dinner of chicken fried steak, potatoes, and what was supposed to pass for green beans. Most everyone was finished, and an impromptu game of bones had broken out. As I’m sitting there, chewing on some not-supposed-to-be-chewy cornbread, James and Josh were discussing plans for tonight.

“DOMI-NO YOU-DID-NOT MUTHAFUCKA!!!” rang out, as Luis slammed down double-fives, knocking over a glass of water, rattling a half dozen aluminum trays in the process. Josh just laughed, turned to me and asked “So what are you up to John, want to come see T2 later? It’s supposed to be fuckin’ sick.”

As much as I wanted to, I just wasn’t up for it. “Nah, I might see it this weekend. I think I’m just gonna head back and relax. Maybe watch t.v. or read.” I replied. “I’ll check you guys later.” I got up, grabbed my tray, and went to leave. “Okay, suit yourself.” Josh said, as I left the table.

Wait, that wasn’t some kind of look, a little grin on his face, was it?

A typical work day concluded with a typical shower, flopping back, and switching on the news. Screw typical. I didn’t plan on there being much more “typical” when it came to hanging out back at the barracks. Really, I wanted to wait until later, maybe after Josh came home, to try something. But whatever, I really didn’t feel like waiting. Pushing my feet into the mattress, arching my back and lifting my hips a little, I slipped off my shorts and enjoyed feeling the cool air on my naked legs. I felt my balls pull up a little in response to the brief chill. Slowly I began massaging my inner thighs, warming my hands as I began to think about last night.

Pouring some oil into my palm, I closed my eyes and just started to tease myself a little while thinking about Josh. I could feel the blood start to stiffen my cock as I listened to my thoughts. I could hear his breath, the sounds of his wet shaft slapping against his palm as he had sat there, jerking off to the sight of my naked body. What would he taste like? God, what would it feel like if I could wrap my lips around the head of that cock? Completely hard now, my fingers tightened ever so slightly as I pushed my cock up into my grasp. Yeah, that’s what he’d feel if he pushed his cock between my lips.

This time, I didn’t even have time to react. Did I forget to lock the door? Or did I leave it unlocked on purpose? “Okay, I’ll be right down.” Josh shouted over his shoulder as he walked in the door. I couldn’t help being startled, self-defense I guess, but never took my hand off my cock. I completed a nice stroke, the head of my cock completely engorged, wet and shining as I looked over at Josh. There was no mistaking the smile on his face upon seeing me there, naked, hot, and obviously having a lot of fun. But as he smiled, he shook his head as if to say “Really? Omg, again?” and before I had a chance to open my mouth to say a word, he turned, walked out the door, closing it behind him.

Holy shit?! What was that about? Did he just smile, almost laugh, and walk out? Fuck, if you didn’t want to do anything, just ignore me. You don’t have to make me feel like an idiot!

“Oh hell’s no.” I said, looking down at my now softening cock. “I’m not through with you. He may not care, but I’m not giving up on you.” as I started to pour some more oil. The smell wafted up to my nostrils and I felt an involuntary pulse of my cock. Mmmm. You’re missing out, Josh.

Soon, I was back into my memories and fantasy. Josh was standing there now in front of me with his wet cock in his hand. He could see my finger teasing my tight hole while I licked the precum from the tip of my index finger as I looked at him directly in the eye. I softly nodded my head to him, I wanted him to come closer, I wanted to see his cock up close. I wanted him to rest it on my tongue.

Lost, I barely heard the door this time. But hear it, I did. Turning my head, half opening my eyes, I smiled seeing Josh walk back in the room. Returning the smile, his eyes locked directly onto mine. My eyes widened as he started walking in the direction of my bed, but snapped fully opened upon catching a glimpse of James now standing in the doorway. What the hell?! My mind began to race and I felt my heart rate skyrocket.

Looking back to Josh, I saw him walking over, his hands undoing his belt as he approached the bed. He looked over toward at James, kind of nodding as he whispered, “Don’t just stand there, close the door and come over here.” Turning back to me, Josh dropped his pants and boxers to the floor in one motion leaving him standing at the foot of my bed, even harder than when I saw him cum last night. The smile on his face was pure, unadulterated lust as he nodded at me, silently motioning for the baby oil.

I leaned forward on the bed, placed the bottle in Josh’s outstretched hand, as James approached. He didn’t hesitate to begin unzipping his pants, but there was an unmistakeable shyness about him. I’d always enjoyed hanging out, talking with James. Though it was only at this moment that I realized just how cute he was. He was about 5’9”, so shorter than I was by a few inches, but he had a bit more size to him. Not chubby at all, he just well built. His face was definitely softer than any of the rest of us, and he had what I’d later think of as “blow job lips”. Whether it was the moment or that I just chose to notice it then, they definitely looked almost naturally lipsticked. That was the only time I can ever remember wanting to kiss another guy.

I couldn’t help taking a sharp gasp of air as James pulled his pants down to reveal possibly the thickest cock I’d ever seen, sticking every so erotically out of a pair of black silky panties. Oh my god. I nearly shot my load right there, though I could tell he felt embarrassed by the way he went to cover his cock with his hands. “No, don’t” was about the only thing I could say, half pant, half whisper which seemed to put him right at ease. He just pulled them down a touch, exposing the entirety of the most perfect piece of flesh I’ve seen to this day.

“He likes it.” Josh said to him, nodding in my direction. I did. He knew it, and I could tell he was getting off on “presenting” James to me. Initially, I had felt like Josh was using me for his own enjoyment. While that bothered me for a second, the idea that he thought he could use me, that quickly changed. Make no mistake, Josh was in charge of the both of us. He brought James here, not to show him that he could. He brought him here so that I’d get off on Josh bringing him here for me. Right or wrong, James was the true sub here. Or at least more than I? Little did either of them know, they could both do whatever they wanted with me, and I’d beg for more. Well, Josh probably knew.

“Here, it looks like you could use some” Josh said.

Reaching over, he squirted some oil onto James’ shaft, causing it to bounce in the air ever so slightly. God damn, ‘what have I been missing out on?’ was the only thought to enter my mind as I saw Josh oil up our friend. Then, completely blowing me away, Josh wrapped his hand around James, almost not reaching fully around his girth. He gave him a slow and circular stroke up to the tip of his cock, the head disappearing into his fist. A light, but very feminine whimprer escaped James’ lips, as Josh flexed his wrist, round and around once or twice. I could see James’ knees shake a little as Josh pumped firmly all the way dow to the base before letting go. “There, wet enough for you?” Josh asked, coyly.

Not to be outdone, both Josh and James turned their attention to me as I moaned. My left hand was between my legs, middle finger teasing my puckered, wet ass. I shuddered, feeling it slide in, at first just a touch. Then as my other hand began a slow, rhythmic pump up and down my shaft, I could feel the tension release. As my finger slid all the way inside, my head rolled back.

“Fuck yeah. Oh yeah.” was all I heard from Josh as my finger started to match my cock, fucking my tight ass as I fucked my tight grip.

Clearing my head for a moment, I looked up to Josh. He was facing James now, whispering over and over “pump it, pump it, yeah, pump it.” Doing as he was told, I was entranced by James. He was standing there, one hand cupping his balls, the other slowly stroking up and down upon the fleshy bat in his grip. All he wanted to do was anything Josh told him to do. Panting, “Ohh, Ohh,” between ragged breaths, his lips quivered with each stroke. The sounds coming from him, I’d have thought there was a horny little slut getting slammed, playing on the tv. But it was James, it was our little slut boy, whimpering, moaning like a girl.

“Do you want to shoot for me?” Josh asked, “Do you want John to watch you cum?” All James could respond with was an “mmmhmm, please? I want to cum.”

“Ask him, not me.” Josh motioned in my direction. “Say John, may I please cum?”

For the first time, James acknowledged that I was there. “John, can I please cum?” he whispered, his look, sex starved, but completely obedient. The slutty pout on his lips begged to me with more lust than his words ever could. I could only nod as I felt my own orgasm about to peak.

“Here” Josh motioned. “Cum right here.” Josh instructed, holding out his own cock, amazingly, covered already in his own cum. Josh had blown his load, just watching that exchange between us. “Cum all over my cock. Cum for John, like a good little girl.”

“Oh, oh. Oh god, yes.” James furiously beat his cock now. Hearing Josh give him permission was all it took. He almost fell over as the first convulsion of climax wracked his body. He steadied himself with help, after the first jet of cum splashed over Josh’s cock, as he lifted his cum covered hand to James’s face and touched his lips. James, moaning, spurting, started sucking on Josh’s finger as if it were a cock. “Mmmm….mmmmm…mmmmm.” was all I heard from James, our little girl cumming and sucking “That’s right, clean it all off. It tastes good, doesn’t it?”

I almost blacked out with the first pulse of my cock, the feeling more intense than I could possibly remember since the very first orgasm I had ever felt. My greedy ass held onto my finger as I stared down at the head of my cock, the first string of cum just missing my face. Again and again, pump after pump, jets of hot cum rained down on my chest. Releasing my grip for a moment, I wiped up a pool of it and sucked it off my fingers, looking James directly in the eyes, nodding in silent agreement that I knew what he was. Because inside, I was the same little cum slut that he was. My cock bounced with another spurt as I returned to slowly stroking my cock, my finger slipping from my ass. It was all that I could do to keep my own little whimper a little quieter than James’. My head back, I just lay there stroking. Half enjoying the aftermath and half not knowing what to say or do.

“Go take a shower.” I heard Josh say. Not knowing if he was talking to me, I lifted my head from the bed to see James walking toward the door and Josh going into the bathroom. “We’re leaving in twenty. John was coming to the movies all along. Weren’t you, John?”

As both of the doors closed, I smiled to myself. “Sure. But there ain’t no CGI that’s gonna top that.”



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