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His name was Matthew, and was perhaps one of the last people I imagined doing anything this lewd with. An offbeat, good looking guy, about a dozen years my junior; smart, in shape, and a creative type like me. We were working together on a 2 month project, and with the commute, now and then we’d even carpool, since we lived in the same general area. But to each other, we were two straight males, so anything sexual never entered our sphere of contact. I’m not sure I was even imagining things in secret, since I never thought he bent that way.

Why did it happen finally? Well, I can thank my dear, far-away friend Kelli, a woman who lives for, cheers on and encourages adventures in bi sex, especially when two men are concerned, and even more so if she can be either right in the middle of them, or there for close-up viewing and masturbating. When I met her, my mind had already been somewhat opened to the MMF dance by two other women who shared their secret fantasies of having a full-on bi trio where the men engage in anything and everything. 

But Kelli, with her unique sexual views and her endlessly positive “no labels necessary - if you enjoy it,  just do it” attitude - well, she helped me turn the corner into deciding to stop holding back and go there for real when the moment was right. My deepest desire was for her to be in the room when I did. But that was not likely to happen, being that she was married and across a border.

Under her tutelage then, I began to write hot dirty bi sex stories, and even a few MM tales, where women were not present except in other parts of the men’s lives. And the more I wrote about it, the more I was ready for the real thing. I knew it would happen for me the day I sent her a note with the sincere promise that I would send her photoggraphs in action of the first cock I took and/or took me, and the first man ass I fucked. I’m not exactly sure why, but that unprovoked promise made it completely real for me. Perhaps because I was saying underneath that oath that, “I will do this, and you will have proof of how you helped make it happen.”

That is where Matthew comes in.

As much as I daydreamed and masturbated to lots of differing bi visions after a time, and began to write hot dirty manlove scenes in the first person, finding the right first guy seemed near impossible. It wasn’t a priority, but it was always whispering to me from the back of my mind. And I wasn’t into clubbing or trolling the internet for first dates. Then came the day when Matt happened to peer over  my shoulder while I was answering a note on my Tumblr App. He didn’t see much of anything, but he recognized the look of the App, since he had a page there as well. We clearly both kept them secret from our professional lives.

He leaned in quietly and said, “I hope you’re not using your real name on your page.” I just laughed aloud and said, “Noooo, nobody knows…not even you”.

The look on his face said that he had a similar secret. I added quietly, “I never look at this in public, except for messages.” He smirked back and said, “Uh huh”. That was the extent of the exchange. Looking back now, it was  rather ironic to think that the secret that opened the eventual door came from answering one of Kelli’s own messages to me in the rehearsal lounge. Perfection, really.

Matt and I car-shared the next day, and on the way home in the mass of traffic, the sporadic questions began. As he asked away, and I cautiously answered, I returned the curious fire in tandem. I admitted freely that I wrote lots of eloquent porn stories, some of which I’d do, others maybe not so much. I didn’t want to give away too much too soon. We exchanged Tumblr addresses by the end of the ride, and that dirty door creaked open a little further.

His Tumblr page was a perfect match for my tastes. Lots of gorgeous women of different ages and shapes, and just the right smattering of naked men, many who were deeply sexually engaged with each other. I’m sure in the back of my mind I was listing Matt as a possible, but I was always cautious about any sexual contact with people I work with… at least until the gig is over.  Things can get really messy at work. But if the drive is still there when the job is done, I go for it. For now, it was a back burner thing.

I got a text that night from him: “Fucking hot stories! Making me crazy. DAMN!!”

I was tempted to ask which one(s) got him off. I just knew something had. I let it go for now.

After a long work day and a quick beer, he said point blank, but gently “Can i ask you, are you bi, or curious, or…?”  I let the question hang in the air while I decided how much to reveal. I already knew him enough to know that this would stay between us. I decided on blatant honesty.  “In my head, I’m bi. In practice, not yet, but I’m sure it will happen. Just have to find the right…. situation, guy, couple…”.

I looked at him with a smile and asked, “You?”. In his usual joking manner, he answered,”I’ve petted a cockatoo.” We both laughed out loud and I bantered back. “A cockatoo, a cockateil, or a cock or two…or more?”. He again joked back, “Take your pick.” But the blush on his face told me that he’d had cock and who knows what else. To myself I thought, “Interesing-er and interesitng-er.”

The drive home told the tale. He’d had more to drink then I had, since I was driving, and I took a little advantage of his weary vulnerability. “So, you’ve sucked, fucked, given, taken?”

In a moment of honesty, he softly said, “I’ve tried a little of everything. I love women but…” and he let that trail off.

I answered simply, “I understand.”

He surprised me then with, “So this photo shoot, the one you mentioned wanting to do in that recent post - will be your first? Cock, that is?” (I’d forgotten that was out there to be seen)

We were suddenly in truth or dare mode without saying. “Yes.” I answered matter of fact-ly.

"Gonna have auditions?" he queried playfully.

"Excellent idea, Matt! After all, I do need to see the body, the cock, and of course, the willingness to let me call the shots, both photographic and otherwise, at least for this exercise. And affidavits of good health are always a plus."

We laughed. And the truth under the jokes hung in the air with the crackling silence that led right to his door. I wouldn’t see him the next day as it was our day off from the project week. I had some decisions brewing in my head about whether to pursue this or not with him. I was leaning towards doing so, but wasn’t sure about the timing. Matthew solved that for me the next night.

I got another text. “I’m an idiot. I left my script in your car. Can I pick it up, or will you be around for me to get it from you somewhere?”

Part of me thought, “He did this on purpose.” But I kinda liked that idea. 

I had to be near his house around the time he was coming home from a coffee date with a new girl. “Text me when you’re home, I’ll drop by. There will be a fee. ;)”

Part of me wanted to see how he lived. Might tell me more about this guy.

He met me at the door in jeans and a tee, right out of the shower, still toweling his head. I laughed…

"You had sex with her already over coffee?"

"I wish", he answered. "She’s gorgeous, but she wears way too much perfume and it was all over me from just one hug and a kiss. I smelled like a French whore."

"Oh so you’ve been with some?"

"Not enough."

The sense of humor is always such a  plus.

Once more, I was suddenly blunt. “You left this in my car on purpose.”

He went red. I added, “Thought so.”

The long silent paused was deafening.

He cleared his throat, and half whispered, “I want to audition. For your… first… shoot.”

There was something so intensely but quietly sexual in his reading of “first…shoot”. It would be. In so many ways.

"You sure you’re up for that?" He nodded vigorously. "And clearly you prefer an impromptu private audition, and were hoping for….tonight?"

"Or whenever…" he said sheepishly. He clearly wanted it. Now.

"Why?", I asked boldly, as any casting person might ask.

"I want to be your first. In your pictures. I want to see your friend Kelli’s reaction. I want pics like that too. And… I like you. Be nice to… yanno… connect… in another…ummm, way."

"Wanna call your coffee date over to watch?" That made him laugh, and broke the tension for us both.

"Not this time thanks. Maybe later, once her perfume wears off."

I let another long waft of electric seconds pass, then I said, with a certain command,

"Run a brush though your hair.  You’ve got your audition. In five minutes."


I pulled a chair from the kitchen into the living room, and set it up as if I were a director of a film. Matt had a somewhat bare wall in a subtle color, and I thought it might make the perfect backdrop. Part of me couldn’t believe I was doing this (with a guy anyway), while another part of me was praying that this would go exactly where I wanted it to go… all the fucking way.

It suddenly struck me as I waited for him to return that I’d needed to taste this new bisexual adventure for some time now, and here it was, being offered freely. The troubling part was that we were working together.  I might have to make some rules there. but this was already too far along and it was too perfect a set-up to walk away from at this point.

He came back into the room, looking a little shy all of a sudden, but eager as well. “In front of this wall, please, but away from it a bit.”

He took direction well.

I circled him slowly and reminded him what he was auditioning for. The first wave of photos would be about a blowjob, maybe even  one each way. I would show minimal recognizable face, but definitely mouths and swallowed cock and running cum at the very least. If all went well, there would likely be other activities and maybe other sessions.

I pulled my phone out and with the recorder App and we taped a mutual agreement that none of these photos would be posted online and that my friend Kelli would be the keeper of the originals. I kept this all very proper and professional sounding to take our minds way from the heat that was clearly building between us. I added one little detail, “By the way, this audition may include some touching, okay?” He nodded his assent, but I could almost hear him thinking “I hope so.”

I stepped back and said plainly, “Off with your jeans and anything under them, please. I need to see the goods.”

There was only a moment’s hesitation, then he did was asked. I drank in the sight and quietly thought, “Yes, perfect.”

He had a beautiful cock, a good size, not too much or too little hair around it, cut like mine, and though it was mostly flaccid, I could see that it was already swelling. I walked behind him and saw a very delicious bit of hot man-ass there, and I cupped my hands on it and told him so. “I’ll bet men and women love your ass, and want to fuck it, don’t they.”

"Mostly men", he said. "Never had a woman say that." I laughed.

"If you ever meet Kelli, she’d pay you to bend over and take one of her strap-on girlcocks. That is one hot fuckable ass, Matthew." He blushed and couldn’t speak for a minute or three.

I walked to his front and cupped my hand on his half-risen shaft. “This is very nice too, by the way. It’s really perfect for what I want to do.” I let that statement simmer in the air as I barely moved my hand so I could feel his cock rise on its own right into my palm.

I stepped back and sat. “I need to see it fully hard too. It’s important.” He looked bewildered. I smiled and said, “You know how…just lean back on the wall and play.”

There was something so arousing about watching him give into the situation, and begin to stroke himself towards a pleasure lift-off, with me ogling his every move and reaction. I lowered the level of my voice to just above a whisper, and read him a sensual list of the specific kinds of photos I would be taking, and might ask him to help with. As I described each one, I could see his cock jump with each visual, and tears of pre-cum slip from its head’s slit. Part of me wanted to watch him just stroke himself until he came all over himself, so I could lick it all up off of his skin. That’s when I knew I just had to fucking dive in and stop playing with my new found toy like this.

"You okay if I take some test shots?" He nodded his agreement.

I took a couple of quick pictures of his risen meat, and of him playing with it. Then I asked him to face the wall, lean forward and spread his legs while playing. I took a couple of pics of him stroking from between his spread muscular ass and thighs. Those photos were so fucking hot! That ass arching and flexing with every dirty move, his cockhead glistening. Again, my own dick was at near full mast in my jeans, and all it wanted was to plant itself deep in that beautiful man-hoie winking at me. In my head, I’d already decided, pics or no pics, I was fucking this boy. Tonight.

I rose from my seat, told him to face me and I came in close. “One more question: Do you like to kiss men?” He nodded ‘yes’ convincingly. I smiled deeply, then showed him the “test” pics for his approval. I cropped one or two quickly as he watched half naked, and said, “How about we get Kelli’s approval if she’s around.”

He sheepishly answered, “Okay.”

I sent her a few shots, then turned back to him. “Well, as you know, I haven’t auditioned anyone else for this role…”. I made him wait for it. “But I would say, you are pretty perfect for the job. Let’s see if we hear back from the instigator.”

And like magic, her text popped right in. “HOLY FUCK! God yes, he’s fucking gorgeous. You better! Damn, where’s my Star Trek transporter? I SO fucking want to be there!!”

I showed Matthew, as I touched his beautiful hard cock, and whispered, “Looks like you’re in… if you want the job.”

"I do!" he jumped in eagerly. I leaned in and sealed the deal with a slow deepening kiss. When we finished, I eased back and smiled. "Very nice indeed."

He was completely startled when I stepped away and said, “So… when would you like to do the actual shoot?”, as I picked up a few things like I was leaving. His mouth was hanging open, his gorgeous cock was dripping, and I started laughing. “Of course, we need to rehearse for it… tonight!” 

His terror vanished as I walked towards him peeling off my shirt then his. I took a finger full of his slippery pre-cum and painted his lips with it, then pressed him to the wall to lick it off with some heated kissing. In between our mouth-to-mouth bouts, I said, “Yes, fucking perfect, you are. It’s gonna get awkward at work, so well have to talk about that… later.” He just kissed back harder.

I pulled back with a smile and said, “Let’s send Kelli a few teasers, then we’ll get to the important stuff.”

I took a shot of us kissing close-up, one with tongues showing, one looking down at his hand undoing my jeans as his erect cock rubbed at them. I kissed my way downward, and then took one more picture of my lips puckering and kissing the tip of his wet dick. And then i couldn’t resist snapping an image of my own lips smeared with his precum to add to the taunting mix.

I popped them into one email, and wrote swiftly. “Here is where we are starting. The rest are cumming… after we do.”

Her text rang back in no time. “HOLY SHIT!! I think I need to go and fist-fuck myself now… if only I could!”

I showed Matt her text, kissed his cockhead once more, and said, “Don’t go anywhere.”


I got up, dragged the chair next to where we were at the wall, placed my phone on it and set the App for multiple pics and set the viewer screen to face me. I wrapped my fist around his aching cock, and whispered, “It’s just us now. Remember, this is about documenting firsts. I may take you to the edge a number of times, but you don’t cum until I let you know it’s okay. Got it?”  He just shook his head. He was on board for anything.

I knelt down, since the blowjob was the initial idea for this whole shebang, and I decided to savor every second and snap the pics when I could remember to do so. First and foremost, this was my playtime to explore and devour, and to tease Matthew to the nth fucking degree, until he melted right into my mouth.

I had him lean back on the wall to steady himself, as I lifted his cock and took one ball at a time into my mouth to suckle. His pre-cum was now sliding over my thumb, and it inspired me to start stroking him slowly. I could feel his legs begin to vibrate suddenly and I heard him begin a soft steady moan above me as I played. 

I snuck a quick pic of the ball sucking without stopping, then I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft and got that shot in multi’s too. I put the phone down and intently wrapped my lips about his whole cockhead and licked away at his slit. I saw him clawing his own hips, knowing that he really wanted to fist my hair in that moment and yank me in deep. I began to toy with depths when I was ready, paying attention to his every nuanced reaction - staying shallow, then pushing in deep and deeper still. I was testing my own throat’s resolve for how much of him I could take in. And of course, no matter how much of him I swallowed, he rocked in even deeper with every move.

I pulled off of him suddenly when I felt him shivering that familiar vibration of “I’m almost cumming”, a place I know too well. it startled him again. I looked up and said “Ah ah ah… not yet. Picture time.”, and I kissed the head of his now glistening, purpled member. I was reminding myself of the task at hand as well, since taking him to the edge and back and savoring the taste and the feel of controlling his fever from below… well, it had my mind spinning and my cock leaking like a needy faucet. There was a puddle on the hardwood floor beneath me of my own pre-cum. I was loving this topping from the bottom thing already.

I set to taking pics of my lips wrapped about his shaft, at varying depths, one that felt nearly balls deep. I told him to put his hands in my hair and push me in, then I handed him the phone to shoot from above, a few of me looking up and then smearing his cock around my lips. “That one, I thought, “will need serious cropping. No face, remember?”

I had him drop the phone onto the chair again, then said, “Time for those finishing touches…”. And I proceeded to forget the camera, and set my concentration to sensing his place on the precipice, and keeping him teetering there, without falling over, again and again. I would look up to see him hanging on by a thread, then savor him looking down at me with those begging “please let me cum” eyes.

Finally, I popped off of his fully loaded dick, and said softly, “Cum for me now, Matthew. Cum as hard as you need. Fill me the fuck up.”

His eyes rolled back before I even re-engaged with him, and when I did, I began pumping his length and bobbing my head deeper and deeper. I started a low hum, like I do with women when I go down on them, and i think that is what finally tripped him into his monstrously explosive orbit.

I felt his hands vise-grip my curls, his entire body shook, and I felt those familiar twitches along his entire shaft, and those pre-spurting jerks hit, just before the first wave of cumwash thundered into my face. I tried to take him deep as he dumped cannon-loads of gushing seed across my tongue and into my throat. I had to back off and quickly, lest I lose my lips’ grip on his cock, while his hips kept shoving forward, looking to bury themselves deep within me. I squeezed his balls and slid my wrapped fingers up and down on his shaft to get the entire storehouse of his wicked lust into my cheeks, and I could feel it leaking from the sides of my mouth. The feel of that, for some reason, almost made me cum, just from the filthy idea of it alone.

I swallowed a few big gulps of his sticky waves to leave room for the incoming flood. I wanted a huge mouthful for the final shots. And when his spasms eased up, I reached down for my jeans on the floor to wipe my slathered hands before grabbing the phone again. I looked up at him to make sure he was watching. I eased off to the very tip of his cock , then I let myself smile with his phallic tip still in my grip, and a river of cum cascaded out of my loosened lips , and washed downward under the umbrella of  his mushroomed head. That was a shot I wanted most, and I let the auto cam snap away, capturing the ongoing cumfall in its seemingly endless streams.

I took one shot of my messy face before rising, then I stood and leaned into Matthew, smeared some of the mess onto his face and bade him kiss me. We traded mouthfuls of his blasted seed, and after I caught one or two pics of that exchange, I was done with the camera…for now.

We both slid down the wall and rocked against each other as we cleaned the other up with our tongues, wherever the errant seed had fallen.

"Well done, Matthew. You’re fucking hired. When shall we do it for real?"

"Whenever you say…."

"Good answer" , I smirked. "Soooo, how do you feel about rehearsing the second shoot. You know, the one where I take your perfect ass for a deep, hard ride."

His eyes fluttered. He wanted it now.

"You catch your breath, and we’ll choose a pic to send to Kelli now, shall we? She doesn’t know about the second shoot yet."

We sorted through the pics quickly, and Matt and I picked two to send her. The first was a cum cascade pic with his cockhead against my lips. The other was one of our cum-swapping kisses afterward.

I added this note for Kelli. “First shoot: a huge success. I’m staying for part 2: Riding his gorgeous ass into heaven…”

Her return note read “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Who needs sleep anyway? Just take one of you balls deep in him. I’ll give you anything!”

I wrote back “Deal.”

Then Matthew and I tugged one another into his bedroom, and all I could think of were Kelli’s words “Who needs sleep anyway?” 

I had absolutely no desire to stop what I was doing, pics or no.  if I had my way now, which I knew I would, Matt and I were about to fuck each other every which way until the dawn.



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