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The rest of the weekend went by without incident. Josh probably spent the whole weekend in Savannah with Maggie, while I stayed around post, not doing much of anything. Not that I was anxious to see anyone, really. All I kept thinking about was what was I gonna say when we saw one another? It’s not like I could pretend nothing happened. My roomate watched me cum for chrissakes. Heck, my roommate LIKED watching me cum.

I didn’t have much time to consider it, cause when he came back Sunday night, I saw him for a whole 45 seconds. As I was closing the door, I heard someone jogging up the stairs. When the echo stopped, around the corner came Josh, his pace slowing as he saw that he wasn’t alone. My mouth agape, about to spit out a hello, I was cut off with, “Hey, don’t lock that.”

"I totally forgot that I have duty tonight." was what I heard as Josh rushed by, the trail of air and the suddenness of the whole thing seemed to fluster me for a moment that I was barely able to mumble "Oh yeah, you’re gonna be late."

Quickly grabbing a gear bag, he turned over his shoulder shouting “You have a good weekend? Man, did I have a good one with Maggie.” he said, with an unmistakable ear to ear grin on his face. Wait, was I reading to much into that look? Slightly confused for a moment, I then realized I’d been standing in the same spot the whole time.

"I’ll catch you after work tomorrow, and tell you all about it." he said as he walked by me again, with a smaller smirk this time, and proceeded to trot back into the shadow, and down stairs.

The whole interaction was over just like that. Up, in, out, and down, with me still standing there, likely with a puzzled look on my face, but with and unmistakable hard cock in my shorts. “Oh he will, huh? I can’t wait till tomorrow.”

All day I walked around the motor pool either looking down at my watch, or looking over too where Josh would be working, if he were on. But pulling duty last night, he had today off. That lucky fuck, I thought, I’d trade a night on duty for a day off in a heartbeat. I wasn’t able to get much accomplished, thinking mostly about what I was going to do later on, only to come back to reality and need to distract myself when I started getting too turned on. In the army, it’s quite frowned upon to walk around amongst 100+ guys all day sporting a pants tent.

The moment that I was finished for the day, I was off like a shot back to the room. Screw dinner, I wanted to get back to see about a repeat performance of Friday night’s activities. Nervously excited, I was about to walk in the door as James was coming out of his adjacent barracks room. “Hey James,” I threw over my shoulder, momentarily pausing to be sure he heard me, “have you seen Josh around?”

To my disappointment, I heard his reply, “Yeah, he was headed out, I about an hour ago. He said was gonna grab some chow and then go play poker.” I closed the door, not even giving bother to reply. Dejected, I took myself one of the most boring showers of my life.

Toweling off, I sat down on the bed, and began wondering what I was gonna do that night. I glanced over to my nightstand to check the time, when I noticed my small my bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil staring at me. “Oh well, it’s just me and you kid.” I said looking down at my growing cock. I reached over,. grabbed the bottle, and lay back to enjoy myself for a bit.

To this day, just the scent of J&J brings with it a tingle down below. The sense of smell can just be so erotic, brining back fond memories of my exploring my sexual self. So slippery, it doesn’t dry out and get sticky, and when it mixes with my precum, oh how it feels just so good. Barely a few drops to start with, I began tracing the outline of my head. Just enough to make sure I stiffened up all the way. My other hand reached down between my legs and found my heavy balls, so full from daydreams of Josh.

What did Josh’s cock look like, I wondered? Was he cut, like I was? Or did he have a thick foreskin that his head would slowly peek through as he got hard? Mmmm, a little more oil now…just enough to coat my fingers. A nice, glistening sheen as I wrapped them around the base and slowly pulled my hand up, watching my straining head disappear into my fist. Josh had watched me, and loved seeing this hard cock. Damn.

Just as I released my grip for moment I heard a key slip into the lock of the door. Holy shit! Realizing that I wasn’t going to get myself out of this predicament, I turned my head to the side, away from the door. Hearing it open, I placed my hand back down to my balls.

I felt a soft cool breeze flow over my completely exposed frame, my cock involuntarily pulsed and bounced, and without hesitation I began to pick up where I had left off as I heard the door close. A tremble, a light shiver overcame me upon hearing the deadbolt click closed. Slowly I stroked my cock, sure to be holding straight up so Josh could see as much of it as he wanted. Slowly I drew my left knee up, exposing myself even more as I turned my head back in his direction.

Josh was slowly pulling the zipper down on his pants and then started fishing his hand into the front of his pants. My cock strained in my hand seeing this, and to my amazement he began slowly stepping toward the bed. This time it was my turn to be a touch shy. I turned my head slightly, keeping an eye on him as I just lay there, silently squeezing my engorged cock. Again, as the last time, he didn’t try to make eye contact. His eyes lustily feasting over my naked body, my mind raced with the thoughts of what I yearned for him to do next.

As he reached my bed I was shaking, and a combination of fear and excitement must have had my face a deep crimson. Not far, I I thought from the color of the head of my cock that I was teasing. Just then he paused, reached out, and took the baby oil from my nightstand. Too quickly, he turned and walked back to the other side of the room to sit, thought not before dropping his pants and briefs to the ground. Just barely, I caught a glimpse of his cock before he got comfy, his waist just out of sight.

You like what you see, don’t you? I thought as I returned my attention to my dripping cock. Reaching down I wiped up the small pool of precum off my belly and sucked it off my finger, not caring to be quiet in doing so at all. I heard him crack the bottle open and soon the unmistakable sound of a wet cock slapping up and down against a thick palm greeted my ears. Dear god, now he wanted to cum with me.

More than once I tried to prop my head up a little to watch him. Each time I did so he would quickly turn his head away, yet his tempo would increase. Fuck, he was so goddamn hot. His cock, maybe a touch shorter than mine was at least one and a half, maybe two times as big around as mine with balls that I would swear were made to be placed on my tongue. All I wanted to do right now was get on my knees in front of him and take as much of that cock in my mouth as I could. I’d always thought about it, never thought I’d act upon it, but damn I wanted to swallow him.

But I couldn’t move. No, not yet. I didn’t dare run the risk of ruining this. I didn’t even want to say a word, but I wanted to see him better. “I need more oil.” I half whispered, and more than moaned, as I let go of my cock. I did that as much to stop from cumming as I did to say that I couldn’t continue without it.

Slowly, hard cock in one hand, oil in the other, Josh walked over to me. I could hear his breathing, ragged, unsure, speed up as he neared the bed. Slightly turning, a hint of shyness perhaps?, he reached out and placed the wet bottle on the nightstand and stood there for a split second. As I reached out to take it, Josh turned to walk back and I froze. No, he wasn’t shy at all as he turned around, this time turning toward me instead of away. There was no doubt in his action, as he released the tight grip on his shaft so that I could a crystal clear picture of every hard, wet inch of that glorious cock. Inadvertently, I felt my tongue lick my lips as I drew a sharp deep breath of air seeing his thick, vein pulsing shaft just two feet from me. My eyes closed for a moment as I silently wished he’d take one small step forward and press the head of the cock to my eager lips.

I could just imagine what a little cock slut I must have looked like, all but begging him to let me taste his cock. Sadly no, I heard him again walk away. My eyes opened as I lay back again. I was happily surprised to see that Josh hadn’t gone back to sit now, but instead had positioned himself at the foot of my bunk. With legs spread, leaning slightly forward, I could see his knees press into the edge of my mattress. Oh yes, did I want to see him cum. And to be sure I got what I wanted, I was going to give him a show that would make him lose any and all control over his cock.

Wet and slippery hands trembling, I fumbled with the bottle, nearly pouring it’s entire contents onto myself. No matter, I wanted Josh to see me glistening, drenched. I wanted him to imagine what it would be like to rub up against my slick body. I felt the oil run over my balls, slowly drip down my ass. Feeling that erotic tickle, one hand caressing my balls the other reached even further down.

With my knees already drawn up, my hips slowly raised off the bed just a little as the tip of my finger gently caressed the tight wet hole that I felt clench in time with the pulse and bounce of my cock.
My head turned, a slight whimper escaped my lips and I teased my ass. My other hand was tight on my cock now, this was all just too much. Josh had lost any pretense of bashfulness and was groaning louder with each second that passed by. Achingly he was thrusting his cock into both of his hands now as he stared at my cock, breaking his gaze only to then watch me fingering my ass.

I could see that he was as lost in this as much as I was. Or maybe, perhaps as I, he was imagining what it would be like to replace my finger with his stiff cock. To slowly part my ass with his hands and slowly push that shaft deep into me. Whatever he was, or wasn’t thinking at that very moment, I could see his body was starting to tense up. He began to grunt as I heard an “Oh god, yes” rasp from his mouth.

I could barely breath as Josh began to cum. One finger in my ass, my other hand was pumping my aching cock as I watched Josh let loose with the first jet of cum, as I panted “yes, yesss.” The first strand landed me between my legs and I began to lose it as a wave of lust and pleasure began to flow over me. Movie like, I starred at him as he pumped a second load from the tip of cock, this time splashing down down on my calf. Throwing my head back, feeling his hot cum on my flesh, I felt my balls shoot the first load up through my throbbing shaft, exploding out of the head of my cock. The sound of Josh cumming, and shooting onto my leg caused me to cum as hard as I ever thought possible. My hips bucking, my ass clenching around my probing finger I felt cum hit my chin and shoulder. Mine I thought, Josh’s I wished, I greedily licked it up while continuing to pump my cock, emptying my balls. Good good, fuck me, I jerked my cock craving every drop of cum dripping onto my writhing body.

My strokes slowed, my body’s convulsions stopped while I still couldn’t take the sensitivity. I looked up as Josh, one hand cupping his balls, the other gently squeezed his softening cock with cum covered fingers, smiled at me. Then, slowly turning away, I could see him shrugged his shoulders.

"I’ve got to take a shower", he said softly, as he walked into the bathroom.

Smiling, while contemplating where this new experience might lead, I began to clean myself off, and get dressed. “Damn, I’m hungry.” I said to myself hearing the shower turn on. As I walked to the door, I turned my head over my shoulder, and caught a glimpse of Josh stepping into the shower. He drew the curtain closed behind him. I laughed silently as I closed and locked the door behind me, and headed off to the mess hall.

"Like he needed the shower curtain…"



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I love these stories. Imagining the two of you stroking yourselves, the sounds, the smells all turned me on!

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