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The following is a true life story. No names have been changed to protect anyone, as I’d give anything to reconnect.

We had just been released from final formation for the weekend. It had been a long week, not unlike any other. We had spent the first few days in the field, then ended the week in the motor pool cleaning all of our gear, getting everything ready for inspection, and then put away to do it all again on Monday. All I had on my mind was get back to the barracks, shower, and kick back with a few beers. If we were adventurous, maybe we’d head into Savannah.

We got back to the room, Josh and I, and no sooner did he unlock the door did I yell out “shower dibs”, which was returned by him “Fuuuucker. Hurry up, I want to go see Maggie tonight.”

The barracks rooms were all pretty basic, three bunks, three wall lockers, a bathroom and small area in the middle for a table, or small entertainment center. Thankfully, we didn’t have a 3rd roomie, we could take advantage of the extra space. I grabbed a pair of shorts, a tee, and hopped into the shower.

The hot water felt so good after field exercises. Muscles get real sore from a road march with an m-60, or a SAW if you were lucky. I stood there for a few minutes and just let the water run down my chest. A hot tub would be great, but aching quads just needed the heat. I wasn’t ripped, by any means, but at just nineteen I was in some of the best shape of my life.

Another thing I was, as a 19 year old paratrooper, other than in good shape? Constantly horny. Normally I might wait till I was alone, but fuck that. Bathroom door open or not, I was all soapy and the combination of the hot water and my hands rubbing my quads, I felt my cock twitch a little. I was gonna have some fun. Slowly, just teasing myself a little, I started tickling my balls, just looking at my hardening cock.

"John, man, hurry up!" Rang out, snapping me back to reality, and as I jerked my head up I swore I saw Josh leave the doorway through the reflection in the mirror. The shower curtain wasn’t dawn all the way closed. Did he see me? Fuck. I mean we ALL did it. We even joked about it. That’s how we started leaving the door open. If you weren’t going to the the bathroom, just showering or shaving, you left it open so people wouldn’t bust your balls with the classic line, "What are you doing? Jerkin off?" And what the fuck, he probably knows I WAS.

Just then I looked down and saw that my cock was super hard now. Huh, I guess a little jitter was exciting. Oh well, a nice hardon is never a thing to waste, so I just decided to finish what I’d started.

Now I don’t know if all of us guys are the same, but I love looking at my cock. I’m not porn star long, but I’d always figured I was average or better. I did at times wish, if anything, I were a little thicker. But the head, mmm, when I’m hard, it just looks so good. And with my hand sliding up and down the length of my shaft, my other caressing my balls, god, for being alone, nothing feels better.

But I just had the feeling that I wasn’t alone. My fingers were wrapped tightly around my shaft, stroking really slow, I was savoring each deliberate pump. With my head bent down, looking at my hard cock, I swore I noticed some movement reflected in the half fogged mirror over the sink, out of the corner of my eye. All of a sudden, I was keenly aware of the pounding of my heart, a drum ringing in my ears. If I was excited before, at the thought of being seen, this was suddenly a whole new, crazy hot level.

This time, there was no flinch, if Josh was standing there, he knew what I was doing. And he wanted to see more. Careful not to lift my head as to give anything away, I slowly shuffled my feet, slowly turning. My hand still tightly holding my cock, I took a step back and leaned my back against the wall. I couldn’t help a slight shiver as I felt my wet back press up against the cool tile. Now, in this position, if there were any eyes peering, they’d see me completely. My stiff cock, my fingers, all covered in soap, wrapped around the throbbing shaft gently, but firmly sliding up and down…so very slowly.

Oh he was there alright. I ever so slightly lifted my head and I noticed a pair of black boots in the doorway. My god, what was I doing? Hell, what was JOSH doing standing there? He knew I was masturbating…and he wanted to watch me! I felt such an incredible rush, this was more intense than any video I had ever watched, any magazine I’d ever opened. My friend, my roommate was watching me stroke my rock hard cock, standing what, six feet away? At the same moment, a million things were racing through my mind, but I felt just one. God, being watched at that moment made every nerve ending in my cock flare more intensely than I’d ever remembered feeling.

I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t even want to look him in the eye. But I wanted to push it just a little further. I wanted him to know that I knew he was there. I lifted my head just a little bit more, I wanted there to be no doubt that I knew he was watching me, that I was stroking now, just for him. My eyes raised just a bit, and that’s when I saw Josh there, rubbing a very prominent bulge in his bdu’s. As I saw that, I just closed my eyes, my head fell back and I let out a very long, and not very quiet groan as my hips pushed outward, my cock, harder now if possible, straining through my clenched fingers.

Obviously Josh was really enjoying what he was seeing. God, that just made it even hotter for me. To my knowledge, my straight roommate was watching me jerk, but he liked it so much that he was rubbing his own erection while standing there. I wasn’t done yet. Oh no, not yet. My back arched, my hand pumping hard now, I reached behind and slowly started to slide my fingers down my ass. I trembled, almost losing my balance as I felt my wet soapy finger brush over my tight hole. I heard Josh take a quick, ragged breath. I raised my eyes once again and saw him squeezing the outline of his cock through his pants, almost in time with my strokes. His gaze was squarely focused on the cock in front of him that clearly was hard for him.

Oh I was close now, all of this was too much. I could feel my balls drawing up tight. My stomach was quivering, as the water rolled down. All of the soap was washed away now, all that was there was my glistening, hard cock, seemingly getting thicker with each stroke. My other hand was cupping my balls and my breath was rapid and shallow, mixing with groans of pleasure. I stopped for a moment, squeezing tightly, I could feel the pulsing start. The thick veins pushed from the flesh of my cock. “Oh…oh god.” I gasped, barely able to breathe…I was slamming my fist up and down on my cock now…I could feel it starting…. Everything was gone, I couldn’t hear a thing. I stared, as I beat my cock, my hips thrusting forward to meet my hand as the first spray of cum burst from the head of my cock…the second jet found my waiting hand and felt it hit my fingers…instinctively I raised my hand to my face as my fingers wrapped around my cock were slick with cum. I continued to shoot as I sucked my juice from my fingers, moaning like a whore. I don’t know how long it lasted, but spurt after spurt erupted for my cock as I fucked my hand.

As it slowed down, I lifted my head to see Josh turn away from the doorway. God, what had just happened? Did I really put on a fuck show for my roommate? I grinned as I rinsed off. I shook my head in disbelief as I turned off the water and left the shower.

I came out of the bathroom about five minutes later to find an empty room. Josh had left. Huh. Well, at least it’s not awkward, I thought, barely a moment before I laughed out loud.

"He’s gonna go fuck Maggie unconscious."

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