Eye Opener


Written by tnt241 and posted in my BBGL Forum

Well, this is really how everything started for me, not just exploring other guys, but really my first sexual encounter which just progressed. Not used to writing any sort of story, never mind something like this, so, if its any good, please let me know.

Anyway, I was away on a week long trip with school, and we had an afternoon off. I was in a room with 3 other guys, all around my age. This particular afternoon, it was roasting hot, I mean boiling, and the AC in the room wasn’t working. As it was, we were all barely clothed. I was laying on my bed in boxers and a t-shirt, another guy (who we will call James) was similarly dressed, and the other 2 were just in their boxers (lets call them, Will and Alex).

So, all laying about in this room, all boiling hot, and all showing skin to try to cool off. After a while, Will spoke up saying he was too damn hot. Without a moment hesitation, Alex said just get naked then. As you can imagine, we all kinda laughed it off. Until Will jumped off his bed, and took his underwear off, throwing them across the room. Another round of laughter and Alex was on his feet pulling off his boxers too. Now here we were, James and myself lying on our beds, with Will and Alex standing completely naked in front of us, with a slight shine to their skin from sweat.

They both dared James and I to get naked too, as it was so much cooler without any clothes at all. I was always pretty semiconscious and shy, so refused, feeling kinda awkward. James dared me to at least take my top off, I returned with double dare. He didn’t take much persuading, off it came and he threw it at me. I had no choice but to follow suit. To be honest, it was a lot cooler and more comfortable. From somewhere, Will pulled out a few bottles of beer. I hadn’t ever drunk before, but definitely wanted to, and we all knocked a few back. It wasn’t long before I was feeling… Mellow and merry. For no reason at all, the dares came back.

James was dared to get naked as well. With a little help from the bottle, he was completely nude too! Now I had three of my schoolmates naked, and tipsy, in front of me.James’ counter was to dare Alex to dance with Will, still naked. You could see how awkward they were feeling, as they had to hold each other properly, and their bodies were pressed against each other, dicks and all. Alex broke away first, and it was obvious that he was sporting a semi. I pointed it out to the other guys, and it was meant with laughter. Alex’s face turned crimson, yet he tried to laugh it off too, “So what, you guys started it”. More drinks, more laughter, more dares. Eventually I was dared to kiss James, and not a peck, full frencher.

I couldn’t help myself. I’d lost my inhibitions by this stage, and I pushed him down onto his bed and climbed on top of him. I could see he was drunk too, which made it easier, as he didn’t resist. As I moved up to him, I could see the sweat on his skin reflecting light at me, glistening thighs, his stomach and chest. I could see his dick resting against his leg. Now this is why I was shy to get naked too, I was never too proud of my size of dick, and its guys like James that did it to me.

It was a perfect shape too, smooth, good proportions. He noticed me looking, and pulled my face up to his, “Hey, don’t forget your dare…”. I moved slow, my breathing was kinda shallow, as I didn’t want to do it, but at the same time did, and I was drunk. Soon though my eyes were closed and my mouth was pressed against his. He took the lead, I felt him push his tongue into my mouth, and wrestle my own. He bit my lips and I could feel his hands on my back, gripping, caressing, and I also felt his hand move down to my waistband of my boxers. I opened my eyes in surprise, partly at that, and partly at the pressure that I could feel against my own groin, from his cock!

I jumped off, “Right, I’m done, I did it. I win”, quickly retreating to my bed to consider what had just happened. Will and Alex were laughing, but I noticed that they weren’t standing anymore, not leaving everything on show… Who knows what they really thought. I can’t remember everything that followed, but I can say that my dare had triggered something, and all of a sudden there was a much more sexual theme to the dares.

My turn to get a dare came around again, and it was coming from James. He took a moment, and then turned to me, sitting on the edge of his bed, legs apart, giving me a full view of everything. “I dare you to suck me off”. Jeers and laughs from Will and Alex. But I could barely hear it. My heart was going quick, and James was just staring right at me, a slight smile to his face. “Ha, no way, I do have limits!” “Then that means you lose, and that means you lost first” I don’t know why I cared so much about losing, but it made me reconsider. “Well, I’m definitely not going to do it right here. We can go to the bathroom” James thought about this, nodded, and walked into the bathroom, holding the door for me to follow.

I was totally ignoring Will and Alex now, forgotten they were even there. I couldn’t get my mind off of what was apparently about to go down! I followed James in, and he locked the door behind him. He had gotten considerably harder, and was nearly at full mast. His hand slowly jerking himself off wasn’t going to make it go away anytime soon either. “Do you actually want to do this?” He asked me, seeming to give me a way out, yet he hadn’t stopped wanking.

"James, I’m not gay" "Neither am I" He winked at me He was sitting on the edge of a chair in the bathroom, smiling and wanking. I could see his hard cock, his balls, his glistening body. He was naked, and aroused and drunk. I was drunk, as good as naked, drunk, and he expected me to give him head. "I won’t look. Just kneel between my legs, and go when you want to" He definitely wanted it. I knelt down in front of him, inches from his cock. He had stopped wanking now, just leaving his hard dick hovering in front of me. James hands were behind his head, his eyes closed.

I started thinking about kissing him again, and how he had gotten hard from me on top of him. That was all I needed. There was a gasp, from James, as I wrapped my lips around his cock, feeling it with my tongue, tasting him, sucking. I of course had no idea what I was doing, but James started to offer some instruction. He told me to just use tongue for a while, then to slowly take as much as I could, I gagged. I remember my cock getting rock hard when I felt his hand on the back of my head, guiding me, back and forth a long his dick. I could hear his breathing getting deeper and heavier as I kept going. He pulled me off his cock and pressed my mouth onto his balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked them. I heard him moan softly, and saw his cock twitch. I returned to his cock and started going at it. I looked up to see what James was thinking and he was staring at me, smiling, as he slid in and out of my mouth. He leaned back and closed his eyes as he pushed my mouth onto his cock, pushing it into the back of my throat. I swallowed to try to stop the gag reflex, and he jumped slightly.

He asked me to do it again, saying it felt awesome on his head. I could only do it once before I had to come up for air. “You know, you’re better at this than I thought…” This suddenly reminded me what I was doing, and I turned red and tried to pull away. James didn’t agree with this. He grabbed my head and held me on his cock. “Use your tongue, taste all my cock”. I could feel his cock seeming to swell. I had been sucking for near to 20 minutes, but wasn’t getting bored and didn’t want it to stop. His hand on my head clenched and gripped my hair, he pulled my head back, apparently to get me out the way of his cum as his cock jerked and shot his cum… Directly onto my face. I couldn’t believe he had just cum on my face, I didn’t expect this to happen at all. But James seemed to approve. “Leave it on your face, don’t touch it. Don’t!” having to order me as I went to wipe it off. “Clean me up first”. I didn’t have to be told twice for that as I started to slowly lick and kiss his cock clean of his juices.

Once I was done, he pulled me to my feet, and stood me in front of the mirror. He stood behind me, a full head taller than me. “That’s my cum on your face. On your cheeks, your chin and lips. My cum. You sucked me off, you put my dick in your mouth, and kept going til I came. Now, wipe up the cum with your finger” I followed his command, I couldn’t help but listen to him the way he was speaking. “Now put it all in your mouth, taste it and swallow!” I did. He pressed up behind me, wrapping an arm around me and grabbed my cock. “Seems like you had fun too” I couldn’t deny it now. “I think this could be an interesting trip, don’t you?”



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