This first time manlove fantasy was shared in my BBGL Forum by Rutherfordtb6969 and it was too hot not to share here also!

I’m a married man, 38 years old, and I’d like to tell you about how I became curious about other men. It started about 10 years ago. At the time, I was dating the woman I would later marry. We had been dating for about 2 years. She was a good, virtuous, church-going woman; a virgin when we met, and a virgin when we married. I loved her very much (still do) and was very much ok with the decision not to have sex prior to our wedding night.
My girlfriend (Kelly) had left some books and some other items at my house, and had asked that I drop them off at her home, which she shared with her parents and brother. I had the day off, a nice, sunny summer day, and decided to go over in the late afternoon, in the hope that nobody would be home. As luck would have it, when I pulled up in front of the house, neither of her parent’s nor her brother’s cars were in the driveway, and I knew I’d be in and out in no time. I gathered her belongings and grabbed the key that they left under the mat out by the back door. I was all set to leave the items on the kitchen table, but heard some noise coming from upstairs. I figured since nobody was home, I ought to check it out, to make sure it wasn’t a burglar.

As I quietly crept up the stairs, I could hear music and some muffled moaning. In my heart of hearts, I knew it was porno music that I was hearing, but with the driveway empty, I really thought I ought to take a peek as to what was going on, again, just to make sure it wasn’t somebody in there that wasn’t supposed to be. As I turned the corner at the top of the stairs, I could see into the family room, and could see the television and most of the couch. Lying on the couch was my girlfriend’s brother, and from what I could see, he was completely nude. From the way he was laying on the couch, I knew he wouldn’t be able to see me unless he either arched his head completely back or got up from the couch. The action on the tv was pretty hot – a big-titted blonde getting hammered by a black guy with a cock the size of a horse. But I found myself mesmerized not by that hot action, but by Andy stroking his own big, fat, 9-inch cock.
I had seen plenty of naked men before, in the way we all do – in the showers in gym class, in pornos, etc., but I had NEVER found myself attracted to another man. I even once had a guy that I’m sure most women would consider a hunk hit on me at the beach, but I politely turned him down and forgot all about it a few minutes later. But this time, I couldn’t pry my eyes away. I was instantly hard and found myself absent-mindedly rubbing my cock through my shorts. Maybe it was the combination of seeing him stroke it along with the action of the video; maybe it was the fact that it was somebody I knew and knew very well (he was only 2 years younger, and had become a close friend). Either way, I was turned on in ways I’d never been before.
I needed relief badly (you’ll recall that Kelly and I weren’t having sex), so I decided to just pull it out and start jerking right there at the entrance to the family room. I was leaning up against the doorjamb and stroking in time with his rhythm. He kept making these guttural groans that I was suddenly finding very sexy. Thoughts of sucking on his cock, swirling my tongue around and around his head, and slurping up his precum permeated my mind. I wanted so badly to walk over to him, drop on my knees and take that beast of a cock in my mouth. But I knew that, knowing him, knowing he was straight and knowing that if he ever told his sister, our relationship would be over kept me from advancing at all. So I stayed back, mouth watering and cock about to explode. I didn’t even think about what I would do when I came…where would I shoot it? On the floor?  In my hand? I didn’t care. I was just in a blind lust to release my cum with Andy’s beautiful cock in my sight.

But then the phone rang. Andy quickly jumped to his feet and spun around, cock standing out at full attention. He saw me and stopped quickly, looking right at me, and I froze. We both did. It was only for a moment or two, but it felt like an eternity. He suddenly seemed to shake himself awake, clicked the tv off, and ran to answer the phone, which was just down the hall.

I didn’t know what to do. I decided I at least needed to apologize for startling him, and figured I could always say I was checking on the noise and was turned on by the video and got carried away. I pulled my shorts back up and headed over to the couch.
He was on the phone for about 3-4 minutes, which gave me time to work on my story, and, more importantly, to let my dick deflate back to its normal non-erect size.
When he came back in, he was wearing a pair of running shorts and was carrying a couple of beers. He handed me one and asked how long I had been standing there. He was in good spirits about it and didn’t seem too upset. I don’t think he knew that I could see him from my vantage point. We sort of shot the shit for a few moments, and then he asked me if I wanted to continue watching the video. I said sure.
We started watching again, and within just a few minutes it was painfully obvious that we were both raging hard again. I had never actually watched porn in the presence of another guy before, and I’ll admit, it was difficult not to play with myself. About 15-20 minutes into it, I couldn’t take any more. I started to get up and told him that I was going to go to the bathroom, and he said, “You know, we both just saw each other’s junk…I’m cool with you finishing yourself off here, if you don’t mind me doing the same. Besides, there’s an amazing scene of this girl taking it up the ass in a few minutes, and I like to, ah…finish up while watching that part, in particular.”
Well, why not…as he said, we’d seen each other’s cocks a few moments ago, when he got up to answer the phone. We were both grown men, we both knew what the effects of the movie were doing to each other, and we both shared the desired result.
So I sat back down, and pulled off my shorts, laying them on the floor at the end of the couch. He did the same, and we both began stroking together while watching the video. As hard as I tried, though, I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen, and kept trying to steal quick peeks at Andy’s meat. And out of my peripheral vision, it really appeared to me that he was doing the same. I’m no slouch at 6 and a half inches myself, but still, I had nothing on him. The thought that he kept looking over was pushing me closer to the edge. I began looking at his a little longer, hoping to get caught. And I would try to catch him, too. Then it happened. He looked over at my cock, and then up into my eyes, and I didn’t look away like I had been up until that point. We just stared into each other’s eyes, and I began slowing my pace down. He followed suit. I licked my lips, and he looked down at my crotch for a good 20 seconds straight. I wanted to cum so badly right then, but I didn’t want this to end. He reached over to the table for the remote control and flipped the tv off. Then he turned a bit on the couch so that he was facing me, and said, “This is hot.” He draped a leg over the back of the couch, spread his legs far apart and leaned back, far enough for him to reach down with his hand that wasn’t stroking his cock, and he started tugging on his ballsack. Oh my god, he was driving me nuts! He came like that, shooting straight into the air and all over his stomach. A little even hit my knee. I don’t know how the hell I was holding out so long, but it just wasn’t ready to explode yet. He leaned forward and came up to kiss me. It was very tender…no tongue, just lips. Then he started to nibble on my lower lip. He pulled back and I could see the hunger in his eyes. He reached down and took my dick in his hand, and leaned back in for another kiss. This time, however, as our lips met, we heard a noise downstairs.

His fucking parents came were home! Luckily, since we were upstairs, they were completely unaware of our condition. I picked up my clothes and ran to the bathroom; Andy gathered his shorts and video and ran to his bedroom.
When I went downstairs, Andy was dressed and talking to his parents, who were blissfully unaware. I said a quick hello, explained I was there just to drop off some of Kelly’s stuff, and had to leave. Andy didn’t even acknowledge my presence – he didn’t even look me in the eye.
I was so hot from that experience that I pulled over on the side of a secluded road and jerked off.

Part 2
I didn’t see Andy again after that for about a week or so, and strange as it sounds, we never discussed it again, until about a year later. I was still dating his sister, who was still saving herself for marriage, and I was still ok with this. Andy and I continued to grow close as I spent a lot of time with his family at holidays, etc. Over the course of the year since our “hook-up”, if you could even call it that, Andy had a handful of girlfriends, all of which were drop-dead gorgeous. Judging by the stories I heard from mutual friends, it was clear he was not saving himself for marriage.

Again, it was a nice summer weekend, and my girlfriend and her parents went away to a family gathering. I couldn’t attend due to work obligations, and it was the same weekend that Andy had some things planned with his girlfriend. One of these things was a party he was throwing at his parents’ house. He asked if I would be interested in coming along, and figured that since we had some mutual friends, it ought to be a good time. The beer was flowing and the music was playing.

Around 1:30 or so in the morning, I decided I better head out, since I had to work early the next morning. I’d been asking around if anybody knew where Andy was, and was told he might be upstairs. The family room (where our incident had occurred) was usually off-limits to party goers, as his parents had some nice vases and artwork in there – stuff he didn’t want destroyed accidentally.

I called his name out as I reached the top of the stairs, and I heard him answer from his bedroom. He was on the computer checking some stuff out and asked that I shut the door behind me. I was in the process of telling him that I was about to take off when he got up from his computer to say goodbye, likely offering the obligatory hug/pat on the back sort of thing, and said he wished I could stay longer. I don’t know what came over us, but all of a sudden, after breaking the hug and just sort of looking at each other, we just sort of lunged at each other and began making out. Never in my life had I been kissed like this, or enjoyed a kiss as much as this. His tongue, sliding in and out of my mouth, seemed to awaken my cock. He started grinding his crotch against mine, and we fell onto his bed, arms wrapped around each other. He pulled off my shirt and licked me from my lips, down my chin and neck, nibbling every so often, and then paused at my nipples. I grabbed his hair in my hand, shoved his mouth onto my nipple, and thrust my crotch up, grinding my jeans-covered cock against his.

We then heard his girlfriend calling out his name, and he told me to get into his closet, and quick. I did as he asked, grabbing my shirt, and made it in just enough time to hide myself from his girlfriend. Thankfully I didn’t have time to start undressing him yet, but she still knew something was up. “Were you looking at that porn site on your computer again?” she asked, with a wicked grin on her face. He answered her by jamming his tongue down her throat. The quickly started to re-enact the scene that just moments ago he and I had started.
From my place in the closet, I could see and hear everything. His girlfriend was amazingly hot – model material, and he was taking full advantage of that. They fucked like rabbits while I watched. But since the closet was cramped, I couldn’t relieve myself at all without making it obvious that I was in there.
After about 10 minutes of her riding on top of him, he made her get on her knees facing the closet. I could tell that he was looking in at me (I’m sure he couldn’t see me), but the thought of me watching must have been exciting him. He started to get vocal, saying things like “Oh god, I can’t wait to fuck your ass…I’m gonna fuck your ass so fucking hard.” His girlfriend, between moans and grunts, kept saying, “Andy, I told you…I’m not into anal.” He wasn’t talking to her. That much I knew. He was obviously looking in my direction and talking to me.
They finally ended up passing out about 40 minutes later, and I quietly crept out of the room. I was as horny as I’d ever been in my life, and I knew that I needed something more than just my hand tonight. I’m really not the cheating type of guy, but this night, I needed to get laid, for my own sanity. I knew that one of Andy’s girlfriend’s friends had a crush on me, and she was pretty fucking hot, so I quickly found her, snuck up behind her, making sure she could feel my hardness as it pressed against her ass, and whispered into her ear, “I want to make you cum tonight like you never have before.” She spun around and started kissing me, and we went up to Kelly’s bedroom. I fucked her rotten, right in my girlfriend’s bed. I did things to that girl that I’d never done to any other girl, before or since. We both came multiple times. I came in just about every hole on her body, and more than once on her face. The sheets my girlfriend had on her bed had to be thrown away the next morning. She still has no idea what happened to them. But to be fair, it *was* a one-time thing; I’ve still never been with another woman.
But again, for the second time, Andy and I came awfully close, but couldn’t consummate our act.

Part 3
Andy moved away at the end of that summer, and no other chances popped up. I’d finally put it out of my mind; he and I were just never going to hook up, and I was fine with that. I still hadn’t found any other men attractive or anything, and I think that getting that last fuck out of my system that night at the party was a good thing, as my soon-to-be wife and I were growing closer every day.

Finally, the week of the wedding rolled around. We were having a very small wedding, just family and a few friends. I decided to forgo the usual bachelor party and instead went camping with some of my closest friends, including Andy. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think about it that night, as a sort of ‘sowing the wild oats’ type of thing, right before tying the knot.  But nothing happened there, except for some good stories being told, innocent male bonding, and a lot of beers being drunk.
Two days before the wedding, Andy called me and said that he wanted to have a talk. I figured it was going to be the obligatory “break my sister’s heart and I’ll break your face” talk, and I was right. Andy came to the new apartment (my girlfriend still hadn’t moved into it yet), and we had a pizza and some beers. We just shot the shit, like two brothers might, and there wasn’t anything sexual or erotic about it. But as the night grew on, and as I became a little more emboldened with liquid courage, I had to find out what that was all about previously.
Andy confessed that he had always found me attractive, and that scared him a little, because he considered himself straight. He said that the first time we hooked up, he knew that I would be coming over, and that he purposefully parked his car down the street. He waited until he heard me pull into the driveway and ran upstairs to turn on his porn video. The little shit had planned the whole thing. He also said that afterwards, he felt amazingly guilty about it and couldn’t face me for weeks. I told him not to worry about it, and confessed that I’d watched him for a good while before the phone rang. He said he knew, and that he could see me in the reflection of the television. I asked him why he didn’t approach me or anything, and he gave me the same reason I gave him – that he was afraid his sister/family would find out, and that it would become a big mess. I asked him about the night in his bedroom, too, and he said that he was really drunk that night and only has a blurry memory of what happened. I recounted the events for him, and could tell he was getting aroused. I even told him about how I fucked his girlfriend’s friend (leaving out that I did so in his sister’s bed), and he began blushing wildly, saying that he knew. He had apparently fucked her the next day (which eventually caused him to break up with that particular girlfriend, allowing him to move on to a whole new string of gorgeous women) and that she got freaked out when he started to ask a lot of details of what I was like in bed!

Throughout all of this conversation, we were at the dining room table, finishing up the pizza and beers, beginning to tidy up. I asked him if he had found himself ever curious about other guys, and he told me flatly, no. I said the same. Though there was an undeniable electricity in the air, we both steered clear of any obvious advances, seemingly willing to let it go at that, while we worked at clearing the table. There was an almost uncomfortable silence present, and when we both ended up reaching for the pizza box, our hands touching, a spark flew.

We looked at each other for a long time, hands still touching, working out our next move. Words weren’t necessary. I stepped toward him, leaned in, and once again our lips met, then our tongues. It was a long, slow, hot, passionate kiss that could have gone on for weeks. He cradled my head in his, looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I have wanted you for so fucking long. I need to at least feel you once.” We started kissing again, much more passionately and feverishly, as he reached down and began groping me hrough my pants. I hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing my way down his flat chest, which was lightly kissed with his blonde-ish hair. I dropped to my knees and unbuckled his belt. That act brought out from him the sexiest moan I’d ever heard. He placed both his hands on the back of my head, lightly drawing me in toward his crotch, and said “God, I want you.”

In no time at all, I had his jeans down around his ankles. His cock, now completely rock hard, was delisciously outlined inside his straining white cotton briefs, now wonderfully soaked with precum. I could smell him, his lust, his manly, musky scent.  My head was spinning.  I put my mouth up to that spot and started to suck out his precum, right through the fabric. His knees started to buckle, and he came, thrusting his crotch toward my face, as if I needed any encouragement. I sucked some of his cum out, rubbing some of around my lips and my bearded chin, moving back up again to kiss him, so he could taste his own cum. We made out forever, sharing his cum, rubbing our cocks together, his shrouded in a cummy pair of briefs, mine still fighting for release from my pants.  Our hands were everywhere, groping and grabbing, while we were both grunting, groaning and moaning. I don’t think he ever even softened, as I could feel his hardness immediately and constantly.

He finally broke our kiss by pushimg me back a little and then smiled the most devilish smile I’ve ever seen. Just looking at him with that sexy fucking smile nearly brought me close to the brink.  He looked down at my tented pants, moistened by the remnants of his explosion, and he bit a little on his lower lip.  He looked back up to me and raised an eyebrow and said, “Do you mind if I…” and motioned back down to my cock.  We both laughed a little and it seemed to break us out of the animalistic lust we were locked in, and somehow made it more intimate and personal.  He slowly stepped forward again, still looking down and said, “I really can’t beoieve I’m about to do this.”  I thought he was having reservations, and I told him that there was no pressure, and that he really didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to.  He looked back up at me with an almost confused look on his face and said “I don’t want to??  Are you kidding me?  I’ve wanted this for so long, I just can’t believe it’s finally happening,” and leaned in for another kiss.  Again, it was slow, wet, hot and passionate, and it worked to continue to slow things down a little, as they were almost getting out of control.  We both wanted this to be an experience that would last.  Finally he worked his way down to his knees in front of me and undid my belt and pants.  He pulled them down and I stepped out of them, with only my boxers remaining.  He began to stroke me through the boxers and followed my lead by sucking my precum through the material of the boxers.  I could see why he unloaded so quickly!  He only did this for a couple of seconds, and before I knew it, he had my cock out and my boxers down.  They were quickly discared, and he took hold of my cock proper, just skin on skin, stroking me at an excruciatingly slow pace.  He was clearly into the feel of another man’s cock in his hand, varying speed and positioning, eliciting all manner of “ooohhs” and “aaahhhhs” from me, and I managed to tell him, between short breaths, that if he kept it up I was going to cum VERY soon.  He stopped stroking, letting go of my cock altogether and stood back up and we started kissing again.  He was a man possessed, licking, kissing, nibbling my face and my neck.  He moved to my ear, lightly sticking his tongue in, and pulling it back out, whispering “I’m going to make you feel so fucking good, and cum so fucking hard, that you’re going to want to marry me instead of my sister.”

It was the first time I’d thought of Kelly since the kissing began, and it brought me to the reality that I was engaging in incredible sexual acts with her brother, and it nearly pushed me over the edge.  In a bit of a blur, I shoved Andy down to his knees while moaning out “Oh fucking god, I want to cum all over you.”  It was clear to both of us that I wasn’t going to last much longer at all.  Andy licked my shaft quickly, one hand holding the base of my cock, the other fondling and rolling my balls.  He swirled his tongue around my cockhead and began to slide his mouth down my cock.  He got about halfway down before he pulled up again, removed my cock completely from his mouth, took a deep breath, and plunged down again.  All the shile he looked up at me, his eyes locked on mine (when I could keep mine open, anyway).  His mouth felt hotter than any mouth had ever felt on my cock.  Maybe it was the situation, maybe not.  But that quick blowjob he was giving me was just incredible.  I lasted about a minute longer and shot one of the biggest loads I’d ever unloaded.  He hungrily swallowed most of it, but a lot still dribbled out of the corners of his mouth.  He looked so handsome, and so dirty.  He scooped some of it back up with his fingers, licking some, and then lifting his hand for me to taste.  I took his fingers in my mouth, licking them clean, while he stood up.  We kissed again.  I loved tasting myself on his tongue and in his mouth.  Still locked in a kiss, we moved over to the couch and fell onto it, with him on top of me.  We continued to explore each other, and I jerked him off while he lay on top of me.  He came again on my stomach, and collapsed.  We fell asleep like that, naked and sticky.



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