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I was hanging out at the mess tent, myself, Mark, and one other guy, a friend of Marks whom I had never met. Mark had just finished up and began to leave.

"I’ll catch you a bit later?", he smiled?

"You bet, can’t wait." I replied.

Thinking that was it, that I’d just finish and go back to the tent for some fun, mister new guy muttered “Be careful bro.”

"What?", I was generally confused.

"There are rumors about what you’ve been doing."

Okay, he knows, I thought. “Yeah? So what about them?.”

Turning to look at me now he just blateny said “Just saying, you better not disagree with the wrong person.”

I looked at him and coyly replied “Well if that someone is you, maybe I can do something to get on your good side?”

"No, I’m married." He shot at me.

Chucking, I looked at him’s and said “Half of the guys out here are.”

"Yeah, well I’m faithful", was all he could say.

"Alright, suit yourself, but you should at least take care of yourself.", shaking my head.

Almost bashful, he quietly said, “It’s not the place to do that out here.”

"Wait, you’re gonna tell me that you haven’t even jerked off? Dude, that’s not healthy" I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I said, “You know, some of the guys just close their eyes and pretend I’m their girlfriend of wife. No one has to know. I won’t say a word.”

All of a sudden, I just sensed that he might not be able to admit it, but he wanted to.

So I said to him, “Listen, some guys just don’t want to actually say it, but they want to. So listen, don’t say a word, but if I walk by Bravo 2 Humvee in, say a half hour, I’ll know that you just need a little release. It’ll just be between you and I.”

With that, I got up and left.

Exactly a half hour later I walk by, and sure enough, he’s sitting in the back. I can tell by the way he’s sitting there that he’s super nervous. He saw me, then turned his head away.

I knew I couldn’t say anything, I had to just be quiet and go slow. There’s something so damn hot when you know they can’t talk about it, but the just really need it.

So I climbed into the back slowly, and just say there for a moment. Poor guy, I could feel him trembling a little. I just leaned up against his leg and waited a few moments for him to stop shaking.

Slowly, I turned to face him, he sitting on the bench, me on the floor. I reached up, placed my hand on his chest and gently pushed him back so that he’d just lean back and hopefully enjoy this.

I trailed my hand down to his pants and God, all I could feel was this raging hardon. Oh he needed this, he needed it badly.

Gently unbuttoning him, I pulled his pants and underwear down at the same time. Beautifully shaped, if not large, his cock bounced, the head already glistening with precum.

I just slowly began to lick that off of his head and I could hear him panting. Not wanting to take any chances, I just took him entirely into my mouth. With just that one motion he couldn’t stop himself if he wanted to. He just started to cum and cum. I almost couldn’t keep up, but I knew I wanted him to enjoy every moment so I just swallowed and swallowed every sweet drop.

As he stopped pulsing, I sucked one last time deep and hard and lifted my head. Oh how hot he looked. He was still so hard, but breathing so fast.

The only thing I said to him that time,
“Okay, so if that’s enough, just cover yourself with your hands and that’s it. I’ll leave. But I’d really like to do that again. And by the the looks of it, so do you. So just clear your throat if you want to cum in my mouth again.”

As I expected, he cleared his throat. And so I was able to take my time with him again. Really enjoy that thick little cock of his. But this time, I started it right by giving his balls a nice, long tongue bath…



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