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We were just waiting for further orders, Mark and I. Sitting in the back of a humvee, just about a few hours across the border in Southern Iraq, our driver had just been picked up and taken to be briefed on the route we were going to be taking. While we “technically” weren’t on the front line per se, the tanks a quarter mile ahead of us were taking out targets almost a mile out. We were hearing and seeing as much of the fireworks as anyone, really.

Our main objective had been to disable anything that was abandoned, that was still functional, and to escort any surrendering troops back to a secure location. But today was different. There was some inbound artillery fire that, while about a half mile to our east, was still way to close for comfort.

"Did Jeff say how long he was gonna be?" I asked.
Mark looked at me curiously, “I’d say at least 45, maybe an hour. Why, you nervous?”
“Uh, yeah” I said. “No driver, sitting here like a duck.”
“Listen, they’ve been hitting the same spot over and over. They don’t have intel, and we’d just as likely get hit if we were moving, just dumb luck.” Mark replied.
“I dunno, just don’t feel good.”
“Well here, let’s change that.” No sooner did he finish that sentence did he start to unbuckle his belt.
“Are you nuts?!” I shot back at him.
“What? No one is around, no one will be for AT LEAST 30, and if you’re gut is right? Well let’s just say then, I want to cum one more time before I die.”

Mark and I were pretty close. We’d met when I was sent to his unit as a fill in, and we hit it off almost immediately. Being away from home for so long, not having my girlfriend or his wife around, we’d masturbated together a couple of times. More than once with an audience too. There were a lot of things that I’d seen out in the desert that normally wouldn’t(?) have gone on.

It took all of about two seconds for him to pull down his bdus, boxers and all and sit back down on the bench. Mark had really gorgeous cock. Not as long as mine, but goddamn, thick as you’d ever want. I started to pull my own pants down and sat down next to him, hardly believing that we were gonna jerk off here, now.

I reached over and put my hand on his shaft and Mark let out a long groan. “It’s been three days, this is gonna feel so good.” he muttered. Wrapping my fingers around him was always such a rush for me, feeling his thick, hard cock against my skin, knowing just how good it felt for him was incredible to me. And he knew all I wanted to do was make him cum. Fuck that’s what I needed right now.

"Tighter" he rasped…."grab that cock." He knew I liked it when he talked to me like that…like I was his bitch.

"Just lean back and enjoy, Mark."

Just as I said that that, I decided to make this time even more memorable. Without thinking I slipped off the bench, onto my knees in front of him and in one motion spread his legs apart, and licked him ever so slowly from his balls up to the tip of his cock…all the while staring directly up at him.

"What the…oh god…" Was the only thing that escaped his mouth as it dawned upon him what I was doing. "I’ve always wanted to try this." I said. My hand wrapped around the base of his cock, his head inches from my wet lips. "Just let me enjoy myself."

"Oh god, thank…" he trailed off into a low deep moan as I opened my mouth gently licked the underside his head. I felt Mark shiver slightly as I began to gently caress his balls and took a cock into my mouth for the first time. I closed my lips around the tip as my mind raced. This was every bit as amazing, more so even, as all of my fantasies ever had been.

I was completely drunk on pure lust. I’d always wondered how I would do, would I be good…but I was on autopilot. Replaying it in my mind, it was the most natural motion I could have ever performed. Hearing him moan and groan just further fueled my desire for his cock, for his cum.

After a quick suck on that mushroom head I wanted to do what I always dreamed of. I took a deep breath, exhaled and tried to take as much of his thick shaft as I possibly could. Little by little I slid my lips down his cock, feeling every vein, each contour sliding over my tongue. “Oh my g…fuck me, that feels incredible.” Mark stammered. About five inches in, I could feel his cockhead press the back of my throat. Not wanting to gag, I made a gentle swallowing motion and then pulled back. I stopped with my lips still around the tip and looked up at Mark. The look on his face was a glassy-eyed half smile, hanging mouth hanging partially open.

"And this is the first time you’ve ever done this??", he asked, a full grin now on his face. My only reply was an ‘mmmhmm’. As I held his cock with my right hand, I turned my attention back to his balls, slathering my wet tongue all over them, softly taking one then the other into my mouth. Just a little further underneath I tongued him, just before his ass, teasing, feeling him squirm.

But now, I don’t know what sense of urgency drove me, but I needed him to cum for me. I began a slow but rhythmic bob of my head on the top half of his cock while fondling his balls and keeping a tight grip, stroking his shaft. Mark’s moans began to get louder, his breath becoming shallower, more ragged. “You like that cock, don’t you? You’ve wanted it in your mouth since the moment you saw it, didn’t you?” was met with my moaning on his cock. He had me and he knew it. He could tell, that where I had been on the less than dominant side before, I was now his little slut. That thought only served to get me even hotter.

To say that Mark had a nice cock would be an under statement. It bordered on perfection. All I wanted was to swallow every inch that I could. I learned that there is just something almost magical about feeling a throbbing cock in your mouth, all the while knowing that you’re one causing it. I knew, just from my own masturbating, that he was close. Tighter, I gripped the base and felt the sensitive underside of his cock slide back and forth over my tongue.

"Wait wait wait, stop." Mark said. Disappointedly, I let go of my grip and reluctantly took my lips off of him. I just stayed there, looking up at him with what I could only imagine was a pleading and questioning look on my face. "What? Wasn’t I doing alright? You seemed like you gonna…"

"Shhh, you were doing great, and yeah, I was about to." Mark replied. "But not just yet…" While talking, he was just sitting there stroking his cock. "Now lie down."
Seeing a puzzled look on my face, he gently put his other hand on my shoulder and softly pushed me back a little. “Trust me, just lie back for a minute.”

Feeling the cool metal on my bare ass I instinctively raised my hips a little, causing my cock to thrust a bit in the air. Reaching over, Mark looked at me and said “what do we have here?” He trailed his fingers slowly from my ass, over my tight balls, agonizingly slow along my shaft until he reached the head of my cock, dripping with precum. Coating his finger, he raised it to his mouth and sucked it off “mmmm, tastes as good as mine.”

"Now where were we? Oh yes, your lips were around this hard cock of mine and you were blowing me like a good little girl." he said, slowly jerking his cock. "Now don’t move, and do exactly what I say or I won’t let you cum after me, is that understood?" All I could do was nod. "You like this cock, don’t you, my little slut?" He began as he bent forward and placed it directly on my lips. My eyes told the whole story. "Lick it, lick my cock. You know you want to." Opening my mouth I traced my tongue all over his head.

"You like my cock, don’t you? The look, the feel, the taste. You just can’t get enough, can you? You want to taste more, you want me to cum, don’t you?" His words were coming more as ragged gasps now. Jacking off, kneeling over me, whatever words were coming from his mouth, he was on the edge. He just wanted to shoot.

"Yes, Mark. I want it. I need it, please?" escaped my lips, in an undeniably feminine tone. "Cum for me."

"Cock, that’s all you want. In your hands, in your mouth. I could be with two or three guys right now and you would do all of us. With the others watching, wouldn’t you? You’re just a dirty little little cockslut."

Barely audible, all I could utter was a whimper of a yes.

"Open your mouth." he said. Or, who am I kidding, ordered. One hand cupping his balls, the other jacking his shaft, he pointed the head directly at my face. Maybe three or four inches from my outstretched tongue he stopped for a second, then with a loud groan the first stream of cum sprayed from his engorged head. As quickly as that first salty sweet pulse splashed against my tongue and chin I pushed my head forward to take him into my mouth.

"Oh my god yesssss." was about all I heard as he let go of his throbbing cock poured his load into my mouth as I greedily began to swallow. I didn’t even move really, simply letting Mark slide his meat deep into my mouth, I wanted to feel everything as he erupted, slowly fucking my throat. With every shot I felt his cock expand. I was in ecstasy. Knowing that I was the root cause of what was happening was the ultimate feeling of being drunk with power.

As I felt the last few throbs of his cock, he began to soften just a bit. I pushed my head all the way down his cock to the very base, and swallowed hard one last time. His whole body spasmed a bit, no doubt from the sensitivity. Mark nearly fell forward as his cock slipped from my mouth.

Wiping my chin with my finger, cleaning off that little bit that hadn’t made it into my mouth from his initial spurt, knew I was grinning one humongous smile. “Wow, that was amazing.” I laughed, licking my finger and swallowing one last time.

"Holy fuck. I don’t know if it’s just been so long that we’ve been away from home, or what," he replied, "but I swear that was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had."

I could feel my face turning beet red, while smiling at the same time.

"Do me a favor though, sit up on the bench for a moment. My back is shot, I can’t bend over, but I want to get an up close look at this cock of yours." Mark said to me, with a wink and a wicked evil grin…



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