Anon Confession

I am writing to you to share a confession. I did something new  and daring sexually  (for me anyway) and I surprisingly loved it.  But I don’t know how to tell any of my friends. I can’t think of a one who wouldn’t be shocked. I don’t know, maybe they wouldn’t be, but no one in my life has ever known me as anything but a straight male, and for most of my life,  that’s how I thought of myself. Until a few nights ago.

One reason I am sharing this with you is because I really need to tell someone to make it real for myself, since I have to wait a few weeks, due to distance, for it to maybe happen again. And I guess confessing it in front of your followers makes it very real and honestly, very fucking hot. The other reason I am sharing this with you, is because you kind of made it possible.

I’ve been reading your blog for some time, and I found certain urges that I think I always had, finally rising up, instead of being ignored or denied. The way you encourage others to dare to explore things, especially bisexual things, without labels, helped me open my mind to do that for myself. I’m sure that I’ll always lean toward being mostly straight, but the things I masturbate to now, the things that arouse me are so much more diverse and kinky, thanks to you. And those things include doing everything dirty that I can think of with both sexes, and loving it all. I even look at pictures of attractive nude couples these days, who are engaged with each other in sex, and I find myself wondering which one do I want to fuck first?

Those are the fantasies that I lose myself in. My confession, though, is about my first real bisexual experience in the flesh. My first man-on-man fuck. It happened just days ago, and I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent orgasming over the memory already. And I have to credit one particular answer you gave recently to an Ask, that helped to propel me past my fears.

A guy wrote you about not really being attracted to men, but having desires to suck and fuck them. That’s kinda like me. I fantasize with certain photos of naked men, but in real life, I don’t find myself eyeing men on the street. In your answer to the anon, you said something about looking for the chemistry between you and another guy instead of waiting for the attraction thing. And honestly, that so opened a door in my thinking.

I don’t think I would ever have let this happen without your inspiration, so if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you about it. If you think it’s worthy, please share it with your readers. I’d love to know what they think, or if they’ve done similar things. Like I said, I just need to tell someone, so  I can stop doubting that it really happened.


His name is Paul (for the purposes of this confession). He is someone I work with intermittently, because I travel to different cities to troubleshoot in our corporate offices through much of the western part of the US. So, I’ve known him off and on for nearly a year, and see him maybe once or twice a month. The company made us a a working collaborative at his branch, because we’re a very productive team. He knows the local systems better than anyone, and I know the overall, so between us we cover and ace everything.

I can’t say that I knew him that well personally until our recent adventure, but we had shared a few drinks along the way on some of my visits. He’s a great guy and we get on famously. He’s young, handsome, sharp minded and a little shy sometimes, but brilliant, and a bit quirky really. He looks great in a suit, and I will admit, now that I’ve seen him out of one in the right sexual context, I am finally actually able to think of being attracted to his slim strong body and his very firm tight ass. Yeah, I am.

He has a girlfriend, though I’m not sure how steady they are, but they’ve been together for a time. I think that’s part of what drew me to him as well. He’s kind of like me in being mostly straight. But I found out, he had the same kinds of urges that I’ve recently let myself embrace.

As awkward as our first encounter was in places, I have to say, it was one of the hottest fucking things ever. Maybe that was because we were both crossing those sexual lines for the first time together. I know I want more with him if possible, and maybe later, if I’m lucky, he’ll invite me to join him with his girl too.

My First Time

My last visit in the past week went longer than expected. I was supposed to be in Seattle for a couple of days and it turned into nearly a week. That’s when it happened. Paul and I were working endless hours, because something went seriously awol in their systems, and as crazy as it was, we both knew we’d find it eventually. We even joked about the cha-ching overtime we’d get on this wild goose chase.

When we had to work past regular hours, we’d covertly pop a beer and take breaks to gab. But this one evening, the beers were not helping, and  we needed to focus. When Paul went out to get us some serious coffee, I went back to work on the computer, and I found something by accident that started things rolling. I found his secret porn stash - one that he had buried well on his work computer, the contents of which both floored me and made me rock hard in an instant. His stash was mostly gay and bi porn and it was stunningly good, and so fucking erotic. I really wanted to just sit there at his desk and masturbate to his stash.

Mostly though, it told me something that I didn’t know about him and I started wondering “What if…”. I remembered what you said about chemistry, and I began to wonder more about him. Him with me. And me with him.  Doing all of those things I saw in his porn stash. Would he? Should I try to make something happen? After all, I was only an occasional visitor as a work partner. We could handle that probably. See? I was already running ahead and imagining us as both work and fuck buddies. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop.

When he returned, I swore he was going to spy my hard-on, which never seemed to go away. I tried to keep my mind on work, and tried to think about our “chemistry” first, and not sex. I had no idea if he’d be open to it, but I now had someone real, not only to fantasize about really having, but to maybe make it happen. I kept thinking it was the beer talking, but even after the espresso, it only got more intense.

The more it all brewed in my head as we worked, the more I realized we might have the perfect chemistry. But how the fuck to approach it? Like I said, the good news was, I’d be gone in a couple of days if it was a disaster. The bad news was I had very little time, and I suddenly wanted this to happen now. Carpe Fucking Diem, right?

We stopped around 11:30pm and agreed we both needed another wind-down drink. We hit my hotel’s bar across the street, and I’m sure I must have blushed a few times as I considered just blatantly asking him up to my room for a fuck. But how weird would that be?

Paul and I ordered a couple of micro-brews. We started talking shop, but in the back of my head I kept imagining us already in the naked tangle.  Again, it was the question of if he’d want to,  and if so, would he want to with me? Those thoughts soaked themselves into every word that came out of my mouth, to the point that I worried I might be spilling the dirty beans without knowing it.

I finally dared to ask him about his work porn stash. At first I mentioned it to let him know that it was safe and that he chose a good place to hide it. Then I advised him to delete it before he next full audit. He went silent and half red with a blushing stammer.

"How did you…?"

"I was cleaning out files and the way you labeled it, I thought it was business. It’s a very smart camouflage, but it can be found. So, you may want to keep that on a thumb drive on your keychain and take it anywhere. That’s what I do."

"So you looked at it?"

I smiled and said nothing right away. I waited to see how he would react. I told him finally that I thought it was all really hot. That I especially liked the MMF bi threesome gifs - all those different combinations of fucking and sucking in one bash, man on man on woman. I wanted to be more specific about things I loved seeing (like cum swapping and and the guys fucking and sucking while one fucked the girl), but I’d already said enough to make him stutter.

Then again, I could also see him relax a little knowing I wasn’t some militant heterosexual. But he kept fidgeting and blushing. I knew he was concerned about being outed, even as bi-curious.

I assured him that I had no intention of telling anyone. And that I was happy to know that there was someone else "like me" - mostly straight, but wanting to bend a bit to see how it feels. To see if I liked it enough to do it more. I told him that I had a similar stash to his - some gay, some bi, some straight, but all kinky. That seemed to shift things for the better.

I asked him about his girlfriend and if they’d had threesomes. He said they talked about it but she seemed too skittish to bring someone else in so far. And they hadn’t talked about doing that with another man. Just another girl. I asked him if she knew of his bi-curiosity. He said no. Not yet anyway.

I said,”You’ll have to tell her sometime. She might love it. More women do than you know.” He liked the sound of that. I shifted my tone a little, and asked  “Have you ever done anything with a guy?”

He said no, then he added timidly that he wondered what it would be like. I leaned in quietly and just said “Me too. I’ve been curious for awhile. And I masturbate about it more than I care to admit.” I let that just hang in the air for both of our sakes. It felt like a dangerous admission, and at the same time it felt fucking exhilarating. And I could almost hear his silent retort of “me too.”

He asked me if I’d done anything with a guy and I told him that I hadn’t, but I’d bought some ass toys to kind of simulate it - a plug and a suction cup dildo -  and how I discovered loving ass play. He asked me what I liked about it. I just told him the truth, that it was amazing feeling to be filled like that, and to ride a long thick dick. And that now, I wanted to feel someone actually fuck me in the ass, either a woman with a strap-on or maybe the right guy.

I was surprised at what was coming out of my mouth. The alcohol may have loosened me up a bit, but when I knew he was basically in the same place about trying on sex with a guy, I just couldn’t stop testing the waters. If I had gotten different signals I would have backed off. And though his reactions were a bit shy, they also were saying, “keep going”, like he needed a little urging and that’s all.

We were about to order another round (I thought I needed it to broach the next set of lewd leading questions), but the sassy waitress whose ass we both kept watching when she walked by, said they were closing. She added with a covert insinuation “If you’re staying here, you can take another round up to your room and continue there…”

This time it was my turn to blush. I wondered how much our little tete-a-tete was exposing what was under our tensions. She seemed to sense what was going on between us just by watching. Then I started to muse whether she’d want to watch us, since there was a touch of glee in her suggestion. I was dying to ask her if she’d like to be a voyeur with a couple of guys trying their hand at first time bi-sex. But I didn’t know how much even I would do, if anything, and I couldn’t quite tell about Paul either.

I just turned to Paul and said “Wanna come up for a round?” And the way it came out of my mouth made the waitress bite her lower lip, but Paul to just interject sportily “Yeah sure”, as if it was to play Xbox. I had another urge to invite the waitress, thinking she seemed like someone who would make sure it would actually happen, and happen fucking well.

She returned with the micro-brews, I signed it to the room, tipped her really well, and prayed that she’d come up and listen through the door. One look at the check and she knew the room number where we would be… doing whatever I hoped we’d be doing.

The elevator ride was really awkward. We were both not acknowledging what was getting closer between us. I tried to stay calm and keep breathing. I found myself eyeing his body in his nice suit and loosened collar and tie. He saw me looking and we locked gazes for a moment. The telltale moment that gave me a silent go-ahead was when he looked up to see if there was a camera in the elevator. Like he wanted to do something with me, but didn’t want to get caught.

My cock hardened immediately, and I tried to subtly cover it so as not to scare the boy away.  My thoughts started racing. I wanted him to ask me if I was hard, and to come over and start stroking me right there. My mind ran ahead to what might happen, then I panicked again, thinking, “What if I don’t like his body? What if I don’t like the look of his cock?” I’d seen lots of pics of cocks I’d like to play with on tumblr, but some, not so much. Then I tried to tell my head to shut up because I had no idea how this would go, if it went at all.

The closer we got to my room in the hall, the more I really wanted to touch him inappropriately, and start it all right in the hallway. But I held back for safety. My room was way at the end of the hall so it felt perfectly hidden. There was a moment at the door when we both looked at each other and said nothing. The things going on behind both our eyes no doubt were speaking volumes, perhaps about hoping some dirty fantasies would come true. It as incredibly electric. It as like entering the door to a secret playhouse where only we would know what kind of naked secrets would be revealed there. It wasn’t a point of no return, but it felt like an agreement or a decision to go ahead together.

We got inside and I tossed my coat and tie, kicked off my shoes and told him to do the same. He was still standing after doing so, and I walked over to him, stared for a long moment and clinked my bottle on his.

"Here’s to sharing new… secrets. And to keeping them safe, right"

"Yes" he agreed and we drank on it.

Then came more awkward silence but it was swirling with the unspoken fears and hangers.

I finally said, “Am I….umm,  misreading this or do you want to…. I mean, would you want to try… any of what we’ve been talking about? What I found in your stash, I mean.” I added nervously “You know… with me?”

I’d barely finished the last sentence when he jumped in with a muttered but definite “yes”. My body rushed with sensations of lust and fear. I had no fucking idea how to do this. But I so wanted to try, and he was the right guy in the right timing.

I raced back in memory wondering  how long he’d though of me that way.  It didn’t matter. I’d find out later. Right now I had a guy in my room who wanted to play and I really wanted to play with him. But how to fucking start??

"What do you want to do?" I asked him in a haltingly. He blushed and shrugged unsure of what to say. "I know." I said, "I mean I don’t know either." That seemed to make him relax a bit.

"Do you wanna kiss me?", I asked suddenly. He seemed uneasy about that. "Okay… Are you okay with me kissing you? I’m not really sure how else to begin."

Again he was so nervous he couldn’t speak. I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth. I said, “Well if you really wanna fuck me, you’ll have to kiss me first.”

He answered sheepishly, “Okay”, and my cock went full-on steely hard, tip to base. He basically just told me that he wanted to fuck me. I approached him slowly and leaned in for the first taste, which was shivery and nervous and soft…. until my hand cupped his crotch and he kissed back more eagerly than I expected.

As our mouths opened and out tongues slid out into each other’s mouths, I thought, “Oh shit, I’m going to fuck a guy!”

Part 2

I could only guess that he was as nervous as I was, but my dick was harder than I’d ever remembered, probably from the sheer taboo of it all. I was terrified and so very turned on. He was probably worse with his nerves, from what I could tell, but he was game.

I started to move my hand on his cock through his pants, and use my fingers to suss out its shape and size. It was a new thing to feel someone else’s, but it was a good size and thickness, and with that recognition, I closed my hand to grip it as best I could. He reacted with an instinctive soft moan. “Fuck, he likes the way I touch him”, I thought.

Without any intent to do sot, we had somehow had moved over to the nearest wall where I now had him cornered. He reached down and started to explore my rock-hard dick through my suit pants. The more we groped, the hotter the kissing went to licking and biting and tugging at shirt buttons.

He was quite hairless on his chest but muscular at the same time and I thought, perfect! I found myself suddenly sucking his nipples like I’d done with women in foreplay. And when I did, I felt his hand on the back of my hair egging me on to not stop. Our groping was now grabbing and without a thought, I reached back and shoved my hand under his belt to get a handful of his ass. And it felt sooo fucking good. Firm, tight, flexed, smooth and wanting to be touched, I think.

We were both panting. I let go of his dick as our eyes locked again. Then I slowly unzipped him and he sighed an “oh fuck” right to my face. His grip on my cock tightened. I just said, “Go ahead” and he unzipped me as well. Neither of us had looked down yet, but we had each other’s erections in our fists. Neither of us knew exactly what to do, but as I moved in to kiss him again, we both start pumping slowly on each other. Then, we were grinding cock against cock. In that moment, I just wanted to bend him over and shove my cock full tilt into his asshole. But I knew that I needed to get there first.

When the heat rose too much, we broke, but never let go of the other’s dick. It was time for one of us to do something more. I started to stroke him slowly again, and he followed suit on my thickened meat. I asked him quietly, “How have you imagined this when you masturbate? What do you wanna do? Or would you want me to do?”

To my surprise he awkwardly moved to kneel down, he looked up at me, looked at my cock in his hand, and took his first licks. Then he wrapped his lips around the head, and his half a fist around my shaft and started to suck and stroke and tease me. Looking down at him and seeing his raging hard-on as he pushed his face onto my happy dick, had me deliriously aroused.

He was amazing too. I mean, I could feel moments of his tentativeness, but he had clearly fantasized about this, and watched a lot of cock-sucking porn, because without even meaning to, my hand was instinctively in his hair and my cock was starting to joyously fuck its way into his throat.. and he opened up to let me.

As I looked down, I saw this hot younger guy I’d known a little for awhile, on his knees, his pants open and his own cock hard and wet-tipped, hungrily going to work on my swelling erection. That visual alone had my mind in wild and dirty spin. I suddenly wanted to fuck him all night, in every conceivable way.

At one point, I could see his phone nearby and I grabbed it, knowing that you can open the camera function without opening the phone. I tried to steady my hand enough to get a good shot of him sucking my cock, and I did. He heard the click and looked up. I smiled and said, “It’s your phone. So you get to decide if you want to share it with me. I want to remember this. it’s just too fucking hot.”

He went back to his task with a feverish energy. I thought at first he was just going to get me raging hard for fucking, but he was going at it like he was dying for a gallon of my cum in his belly.  And as much as I wanted to hold out, I was suddenly ready to stuff my entire length into his throat and explode. At one point he pushed himself too far onto my cock (with my help no doubt) and he choked a bit. God, those noises were hot. But he had to pull off, and catch his breath.

I found myself kneeling to his level face him and make sure he was okay. He was. Then he asked if what he was doing to my cock was okay. I told him it was fucking spectacular, and asked him if he wanted me to cum in his face.  He just said, “Yes.” And out of the blue I said, “I want yours, too. C’mon. Bedroom.”

We stumbled in and at the foot of the bed, we started tearing our remaining clothes from each other. Our rigid cocks were keeping us apart until I pulled him close and starting rubbing mine against his. Then I pushed him onto the bed, swiveled around and knelt over him in reverse, lowering my cock to his mouth. He grabbed it and started back to his brilliant sucking.

As he got into a rhythm on mine, I was able to lean in and stroke his very beautiful cock, and the first thing I did was lick all of the pre-cum from his tip, which made him hum on my dick. I’d watched enough porn and had my cock sucked by some pretty amazing women, so I echoed what I knew, and soon Paul and I were playing who could make who moan louder with a mouth full of cock. He was kind of winning since I had already been so close to the edge in the other room. I had a feeling I was gonna blow first.

Soon we were side by side, sucking each other and fucking one anothers’ faces. The minute I reached back to grab his ass and felt its smooth skin and muscled rump, all I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck that ass. I slid a finger into his pucker and it made him shove forward into my throat and start fucking me. God that was so hot. He did the same fingering to my ass, and in no time we were double face-fucking,  until I finally could feel myself ready to blow.

I couldn’t speak or howl with his dick fucking across my tongue, so I growled with my mouth full and let loose a river of cum and came hard. I must have been slamming his face and jerking into him because I felt him back off a bit, but he wrapped his lips tight to my shaft and the feeling of him doing that made me cum even more intensely. That first man-sucked orgasm felt like it went on forever and it was astronomically extraordinary. And the gurgling and gulping sounds he made sent me to the fucking moon.

As soon as I could manage it, I got back to fingering his ass and swallowing his cock, while he gently stroked my cock and suckled the juices out of it. He knew how not to over-sensitize me as he played, which I didn’t realize until later. It was perfect. When I finally shoved two fingers deep in his tight little asshole and pushed my face to his balls, I felt him growl on my cock. His body tensed, his dick twitched, and I too, backed off just enough, taking my cue from him. Those last pulses on his shaft before he shot is first dollop of cum across my tongue felt so amazingly powerful. I just turned this man into cum jelly. Just the way he’d done to me.

I kept my hands on his ass and felt him fuck my mouth, and try to fuck my throat as his body jerked and spewed and his hands held onto me for dear life. And half the time my dick was still in his mouth. Jesus it was amazing. I couldn’t believe how much cum he spurted into my mouth and some right down into my throat. By pure instinct I was gulping half of it down without even a thought. I loved the taste and the absolute wicked feel of the forbidden act I had just made happen.

As his orgasm settled, we were both still enjoying the taste of one another, until I finally moved back and swiveled about. I decided to do what I often did after giving a woman an oral explosion. Just kiss upward until I reached her mouth and share the spoils. We both had what felt like a pint or two of cum to swap, and that turned out to be the dirty thing that turned us both on even more. I’d just never imagined I’d really get to do this with a guy. And this guy, of all. It was fucking bliss.

 At one point I actually said to him “I’m dying to plow your ass. It’s so…. fuckable.” He didn’t say anything at first as he was still trying to swallow what was left in his mouth, but his nod told me he was up for trying that. So I quietly decided for us both - that’s what we would do next, as soon as we recovered.

Part 3

After the shameless cum trade, something we obviously both had fantasized about, we lay there together, just breathing and touching. It was awkward but sweet. I wasn’t sure how to lay with a guy - like who was the big spoon or should be lay looking up and… fuck, I didn’t know. What I really liked, even then, was that we had both just sucked each other off together and swallowed together, so it kind of set us up as equals, with no one calling the title “top”.

I had a feeling he was a bit of a bottom, but I wanted suddenly to do everything with him. I wanted him to fuck my ass as much as I wanted to savage his. Somehow, this carnal turn of events felt so fucking perfect and even. It had lots of possibilities.

The quiet talk started haltingly, until I said that I really loved what we just did. He agreed. I asked him if he had any secret kinks or desires or fantasies about what to do with another guy. He was a bit shy in sharing but he did say he wanted to tie a guy down and fuck him again and again for hours. Then have him do the same to him, cumming both inside of him and all over him. I muttered “Fuck, I’m game.” We laughed.

He asked me the same. I said that I loved the idea of seeing my cum dripping from his ass, or even another guy’s ass and licking it up and feeding it to him from my tongue. I wasn’t sure if I’d break our spell by mentioning his girlfriend, but I said, “I’d love to eat your cum from her ass or pussy”. He said “She’d probably love that, if she gets past her worries about another person with us. She might be better abut it, if it’s a guy. I don’t know.” I quietly said, “You may want to let her know you’d be okay with that, and see what she says.”

I just said, if she likes the idea of guys engaging with each other in a threesome, that might be the way to open things up. I smiled and added “Invite me anytime.”

Things were warming up between us and our hands were slowly exploring each other again. Then I said, “I’d love to DP your girl with you, then lick each others’ cum from her ass and cunt, then feed it to her and each other.”

Something about that suggestion sent us right back into the wicked climb. We were stroking and humping on each other. I turned him face down and started sliding my cock up and down his ass crack and he arched like he wanted to be mated.

"Fuck", I said. He asked what. "No lube…wasn’t prepared for this hot surprise. But wait… don’t go anywhere. You’re not getting out of here until I pound your perfect little asshole."

He moaned. He so wanted it.

I went quickly into the bathroom and grabbed the very nice soap with the natural oils in it, put a puddle of water in the curved soapdish and carried it back in. I really wanted to fuck him face to face, but I pulled him to the bottom edge of the bed and placed him forcefully face down/ass up and spread. He looked so fuckably hot like that.

I’d never licked a man’s asshole, but I found myself suddenly sucking his balls again and licking upward to his pucker. The minute my tongue grazed his hole, he started to gurgle. I had obviously hit another fantasy of his. And mine. I buried my face in his ass and started to tongue fuck him. The way he moved and arched and moaned made my cock drip. it felt like he would let me do this all night to him.

But soon, I rolled the wet soap in my hand, slicked up my fingers and started to paint his asshole inside and out with the slippery soap. I soaped my cock and his. I soaped up three fingers and spread his hole more open and pushed them in almost knuckles deep. I started to slide my cock up and down his crack again, adding the soapy slickness when needed. He was already gripping the coverlet, so I teased him. “How bad do you wanna be fucked? C’mon, Paul, tell me!” And I smacked his ass. He fucking loved that.

I made him beg me to fuck him a number of times, leaving handprints on his rump before each admission. I asked him if he wanted to “my little dickwhore” for now, and he just said “give it to me” like he couldn’t wait another minute.The more this went on, the more I need to just rape his dirty little hole.

I flipped him onto his back suddenly and he literally said “What the fuck..?”. I just said that I wanted to see his face register every push as my cock filled his asshole the first time. He seemed to love that idea. For some reason, I also wanted to have the visual of knowing it was a man’s ass I was breaching, because it would have been easy to imagine his as an athletic girl since it had no hair at all. I wanted the fucking taboo of another cock there in my view.

I soaped us up some more, spread his legs, placed them on my chest and shoulders and nuzzled my cockhead to his soapy hole. I just said, “Show me how much you love this.” Half of me couldn’t believe I was talking to him like this, but it turned me on so fucking much to be in the position to just use him the way he wanted.

I pushed in hard the first time and we both growled. I started rocking and our eyes were suddenly locked. We almost didn’t need to talk. I could tell when he was ready for more, and I loved seeing each inch of my cock being buried in his ass, radiating on his face like that. It was a first for us both, but his ass was pretty open and accommodating for a newbie. I demanded that he tell me if he’d fucked toys. He had. “Good, I said, I’m not going to hold back then.”

I started fucking him deeper, and found a steady rhythm while stroking his cock and never taking my eyes from his. Part of my mind couldn’t believe that I was even doing this. Fucking a guy like he was a girl under my spell, but loving the fact that his cock was there to taunt him with as well. I shoved in hard a few times and watched his eyes roll back.  Then that doubt entered - am I gay? Will I want guys more than girls? I shoved that  away, knowing this was just a new adventure, and if I could have focused then, I would have known that what I really wanted was both sexes, together, in a bisexual fuck orgy.

In the mix of things, the heat rose to a place where I pulled out suddenly for a purpose. He cried out “Noooo”. I flipped him back over with his ass in the air, and I heard him moan, “Yessss”. I re-soaped my dick, paddled his ass and shoved my cock back in as far as it would go.

I started power-fucking his ass, leaning over now and then to growl something dirty in his ears “I want to fuck you over your desk like this.” Then, “I want to fuck you over your girlfriend’s face like this” - on the last one, he whimpered “Oh God”. I knew I’d remember that one later. I realized that I could see us in the wall mirror now, my hips pounding into his, and his cock waiving under him and dripping like crazy.

I remembered too a female friend of mine saying that the reason she loves watching man on man gay porn is because they fuck like animals, hard and raw and there was nothing else like it. Inspired by her voice in my head, I began to fuck him savagely like there was no tomorrow, and he surrendered to every wild slam taking it like a pro. And when I came long and loudly, I wrapped my body around him, and shoved my dick inside of him so far he had to hold onto the sides of the mattress which he could barely reach. There was a lot of “oh fuck“‘s and “oh god’s” coming from both of us. Again, I came like a monster, dumping endless streams of cum in his tight little butthole. Fuck it was so good.

I knew that the intensity was from daring to break the old taboo in my head. As much as I couldn’t believe I had just fucked a guy, I also couldn’t believe I had waited this long to try it.

We both collapsed down onto the bed, me still twitching deep inside of him. We started sharing dirty ideas. He said, when he fucked me, he wanted to do it in a mirror so he could watch me, while he took me from behind.  I told him I’d love to fuck him at work then plug his ass, and make him keep my cum in him while we worked side by side. He said “I want you to fuck me like that while I’m fucking my girl.” He won that round. That had been a dirty fantasy of mine, ever since I considered fucking guys.

When I pulled out and rolled him over, I saw that he had cum all over himself. I smiled and said, “Mmmm, love that!”, and I proceeded to lick some of it up. We kissed. Then I moved my dirty cock up to his face. “C’mon, I loved the taste of your ass. I’m sure it’s better with my cum on it too.” He sucked me clean and we shared that too.

I was expecting him to say “My turn when we’re hard again”, but he saw the clock and realized he had to go. “I can’t go back to work in these clothes in the morning, and I do need to sleep. These hours are kicking my ass.” I was exhausted too really, so I gave him no fight.

I wanted him to stay so he could fuck me in a morning shower. And I was only here for another half day, then gone.

It was oddly awkward again as he cleaned up enough to get dressed. I wrapped a towel around me and watched my own cock rise again under it. He saw it too.

There was that silent moment where we rehashed the promise of keeping this an absolute secret. I just said at the door, that I’d see him in the office tomorrow for a short while. I smiled and reassured him, “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. No one will ever know.” He eased up, remembering that we both had to honor each other to be safe.

He leaned in, rubbed my hard-on through my towel and said, “Next time, I get to fuck you. I might have to buy some restraints”. We laughed, and I said quietly, “You won’t have to, but do it, if you want.”

Next day, we barely had a moment alone in the office. But I leaned in to him at his desk quietly and whispered, “If I drag you into the storage closet for a blowjob, which one of the girls who work here will want to watch and masturbate to us?”. We both laughed. Then he promised me that he’d find out by the time I returned.

I’ll be back there in just about 2 weeks, and I can’t stop thinking about it. And about what he and I did and what we’ll do next. But because we didn’t kinda finish everything, and it’s so far away, I really needed to tell someone. Sorry for the length of this.

Thanks for letting me share.

PS.  He just texted me the blowjob pic. He said I could share the blurred version. He loved that I took it. So, this is our first pic from his phone with my dick in his mouth. Time to masturbate again.



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That was fucking Hot

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