The Crush


Written by nakddoorsredux

There was a time in my life when I would never have even imagined playing with another male.

Then, when I began to silently consider it, often with the intent of stirring up a female lover who hungered to see her men play together., it was always someone my age,  equally curious, maybe with a little experience, both of us with equally courageous and open minds.

Then I met this young man. A boy really, though perfectly of age. Just 18, and diving into his own first discoveries of which side to play with, thinking that he might have to choose between them.

The attentions he paid me at the outset, when I taught a couple of seminars in the Theater Arts at his school, was sweet and flattering, but I didn’t take them to mean more than him having a passing boy-crush on me.  Then  again, it whispered dirty thoughts into my private stash of lewd imaginings, but I kept those safely on a back shelf.

I did notice, however, that his crush was a very hungry one, so I finally let it slowly seep into my dirty fantasy, and began one night to masturbate to that wicked file in my mind’s carnal eye. You know, when I imagined have a boy sex slave to fuck, with no one knowing but he and I.

Young Greg asked if he could write me after a lecture one afternoon, to ask relevant career questions, and connect with me on Facebook. I knew he was genuinely interested in a theater career, so I saw no harm in it. And I do remember peering into his photos on his Facebook page - there was nothing inappropriate, but his summer pics showed him in a small perfectly fitted bathing suit, and I could not help but notice (and add to the fantasy file) what I saw there.

His sleek, youthful body was lithe and muscular enough, but perfectly hairless like a young boy or girl might be. His ass was tight and tempting and the bulge in his suit was not overly large, but big enough to make me smile. Yes, I thought to myself, I could imagine ruing his male virginity for my own pleasure. Then I smirked to myself, knowing it wasn’t really meant to happen.

Little did I know that this very fantasy is exactly what young Gregory was praying for. With me. I would soon find that out.

My next seminar was only a month from this last one, and this time I was teaching some of the harsher realities of life in the theater. Some were attractive aspects of an artist’s life, other stories I shared were the more raw realities, even about relationships.

Young Greg was moved in many ways by this talk, and had tons of questions for me after that day’s session. So, when he asked if we could sit and talk, maybe over coffee, I was happy to oblige. I had two more days at the university for other business and classes, so I had the time to spare.

Theater talk, soon led to life talk, and at one point, he began asking about sexuality in the theater world. “Do you have to be gay to succeed?” He asked genuinely.

I laughed gently. “No. You don’t. And peoples’ minds are way more open in the Arts in general.”, I said.

I could feel his dilemma stirring, so I asked, “Are you not sure what sex you like better? You don’t have to choose, you know. Bi is always an answer. But as you start out, you may want to keep things closer tot he vest. You never know who judges people for their choices. Again, it’s never as bad in the Arts as in business, but theater is also a business.”

I could see a little relief in his face, so I continued, “Don’t let your career choice designate your sexual path. It is so not necessary.”

He started breathing again, then stopped, paused, then asked me point blank, “Are you bi or gay? Have you been with other guys? I mean, you know, for sex?”

That question had a whole other tone to it, whether he realized it or not.

I smiled gently, and as I began t answer,  I noticed that I was instictively leaving a door open a bit, without obvious intent. I think something in me sensed what this was and could be.

“I’m mostly drawn to women.” I said at first, and I watched his face fall a little. My senses were right. He was hoping for something more from me. And at this point, I wasn’t about to tell him that I did, one night at home, while look at his bathing suit pic and imagining the rest, masturbate to a secret little fantasy about having him full on. But it was the memory of that dirty deed that kept my mind’s door ajar for him.

I continued, “But i have experimented a little along the way. With a guy or two. mostly in a threesome with a girl.”

I let that hover in the air, and I looked down out of curiosity, and I swore I could see his crotch bulge thicken.

I opened the door a little further. “Why?” Because i was intrigued by my own temptation, and by his not-so-silent prayer to try me on for size.

“Why do you ask?”, I said, already knowing the answer. He blushed hard. I smiled warmly, and said, “I thought so.”

The cat was out of the bag. This young man wanted me, and I let him know, in an offhand way that I knew, and yet, I wasn’t running away.

“Thank you, Greg. That’s a lovely compliment…”,  started to say.

“Would you…?”. He couldn’t finish the sentence. “ I mean, consider…ahhh… maybe… with… ummm, someone like… me?”

Now, I was the one blushing, and slightly awkward in my lack of response. He noticed that I hadn’t said no.

“Fuck”, he cried, “I have one more class. I have to go”

We both rose from the quad benches we were sitting on.

He looked up at me with  his soft gentle and honest eyes. “Can we…. talk…  ummm, more…. later?”

“Of course”, I said. “Call me at the hotel.” He knew where I was staying.

He hugged me hard with a fervent “Thank you!”, and I could feel his full-on erection nuzzle my leg for a moment, before he pulled away in semi-embarrassment at the telltale display.

Before he broke and ran, I fought the urge to kiss him right then and there, in the open air of the quad. And as he tore off to his last class of the day, I could hear my own head, whisper to me, “I am going to fuck that boy tonight. All night long, if it’s a good as I imagine it may be.”


As expected, Greg called via the hotel phone after his last class. He’d taken some time to stop back at his dorm room and  put himself together, but he had hoped to continue our talk. he said. And I could tell, by the sweet horny tremor in his voice, that it was about so much more than a talk.

In the interim, between our first talk and the phone call, my mind was running a thousand scenarios - everything from letting him down easy with a little “We really shouldn’t, as teacher and student. If the college finds out…” to a “show me how good you are on the elevator ride up” blowjob scenario.

So, by the time I got his call, my own cock was quietly prepping for a little derring-do with the sincere and horny boy, who longed for me to do him but good. I could barely admit to myself that I’d signed onto Facebook once more to look at his bathing suit pics, as I contemplated what I might dare to do.

“Have you eaten yet?” I asked on the other end of the phone.

“Not yet…”, Greg said.

“Meet me in the hotel restaurant. I’ll buy you a proper meal. I’m sure you could use one. We can talk there.”

I could hear both joy and disappointment in his voice. The idea that I invited him over was a big plus, but I’m sure there was a little part of him that was hoping for room service, with him as my naked dessert. Little did he (or I) know that that was coming as well, all too soon.

He was cleaned up and nervous, yet charming as ever, as we sat and ate and talked theater and life, and yes, even a bit of sex. He dared  to tell me that he liked both boys and girls but hadn’t done a lot with either sex. He wanted to try everything. I could just feel him hoping that I might teach him much more than I was being paid to teach. Again, it was his sincerity, his complete open-mindedness, and his eagerness that added fuel to my inner wicked flames.

By the end of the meal, I had made an unconscious decision to give this young man thing a try. Part of me wondered “Why look a somewhat taboo gift like this pass by?” I still had a few reservations.

We waked to the lobby, and I could feel his need to stay with me burning through his shivering flesh.

“Can I use your bathroom?”, he quickly begged, as if I didn’t know there was one right around the corner.

I smiled knowingly, and said, “Sure. C’mon up.” We both knew what that meant, without admitting it to the other.

The elevator ride was mostly quiet, and full of nervous promise, but we weren’t exactly alone the whole way. I could hear Greg almost sigh when I opened the door to my hotel room, and he did actually head right to the loo, and took a long piss. I was almost as nervous as he was when I heard him washing up and knew the door would open in a moment, and leave us to the real reason he was there.

He exited the bathroom, said a quick “Thanks!”, then stood in silence, not knowing what to do next.

The air in the room was crackling, almost audibly. I chose to open the door the rest of the way. After all, I did invite him to my hotel room, with its prominent king sized bed. The stage, as they say, was set.

“What were you hoping for, Greg? It’s okay. Say anything you want. I kind of know already. But you can tell me.”

He was unable to speak and he was visibly shaking and red and hard as a rock in his jeans. It was so sweet and tempting, but I took one more pass at diversion. He finally managed two words: “Everything”, and “Anything…”.

“Do you think this is a good idea? With a teacher? If the university finds out, we’re  both screwed.”

“I know”, he whispered. “I want to… keep it a secret…. anyway. So… if we like it…”. Again, his breath stopped, as did his words. But I heard the rest of that thought.

I moved to him, and softly asked if he liked kissing. He nodded his assent. I wrapped my arms about his body, moved in, licked his lips slowly, which made him part them, then I slid my tongue into his mouth and took his throat for a long, teasing ride.

I broke the kiss, and let what had just happened, as well as what was about to happen, sink into my newly rabid consciousness. I had this willing, eager and horny young man silently pleading for me to take him however I wished. And for the first time, I found myself loving the idea of diving in with him, no fucking holds barred.

I moved back in to the boy, and let my hands trace the form of his body, from his shoulders to his hips in the front, then from his shoulder blades right down to the firm rock of his ass cheeks.

As I touched him everywhere, I said, “Be sure this is what you want. Because once I start, I might not let you stop.”

He wasn’t certain how to answer, so I asked plainly. “Are you sure you want this? Everything and anything?”

He nodded yes, trying not to appear too desperate. But I knew he was dying for it. And his feverish desire began to stoke mine.

This boy was now mine to own.


I slid one hand around to the front of his pelvis and cupped my hand on his steely erection through his jeans. He half moaned, half whimpered.

“It definitely feels like you do.”  He put his hand on mine to encourage me. I squeezed his thickness and he moaned audibly.

“How long have you been masturbating about this?”, I asked, with a slight demand in my tone. He almost began to tear up.

I smiled, “That long, huh?” I let that spin in the heated air for a few moments, then I added, “It’s okay. I did once or twice two. About you.”

I thought he was going to cum in his pants from that admission.

I stared to unbutton his shirt, and strip him of everything he was wearing, and as I did, I decided to make the dirty tease last longer.

“So what made you cum the hardest? Imagining me cumming down your young throat, after fucking your face? Or you cumming down my throat? Or both? Or was it, me folding you in half and taking your ass like the hot tight little virgin boycunt that it is… and that will soon be all mine to own??”

By the time I finished that set of lewd questions, he was naked, and dripping wads of clear pre-cum onto the rug and onto his thighs.

I cupped my hand under his sex to hold it, and let the drippage pool in my palm, as I softly hummed, “You have a gorgeous cock. nice and long, thick, but not overly. It’s fucking perfect, and perfect for fucking. Play your cards right and I might let you have a ride in my ass too, after I ruin yours.”

His dick twitched and spat more arousal into my hand.

I smeared the pre-cum across his mouth, then kissed him deeply. “Mmmmm,  delicious, don’t you think?”

He was breathless.

“Speaking of your ass, turn around. I want to see it without your bathing suit.”

That gave him a start, knowing that I’d seen the pics that he hoped I’d seen. He turned and arched proudly, like a good sub boy would, and his ass was also perfect. Small, tight, hairless, and oh so willing to be finally fucked.

I reached under and rolled his balls like dice in my hand, as I nibbled on his ear, and asked him point blank, “Tell me the truth… any diseases? Are you a healthy boy? I am.”

He admitted that he was probably too inexperienced to have picked up anything unhealthy, and also very careful.

“Good boy”, I said, as I slid by finger around his anal ring, and watched him collapse onto the wall in front of him.

I smacked his ass hard, to pull him out of his reverie, turned him about, then bade him undress me, as I reminded him that, being older, he may or may not like what he saw (even though I do stay in good shape).

He stripped me nervously, and once I led his hand to my rigid cock, it felt like he might never let go of it.

“Still want what you see, Gregory?”,I demanded in my teaching voice.

“Yes, pleeease”, was his instant response.

“Good boy. Now show your teacher what you know about pleasing another man. Go on…”.

He needed no other prompting. He was on his knees in a flash, no doubt living out a masturbatory fantasy about swallowing my cock. He was so eager to please, that I had to slow him down at one point, but the boy was worshiping my dick like there would be no others in his lifetime.

I added fuel to the fire by face-fucking him as no one had ever done. His eyes were all watery and his breath was at gasping point, when I pulled him back up and french-kissed his dirty mouth.

He thought he had done something wrong, so I grinned and said, “Excellent beginning, Paduan.  But I am saving my first load of cum for somewhere else.”

He knew exactly what I meant. And with an almost Pavlovian response,  he moved to the bed, got on all fours (imagining what I might want), spread his thighs open and peered underneath himself, to await the arrival of my battering ram of a cock to split his ass in two.

It was in that moment that I stopped to drink in this perfect visual.

I could see he was worried at first. He asked, “No?”

I said softly, “You are beautiful in this pose. Don’t move. I need to see this again.”

Before he could respond with a “Any time you want”, I grabbed my phone and took this photo of him. It was a perfect moment in time.

It wasn’t just the sleek beauty of his body, his sterling cock, poised and deeply aroused, it was also that boyish hunger for me in his face’s expression, as if it said, “Please ruin me now… by taking me to heaven and keeping me there.”

For some reason, I was suddenly smitten. In that erotic instant, I knew that I was not only going to fuck and mate and rut with this boy, and ruin him for all others, but I was also going to make love to his sweet body and sou, his cock, his mouth and his stellar assl  - something I’d yet to imagine with another man.

I dropped the phone, knelt behind his haunches and said gently, “You just look too good to be true. And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to ruin you for anyone else…”.

I took his balls in my mouth, stroked his cock until it began to puddle again, then licked upwards to his taut little boycunt, and tongue-fucked him there until I heard him chanting a new lewd mantra of “ohmigodohmigodohmigawwwwd..”.

I reached into my bag for the lube (yes, I did bring it just in case). I slathered his tiny hole to ready him, and my cock to ready me, then I spread his tight little ring apart with one finger, then two, then three. By the time I went knuckles deep in the boy, he was arched and begging for more.

I smacked his ass once more, but cheered him on with “I love hearing that”.

I flipped him onto his back, placed his legs over my shoulders, but before I moved up to breach him, I took a long deep playful swallow of the most of his gorgeous cock, until I felt his fists in my hair, hanging on as if I were a bucking bronco taking him for an unexpected ride.

I let his sex go, and slid upwards. I spread his rear cheeks apart, slid my lubed dick up and dow  his pleading bottom’s crack, then just as I nuzzled my cockhead to his gasping anal gate, I said, “I want to see your face as I take and fuck and own your body, Gregory. So don’t be shy. Let it all show.”

“And”, I added, “I want you to see mine as I dump a bucketful of cum inside of you. I want to feel you cum from that, all over your belly and mine.”

I kept at him. “So, tell me young man, how badly do you want this?”

He was clawing at my back and half in tears, when he said “Pleeeeease. Everything. Anything. Take me, Mr. Jay.!”

There was something so awkwardly sweet about him not even knowing what to call me outside of the classroom, but that ephithet slipped into the back of my consciousness, as I pushed my needy cock hard into his young pliable ass’ opening, and began to stretch this young man’s boycunt in one long deep, ever widening chasm for me to pummel-fuck, for hours, if I wished.

Once in balls deep, I took my time to savor this wild new flavor of depravity. I had to remind myself that he was of legal age for fucking, as his young body sometimes almost betrayed that truth.

I jack-hammered his hot ass deep and hard. I eased up and slow fucked him, with a seductive sensual air I had only used with women. I spewed dirty talk in his ears, and felt him trying to fuck my belly with his very wet, fully loaded dick.

I kissed him while I power-fucked him again. I made him beg for me to cum deep in his asscunt. And before I made good on my promise to do so, I made him promise to lick up the mess from my cock afterward - something he was all too eager to agree to.

I began the final climb for us both. It was a non-stop, ever rising rhythm of full-stroke-power-fucking. Greg’s body was primed, shaking, and frankly, so was mine. We were suddenly in a rare face-to-face, pure animal rutting dance, and I howled my bliss as I let him know that his hot ass was about to be filled with my blasted cum.

I slammed his  hips hard enough to break them, over and over, and he cried out from the power and the bursting jets of goo, spouting into places he never knew he could feel within his back entryway. And before, I could think to reach to get him off too, his cock just erupted all over us both, as he cried out “Ohgodohfuckohfuuuuuuuccckkk!”

We rocked and spasmed and fucked for seeming ever, then  I collapsed onto this young man’s sweet alluring body, sated in a way that I’d yet to imagine. After all, this was a first for me, fucking another male without a woman’s provocation. And doing so without shame or withholding.


For a long time, I did not want to leave the grip of his deep, sullied anal canal. As we lay tangled, I would reach down, steal his cum from his or my belly, and smear it on his mouth for a sticky kiss. Then as my cum leaked from his ass onto my balls, I added that to the wicked mix.

“So”, I finally broke the moaning silence, “Is this something you like a reprise of?”

His first words was an emphatic “UNNPPH!”. Then, “Yes, please.”

I could feel him tense up a bit, so I asked why.

“Would you?  Want more?”, he asked nervously.

“My sweet, wicked Gregory, you’ve made me want more. In fact, I may never let you leave this room while I’m here. I have so many more things I want to do to you. And with you. That is, as long as it remains our little secret.”

“I’ll do anything you want, I promise.” he said.

“I know you will. Because I’ll make you.”

That made his young dick hard suddenly. That’s when I realized just what a gift it was to have a young man with me. instant erections, almost at will.

I made him stay with me all night, and promised us both, just a few hours sleep. I would do the dirtiest things with this boy all night long, half the time, barely believing that it was me doing them. I even let him take a deep cum-dumping ride in my ass, and I actually loved every fucking minute of it.

I then made him pose again for a few more action shots (with my cock in his mouth and his ass, and his cock in mine); photos that I told him I would share only with my friend Carrie, who had begged me for proof when I whispered this possibility to her. And of course, to masturbate to when at home.

Greg was good as his word. He would do anything for me. And he did everything and then some.

He even took it upon himself to wake me in the morning with a stunning cum-gulping blowjob. It was so good, that I returned the favor after our room service breakfast.

Before we parted to our respective classes, I gave him the extra key to my room and commanded him to be back here, naked and in my favorite pose by 7PM, or he wouldn’t get to cum on my last night in town.

I’m sure he didn’t need that last incentive, but he loved it all the more anyway.

It was hard to leave him this time, and I was hard all the fucking way home on the plane, recalling what sexual boundaries I had just crossed with an 18 year old boy. Who knew I loved young cock and ass like that? I did… well, now I did anyway.

I’d be back sooner than I’d imagined, seminar or not. And though Carrie wanted to join us at some point, I decided I needed a few more nights to take this boy to the filthy fucking moon and back, while he did the same startling things to me.

This was a new dirty door that was now off its hinges, never to be closed again. Thank the fucking stars!


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