The Shy Wolf


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It was the way he looked at me, when he stood on that clothing optional beach,  posed like he was for sale.

Maybe it was the way I was already looking at his body when he noticed me, that made him look that way.

I was fascinated by his hairless body, right down to the shaved pubes. And his intense Euro-stare, like he knew I was not only an American splayed on this Caribbean isle, but a quietly inhibited, bi-curious one.

His ongoing focus on me - even though I was not nude, but almost - and his “I dare you” Adonis pose, made my cock rise in a nano-second, shamelessly peaking out of the top of my swim trunks.

I think that the moment he saw the head crown, he gave me the only smile I’d yet seen from his stern face. He turned tail, let me drink in his perfect ass, and as if a neon sign lit up that said, “You want this more than you know”, he slowly walked toward the trees.

As if a man possessed, I stood up with very little hesitation, and dared to taste temptation’s breadcrumbs scattered about my mind along the path behind him.

My eyes watched his whispering rump, and my cock could already feel what it might be like to be inside of him. He never looked back, but he knew I was there. I could feel it, as well as he could feel me.

He passed a tree and disappeared. I felt a rush of panic, like someone was trying to wake me from a wet dream just as  was about to cum. I scurried ahead… I should have known it was a telling test. He was leaning against and behind the tree, just waiting to see how fast I took after his vanishing act.

With an non-discernable accent, he asked “Looking for me? Or this? Do you follow naked men on the beach often?”

He glanced down with a wry grin, and I saw his beautiful bald cock, now half-grown in his hand. It was all I could do not to just drop for a hasty taste.

I couldn’t help but nod a bashful yes to his query about what I was looking for… then, I softly answered his last question, “Not before you”. I could see how much he liked what seemed to be a newbie.

Then, in a swift effort not to lose my footing, I asked him in return, “Do you lure many men here from the beach to fuck or be fucked?”

He smirked, “I try not to. But I decided to make an exception for you.”

My breath caught, wanting to ask him why.

As if he could her my thought, he said “I like a first time man. You, yes?“  (fuck, how did he know? Was it that obvious?) “I remember my first…”, he added. I had yet to have a beautiful and naked man tell me to my face in so many words that he wanted me that way.  I was speechless, but shockingly more sure that I wanted him

I was hovering in stasis, when he moved over to me, and tugged off what little I was wearing. “You were showing anyway”, he said as he knelt and took my nearly full erection in his hand. “Very nice”, he hummed, “May I?”

I couldn’t speak. I just reached for his mop of hair and pulled him in. And I gasped when he went really deep with his first open mouth assault on my cock. There was something clearly masculine about the ferocity and swiftness of his attack, though he kept things slow and elongated once he had me under his oral  spell.

God, he was good! I had to look down and watch him swallow me to make sure this was really happening.  And each time he slid off, I could see  his raging hard-on echoed below mine, dripping with pre-seed, just begging for what he was doing to me.

Each time I looked below me, I had to close my eyes and reopen them, to  reassure myself that the person below me was this real life naked stranger; and the one I might have masturbated about this night, had we not collided here. He was forcing my fantasy into the daylight and I was both helpless and unwilling to stop him.

Before another thought crossed my consciousness, he was standing and leaning full-body against me. I opened my eyes and saw him licking the taste of my sex from his lips. That very moment, that visual, lit my rabid fuse, and I almost didn’t recognize myself in the rest of the scenario that played out.

I grabbed his thick locks and shoved my tongue into his smile, heading right to his throat, if my tongue could reach there. Something again about his hairless body - it was so masculine, but the lack of fur added just the right touch of feminine for my tastes (and who the fuck knew what “my tastes in men” actually were at this point?)

That slippery-smooth muscularity pressing back into me with every deepening tongue twist had my cock hunting for his, for a wood-on-wet-wood rub. They kept hitting and missing each other, until I reached down and grabbed us both, and we stood like naked gladiators, tongues thrusting as lances, vying for who might make the other fall. Rocking cock to cock, with grunting moans, while trading balance like standing arm wrestlers in the finals.

At one point, we both needed air, and some momentary perspective, if only for a few seconds. “You want this long time” he panted. Those words were just enough to pour kerosene on the fire.

“I want you long time now, beach boy…” I growled.

“Good” he aid firmly. “Do it. I knew you were hungry like this.”

If I’d stopped to think (which I didn’t) I would have asked him how he knew when I didn’t. But I didn’t stop.

Instead, I shoved his virile form up against the tree trunk, dropped to my knees and went at his cock, the way he had power-swallowed mine.  Geezus, he tasted so good! Maybe it was the coconut oil mixed with pre-cum, or just the flavor of his shameless tan.  I could not seem to get enough…

… especially when my large hands cupped his perfect strong ass and yanked him to start face-fucking me. Fuck, that got my cock to moaning and weeping on its own.

Finally, I pulled myself away from his alluring thick meat, so big and beautiful now, glistening in the shade, all hard lust and saliva. I knew what I wanted. I swiveled him about to face the tree and pulled his hips out away from the trunk. My god his ass and his promise of a willing mancunt almost made me swoon. Who the fuck knew I could want a man this strongly? I sure as hell didn’t.

But damn, I did want him and he knew it. I smacked his ass, and suckled his sac. Once again, in near disbelief I watched myself part his hot bottom and shove my tongue into his dark puckered crevice. All I could think was that I had turned into some kind of fucking manwhore, licking a stranger’s back entryway just to lube it without lube.

I backed off semi-shyly, but then took a fingersful of pre-cum from us both, and painted his twitching opening. I literally climbed up his legs and held his hips, folding myself into his tabletop stance. He was so ready to be fucked and I was even more ready to oblige him.

Our bodies were touching everywhere they could, and my cock was nuzzling and sliding up and down his inviting crack. I bit his ear and said, “May I?”

He wiggled his hips and said as he arched like a cat i heat, “You better. But only if I get to do the same to you later. Yes?”

Once again, I surprised myself by answering “You fucking better.”

It took some doing and a lot more spit on my shaft, but he hugged the tree trunk harder and harder, as I rammed my whole cock, bit by feral bit into his caressing and seemingly endless fuckhole.

When I was 2/3 of my own length in, I grabbed his hip with one hand, and his hair with the other. and I started the escalating rutting dance, jamming more and more of myself into him with every jackhammer thrust, as if I could even get my balls inside. I pushed so hard again and again that the tree was shaking more than he was.

And the guttural sounds me made got me closer and closer to dumping a record load of sperm deep into his back larder.

By the time I did finally explode, I had no idea about our surroundings. There might have been no one watching, or everyone watching. or even cops watching. Nothing  could halt the power-blast that scared half the birds in the sky away, as we both howled and quaked.

I came harder than I ever imagined I could. It was the combination of the place, the anonymous hot partner, the startling allure of his gender, and the taboo, lewd act in public. I spasmed and cumshot for-seeming-ever.

We crumpled into the grass together, with me still jerking my last spews of cum into his lush dilated anal canal. When we caught our collective breath, he wiggled around to face me, and his hard-on was red and ready to burst, almost completely covered in his own arousal.

“My turn, shy wolf”, he called me out of the blue. I then felt his hand in my hair this time. Before I knew it, he was ramming his need into the back of my skull. And when he exploded, he drowned me again and again in jet after thick jet of his cream-blasted seed. And something about the feeling of that, almost made me cum  again.

When we were both spent, we tongue-danced with each other to share the wicked spoils back and forth. Between filthy kisses he smiled big once more, then said,  “No more straight. Bi. You like this too much.”

I actually kissed him and said, truthfully “I so fucking do. You’re right. Bi. For good.”

He moved to stand, and pulled me up. We rubbed dirty bodies together for a time, then he said, “My house is close. Shower. Food. More fucking.”

That was suddenly the only invitation I wanted to hear.

I did wonder on the way to his place if he liked girls too. So I asked him in an off moment if he fucked women as well  (long before I remembered to even ask him what his name was).

He said, “Of course. But not tonight. We can share one later. Tonight, I fuck only you.”

My cock rose shamelessly once more.

All I could manage to say was, “You better…”.



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