A Toy Story


Written by http://ymmv1.tumblr.com

Inspired by bbgl’s girlcock images and animated gif.

I admired her new boyshortz, the way they curved to her ass and dove down into the crack between her cheeks.  The way the panties grabbed her cheeks spread them slightly apart so when I ran my finger down her crack I slid readily over her rosebud, making her hips move a little.  I reached around her and cupped her breasts from below, then ran my hands down over her stomach to her crotch. The boyshortz clung tightly to her pussy mound and invited fondling.  By the time my hands arrived she already had a finger between her labia and was lightly stroking her clit.  She knew it made me crazy when she played with herself.

We mutually rubbed her pussy for a while as she moved her hips back and forth against my exposed cock.  I couldn’t quite push the tip into her crack deep enough to feel her panty-covered rosebud.  In the front I slid a finger under the edge of her panties and into her pussy, so warm and damp and welcoming.  I felt one of her fingers join me in the wetness.  Her hips started moving faster, in time with my swirling finger.  I raised my finger to her lips and she sucked greedily on her own juices while keeping her own finger buried in her pussy.

Finally we took out the new girlcock.

Finally we took out the new girlcock and she slid one end into her now-naked pussy.  The girlcock was new; it was a strapless Fetish Fantasy Elite with two cocks joined at an angle.  The short end goes in the wearer’s pussy and the long end hangs outside, ready for action.  I loved how the toy stuck out from her pussy at one end and disappeared into her depths at the other.  She started to lightly stroke it, acting as though she were a man beating off.  As she moved the outer cock I watched, mesmerized, as the other end moved inside her pussy.

I thought about the girlcock shifting deep inside her and I pushed her slightly forward onto some pillows we had piled at the edge of the bed.  She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me; she knew what I wanted and was going to let me have it.  I spread her cheeks and probed at her anus with my cock, applying steady pressure as I hit the target.  My cockhead popped in and she started stroking the girlcock faster.  My cock, in her ass, was being massaged by the inner end of the girlcock, through her thin inner wall.

As I fully entered her ass my cock became absolutely rigid.  She told me she was so full and kept stroking her girlcock.  Soon I reached around and took over the girlcock’s motions.  As I moved it around I felt the inner part stroking my cock.  It was magical, sensuous, debased, and wildly exciting.  It was as though I was fucking her in both her pussy and her ass.  She dipped a finger into her pussy again and I felt it with my cock.

She picked up a vibrator and applied it to her outer lips.  Immediately I felt her anus clench on my cock and the girlcock became harder to move.  Her breathing accelerated.  God I love to excite her and feel her response.  I started moving my hips faster and stroking the girlcock.  It was incredibly intense, I was awash in sexual ecstasy.  Finally she shouted out her orgasm and I came into her ass, and came and came.

"Might be good to have a spare," she said.