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First Breach

Part 1: HERE                   Part 2: HERE

Kira was bathed, scented and ready.  Her body was primed like a feline in heat, yet the weapon she now bore was fiercely masculine and hovering on staying eternally 3/4 erect, at the very least. Kira tried to bind it in a bit, with some of her wider silk panties, knowing her favored tiny g-strings would never do.

Kira’s cock felt like it would rise fully just from the caress of the silk, as she quickly discovered the slip and slide of sensual material against her shaft and head with every step she took.

"It’s just the newness, right?" she mused. "Or am I going to have an endless hard-on that all men would kill for?" That made her giggle aloud.

"Yeah, I’ll visit their homes and show them how to fuck their wives for hours on end, in ways they could never manage. I’ll have my own wild harem!"

Then she corrected the fantasy.  “No, two harems… one of women, one of men. Mmmmm, yes!” The filthy visuals started running amok in her head as she imagined all the different sizes and shapes, all the dirty tight little holes, along with combinations of sexes and ages that she might find herself impaling for the sheer gluttonous pleasure of it. Her new-found weapon of sexual breaching had her feeling utterly insatiable.

At first, the visuals were a series of one-on-ones, with faces and bodies she’d see on a near daily basis, but of people she barely knew. Then the daydreams blossomed into trios and more, then into full-on orgies. And while her mind wallowed in delicious depravity, she was finishing her makeup and watching the clock. Marlee would be arriving any minute. Kira reached down and felt her new cock nearly at full mast under her skirt, and the head was as wet as her pretty cunt would get when stirred up like this.

"Damn, I have to stop thinking about who and how to fuck everybody in sight. On the other hand: what’s that saying? ‘Use it or lose it?’"

Kira calmed herself, made sure she was tucked in enough not to show outright, and reminded herself to breathe. Then, just the right cure popped into her head: it was after 12 noon, so, yes, why not a little wine? She had some open from last night, she remembered, so she hit the kitchen all ready to receive her lusty company, poured two glasses and took a big hit from her own. That might soothe the savage beast between her thighs, she thought, at least until her dirty blonde prey arrives.

Kira wouldn’t have to wait long. Marlee, looking summer-dress luscious, primped prettily from the office world, showed up wide-eyed and wondering what the mystery texts with the SOS hints were all about. Kira beckoned her in with a come hither crooked finger.

When Marlee was within reach, Kira took her hand, pulled her in close, while keeping her hips back to hide the secret, as she remembered that timing was everything. Kira slowly French-kissed her flushed visitor with a half a mouthful of red grape to share. When the hot tangle paused, Marlee found her lips being licked by the hostess as Kira whispered,
"I need you, Marlee. Badly. Very badly. How long can you stay?"

Marlee stopped for a second, letting this different tone register. “An hour and a half, if I stretch it. The rest of the day if it’s really important.”

"Good," Kira answered, as she slipped a hand under Marlee’s skirt and panties for a quick tease. "Trust me, this is reaaalllly important. You may wanna book out for the week."

Both girls laughed, while Marlee’s eyes were mining for answers.

"What is it, Kira doll? What’s so urgent? I mean, other than fucking, which is almost always urgent."

"You sure you’re ready for this?"

"I fucking left work and showed up, didn’t I?"

"Yes, you did." Kira kissed her lovingly. "Thank you for that."
Then Kira whispered in Marlee’s ear, “And thank you for being my little cumwhore too. Let’s just say, I have a new…ummm, flavor for you to try. And I’m on a cock… err, clock. I think.”

Marlee peered around the room hunting for some hidden toy that Kira might have purchased.
"Okay, babe", insisted the visitor, "Give it to me."

Kira’s smile turned wickedly wild as she said, “Oh, I plan to, in ways you’ve yet to imagine.”

Kira’s voice was suddenly tinted with domme-like command, “Kneel, peel, and eat, Missy. Now!”

Marlee felt he push of Kira’s insistent arms as she descended to the clean tile floor like an obedient girl, her hands worshiping Kira’s thighs, and her tongue swiping the wine from her lips so she could taste some of that ambrosial eau de Kira. Marlee looked up with her customary naughty grin, and again was slightly taken aback by the new rabid glint in Kira’s smile.

"Do it." Said Kira, plainly.

Marlee wasn’t surprised by the slightly obvious bulge now showing a bit under Kira’s  gauzy skirt. She fully expected as she eyed it, that she’d be swallowing a new strap-on toy, so she decided to play along with the game, like a good little cock slut. After all, she loved that role. However much this blonde beauty controlled the boys she bedded, she would happily submit to a hot girl’s commands and play the obedient little sex slave, just for the rush of the shift in carnal power.

Marlee began to kiss through the skirt as she reached underneath, then she slowly tugged down Kira’s silken panties and let the monster loose from its sling. When the phallus popped out of the undies’ grip, Kira let out a half-moaned sigh that surprised both of the women. As Marlee began to kiss and toy with the still-veiled thickness through the skirt, Kira’s hands laced into Marlee’s hair, and Kira whispered a long, hissed, “Yesssss”, from the tingling, caressed sensations running up the entire length of her rising secret.

The tease was just too fucking good, and Kira could feel her new appendage swelling and firming further, hungry to shove forward and fuck this little doe-eyed wench into oblivion. This time, for the first time, the arousal came from someone else’s touch and it was fucking glorious.

Kira wondered how she was still retaining her feminine sensibilities while this new surge of testosterone-lit savagery took root in her libido. But somehow, they seemed to be living harmoniously in her, side by fucking side. Her beautiful breasts and nipples were tender and pleading for some lavish attentions, as her new manly girlcock was fiercely ready for some invasive sexual aggression. Kira’s head was in a whirl, as she felt Marlee’s hands gripping her naked ass under the skirt, and Kira rocked forward against the girl’s tongue through the gauze, teasing her weapon of feral intent even further.

Marlee backed off for a second, and got a rush as she saw a tiny pool of wetness forming on the skirt that she knew her tongue had not made. The blonde giddly thought “Oh, fuck, one of those new squirting strap-ons! Mmmmmm, I wonder what flavor…”.

And just as she was about to lift the veil and devour the new plaything, Kira tilted Marlee’s face upward and whispered with one raised eyebrow,
"Promise me you’ll take it all, my little suckwhore."

Marlee whispered back, “For you, Kira doll, anything!”

Again, Kira felt the rush from her impatiently desperate dick, and she let it take over her brain, as she feverishly but quietly said, “Just. Fucking. Do it. Now.”

Marlee lifted the skirt  and it took a moment with the sunlight and the hunt for the missing harness. “Fucking god! It looks so real!”

"It is." Kira intoned impatiently. "Take it and suck it until I dump a hot load in your face." There was a half-growl in those words that even surprised Kira. She wasn’t waiting any longer. She took her own hand to the incredibly thickened member, pumped it enough for good-sized pool of pre-cum to emerge at the tip, then Kira took the startled girl’s face in her other hand, and painted Marlee’s lips with the slippery spill.

"Taste that. It’s real."

Marlee lapped up the lush mess on her mouth and gasped, “Fuck, it’s like real pre-cum….how..?”

"Don’t ask, just suck it…. open wide!"

Marlee, half stunned, obeyed her new mistress, and suddenly her tongue was resting under a real life, quite long, flesh-and-blood cock. She closed her mouth around it and purred at the flavor. Kira placed Marlee’s hands on the swollen ball sac, and as the reality began to register in Marlee’s head, Kira took advantage of her position and rocked in and out of the blonde’s seductive mouth, losing herself in the myriad of new sensations of being inside another body’s soft, wet, enveloping orifice like that.

Kira popped her cock out and looked down. “Don’t ask. I don’t know. But it’s real and it’s mine and you promised. Remember, every drop, Marlee babe, every fucking drop.”
There was a semi-command and a semi-plea in her last statement.

"You begged me to use it on you if I ever got one, my little cockwhore. I got one. And now I need to fuck you - in all of your wicked holes. But you promised to take the first load down your throat”

Marlee looked up with that “How the fuck?” look in her eyes.

Kira neared the edge of her hunger’s impatience, which was a bit unlike her girlish ways.”I DON’T KNOW! But it’s here and it’s fucking loaded. So, suck my hot cock, you little cumwhore. I know you’re dying for it!”

Marlee shook off her disbelief, and began to stroke this new fleshy cock that her best girlfriend somehow had grown. Overnight, no less! 

As Marlee regained some orientation, she began toying with Kira as she would with any man who had one of these hot, pretty fuck tools.  If this is the way it was going to go, Marlee had her ways of controlling the game as well. She had some brilliant tricks up her cock-sucking sleeve, and she’d pull them all out to do her favorite girl but good.

As Marlee began to devour Kira’s pulsating meat,  and roll those swollen balls in one palm like lewd dice, she added her occasional intrusion, the wiggle of a finger in Kira’s moaning little rear bunghole.

Now, Kira could really sense her feral cock heating up and stiffening even more (if that was possible), weeping from the tip and reddening. This fucker was real, and she was learning a new meaning of the word “throbbing”. “No wonder they use that word in porn…. it is actually throbbing….FUCK!” That was the conversation in her head. The questions and conversation suddenly stopped as the quest for Kira’s cumload dump turned to full tilt.

As swiftly as the commanding mistress was slamming her gorgeous length into the kneeling receptacle before her, she was just as rapidly losing herself in the obscenely arousing feel of the oral assault that she had demanded. The slippery tight wrap of Marlee’s lips, the lapping and swirling of the blonde’s wicked tongue on her tender undervein, the studied teeth lock under the cock’s ridged head, and the humming from the swallower’s throat had Kira’s mind melting and cheering and somersaulting all at once.

As things heated up, Kira didn’t even realize that her fists had become locked into Marlee’s tawny mane. Kira was now instinctively face-fucking her pretty girlfriend with a half-blind fury, and Marlee was straining to take in this huge fuck-pole in as far as she could manage.

At one point, just to be able to breathe, Marlee backed off, and wrapped her delicate fist around the pretty monster dick, and began pumping away at it to keep the fever going as she gasped for air. Then Marlee pushed two fingers hard into Kira’s asshole. Kira’s body began vibrating, her eyes rolling backwards, as she stepped so very close to the edge of explosion. Kira reached down and stopped the movement of Marlee’s lithe hand, Their eyes locked, and the girls caught their breath together.

"So close. So good, my little cocksucker extraordinaire". Kira purred.  "When I cum, make sure you keep some for dirty kisses ….".

"Of course!" the kneeler panted.

"God I want to shove this thing right down your throat. Show me how much you love this, you little slut!" And without missing a beat, Marlee kept her eyes locked on Kira and took Kira’s weeping cock deep and ever deeper.

The eye-fuck/cocksuck was sending Kira right back to the edge again and very quickly. Kira legs were shaking from sheer want. Marlee released her mouth’s grip briefly, kept a gentle stroking going and whispered, “I can take more of it lying down… upside down.”

With barely a nanosecond’s hesitation, Kira grabbed Marlee by her hair, lifted her up off the floor an into a deep-throated filthy kiss, mostly to taste her own pre-spill on the girl’s lips. Kira tugged her accomplice into the bedroom, pushed her down hard onto the bed, walked to the other side, and pulled the girl to the edge of the bed, with her head tilted off of it. She tore open Marlee’s blouse, bared the blonde’s shaved puffy cunt, spanked it a few times, and found that it was so wet, the spanks actually splashed girl honey over them both.

Kira looked down at Marlee’s pleading face, shadowed by her own looming phallus. “You love sucking my cock, don’t you, Marlee. Admit it.” Marlee nodded her assent.

"Take it all, Missy. I mean ALL of it! C’mon, my little cumdoll, open up and swallow me whole. Your sopping sweet cunt tells me you’ve been wet-dreaming about this, haven’t you?" Marlee obeyed like a good girl, whose dirty tricks had just been found out by her horny, big-dicked daddy.

As Kira found her cock’s way into the depths of Marlee’s throat, she leaned down over the top of the willing blonde’s lush body for the scent and taste of her girlfriend’s weeping pussy. Then, Kira began thumping away at Marlee’s face with intent never to stop.

Kira could feel the throat-cunt’s depths opening more and more by her girldick’s forceful breach, and her own blood was stirred even more by the gurgling sounds of Marlee straining to take it all! But mostly, the feel of actually being wrapped full-sensuous-length in the warm, wet, pliable willing flesh of a usable fuckhole, took Kira right to the edge yet again…

Then it hit.

The trigger snapped, and Kira knew it: her upper body popped up to almost standing. Her eyes tried to look down to see the bulk of her newly acquired meat buried in Marlee’s maw, but that glance wavered swiftly. Her full sac began to force a rush of seed upward for the first cum blast. Kira grabbed her own nipples. They were so very on-fire that one touch caused the first hot jet of cum to erupt and shoot right down Marlee’s open throat. Kira’s whole body became an arching rocketing bowstring, and she instinctively began to push harder inward on the wanton receiver, fucking deeper into Marlee’s throat-cunt to dump her load as deeply as she could.

Marlee fought to keep the depth open without losing her breath or consciousness. She had never felt anything this big and willful and unyielding in her face before. Perhaps it was the newness of the owner, but nothing was held back, nothing at all. Yet somehow, the women stayed in perfect empathic carnal harmony, always right on the border of too much, yet never over it.

Kira’s head snapped back, and then forward again, and the constant pumping rush of her cum-geyser’s spurt after spurt had her roaring a rash new filthy tunes into the naked air. She was howling obscenities to the gods and goddesses, drowning her girlfriend in this spewed wash of cumlust, and not even realizing that she was crying tears of orgasmic joy.

Kira bent over in a full collapse when the last volley of pumping eased. She buried her face in her girl’s soft belly, kissing and crying and nipping and growling as the hyper-sensations of her new appendage became almost unbearable. Marlee could feel the shift, so she let half of Kira’s cock loose, but kept kissing and loving the upper shaft and head, which drove Kira’s nearly insane with how tender it suddenly all felt.

"Stop!" gasped Kira. "It’s so fucking… sensitive. Jesus. No wonder men want to curl up and hide afterward. Fuck!"

Kira gathered her strength and swiveled her still spasming body around so she could be face-to-face with the girl who had graced her with her first ever BJ . As she curled up into Marlee’s embrace, she felt her still-sparking cock nuzzle up to Marlee’s hips, and her brain veered right to the thought, “I need to fuck your hot little pussy purse now!”, though she hadn’t said anything aloud. Not yet.

"Marlee baby, that’s the best blowjob a girl could ever imagine. Kiss me with your cummy tongue. I wanna taste me."

Both girls paused enough to capture the breath they’d need, and then the sticky kissing fest was on.

"Mmmmm, I taste fucking great from your mouth", Kira purred and she licked more of her mess from Marlee’s pummeled face.

Both women lapped away and savored the mess in their stirring kisses, their bodies continuing to tangle, unconsciously readying for another round of… well, something hot and hard and pounding.

Marlee tried to find out again how her best girl had grown an actual penis.

"I really don’t know, honey, but I woke up with this. Just a day after we talked about how amazing it would be to have one. Honestly. this has been a fantasy… and I guess a hot ongoing prayer for me for fucking ever. Someone must have been listening."

"How long…", Marlee began.

"I have no idea, babe. And that’s why I needed you today. If I wake up tomorrow with no cock, I’d be kicking myself for not doing everything (and everyone) I could with this pretty hot new toy."

Marlee reached down and ooohed at the reanimation going on the her girlfriend’s cock. It was rising and firming for more already. “I think it knows you need to play, Kira.”

Kira nipped at Marlee’s ear as she slipped two fingers into Marlee’s wet cuntpool and stirred. “Oh yes, It wants to fuck you over every piece of furniture in this place. Oh, and in the garden too. The neighbors will love that!”

The girls fell right back into laughing and nuzzling and foreplay teasing with biting kisses.

Kira whispered with a daring tinge to her voice, “I can’t wait to be buried balls deep in your tight little ass. I want to fill your every hole with cum and fuck you until we both pass out. What do you say, babe?”

Marlee moaned aloud.

Kira smiled and added, “You better call work now. You may not get out of here for a month, if my cock has anything to say about it.’

"I will’, Marlee giggled, then her face turned a wicked shade of wantonness. "Give me a phone, Kira doll,  but get that hot cock inside of my cunt first. I want you slow-fucking me while I talk to my boss….".

Oh, this was going to be one hot entry for the fuck-diary….