First Time Pegging


Written By Anon

The evening started like any other, quietly watching tv on the couch, toying an teasing each other. The show we were watching ended, and we made our way to the bedroom, kissing each other and leaving a trail of clothing on the way there.
I threw her on to my bed and climbed between her thighs, kissing and licking every inch of her body, intentionally ignoring her pussy with the exception of brushing her clit on occasion. Driving her crazy before I had to taste her, my tongue dancing around her beautiful pierced clit. My fingers exploring her folds before pushing one inside her and then two, soaking them and my sheets. I ate her pussy for nearly twenty minutes before she begged for more.

I stood up and she pushed me down, taking my already hard cock into her mouth, the things she was doing with her tongue threw me back into my pillows, enjoying every second of it. It was only a short while before I couldn’t take it any longer and had to be inside her. I got up, rolled her onto her back, pulled her by the hips closer to me, rubbed the head of my throbbing dick against her before pushing deep inside her.

Grabbed her by the neck, kissing and choking her. Thrusting over and over again, deeper each time, pushing myself to the brink of climax, slowing only to keep myself from finishing so early. I turned her on to her side, straddled one of her legs and continued to fuck her as hard as I could. Gently slapping her in the face when she stopped looking at me a few times, she gushed on me over and over again.

She then forced me to my back so she could ride me, both of her hands on my throat while she bounced up and down, a few minutes later I threw her off of me, and bent her over. Facing the mirror in the corner of my room, slamming straight into her, grabbing her hair in one hand and her ass in the other. Her perfect ass rippling with each thrust, it wasn’t very long before I grabbed both of her hips, gave one final push before unloading over a weeks worth of cum deep inside her perfect little hole.

I collapsed for a moment while she got up and collected herself. She quietly made her way to my nightstand, opening the top drawer and taking out the harness and eight inch long dildo attached, she casually stepped into it and tightened down each point of adjustment, positioning the pale latex cock right over her pubic bone.

All at once she grabbed me by the hair and forced it into my mouth. Having never had a cock in my mouth I wasn’t quite sure how to attack this scenario. It wasn’t long before I found a rhythm of sucking and stroking with one hand. I had never felt so powerless and turned on all at once. It wasn’t very long before this gorgeous woman told me to bend over, a command that I followed without question. The squirt of cold lubricant on my ass sent chills up my spine, i was nervous as I felt it push against my asshole, clenching my sheets as I attempted to relax.

Bit by bit I took every inch of the dong into my virgin ass. She was slow and gentle with me, as this was her first time as well, as I loosened up to it and became more comfortable she quickened her pace, thrusting in and out, grabbing my hips with both hands. For at least ten minutes of her having me on my hands and knees, she demanded to see the pleasure in my eyes. She pulled out, I rolled over to my back.

She lifted my legs up and pushed the cock back inside me, it’s curved shape hitting my prostate in a manner that drove me wild. She started to stroke my cock to match her thrusts. Faster and faster, harder and harder until I came all over her hand. The look of satisfaction in her eyes was more than enough to leave me feeling pleased. She pulled out, knelt over and cleaned up every last drop of cum that I spilled on myself and her hand with her tongue. She then climbed back into the bed next to me, stroking her girl cock so pleased with herself, and me anxiously awaiting the next time we decide to have a little fun like that.