A tale of elegant, feminine domination inspired by the statuesque and delectable 6ftbrunette

Jillian was one of those rare specimens of human females. She was 6 foot tall in her bare feet, a simmering siren, whose subsonic song would intently vibrate out from her towering, silken presence to any male or female who gave her the right glance in the right moment.

Jillian could go from a silent, sleek panther in the shadows, to a pouncing wildcat in a flash with the right provocation. And as her fourth decade began, she suddenly discovered the ferocious hunger to do just that, and so much more. New feverish needs rose up like a hidden tidal pool, now surfacing from the depths of her libido, as each dared door was opened, then unflinchingly unhinged.

Her appetite for naked mating not only rose in fever pitch, but broadened more and more to include a balance of both sexes, but with a flavorful twist, a new utterly insatiable itch. It was one that made her want to lead all others in her dalliances. To command. To dominate. To make the rules, to call the shots, to choose when to allow others their release, if any.

These things alone, she was finding more and more, sent her arousal quotient right through the canopy of the skies. And that itch became ubiquitous with both women (which she knew of first), and then, even with the men who longed to subdue her Amazonian body for their own ends. They, too, would get the same bargain, if she could swing it. And she could indeed.

Yes, Jillian could be a Switch and surrender for the right man with the right passion and respect for her body and soul now and then. But the more she took the reins with stronger males, the more she craved them. The rewards were unmatched by any other means.

And she did not truck with submissive “boys”, no matter their age. When she craved men, it would be men who could open the door to seduction, yet bargain their control away for just one taste of her nectar. Like any huntress, one whiff of that in the air, and she would begin salivating in more than one place.


This man, she had met several times. He was intriguing, a man she had connected with through business dealings, both of them usually steeped in conflicting schedules, but clearly, the chemistry made them find enough time to at least plant the seeds, in quiet dinners, shared secrets, and some intent flirting, often followed by some intimate Q&A.

She liked the strong gentleman he was by nature. She could feel his tendency to lead, but she could also see that her strong energy and her quietly commanding presence was something utterly new to him. And rather than being put off by it, he was curious enough to proceed.

“This one just might be willing to pay the entry fee”, she thought to herself.

This night, their third in a spread-out series of quiet romantic dates, there was even a little elevator foreplay, as she led him down the garden gate, but only for temptation’s scent. Jillian stepped off the lift at her floor, and as he moved to follow, she pressed him back into the stopped car. “Not tonight, Michael. But definitely… possible.  Sometime soon.”

She leaned in for a slow, deep, dirty kiss, while letting her palm suss out the rise in his suit pants. She could see his confusion as the kiss broke, her tongue painting the rim of his startled mouth, while his mind struggled to be the gentleman he had been so far. But that kiss, and that hypnotic genie rub had him hovering. Wanting so much more. Now. Exactly as she’d hoped.

He’d barely noticed that her hand was still cupping softly at his crotch-rise, as she eased back and smiled at him gently.

“I’m not a tease, Michael. This is how I play. And if you want more, especially as we begin, we play by Jillian’s Rules. If you can bend to that, then we’ll have much much more to explore. If not, I respectfully let you go.”

And with this last statement, “Although you do show great promise…”, she gave his thickened, covert cock a good squeeze, then retracted her hand completely.

“I promise you, Michael… I am worth the wait.”

He was breathless in just the right way. Spun about, but engaged in finding a new center, so as to somehow still proceed with her. She felt his eyes traversing her body, trying to imagine what he thought he would have had on his hands, his mouth, against his nakedness, in mere moments.

He was hooked. She could see it in his surrendering eyes.

“Email me your schedule. I’m gone on an early flight in the morning. That way we can plan a time when we can… engage… fully. If you dare.”

She swore she saw his cock jump against his zipper.

“Meantime, try and deny yourself release for awhile tonight. Make it last. I know I will.”

A gentle blush rose in his cheek, and Jillian was giddy with the seduction. She boldly dipped a finger under her skirt to snag some of her own arousal, and came up with a glistening fingerful of warm glaze.

He was sure she’d let him taste it. But with their eyes locked, and that shiny wet finger between them, she stepped back to let the impatient door close, and perfectly timed, she whispered, “Goodnight, Michael.”  Then let him see the first moments of her sucking her own juices from said finger.

Oh, she had plans for this one. He was virile and gentlemanly, but pliable enough to turn. The more she lured him, the more he came along for the ride willingly.


“Good news, I see, Michael. You’ll be in my town. Play your cards right and you’ll be invited into my lair. And not get left on the elevator.”

“What kind of cards”, he asked humorously.

“Jillian’s Rules, of course”, was her retort.

“Of course”, he said.

He was beginning to accept the Jillian she longed to be with a man (or woman).

“Why the trip here?”, Jillian asked.

“I"d love to lie and say it was just to see you. And yes, you are worth the wait. And the trip.”

She had made her mark and he had accepted it.

“But”, Michael continued, “I have some business business here, and some personal business with my ex. The one I mentioned.”

“The pretty one you’ve fallen into bed with a few times since?”

“That one”, he said honestly. “We won’t be going there on this trip.”

“No, you won’t, Michael, or Jillian’s off-limits”, she said softly.

“No need. Just paperwork in a public place”, he assured her.

What Jillian didn’t say was that she herself wouldn’t mind a taste of his ex, from the stories and description.

They made arrangements for dinner, and Jillian made some other plans for that night in her Amazon lair. Tonight, she would water the growing seeds of his willful submission to her.


Dinner was perfect. He was his strong, gentlemanly self, sharing both the direction of the evening’s flow, as well as the seduction leads along the way. When they were ready to go, Jillian was wet and ready to close the deal.

“Shall we go to my place, Michael?”, she purred.

“I would love that, Jillian”, he replied.

“Only if you are ready for an adventure. Something novel for you, as I understand.”

“So, I gather”, he said with a bit of a rasp, and swallowed notably. “Jillian’s rules.”

“Exactly. Jillian’s House. Jillian’s Rules. Think you can manage that?”

He began to answer, but she placed a finger on his lips. “Be sure.”

He waited until his breath returned, and said, “I"m sure. You are definitely worth it.”


The ride to her house was brief, but laced with aimed touches and stirring innuendo. At her front door, she stopped and with a smile said,

“Last chance…”

“Too late”, he smiled back. He knew he was caught in her gravitational pull, and could no longer move away from her.

She kissed him softly, and whispered, “I have a feeling that you’re going to love this…”. Then she turned the key and in they went.


As the door closed behind them, Jillian stopped and locked eyes with her new prey. She wondered how his discomfort would show.

“Soooo, are Jillian’s Rules posted anywhere? I like to know what’s what”, he said, wanting to be perfect for her.

“Oh no. JIllian’s Rules can change, sometimes in the moment. You’ll just have to take your best shot and pay the piper if you go too far.”

She smiled at his look.

“Michael, I’m not interested in humiliation, so relax. I just like to have the steering wheel, especially with someone new. If they can’t take this part of me, it won’t last. It is a very prominent part of who I am. And I like you, so play along, if you dare. If you wish. No hard feelings if it’s not your cup of cum.”

She moved in for the kill-kiss. “I sense that you will fucking love this, and then some. Once you get used to the shift…”

They kissed deeply, and pawed at one another, as Jillian began to undress her playmate. He tried to return the favor, but she only let him get her coat off. The rest, she simply whispered intently, “No.”

He ceded with a smile, and a murmured. “Jillian’s Rules”.

She bit his lower lip and answered back, “Good, You’re learning. It’s about earning trust. And earning rewards. You want to earn the ride inside, don’t you?”

“That I do, Jillian”, he said with a quiet confidence.

“Well said, Michael. I like the lust quotient in your voice when you say my name. Use it often.”

As those words were spoken, Jillian divested her prey of the rest of his clothing, while she stood fully dressed and eyeing every inch of him.

My, my, Michael. You  do take very good care of yourself. It speaks to how well  you’ll take care of me, doesn’t it?“

"It does, Jillian”. He spun an extra helping of his desire into her name this time.

“Had all your shots, have you?” He looked at her quizzically.

“Healthy boy?’

"Oh yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes… Jillian” This time, it made her part her lips and hum. Then her right hand dropped down to caress his rising sex.

“Mmmmm, warm, hard, pretty… and nearly ready to weep its first pre-drop. Well done.”

He couldn’t quite speak. She knew just how to touch him to keep his soul hovering in mid-air.

“Stay right there, and just watch me. Without touching that beautiful cock-rise. Think you can manage that?”

“Yes, Jillian.” She grinned.

Then she peeled off her panties, and lifted them to his nose, and whispered, “Breathe in the wet Grail”. And he did, as she watched his cock twitch and weep its first of an endless steam of sticky tears.

She ran her finger down to capture said glistening bead, painted his lips with it and kissed him. She tossed her undies out of his reach, then moved to the counter across the way, sat back, tugged her legs up and opened them up for his viewing pleasure. Then she watched every nuanced reaction in his entire form, from widened pupils to caught breaths to new drooling beads of want.

She watched his hands move towards his own sex, then stop just before that forbidden touch. She smiled. She could take this one far, she thought.

So, in response, she just gave him a sweet reminder. “That’s right. No touching. Without permission. Now watch. And want. I’ll tell you when and what’s next…”

Jillian began to pleasure herself, keeping her eyes on his, and on his swelling, luscious cock. Her fingers would disappear deeply inside of her, then emerge drenched in her glycerine arousal. She heard his first sounds that surpassed deep breaths, and it spurred Jillian into a heated edging play, rife with anal intrusions and her own shivering, siren songs of ascension.

“Good man” she panted at one point in the midst. “You’re dying to touch me. And touch yourself. Don’t you dare. It will break the spell we are casting, and ruin your own pleasure in the end.”

She toyed with herself longer than she’d ever dared with another partner, almost erupting without meaning to. Her entire crevice was awash in her own whipped up juices, as they ran from the source, out and down, coating the happy pucker in her “I dare you to want to fuck me here” anal ring.

Jillian hit the brakes on this two-way tease, slid her dipped fingers ever so slowly from her well, and with eyes locked on his, sucked those fingers dry.

“How badly do you want a taste, Michael?”

“More than I can say.”  And before she could ask, he jumped in with “Jillian”.

His voice was hoarse. His skin had a heat flush, and he was mesmerized.

Jillian grinned. “Already mine” was the unspoken phrase in her head.

“Kneel, Sir Michael and be christened”, Jillian taunted as the Queen and her Knight.. “Kneel and feast. Give me your best. Make it last. Make me explode again and again, and the rewards will reveal themselves.”

She pulled his head into her ravenous sex, and in a feral whisper she reminded him whose rules they were playing by. Then she said, “I expect to see a puddle of pre-jizz on the floor under you, mister. Surrounded by a lake of my cum.”

Then she began to use his face and his talented mouth as a saddle and horn, gripping and grinding for hold and depth, then lifting off for lightness and more edging. Then, gripping the sides ever tighter as they jumped the last wall and galloped into Jillian’s first roaring explosion.

She clawed his scalp as she smothered his face in her undulating eruption, using his beard shadow as sandpaper to prickle her tender, hyper-swollen clitoris past reckoning.

“Don’t you stop!”, was all she said. And her Knight valiantly devoured her onward, knowing that his own pleasuring was at stake.

“It’s a good thing that I love this”, he thought to himself, as his tongue slid down and wriggled into her sweet rear opening.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss”, was Jiillan’s first telltale approval of her prey’s gifts. “Stay there… Jillian’s Rules”.

Jillian milked this man for every oral talent he had. And he had much to offer.

At her next near orgasm’s bursting, she commanded him with a tone he had not yet heard from her, “Drink up, mister. Swallow my cum like my cock was drenching your insides in filthy cream. I want to hear you gulping…”.

And her own words, along with his ferocious devotion to her rippling insides, had her gushing into his open maw, as her orgasm spiked with every gulped sound that she heard from him.

As Jillian recovered from this last tsunami, she quietly thought to herself, “I may have to keep him. Bound and gagged, if necessary.”

Jillian pulled Michael’s head away from her still sparking clitoris. “Well done. Well done, indeed. Cum up here and kiss me with your gifted, cunt-soaked lips now.”

He did as she asked, and Jillian took her time enjoying just how much of her wetness had glazed his face, his neck and his upper body. She decided to drop one of those questionable teases. “You swallow well…” Her after-smirk spoke mysterious volumes. His flinch was minor, but noticeable.

She looked down. “Nice puddle too. You can still talk?”

“Yes, Jillian.” Still hoarse. Good, she thought.

“Step back.” He did. “My turn for a taste. No cumming. Not until I say so.”

Even more hoarsely, “Yes, Jillian.”

She knelt, wrapped her gorgeous mouth around the tip of his cock and in a brief flash, swift-suckled the last drops of pre-cum from him. Then she let go, and stood with a wicked grin.

“Thought I was going to play there for awhile, did you? No, just a taste.”

Jillian walked behind Michael, whose head was spinning and whose body was weakening. When she reached his back, she leaned in and nipped at his shoulders, as she began to strip some of her own clothing away.

When her breasts were bared, she rubbed them sensually against his back, then reached around to caress him torso and pinch his raw nipples.

“So, Michael dear. How badly do you want to  cum? And how badly do you want to fuck me?”

“Very. Very. Badly. Jillian.”

“I saw the way you eyed my tiny, tight little asshole. And how you relished your tongue lashing about in there, as well.” She bit his ear and whispered closely, “I loved that, by the way.”

Her finger slid in between his muscular ass cheeks, and softly circled his pucker. He gasped.

“Had any action here?”


“Do tell.”

“Fingers. Mine and others. One tongue.”

“Cock? Girl or boy? Toy?”

“No cocks. A small toy.”

Jillian’s hand reached around and snagged some more slippery pre-cum from her captive’s purpled dickhead. Then, she used it to paint his rim, while she stated, as if quoting law,

“You know what Jillian’s Rules are. You can earn mine, by ceding yours. The more you take, the closer you get to your wet dream. Interested in the challenge?”

His breath was caught again, hard. And now so was he. He was hers, and ready to surrender what he’d never surrendered to another.

“Yes…. Jillian.”’

“We’ll begin easy, then, virgin-esque that you are.” She pushed her fingertip inside of him and wiggled it about for punctuation. “The small one gets you a hand job, if you’re good taking it. You can guess what each graduation in size can reap. Deeper and darker places for you to plunder and seed. Though Jillian’s Rules still apply.”

She walked back to his front, and kissed him slowly and deeply.

“You’re doing very well, Michael. I like that you don’t scare so easily. I like a real man to rule like this. I like so much about you. And I know that you won’t disappoint, will you?”

“No, Jillian.”

“Good. Let me get the weapons of back door pleasuring out here.” She giggled, then went on,  “You choose how big we start. Jillian’s Rules.”

Michael had no idea what hold  that Jillian had on him, but he was collared and leashed without either of those shackles even being present. He had a feeling that she could seduce him into doing anything that came to her wild mind, and to them all, he would say, “Yes, Jillian.”