Let's Improvise


Written by shescurious

There is something about having the house to yourselves when your kids sleep over somewhere else that is just wonderful.  It’s quiet, naked, carefree, and one of the few moments I wish I still had my husband all to myself.

I had woken him up yesterday by kissing his neck and shoulder, rubbing his body, and whispering in his ear, “I’m going to have your ass today.” He moaned and leaned in to kiss me. We were interrupted by kids waking up and then got busy with our day. We both had that moment on our minds all day, and would make little jokes about it and post just that perfect pegging picture on Tumblr.

So, fast forward to this morning, we are alone, and it’s a gorgeous, bright Sunday morning.  We woke up slowly, immediately touching, hugging, kissing, excited that we had some alone time to really enjoy some kinky sex. He got out my favorite harness and his favorite dildo and put things together. He kissed my feet, my calves, my thighs, and gently helped me into the harness and adjusted it for me while I was on my knees. I realized with a sharp pain and cry that my knee was still hurting from the day before and said, “OH NO, what are we going to do now?!” He looked at me with that sexy, cheeky grin that I love and said, “Let’s improvise…lay down on your back and let me ride you.”

“oh…well, …of course!”

I laid back on the bed and got comfy. He lubed up the thick dildo and his sexy ass with coconut oil and slowly lowered himself down on it. It took him a minute to work the tip of it into his asshole, but I could tell when he did because he got this amazing look on his face and he took a deep breath, and then moaned as he slowly pushed it in. I think it’s that same look I get when I feel the exquisite pleasure of his cock sliding into me for the first time. Mmmmmmmm. I touched his muscular thighs with both hands and grabbed him as he opened his eyes and looked at me with lust and adoration.

And then he started to move.

I watched him as first just his hips, and then thighs, and then his torso got in on the action. I had never seen my husband MOVE like that. It was incredible. He rocked back and forth, and then alternated with up and down, fucking himself on my dildo. I wondered for just a moment if that’s how he looked at me when I was on top of him riding his cock. I chuckled to myself when I thought, yeah, probably so, except my boobs would be bouncing and swaying along with everything else.

He looked down at me and said, “Move your hips up.” I had been afraid to strain my knee, but realized that I could push up with my hips and it was fine. I met him up for every time he came down.  The harness tugged between my ass cheeks and against my pussy a bit, and drew my attention to how wet I was getting. He leaned down and grabbed my boobs and put his weight on me as he fucked himself on my girlcock from a different angle. I pushed up harder with my hips and heard his breathing get heavier.

I knew he was getting close when he sat up and started rocking back and forth.  He rubbed his cock on my pink lace nightie and I said “Here, let me.” I rubbed a little oil on my hands and started stroking him while he kept rocking on my girlcock. He grabbed my waist and rode me hard while I said naughty things to him about how hot he looked and how good that must feel to have a cock inside his ass. He moaned, his face contorted with pleasure and determination to cum, and he shot all over my face and hair and the bed beside me. HOLY FUCK at that distance!!! I started laughing and reached for a towel to wipe my face off.  He fell over on me and kissed me gently, thanking me.

We took the harness off and he cleaned up a bit and then turned his attention to me. “Now it’s your turn!” I love love love pegging him, but I’ve never physically gotten off from doing it. He asked what I wanted and I said, “Your fingers inside me right now!” I was dripping wet and swollen from the excitement of pegging him and watching him cum. His big, long fingers slid right in and found that familiar, perfect spot that I loved for him to touch. I grabbed my Lelo vibrator and turned it on just as he started rubbing my G spot. Holy hell at the intensity of being that aroused and feeling those sensations inside me and on my clit. He repositioned himself and started sucking on my nipple closest to him, which just added to my excitement. When he felt me starting to tense up and spasm, he kissed me deeply and caught my moans. I came SO FUCKING HARD. It was amazing for both of us to feel happy and satisfied and spent together.