Written by murseguy.tumblr.com

I felt a little nervous as I parked in the medical arts building parking lot. It was not because my new doctor was a woman; I was secure enough in my manhood that it didn’t bother me. I just felt a little uncomfortable, as was natural, whenever you establish yourself as patient with a new doctor. The fact that I was running late, and had the last appointment of the day, did not help.

The company I had just joined insisted on a physical exam, and since I was new to the area, I needed to find myself a doctor. I had picked Dr. Troski’s name from my companies benefits package. I had chosen her partly because her practice had gotten such high reviews on the web, and partly because the thought of a female Dr. seemed hot to me.

When I arrived I the waiting room, I was greeted by a stern look from the nurse. She was blonde, nearly six feet tall, and was slightly chubby, but it looked extremely good on her. ”Your late Mr. Smith, The receptionist has already left for the day, and I was about to lock the door” she scolded. “No need to sign in, go directly to the examination room in the back.”

I did as I was told, and sat there for nearly five minutes before the nurse entered the room. She rolled her eyes and said with disdain “Why are you still dressed!? Have you never been to the doctors before? Strip down naked so the doctor can examine you!” She stood there eyeing me with her arms folded in front of her, an impatient look on her face.

“Are you going to stand there while I get undressed?” I asked meekly. I was definitely intimidated by this woman and her striking beauty. ”You don’t have anything I’ve not seen before; now strip before she gets here. You don’t want to waste her time do you?”

” I guess not.” I said as I striped down naked under the watchful eye of the nurse. She did not avert her eyes or look away. She in no way attempted to make me feel any less uncomfortable.

Just then, Doctor Troski burst in “Good evening Mr. Smith I trust you are feeling well, only here for an initial office visit and physical examination, yes?” she rushed in her eastern european accent.

“Yes, Yes ma’am” I stuttered. I looked her up and down instinctively. She was shorter than the nurse by a good six inches, but still tall, and slender. She had red hair, but you could tell it was a color job and not natural. Her pristine white labcoat came down to her knee’s, but you could not see her legs for they were obscured by shiny black patent leather boots.

The next fifteen minutes were consumed with rudimentary physical exam things like say ahh, turn and cough, and listening to my heart and lungs. The only thing that seemed out of order was that fact that the imposing nurse stayed in the room glaring at me. 

When I thought we were about finished I reached for my trousers and Dr. Troski said “Tut, tut, we just have one more eensy, weensy thing before were done, a prostate exam.”

“But I’m no where near forty years old!” I protested.

“Now dear, those are only guidelines, merely the standard. I pride myself on being very thorough, and providing exceptional healthcare, not just standard treatment.” she explained almost insulted. ” Now please be a good patient and bend over the table and expose your anus to me.” I complied with her direction and spread my ass cheeks. I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life; but I thought that this is something every man must go through sooner or later. I could hear her changing gloves and applying a generous amount of lube to her fingers. ”Now first an external visual exam” she explained. It must have been a close up exam because I swear I could feel her hot breath against my ass. I began to get a soft erection, and prayed that she would not notice.

“Now tell me dear, have you ever engaged in any anal play or sex?” she asked quite matter-of-factly.

“No, never!” I lied. What did she see, did my butt hole look different? 

“Now, now, I am just trying to get a complete medical history. The doctor/patient relationship is sacred to me, and you have nothing to fear or hide. ”Anything you tell me will be held in the strictest of confidence,” she explained further. ” My doctorate thesis was in sexiophysiology of the male rectum, and in my studies I’ve learned that a vast majority of straight men have used self-rectal stimulation at one time or another.”

“Ok,” I admitted “Once or twice, while masturbating in the shower, I penetrated myself with a finger or thumb.”

“Very well then, this shouldn’t be all that uncomfortable to you then,” she explained. With that I felt her cool lubed finger begin to probe at my opening. Soon, she was all the way in to the third knuckle, poking gently around as if hunting for something. ”It appears as if it is farther up than I thought,” she said as I felt a second finger join the first. I let out a soft groan as her two fingers bent forward and found their mark! It was an exhilarating sensation that I had never felt before! ”Had you ever found this spot while penetrating yourself, dear?” she questioned.

“No, I’ve never felt that before!” I moaned. I realized my previously semi-hard member was now at a full on rage! There was no way it had gone unnoticed by the ladies in the room.

She explained “Men have a spot in their rectum that is similar to what is known as the G-spot in the vagina. And that, dear, is what we have discovered in you today. Now, tell me what exactly do you fantasize about while you penetrate yourself during mastubation? Is it being penetrated by a penis perhaps?”

I would have confessed anything to her while her fingers were applying expert pressure on that sweet magical spot, but I was completely unable to form a coherent thought at the moment.

“It’s ok dear, you don’t have to answer, I already know. Now, I feel as your doctor that it is my duty to help you understand your body and psyche a little better.” She explained, vey clinically, as she parted her lab coat to reveal a glistening flesh colored six inch strapon dildo.

I began to protest, but went unheard as the doctor turned her attention to the nurse. ”Nurse Cathy, your assistance please,” she ordered. In a flash, the overbearing nurse stood across the table from me, and with some kind of expert wrestling move, used her arms and body weight to pin me firmly to the table.

In the next instant I felt the head of the doctors cock against my quivering asshole. The direct pressure kept building until POP! The mushroom head of her penis exploded past my anal sphincter. She then stopped while shards of glass like pain coursed through my entire being and I squirmed under the nurses grip. ”Don’t worry, dear, the pain will dissipate as your body becomes accustom to the intrusion.” She whispered in my ear.

She was right, and as my body relaxed she began to advance her prosthesis further into me. The length of it seemed to keep coming as I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that I was getting fucked in the ass! Her cock rubbed that magical spot, and I could feel cum like pressure building up in my pelvis. I knew that my dick was probably drooling a fair amount of precum. It didn’t stop there though, her cock continued to invade my body until could feel the pressure of it way up in my belly.

When I thought that I could not take another micro-inch of that cock, she stopped, and began to slowly withdraw it. The relief was almost heavenly enough to make me forget I still had a fair amount of dick in my ass! ”That is about all the length I would expect a beginer to tolerate.” She told the nurse, as if this was some kind of teaching moment for the staff. 

When she had nearly withdrawn the entire length of it, she began using her hips to create a circular, but thrusting motion. She was hitting the male G-spot she had talked about with every stroke. After about five minutes of this, the precum feeling in my pelvis had multiplied exponentialy and I let out a loud grunt, straining every muscle in my body. I exploded in an orgasm like I had never felt before. I was reduced to a pile of groaning, spasming, and spurting flesh!

Soon after, the nurse had released me from her grasp, and the doctor had pulled the cock out of my ass. In her matter-of-fact clinical tone she explained “You are a very lucky man, only a small percentage of men are able to achieve orgasm and ejaculation without stimulation of the penis. You have a rare gift.”

Not many days later I received an e-mail from a review service asking me to rate my visit to Dr. Trotski’s office. Five fucking stars!!!?