Soak Me


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Your husband is fucking you on your back, and has been doing so slowly for a while, when you hear the doorknob.  You turn your head and see it turning when he pins our shoulders down, “Sssh.  It’s ok.”  And I step into the room.  I look at your husband, “Okay?”  You see him nod yes out of the corner of your eye — since your eyes are on me.

He keeps fucking you, slowly.  And I take my clothes off slowly while watching.  His body looks great over yours, yours looks great under him. Then I kneel above your head and slide my cock over your forehead, and over your cheeks, not allowing it to get near your lips.  Then I smack my cock down on your forehead, then on your cheeks, and you feel it grow heavier and heavier.  I say to your husband, “I bet that makes her wetter, doesn’t it.”  He just moans as he fucks you. And your cunt soaks the sheets.

"Are you ready to try?"  I say to him, and he nods, and I stroke my hard cock, and drag my balls over your forehead, then I stroke my hand to the base, you look up seeing my cock over you, then you see your husband’s mouth move to it … and pause … then lick it. And your cunt soaks the sheets.

"Mmm, that’s good —- go at your own pace," I say to him.    And suddenly, you see my cock right above you — then you don’t.   When you realize it’s in your husband’s mouth, deep in your husband’s mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets.

"Fuck yes, man," you hear me moan. And you see my shaft reappear, then disappear, repeatedly, and you hear me moan, "Attaboy".  And you realize his mouth moving on my cock is matching the rhythm of his cock in your cunt.  And then when you feel my balls dragging across your forehead and nose as I fuck his mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets.

I put my hand on the back of his head, but not roughly, just enough so I can feel his head bob on my thick cock.  And when you hear me tell him I want him to cum with my big cock in his mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets.

"But don’t cum in her.  I want you to cum on the sheets, right between her legs, right below your wife’s cunt.  Please Adam."

You hear him moan, you feel my push deeper into his mouth, and you feel him pull out of you, leaving you feel so empty, and you grab his cock and tug it tightly, you feel cum hit your inner thighs and cunt and feel his cum adding to the mess beneath you. And your cunt soaks the cum covered sheets.

I pull my cock from your husband’s mouth, slide my cock wet with your husband’s saliva around your pretty face, and you hear me say “Your husband is a fantastic cocksucker.  And I bet he’ll only get better with practice. Now do you want to be fucked by the cock that was in your husband’s mouth?”  I ask.  You nod yes.

I kiss your cheek, then whisper into your ear, “I wish *you* had a cock — I wish you could know what a fine cocksucker your husband is.  You can *watch* him suck your girlcock.  But you can’t FEEL him suck your girlcock.  And his mouth feels *so* fucking good.”  Then I whisper into your other ear, “If want your husband to taste your cunt on my cock roll over — and rub your pretty face in the sheets where he came.”

I get behind you, and your husband pushes the back of your head down, pushing your face into the cum-covered wet spot you made watching him suck me, ‘Rub his cum on your face, rub *your* cum on your face,’ I say, and push into you.  I see your head move back and forth, your face rubbing the sheets as I fuck you.

"Fuck yes baby, your husband is such a good cocksucker I’m not going to last long in your pussy.  I pull your hair back, gently, pulling your face up from the wet spot, and you see Adam smiling.   "Tell Adam — tell Adam if you want to watch him take your cum on my cock and suck me while I cum.  Or if you want Adam to suck my balls and feel them empty into you.  Tell him…."  And your cunt soaks my cock.