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Kira had the most stirring erotic dreams ever that night, the night after she and Marlee lost themselves in lust with the fantasies of Kira actually growing a real life cock of her own. Kira had even knelt in front of her long mirror before bedtime, with her harness and flesh colored dildo on, stroking it, her eyes squinting to imagine what she might look like with a flesh and blood dick, but she continued to ache for the feeling of a real cock in her fist.

The sun broke into Kira’s dreamscape just moments before her work alarm went off. She turned her face to the pillow knowing that the timer on her coffee maker just lit up and soon the aroma would remind her to get her gorgeous ass out of the sheets.

Kira surprised herself when her upper arm brushed by her fully risen and slightly throbbing right nipple, and she tried to rush back into her subconscious to see if she could spy a sliver of what dirty dreams had taken her there.

She felt yet another ache between her thighs, but it was somewhat unfamiliar. Kira wondered what the fuck had happened in her sleep. She was yet too immoblie to reach down, so she played twenty questions with herself.
"Did I fuck an army in my sleep? If so, where’s all the cum on my face"
That let slip a  sleepy giggle.
"Did I wet the bed? Am I five years old again?"

The ache was persistent. Her mind went to dirtier places. “Catherine the Great horse fucking?” Noooo, not her thing really.

She deigned to move finally, now that the coffee’s allure wafted into her nostrils. As her hands glided over her breasts, she gasped. They were tender, almost raw, nipples fully aroused like she was headed for a climax.
"Jesus, did I not cum at the end of the dream? Orgasm denial in my sleep now? Fuck me!"

Then she sensed it. “Holy shit, I left my harness on with a giant dick in it, didn’t I?”
She could feel something long nuzzling her left thigh. “No wonder I’m this horny while asleep.”

Her hands slipped downward, then stopped dead in their tracks. She could still feel the phantom dildo, but there was no harness. She reminded herself to breathe, then made a long reach for the object in question, and when she grabbed it, she startled herself.

It was a phallus alright, but the very touch of her silken hand made it jump. She could feel her hand’s embrace all through this long fleshy thickness, and the sensations ran through her pelvis and shot up to her spinning brain. Suddenly, her heart and mind raced in circles to see who would get the pole position first.

Kira’s other hand swiftly jerked down to where her cunt should be soaking her, wondering for a millisecond if there was an mostly-invisible lover embedded in her with only his cock showing.  It made as much sense as anything else in this moment. That hand found itself wrapping around what felt like a thick firm shaft and a swollen set of man’s balls, and once again, her very touch to these foreign objects set her entire  body’s flesh on tingling carnal fire.

Kira froze. For how long, she could not say. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she was processing this madness like a bullet train. When she could move, she threw off her covers and sheets, and there it was. The very gift that she had longed for and prayed for. Where her gorgeous cunt had been the night before, she was sporting her very own real  life, beautiful set of flesh-and-blood cock and balls.

 Again, she stared, not yet quite comprehending. She was sure this was still her dream. She grabbed for the cock and squeezed its entire length and girth hard, wondering if it would vanish like a mirage. All that did was make her moan with the shocking flavor of pleasure she’d never felt before. She half-silently formed the words “Oh. My. Fucking…” as she watched a huge bead of clear pre-cum spill over from its tip.

She began fondling the shaft the way she’d done with the men’s she had sex with, and with that she heard the dirtiest sounds oozing from her own throat in response to every touch. Her new cock was already at full mast, and halfway to bursting. “How the fuck…?” She stopped herself. “Is this how morning wood feels?”

Her mind was careening this way and that. One moment mesmerized by her new orgasmic sexual organ, the next trying to suss out how it came to be. Then: is this permanent, and if not, how fucking long does she have to play with it?  And then, how can i make it reappear if it vanishes. She would be driving herself insane, if her hand wasn’t calming her with the soft persistent stroking of this luscious, sensitive rod.

The first mystery to solve was “Am I actually awake?” She bounded out of bed, never letting go of her new appendage, though now and then she’d stop stroking and walking long enough to let the succulent and lewd sensations run up and down her spine. She whispered to herself, “If this is really real, I’m going to need someone to fuck - Badly!”

She fondled her cock with one hand and poured and sipped coffee with the other. The rush of caffeine made her jerk away at her new appendage a little harder, and she accidentally spilled some coffee both on her hand and down the side of her dripping member. The sensations were real. They tingled and burned. “Jesus, Kira” she muttered to herself, “Don’t ruin it it before you get to use it!”

It was becoming ultimately clear. Some force had heard her wild and lascivious prayer, and decided to grace her with this vulgar piece of sexual magic. She wasn’t about to try and figure that one out. She just quietly smiled at the thought of how something like this happened in the movie “Big”, and ignored the part about some carnival machine instigating it all. The clock was ticking, She was due at work. And yet… she feared that if she abandoned this gift for the mundane, it might vanish. Not only that, she could feel herself bringing that cock closer and closer to the point of no return, and god, how much did she want to feel that!?!

She gulped more coffee and left the mug behind, headed right for the daydreaming mirror of the night before. This time when she knelt, she saw in the sunlight, this beautiful, thick perfectly formed, hot hard-on, with luscious balls brimming with seed to shoot, and a cock tip already spilling the beans. In the back of her mind, she decided to be late. Car trouble. That’s all she could manage as an excuse.

She was hypnotized, not only by the look, but most especially by the very feel of her own touch on her own pulsating cockflesh. She tried to recall how to masturbate a man, but was sideswiped constantly by feelings it caused her, the ones that normally he would be feeling. She traced a soft finger from the base to the wetted tip, right up the vein on the underside of the shaft, and it made her shiver and blissfully curse. She squeezed the balls hard as she smeared the pre-cum over the head, taunting herself. She took herself right to the edge, stroking hard, then slow and soft. She even spanked her new set of balls, which almost made her eyes pop. She noticed her nipples stretched beyond belief with arousal. They looked like they could shoot cum too, and at this point she thought, anything was possible.

She leaned back, slipped a finger into her tight little anal opening, deciding it was time to feel her cock explode. It didn’t take much. She wriggled one finger inside of her as she teased the underside of the mushroomed head. It was so fucking sensitive that she almost burst right there. She stopped. Held her breath. She was going for a full-fisted pumping O. She gripped the shaft, played with pressure and speed, and wriggled a second finger into her welcoming ass. She could feel her eyes roll back and the pressure in her ballsack inch right up to the tripping point.

When she finally stumbled over the edge, she growled like a wildcat in rutted heat. She could feel that long powershot of cum run from the base of her thumping cock, rush up through its entire length and when she could manage, she watched it spray all over her belly and breasts, only to make room for the new geyser-like spurts. She pumped her cock vigorously from pure instinct and her entire body shook with every new base-to-bursting gush of rabid ejaculation.

Her eyes were wet with tears of shock and bliss and newness. Her torso was spattered in her own whipped up cum seed, and her new cock, twitched and spasmed and sparked in her hand. She’d stopped stroking and moving at all, but the least little brush or movement, and she gasped again. It was so fucking hyper-sensitive all of a sudden. Then she looked down to see the gorgeous filthy mess she had made all over herself and this time she wept for joy. “Oh my fucking god, this is real.”

Once that had registered, she took her hand off of this new stunning body part and admired it’s glistening shape in the sunlight, wet with seed, the veins still pulsing rapidly, just like her wild heart. Her next move was to take her messy hand (her ass hand was steadying her on the floor now, no longer inside of her), and scoop up the first batch of cum for the tasting. “Mmmmm, fuck, I taste good.”

Kira spent the next ten minutes or so having her own spurted cum for breakfast, lapping it from her skin and sucking it from her fingers. That reminded her to stuff some actual food in her face swiftly, shower off the telltale sex (as she mused, is it boy cum or girl cum or boygirl cum?), and get dressed for work.

She texted a colleague saying “I’m going to be an hour late. Having a little problem here.” She’d need time to find something to wear that didn’t show her new, ummm, bulge.

She was half dressed, and trying on skirts and panties and things that might bind her new appendage and keep it from public view. She tossed off her skirt and panties at one point, and seeing the camera she’d set up to take a few lewd pics of herself and Marlee the night before, she posed front and back with the cam’s timer on. She needed to see how this looked. And she needed to be able to see that it was real, even when she couldn’t whip it out at work.

Peeing made her very happy, standing and letting that stream just pour right out effortlessly. But every move, every kiss of lace or nuzzle of her thighs made her new cock swell and begin to harden again. “Oh god, I got one that’s on viagra or something.”

How the fuck was she going to get anything done with an all day erection? And again, how long would she have this? She may not want to go anywhere today. Or ever. Or go to sleep tonight.

That was it. This was definitely classified in her book as an emergency. She called in “violently ill” to work. Said it might be a day or two thing. They understood. She wondered what would happen if her new orgasmic toy stayed longer. But suddenly, Kira could breathe again. She could adjust to this new… development. Explore. Play. Taste. Masturbate. Have sex. Fuck yes! Her first thought - Marlee. Maybe later. No, sooner. Right now she had her own curiosity to sate, and satisfy it she would.

She wondered if her ex had left his fleshlight behind. “No fucking chance.” But she had some anal toys - dildos, plugs, beads - and they could be used while toying with her new hot cock. She dragged them out, laid them out on a towel, lube and all, in front of the mirror again. She stopped and watched herself. Stroking. Sensually, then hard-gripped and forceful. Then in between. She closed her eyes, memorizing every tingling, mounting sensation. She fingered every spilled bead of precum,  some she used as lube on the head and shaft, the rest as lip gloss she could lick and nibble off.

Before she reached for a toy, she knelt in the mirror, stroking herself, imagining Marlee or one of her favorite boys on all fours begging for her to face-fuck them. She whispered wickedly “Suck it, swallow it all. I’m going to dump buckets of cum down your whorish throat!” She came back to her reality, again mesmerized watching the head purple and swell as she taunted its entirety, her body temperature rising with every tease. This time when she let loose and erupted with a hot wail, she sprayed the looking glass with a shower of her cum, and once more whispered as she gasped for breath, “Swallow it all….now!”.

She had to pee again. She wrapped a skirt around her, even while she dripped cum, and for the sheer joy of it, walked into her garden, lifted her skirt a little and let loose into the flower bed. “Mmmm, gotta love this” she purred. And while she emptied her bladder from this unusual standing perch, almost in view of the neighbors, she remembered a recent conversation with Marlee who was finding an interest in pee play. More filthy wheels began to turn.

She went back inside, and got re-focused on her own present explorations. More photos. Different angles. Then a video of her masturbating this hot rod, with the microphone near enough to catch every gasped shiver and every obscene utterance. She wanted to see how this new accoutrement suited her and damned if it wasn’t just perfect! And hot! And fucking gorgeous.

She grabbed her phone and desperately texted Marlee.
"Can you leave work early? I NEED you. Big time. You’ll freak and you’ll fucking love this. Get your hot ass over her ASAP! Pleeease."

"What next?" Kira wondered aloud to herself. It was butt plug and lube time, she decided. That always got her stirred up and fast. She wondered anew how long she’d own this incredible body anomaly, and how many orgasms of different kinds she could insist it give her back to back. Once her plug was inserted and nested in her tight little anal grip, every move made her body purr and her new cock rise and drip profusely. "Fuckity fuck, I may never leave this house again!" she said and laughed out loud at the thought.

She walked around to stir her blood from her ass to her cock to her nipples and back, while she decided on her next exploration. A text rang back. “Can leave after lunch. Need me to bring you anything?”

Kira smirked to herself and wrote back “Bring snacks and kneepads”.

As she passed her discarded laundry basket she saw yesterday’s yoga clothes. She stopped in her tracks again. “Holy fuck! These things do take all the blood from your brain. Yoga…stretch. I can suck my own fucking cock!!!”

Once again, she planted herself by the mirror, with the video camera near and recording. This she would need to see and feel this again and again, both in real time and playback. She stretched her back wisely, and when she was warm enough, Kira  threw her lovely legs over her shoulders. There, not far from her face, and her hungry mouth was this beautiful new fleshy spout pole, already half-risen and profusely dripping pre-slickness. She let the weight of her legs ease down to the rug by her ears slowly. With every breath, that pretty hot cock moved a little closer to capture.

Her slow stroking movements on her cock began and she was hypnotized by the feel and the new perspective. She moaned aloud “Oh, God yes!” when a droplet of precum plopped itself right onto her lips. She tried not to force anything, but her back began to relax to a point where her tongue could reach out and lick the tip of her own phallus. She was determined, but patient. She didn’t need to be discovered like this by locking up her back. She pushed her hips with her hands easily, rocking them gently. The cockhead was brushing her lips. One more good move and…

Her lips could wrap about her mushroomed slippery head. She could be happy with just this. One of her hands wiggled the ass plug, the other began toying again with her balls and the underside of her growing thickness, while her lips stayed wrapped tight under the head’s rim, hoping to take in another inch or three. Her body shook with the position and the unbelievable erotic feel of this depraved act. And every now and then, when she could remember to, she’d stop with as much of the cock in her mouth that she could manage, and look sideways. The visual of this new cock of hers in her own face made Kira’s whole body wiggle with dirty delight, and she began stroking again, stirring herself ever further, seeing herself ready to gulp down a gallon of her own creamy spew.

When she finally tripped her trigger anew, and roared over the edge, Kira’s eyes fluttered and dampened, her jaw set itself not to let go of the cock and her hand began furiously pumping at her rock hard sex tool that ran from her pelvis to nest over her tongue. That rabid rush of sticky seed forced itself through the long length, and the gushing sensation, jet by jet, shooting into her throat only intensified every ounce of this seemingly endless orgasm. It felt like it filled her mouth and gullet with more cum than she’d ever swallowed. The last spurts were uncontrollably spilled onto her face and breasts as she unwittingly unfolded, and she gurgled with a throat full of sticky sex from her own furiously powerful cock.

She lay for a brief eternity, letting each sensation embed itself in her sense memory. And when she could move, she reached to turn the video camera off, but thought better of it. She saw herself in the mirror and was so aroused by the pornographic sight, she moved her face into frame and as she wickedly licked up her own cummy mess, she hissed to the lens and microphone “I just sucked my own cock, and I fucking loved it. I just may become my very own cumwhore.” She left a few more moments of lapping up the mess as a closer, then hit STOP.

She looked at the clock. She had time. “A bath. Some food. Some more exploring. Then Marlee should be here.” she purred to herself.

"Oh Marlee. You are going to be my little cock and cumslut today. You promised. I’m going to fill up every crevice you own and then some. I’m going to fuck you like no one ever has, and you are going to beg me for more."

That thought made her cock jump again, ready for another bout of pleasuring.

Kira looked down at her beautiful piece of flesh-pole magic and said sweetly. “You stick around for awhile, you brilliant prick. We have pleasure to do. And very soon, someone else to do it to.”

Kira would find it hard to let go of her new toy. Then again, as Marlee’s arrival neared, Kira’s cock seemed to know the meaning of true sexual north and would not stop rising to point at it. Kira just gently teased herself and stole little licks of pre-cum. She was saving the huge first load for Marlee’s gaping, surprised mouth.

Kira made herself moan aloud one more time. She was suddenly imagining buckets of her new cocky cum spilling from every opening on Marlee’s naked body.

Kira quietly whispered to herself. “Oh yeah, that is definitely going to happen…”

More to Cum…