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Written by shescurious

There is something about having the house to yourselves when your kids sleep over somewhere else that is just wonderful.  It’s quiet, naked, carefree, and one of the few moments I wish I still had my husband all to myself.

I had woken him up yesterday by kissing his neck and shoulder, rubbing his body, and whispering in his ear, “I’m going to have your ass today.” He moaned and leaned in to kiss me. We were interrupted by kids waking up and then got busy with our day. We both had that moment on our minds all day, and would make little jokes about it and post just that perfect pegging picture on Tumblr.

So, fast forward to this morning, we are alone, and it’s a gorgeous, bright Sunday morning.  We woke up slowly, immediately touching, hugging, kissing, excited that we had some alone time to really enjoy some kinky sex. He got out my favorite harness and his favorite dildo and put things together. He kissed my feet, my calves, my thighs, and gently helped me into the harness and adjusted it for me while I was on my knees. I realized with a sharp pain and cry that my knee was still hurting from the day before and said, “OH NO, what are we going to do now?!” He looked at me with that sexy, cheeky grin that I love and said, “Let’s improvise…lay down on your back and let me ride you.”

“oh…well, …of course!”

I laid back on the bed and got comfy. He lubed up the thick dildo and his sexy ass with coconut oil and slowly lowered himself down on it. It took him a minute to work the tip of it into his asshole, but I could tell when he did because he got this amazing look on his face and he took a deep breath, and then moaned as he slowly pushed it in. I think it’s that same look I get when I feel the exquisite pleasure of his cock sliding into me for the first time. Mmmmmmmm. I touched his muscular thighs with both hands and grabbed him as he opened his eyes and looked at me with lust and adoration.

And then he started to move.

I watched him as first just his hips, and then thighs, and then his torso got in on the action. I had never seen my husband MOVE like that. It was incredible. He rocked back and forth, and then alternated with up and down, fucking himself on my dildo. I wondered for just a moment if that’s how he looked at me when I was on top of him riding his cock. I chuckled to myself when I thought, yeah, probably so, except my boobs would be bouncing and swaying along with everything else.

He looked down at me and said, “Move your hips up.” I had been afraid to strain my knee, but realized that I could push up with my hips and it was fine. I met him up for every time he came down.  The harness tugged between my ass cheeks and against my pussy a bit, and drew my attention to how wet I was getting. He leaned down and grabbed my boobs and put his weight on me as he fucked himself on my girlcock from a different angle. I pushed up harder with my hips and heard his breathing get heavier.

I knew he was getting close when he sat up and started rocking back and forth.  He rubbed his cock on my pink lace nightie and I said “Here, let me.” I rubbed a little oil on my hands and started stroking him while he kept rocking on my girlcock. He grabbed my waist and rode me hard while I said naughty things to him about how hot he looked and how good that must feel to have a cock inside his ass. He moaned, his face contorted with pleasure and determination to cum, and he shot all over my face and hair and the bed beside me. HOLY FUCK at that distance!!! I started laughing and reached for a towel to wipe my face off.  He fell over on me and kissed me gently, thanking me.

We took the harness off and he cleaned up a bit and then turned his attention to me. “Now it’s your turn!” I love love love pegging him, but I’ve never physically gotten off from doing it. He asked what I wanted and I said, “Your fingers inside me right now!” I was dripping wet and swollen from the excitement of pegging him and watching him cum. His big, long fingers slid right in and found that familiar, perfect spot that I loved for him to touch. I grabbed my Lelo vibrator and turned it on just as he started rubbing my G spot. Holy hell at the intensity of being that aroused and feeling those sensations inside me and on my clit. He repositioned himself and started sucking on my nipple closest to him, which just added to my excitement. When he felt me starting to tense up and spasm, he kissed me deeply and caught my moans. I came SO FUCKING HARD. It was amazing for both of us to feel happy and satisfied and spent together.

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A tale of elegant, feminine domination inspired by the statuesque and delectable 6ftbrunette

Jillian was one of those rare specimens of human females. She was 6 foot tall in her bare feet, a simmering siren, whose subsonic song would intently vibrate out from her towering, silken presence to any male or female who gave her the right glance in the right moment.

Jillian could go from a silent, sleek panther in the shadows, to a pouncing wildcat in a flash with the right provocation. And as her fourth decade began, she suddenly discovered the ferocious hunger to do just that, and so much more. New feverish needs rose up like a hidden tidal pool, now surfacing from the depths of her libido, as each dared door was opened, then unflinchingly unhinged.

Her appetite for naked mating not only rose in fever pitch, but broadened more and more to include a balance of both sexes, but with a flavorful twist, a new utterly insatiable itch. It was one that made her want to lead all others in her dalliances. To command. To dominate. To make the rules, to call the shots, to choose when to allow others their release, if any.

These things alone, she was finding more and more, sent her arousal quotient right through the canopy of the skies. And that itch became ubiquitous with both women (which she knew of first), and then, even with the men who longed to subdue her Amazonian body for their own ends. They, too, would get the same bargain, if she could swing it. And she could indeed.

Yes, Jillian could be a Switch and surrender for the right man with the right passion and respect for her body and soul now and then. But the more she took the reins with stronger males, the more she craved them. The rewards were unmatched by any other means.

And she did not truck with submissive “boys”, no matter their age. When she craved men, it would be men who could open the door to seduction, yet bargain their control away for just one taste of her nectar. Like any huntress, one whiff of that in the air, and she would begin salivating in more than one place.


This man, she had met several times. He was intriguing, a man she had connected with through business dealings, both of them usually steeped in conflicting schedules, but clearly, the chemistry made them find enough time to at least plant the seeds, in quiet dinners, shared secrets, and some intent flirting, often followed by some intimate Q&A.

She liked the strong gentleman he was by nature. She could feel his tendency to lead, but she could also see that her strong energy and her quietly commanding presence was something utterly new to him. And rather than being put off by it, he was curious enough to proceed.

“This one just might be willing to pay the entry fee”, she thought to herself.

This night, their third in a spread-out series of quiet romantic dates, there was even a little elevator foreplay, as she led him down the garden gate, but only for temptation’s scent. Jillian stepped off the lift at her floor, and as he moved to follow, she pressed him back into the stopped car. “Not tonight, Michael. But definitely… possible.  Sometime soon.”

She leaned in for a slow, deep, dirty kiss, while letting her palm suss out the rise in his suit pants. She could see his confusion as the kiss broke, her tongue painting the rim of his startled mouth, while his mind struggled to be the gentleman he had been so far. But that kiss, and that hypnotic genie rub had him hovering. Wanting so much more. Now. Exactly as she’d hoped.

He’d barely noticed that her hand was still cupping softly at his crotch-rise, as she eased back and smiled at him gently.

“I’m not a tease, Michael. This is how I play. And if you want more, especially as we begin, we play by Jillian’s Rules. If you can bend to that, then we’ll have much much more to explore. If not, I respectfully let you go.”

And with this last statement, “Although you do show great promise…”, she gave his thickened, covert cock a good squeeze, then retracted her hand completely.

“I promise you, Michael… I am worth the wait.”

He was breathless in just the right way. Spun about, but engaged in finding a new center, so as to somehow still proceed with her. She felt his eyes traversing her body, trying to imagine what he thought he would have had on his hands, his mouth, against his nakedness, in mere moments.

He was hooked. She could see it in his surrendering eyes.

“Email me your schedule. I’m gone on an early flight in the morning. That way we can plan a time when we can… engage… fully. If you dare.”

She swore she saw his cock jump against his zipper.

“Meantime, try and deny yourself release for awhile tonight. Make it last. I know I will.”

A gentle blush rose in his cheek, and Jillian was giddy with the seduction. She boldly dipped a finger under her skirt to snag some of her own arousal, and came up with a glistening fingerful of warm glaze.

He was sure she’d let him taste it. But with their eyes locked, and that shiny wet finger between them, she stepped back to let the impatient door close, and perfectly timed, she whispered, “Goodnight, Michael.”  Then let him see the first moments of her sucking her own juices from said finger.

Oh, she had plans for this one. He was virile and gentlemanly, but pliable enough to turn. The more she lured him, the more he came along for the ride willingly.


“Good news, I see, Michael. You’ll be in my town. Play your cards right and you’ll be invited into my lair. And not get left on the elevator.”

“What kind of cards”, he asked humorously.

“Jillian’s Rules, of course”, was her retort.

“Of course”, he said.

He was beginning to accept the Jillian she longed to be with a man (or woman).

“Why the trip here?”, Jillian asked.

“I"d love to lie and say it was just to see you. And yes, you are worth the wait. And the trip.”

She had made her mark and he had accepted it.

“But”, Michael continued, “I have some business business here, and some personal business with my ex. The one I mentioned.”

“The pretty one you’ve fallen into bed with a few times since?”

“That one”, he said honestly. “We won’t be going there on this trip.”

“No, you won’t, Michael, or Jillian’s off-limits”, she said softly.

“No need. Just paperwork in a public place”, he assured her.

What Jillian didn’t say was that she herself wouldn’t mind a taste of his ex, from the stories and description.

They made arrangements for dinner, and Jillian made some other plans for that night in her Amazon lair. Tonight, she would water the growing seeds of his willful submission to her.


Dinner was perfect. He was his strong, gentlemanly self, sharing both the direction of the evening’s flow, as well as the seduction leads along the way. When they were ready to go, Jillian was wet and ready to close the deal.

“Shall we go to my place, Michael?”, she purred.

“I would love that, Jillian”, he replied.

“Only if you are ready for an adventure. Something novel for you, as I understand.”

“So, I gather”, he said with a bit of a rasp, and swallowed notably. “Jillian’s rules.”

“Exactly. Jillian’s House. Jillian’s Rules. Think you can manage that?”

He began to answer, but she placed a finger on his lips. “Be sure.”

He waited until his breath returned, and said, “I"m sure. You are definitely worth it.”


The ride to her house was brief, but laced with aimed touches and stirring innuendo. At her front door, she stopped and with a smile said,

“Last chance…”

“Too late”, he smiled back. He knew he was caught in her gravitational pull, and could no longer move away from her.

She kissed him softly, and whispered, “I have a feeling that you’re going to love this…”. Then she turned the key and in they went.


As the door closed behind them, Jillian stopped and locked eyes with her new prey. She wondered how his discomfort would show.

“Soooo, are Jillian’s Rules posted anywhere? I like to know what’s what”, he said, wanting to be perfect for her.

“Oh no. JIllian’s Rules can change, sometimes in the moment. You’ll just have to take your best shot and pay the piper if you go too far.”

She smiled at his look.

“Michael, I’m not interested in humiliation, so relax. I just like to have the steering wheel, especially with someone new. If they can’t take this part of me, it won’t last. It is a very prominent part of who I am. And I like you, so play along, if you dare. If you wish. No hard feelings if it’s not your cup of cum.”

She moved in for the kill-kiss. “I sense that you will fucking love this, and then some. Once you get used to the shift…”

They kissed deeply, and pawed at one another, as Jillian began to undress her playmate. He tried to return the favor, but she only let him get her coat off. The rest, she simply whispered intently, “No.”

He ceded with a smile, and a murmured. “Jillian’s Rules”.

She bit his lower lip and answered back, “Good, You’re learning. It’s about earning trust. And earning rewards. You want to earn the ride inside, don’t you?”

“That I do, Jillian”, he said with a quiet confidence.

“Well said, Michael. I like the lust quotient in your voice when you say my name. Use it often.”

As those words were spoken, Jillian divested her prey of the rest of his clothing, while she stood fully dressed and eyeing every inch of him.

My, my, Michael. You  do take very good care of yourself. It speaks to how well  you’ll take care of me, doesn’t it?“

"It does, Jillian”. He spun an extra helping of his desire into her name this time.

“Had all your shots, have you?” He looked at her quizzically.

“Healthy boy?’

"Oh yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes… Jillian” This time, it made her part her lips and hum. Then her right hand dropped down to caress his rising sex.

“Mmmmm, warm, hard, pretty… and nearly ready to weep its first pre-drop. Well done.”

He couldn’t quite speak. She knew just how to touch him to keep his soul hovering in mid-air.

“Stay right there, and just watch me. Without touching that beautiful cock-rise. Think you can manage that?”

“Yes, Jillian.” She grinned.

Then she peeled off her panties, and lifted them to his nose, and whispered, “Breathe in the wet Grail”. And he did, as she watched his cock twitch and weep its first of an endless steam of sticky tears.

She ran her finger down to capture said glistening bead, painted his lips with it and kissed him. She tossed her undies out of his reach, then moved to the counter across the way, sat back, tugged her legs up and opened them up for his viewing pleasure. Then she watched every nuanced reaction in his entire form, from widened pupils to caught breaths to new drooling beads of want.

She watched his hands move towards his own sex, then stop just before that forbidden touch. She smiled. She could take this one far, she thought.

So, in response, she just gave him a sweet reminder. “That’s right. No touching. Without permission. Now watch. And want. I’ll tell you when and what’s next…”

Jillian began to pleasure herself, keeping her eyes on his, and on his swelling, luscious cock. Her fingers would disappear deeply inside of her, then emerge drenched in her glycerine arousal. She heard his first sounds that surpassed deep breaths, and it spurred Jillian into a heated edging play, rife with anal intrusions and her own shivering, siren songs of ascension.

“Good man” she panted at one point in the midst. “You’re dying to touch me. And touch yourself. Don’t you dare. It will break the spell we are casting, and ruin your own pleasure in the end.”

She toyed with herself longer than she’d ever dared with another partner, almost erupting without meaning to. Her entire crevice was awash in her own whipped up juices, as they ran from the source, out and down, coating the happy pucker in her “I dare you to want to fuck me here” anal ring.

Jillian hit the brakes on this two-way tease, slid her dipped fingers ever so slowly from her well, and with eyes locked on his, sucked those fingers dry.

“How badly do you want a taste, Michael?”

“More than I can say.”  And before she could ask, he jumped in with “Jillian”.

His voice was hoarse. His skin had a heat flush, and he was mesmerized.

Jillian grinned. “Already mine” was the unspoken phrase in her head.

“Kneel, Sir Michael and be christened”, Jillian taunted as the Queen and her Knight.. “Kneel and feast. Give me your best. Make it last. Make me explode again and again, and the rewards will reveal themselves.”

She pulled his head into her ravenous sex, and in a feral whisper she reminded him whose rules they were playing by. Then she said, “I expect to see a puddle of pre-jizz on the floor under you, mister. Surrounded by a lake of my cum.”

Then she began to use his face and his talented mouth as a saddle and horn, gripping and grinding for hold and depth, then lifting off for lightness and more edging. Then, gripping the sides ever tighter as they jumped the last wall and galloped into Jillian’s first roaring explosion.

She clawed his scalp as she smothered his face in her undulating eruption, using his beard shadow as sandpaper to prickle her tender, hyper-swollen clitoris past reckoning.

“Don’t you stop!”, was all she said. And her Knight valiantly devoured her onward, knowing that his own pleasuring was at stake.

“It’s a good thing that I love this”, he thought to himself, as his tongue slid down and wriggled into her sweet rear opening.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss”, was Jiillan’s first telltale approval of her prey’s gifts. “Stay there… Jillian’s Rules”.

Jillian milked this man for every oral talent he had. And he had much to offer.

At her next near orgasm’s bursting, she commanded him with a tone he had not yet heard from her, “Drink up, mister. Swallow my cum like my cock was drenching your insides in filthy cream. I want to hear you gulping…”.

And her own words, along with his ferocious devotion to her rippling insides, had her gushing into his open maw, as her orgasm spiked with every gulped sound that she heard from him.

As Jillian recovered from this last tsunami, she quietly thought to herself, “I may have to keep him. Bound and gagged, if necessary.”

Jillian pulled Michael’s head away from her still sparking clitoris. “Well done. Well done, indeed. Cum up here and kiss me with your gifted, cunt-soaked lips now.”

He did as she asked, and Jillian took her time enjoying just how much of her wetness had glazed his face, his neck and his upper body. She decided to drop one of those questionable teases. “You swallow well…” Her after-smirk spoke mysterious volumes. His flinch was minor, but noticeable.

She looked down. “Nice puddle too. You can still talk?”

“Yes, Jillian.” Still hoarse. Good, she thought.

“Step back.” He did. “My turn for a taste. No cumming. Not until I say so.”

Even more hoarsely, “Yes, Jillian.”

She knelt, wrapped her gorgeous mouth around the tip of his cock and in a brief flash, swift-suckled the last drops of pre-cum from him. Then she let go, and stood with a wicked grin.

“Thought I was going to play there for awhile, did you? No, just a taste.”

Jillian walked behind Michael, whose head was spinning and whose body was weakening. When she reached his back, she leaned in and nipped at his shoulders, as she began to strip some of her own clothing away.

When her breasts were bared, she rubbed them sensually against his back, then reached around to caress him torso and pinch his raw nipples.

“So, Michael dear. How badly do you want to  cum? And how badly do you want to fuck me?”

“Very. Very. Badly. Jillian.”

“I saw the way you eyed my tiny, tight little asshole. And how you relished your tongue lashing about in there, as well.” She bit his ear and whispered closely, “I loved that, by the way.”

Her finger slid in between his muscular ass cheeks, and softly circled his pucker. He gasped.

“Had any action here?”


“Do tell.”

“Fingers. Mine and others. One tongue.”

“Cock? Girl or boy? Toy?”

“No cocks. A small toy.”

Jillian’s hand reached around and snagged some more slippery pre-cum from her captive’s purpled dickhead. Then, she used it to paint his rim, while she stated, as if quoting law,

“You know what Jillian’s Rules are. You can earn mine, by ceding yours. The more you take, the closer you get to your wet dream. Interested in the challenge?”

His breath was caught again, hard. And now so was he. He was hers, and ready to surrender what he’d never surrendered to another.

“Yes…. Jillian.”’

“We’ll begin easy, then, virgin-esque that you are.” She pushed her fingertip inside of him and wiggled it about for punctuation. “The small one gets you a hand job, if you’re good taking it. You can guess what each graduation in size can reap. Deeper and darker places for you to plunder and seed. Though Jillian’s Rules still apply.”

She walked back to his front, and kissed him slowly and deeply.

“You’re doing very well, Michael. I like that you don’t scare so easily. I like a real man to rule like this. I like so much about you. And I know that you won’t disappoint, will you?”

“No, Jillian.”

“Good. Let me get the weapons of back door pleasuring out here.” She giggled, then went on,  “You choose how big we start. Jillian’s Rules.”

Michael had no idea what hold  that Jillian had on him, but he was collared and leashed without either of those shackles even being present. He had a feeling that she could seduce him into doing anything that came to her wild mind, and to them all, he would say, “Yes, Jillian.”

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Written By http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

Matt had become enamored of the idea of getting his girl, Melissa, to take his ass for a good hard ride with a  strap-on cock. Tumblr porn could do that for an adventurous mind and ass.

Matt wasn’t really sure how to break that desire to a woman who had mostly let him lead in all things sexual. But somehow, he found his moment of reveal, and discovered that his Melissa was much more open to this idea than he expected. He mistakenly didn’t ask her why.

Matt somewhat awkwardly admitted to her that night, what he wanted badly to try. He said he’d seen it in some porn posts and it seemed like it was such a hot fucking thing to do. He also admitted to her that he often fingered his ass when he masturbated and it always made him cum harder.

At the time, Melissa had no strap-on, but without skipping a beat,  she happily grabbed a phallic toy that night, one that she rarely used anymore, and decided to test out his resolve with her vibrating dildo first. She had herself been unsure if going for his back door was something that would throw him off. Now she had permission to play there, as she’d often hoped for in secret.

As it turned out by the end of the night, her boy absolutely loved this ass play more than she’d ever imagined he would, And that discovery stirred up some powerful hidden fantasies of Melissa’s, some long-lingering carnal hungers that surprised even her at first.

The toy that she began using on him had some fair length and girth, so Melissa was rather surprised some nights later in this added play, when Matt expressed his desire for something bigger.

“Really, babe? Bigger? And wider?”, she asked, in order to make things clear, so she could keep him to his word. Her labial lips were almost licking themselves with delight.

“Yeah. I think it would be great. I like this toy, but I know I can take more. And I’d love to feel you ramming my ass with a big dick.”

“You got it, babe”, she said, trying to be nonchalant, while her nipples rose almost past bursting point. “Guess I need to go shopping.”

Next day, Matt emailed Melissa a gift certificate for a local sex toy store that she’d used and loved before. And when she opened the email at work, she closed her door and her eyes. and masturbated to what she knew she could now not stop planning in her depraved mind.

The shopping trip netted stunning treasures that had Melissa’s mind and body spinning new webs of heated desire. She even sprung for a hot new corset to complete her new rutting goddess outfit, highlighting for them both, what ring of power she would choose to rule from this very night.

Melissa could already feel that this night’s turnabout would change their dance, maybe for good. Her half-swollen clit through the entire work day, betrayed her incessant desire to have that be true.

She texted Matt: “Shopping done. I have something big to share with you. Guess what part of you I will own tonight? Get it over here after work. Stat!”

Matt was thrilled, as was his body too, drooling at the promise of some new wicked  play. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Not yet, anyway.

However, when Matt arrived, and caught sight of Melissa dressed to a Domme’s tee, and sporting that startling, monstrous cock weapon, he gasped audibly.

She smiled, with reigning intent, and simply said, “Be careful with you wish for, baby boy. You just might get it.”

He was terrified and utterly aroused in the same breath.

She whispered a soft, but deeply insistent commend that he prepare himself. He knew what that meant, so he was naked and bent over the bed in no time.

As she lubed his soon to be ruined insides, and greased her enormous anal battering ram of a cock, Melissa’s own sex began to weep with orgasmic anticipation.

As she nuzzled the wide tip of her seemingly endless, veined phallus into his nervous anal clench, Melissa leaned in and whispered, in a tone, Matt had never heard from her before:

“I want you to feel this reach all the way up into your throat before I let you cum. Make me proud, baby…. take it all. Your ass now belongs to me.”

And with her first breaching, forceful thrust, Melissa indeed began to hijack Matt’s body and soul, binding him to her in ways that he never knew were possible.

Melissa would take them both to savage heights that they’d never experienced before, to levels of desperation in edging, begging and pleading, and sheer, raw animal power-mating that neither had barely imagined.

And as Melissa swiftly became addicted to this new power switch, she silently prayed that they never return from these newly-mapped corners of lewd heaven. She meant to keep her new sexual ownership, and revel in its consequential cosmic, guttural bliss.

This night changed everything for them. Forever.
<![CDATA[First Time Pegging]]>Tue, 25 Aug 2015 05:22:49 GMThttp://boyboygirllove.com/6/post/2015/08/first-time-pegging.htmlWritten By Anon

The evening started like any other, quietly watching tv on the couch, toying an teasing each other. The show we were watching ended, and we made our way to the bedroom, kissing each other and leaving a trail of clothing on the way there.
I threw her on to my bed and climbed between her thighs, kissing and licking every inch of her body, intentionally ignoring her pussy with the exception of brushing her clit on occasion. Driving her crazy before I had to taste her, my tongue dancing around her beautiful pierced clit. My fingers exploring her folds before pushing one inside her and then two, soaking them and my sheets. I ate her pussy for nearly twenty minutes before she begged for more.

I stood up and she pushed me down, taking my already hard cock into her mouth, the things she was doing with her tongue threw me back into my pillows, enjoying every second of it. It was only a short while before I couldn’t take it any longer and had to be inside her. I got up, rolled her onto her back, pulled her by the hips closer to me, rubbed the head of my throbbing dick against her before pushing deep inside her.

Grabbed her by the neck, kissing and choking her. Thrusting over and over again, deeper each time, pushing myself to the brink of climax, slowing only to keep myself from finishing so early. I turned her on to her side, straddled one of her legs and continued to fuck her as hard as I could. Gently slapping her in the face when she stopped looking at me a few times, she gushed on me over and over again.

She then forced me to my back so she could ride me, both of her hands on my throat while she bounced up and down, a few minutes later I threw her off of me, and bent her over. Facing the mirror in the corner of my room, slamming straight into her, grabbing her hair in one hand and her ass in the other. Her perfect ass rippling with each thrust, it wasn’t very long before I grabbed both of her hips, gave one final push before unloading over a weeks worth of cum deep inside her perfect little hole.

I collapsed for a moment while she got up and collected herself. She quietly made her way to my nightstand, opening the top drawer and taking out the harness and eight inch long dildo attached, she casually stepped into it and tightened down each point of adjustment, positioning the pale latex cock right over her pubic bone.

All at once she grabbed me by the hair and forced it into my mouth. Having never had a cock in my mouth I wasn’t quite sure how to attack this scenario. It wasn’t long before I found a rhythm of sucking and stroking with one hand. I had never felt so powerless and turned on all at once. It wasn’t very long before this gorgeous woman told me to bend over, a command that I followed without question. The squirt of cold lubricant on my ass sent chills up my spine, i was nervous as I felt it push against my asshole, clenching my sheets as I attempted to relax.

Bit by bit I took every inch of the dong into my virgin ass. She was slow and gentle with me, as this was her first time as well, as I loosened up to it and became more comfortable she quickened her pace, thrusting in and out, grabbing my hips with both hands. For at least ten minutes of her having me on my hands and knees, she demanded to see the pleasure in my eyes. She pulled out, I rolled over to my back.

She lifted my legs up and pushed the cock back inside me, it’s curved shape hitting my prostate in a manner that drove me wild. She started to stroke my cock to match her thrusts. Faster and faster, harder and harder until I came all over her hand. The look of satisfaction in her eyes was more than enough to leave me feeling pleased. She pulled out, knelt over and cleaned up every last drop of cum that I spilled on myself and her hand with her tongue. She then climbed back into the bed next to me, stroking her girl cock so pleased with herself, and me anxiously awaiting the next time we decide to have a little fun like that.

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Your husband is fucking you on your back, and has been doing so slowly for a while, when you hear the doorknob.  You turn your head and see it turning when he pins our shoulders down, “Sssh.  It’s ok.”  And I step into the room.  I look at your husband, “Okay?”  You see him nod yes out of the corner of your eye — since your eyes are on me.

He keeps fucking you, slowly.  And I take my clothes off slowly while watching.  His body looks great over yours, yours looks great under him. Then I kneel above your head and slide my cock over your forehead, and over your cheeks, not allowing it to get near your lips.  Then I smack my cock down on your forehead, then on your cheeks, and you feel it grow heavier and heavier.  I say to your husband, “I bet that makes her wetter, doesn’t it.”  He just moans as he fucks you. And your cunt soaks the sheets.

"Are you ready to try?"  I say to him, and he nods, and I stroke my hard cock, and drag my balls over your forehead, then I stroke my hand to the base, you look up seeing my cock over you, then you see your husband’s mouth move to it … and pause … then lick it. And your cunt soaks the sheets.

"Mmm, that’s good —- go at your own pace," I say to him.    And suddenly, you see my cock right above you — then you don’t.   When you realize it’s in your husband’s mouth, deep in your husband’s mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets.

"Fuck yes, man," you hear me moan. And you see my shaft reappear, then disappear, repeatedly, and you hear me moan, "Attaboy".  And you realize his mouth moving on my cock is matching the rhythm of his cock in your cunt.  And then when you feel my balls dragging across your forehead and nose as I fuck his mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets.

I put my hand on the back of his head, but not roughly, just enough so I can feel his head bob on my thick cock.  And when you hear me tell him I want him to cum with my big cock in his mouth, your cunt soaks the sheets.

"But don’t cum in her.  I want you to cum on the sheets, right between her legs, right below your wife’s cunt.  Please Adam."

You hear him moan, you feel my push deeper into his mouth, and you feel him pull out of you, leaving you feel so empty, and you grab his cock and tug it tightly, you feel cum hit your inner thighs and cunt and feel his cum adding to the mess beneath you. And your cunt soaks the cum covered sheets.

I pull my cock from your husband’s mouth, slide my cock wet with your husband’s saliva around your pretty face, and you hear me say “Your husband is a fantastic cocksucker.  And I bet he’ll only get better with practice. Now do you want to be fucked by the cock that was in your husband’s mouth?”  I ask.  You nod yes.

I kiss your cheek, then whisper into your ear, “I wish *you* had a cock — I wish you could know what a fine cocksucker your husband is.  You can *watch* him suck your girlcock.  But you can’t FEEL him suck your girlcock.  And his mouth feels *so* fucking good.”  Then I whisper into your other ear, “If want your husband to taste your cunt on my cock roll over — and rub your pretty face in the sheets where he came.”

I get behind you, and your husband pushes the back of your head down, pushing your face into the cum-covered wet spot you made watching him suck me, ‘Rub his cum on your face, rub *your* cum on your face,’ I say, and push into you.  I see your head move back and forth, your face rubbing the sheets as I fuck you.

"Fuck yes baby, your husband is such a good cocksucker I’m not going to last long in your pussy.  I pull your hair back, gently, pulling your face up from the wet spot, and you see Adam smiling.   "Tell Adam — tell Adam if you want to watch him take your cum on my cock and suck me while I cum.  Or if you want Adam to suck my balls and feel them empty into you.  Tell him…."  And your cunt soaks my cock.

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Written by http://tallmarriedprof.tumblr.com

Love the pics with the blue polka dot girl cock.  I would make out, on your back feeling it between our stomachs.  You’d feel me grow.   I would kiss your breasts, and lift your blue nighty and kiss your sides.  Then slide my mouth down over your girlcock and look up at you.  I would bob a few times, then move back up and slide into you.  I would whisper into your ear, “Having her girlcock sucked makes my babygirl wet, doesn’t it?” 

Fucking you slowly, and deeply.  Feeling my spit on your girlcock and it slides up and down my stomach as i fuck you.  “I wish it could cum, baby.  If your girlcock could cum, where would you cum when I suck it?”  I would ask and then grip your hair, holding your face so i could slowly fuck you and watch your face as you think about where you’d finish — if only you could cum.

I would keep fucking you slowly, and deeply, and tell you your cunt belongs to me.  Even your slippery little blue girlcock belongs to me.  And I’d stroke it as i fuck you — knowing how it rubs your clit when i do.

Slowly I would say, holding you by the hair, looking down at your gorgeous face, “But I have a present for you — if you’ll be a good girl.  Will you be a good girl?”  And I would keep fucking you slowly and deeply. My body against yours.  Letting go of your girl cock, but it rubbing between our stomachs and teasing your clit as I fuck you.

You know me, you know my cock, you know my expressions.  And you know I’m close.  I move my hand from your hair and put it right between your breasts, and push your body into the bed, holding you still.  Then you’d look down, you’d feel my pull out, and you’d see my hand on my shaft.  I’d milk my cock slowly — I don’t want my cum to shoot out, for once I want it to ooze out.  I would milk it so my cum rained down all over your blue girlcock.

Then I would look down at your pretty face and tell you “Show me babygirl. Show me — if you could cum — show me where you would cum.  This is a command — use me however the fuck you want.  And cum wherever you like.”  And then I would smack you across the breast and await your next move.

Written by BBGL

I don’t take any time to consider your command.  My hand is on your chest, pushing you off of me in a slow but controlled fashion.  You still wear that sexy smirk on your face as I straddle you, trapping your arms between my thighs.  I trail a finger over your sensual lips.  ”Open for me…this is where my cock is going.”

Leaning forward on an arm, I use the other to guide my cock between your parted lips, chocking off the snappy comment you were about to get out.  I close my eyes and imagine what it would feel like to be enclosed in your warm, wet heat.  I push in deep, not giving any consideration to your mouth.  I grind my hips in a circular motion, revelling in the pressure it creates against my clit.  I set up a nice steady pace, focusing on the mounting pleasure between my legs.  I’m vaguely aware of the gurgling noises you are making as I pump my “little girlcock” into my new fuckhole.

Fucking your face sparks a dominant need in me.  I know you have no choice but to keep a tight seal on my cock least the ceramic base knock against your teeth.  All I really care about is cumming…and cumming where I want.  When I feel your arms try to wrestle free, no doubt to control my movements, I lock my knees tighter and say, “Don’t you dare…open up and take it for me.”

I’m on the edge and almost flying but I hold off, waiting for that tell-tale sensation.  I focus on your stretched lips and flared nose…I see your glassy eyes and know I am pushing your gag reflex to the limit.  Fuck yes…’use you’ indeed!  I pound harder and then pull back as the sensation coalesces into a wet spray that shoots from my cunt, covering your surprised face.

"Fuck, yes, yes, yesssss!" I scream, riding each wave of wet pleasure as it washes over me.  It takes me a second to catch my breath and bring my hips to a stop.  With a lazy smile I look down at you and pull free from your mouth.  I lean forward and lick some of my girl cum off of your face and whisper,  "Not ‘if I can cum’…when I cum."

<![CDATA[It's Mutual]]>Mon, 05 Jan 2015 02:17:39 GMThttp://boyboygirllove.com/6/post/2015/01/its-mutual.htmlWritten by http://tallmarriedprof.tumblr.com

"Oh fuck yes baby girl. Oh my god yes, you look so fucking hot with my big cock in your mouth," I pant and look down at you.  You feel both of my hands on your head, then feel them push deeper, my fingers weaving into your dark hair.  At the same time you feel something hard, something phallic in my left hand up against the side your head.  "Good girl, now look up at me and let me see you squeeze your tits if you’re getting wet tasting it."

"You get another inch into your pretty mouth and I’ll suck *your* cock, baby …  Need some help?" I ask and look down, seeing your wet eyes twinkle, seeing you nod.  I thrust my hips deeper, holding your head still for me.  "C’mon baby, take another inch then I’ll show you what a good cocksucker *I* am."   

You reach up, grab my ass, and pull my hips to you.  Your pretty eyes widen and glisten with water as you struggle and pull your head further down  my cock.  I look down at you and smile as I see more and more of my cock disappear, “Mmm, yes.  Attagirl.  I think someone wants her cock sucked.”   I pull out, cock smack your face with my right hand and hand you the girlcock I’d been holding in my left.  “Fuck yourself with it while I cum on your face, baby.  Fuck yourself with it hard.”  I start fucking your mouth harder and deeper and I watch your nipples harden and your eyes sparkle with lust.

"I want to see your gorgeous cum covered face look down at me while I suck your cream off your girl cock, babygirl."  Then I fuck your mouth deeper and growl, "I want to see your cum covered face looking down at me while you fuck my mouth like a cunt."   The second you start to cum on the girlcock you’re working in & out of your cunt, I palm the top of your head tightly in my big hand, hold your head steady, and pull back  and explode with a guttural growl onto your face.  Cum covering your forehead, your nose, your left cheek and across your mouth.  After multiple ropes, then last falling across your left shoulder, I wipe my cock across your right eyebrow.

I smile as you instinctively lick your lips where I came across them.  Then I use a finger to wipe the bit of cum from near your left eye.  And you watch me eat it.

I cock smack your cum covered face, “Good girl.  VERY good girl.  Now strap your girlcock on … on your knees.   I’m anxious to taste your cum on it.” As you do, i kneel, my hands on your shoulders, keeping you on your knees, then kiss you. Tasting my cum on your lips.  I move my face back on inch, looking straight into your eyes.  “I fucking LOVE sucking your cumcovered girlcock, baby.” Then you shockingly feel my right hand leave your left shoulder and smack downward, hard against the top of your left breast.  “Now do what you’re told and fuck my mouth … HARD.”

I move my hands from your shoulders and you stand.  I grab your ass and impale my face on the big black girlcock sticking straight out from your cunt.  It hits the back of my throat and I continue to pull your hips to me and push my face toward the intoxicating smell of your cunt.   You hear me gag, and you see me keep pushing my head down.  You see my eyes water and you see my push forward.  I wonder if you’ll do what I so crave.  I wonder if you’ll hold my head and devastate my mouth.

Then I bob. Feverishly and deeply.  Coating my tongue and inside of my mouth and the back of my throat with your cum on your big black girlcock.  I look up, pop back off the cock, and say “Fuck I love tasting you.  I’m glad you don’t have a real cock though — cause then I couldn’t taste your sweet fucking cum on it.”  I smack it on my own face and say “Talk dirty to me while you choke me.  Fuck my mouth.” And i throw my face back down on it, my eyes looking up at your gorgeous cum-smear faced.

I bob more, you see the lust in my eyes.  And then i stand and shove you back down — like a see saw as I elevate from my knees and shove you to yours.  I wrap my hand around your hair, and say “THIS is how much I love face fucking your big black girl cock, baby girl.”  And you feel my cock smack your face — you feel my rock hard cock smack across your face.  The you realize that although I’ve cum on your face just 10 minutes before, sucking your girlcock has me rock hard again.  “You FEEL how much I love sucking your cock baby?  You feel how much I love choking to the taste of your delicious cunt?  Answer me.”

"Now be a good girl and tell me if you’ve ever taken a load deep in your ass with cum on your face before."

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I was just waking up when the bathroom door opened and Wendy walked out wearing nothing but her cock, stockings and her new high heels.

I watched her cock bounce as she walked over to our toy draw open it and start moving things around. Finally she found what she was looking for,her bare as you dare harness.

The only time she has a problem holding her share in is when she fucks me really hard. So watching her put the harness on I knew that sometime during the day today I was going to get fucked long and hard.

I watched her adjusting it, she stood sideways and looking in the mirror she made sure her share was nice and tight and pointed just right.

Watching her, all sorts of sexual adventures started running around in my head.

Wendy saw me in the mirror as I got out of bed and walked up behind her. She smiled as I put one arm around her and cup her tit, pinching her nipple at the same time. I kissed her neck and listen to her moan as my other hand grasped her cock and started stroking it.

I nibbled on her earlobe, she closed her eyes and started pumping her hips to match my strokes. Suddenly, she pushed me away telling me to leave her alone, she wasn’t ready for me yet.

Disappointed and with a half hard cock I walked into the bathroom to pee and take a much needed cold shower.

Half hour later I had showered and shaved, I went into the bedroom and dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of shorts that were way too big for me but were comfortable. Then I went looking for Wendy wondering what kind of kinky delights she had planned for us today.

I found her in the kitchen making breakfast, when I looked at her eating was the last thing on my mind. She was still dressed in stocking and heels but had added a wife beater tee shirt and a pair of white cotton hip hugger panties.

When she heard me moving around behind her she looked over her shoulder at me and her eyes went right to the tent my cock was making in my shorts. Laughing, she smiled and winked at me, then she told me to put that monster away, it wasn’t even close to that time.

I sat at the table and watched as she finish making breakfast, at the same time I tried to get my cock to settle down, without any luck.

I was looking at her back but I knew she was still wearing her cock because I could see the straps of the harness under her panties. She turned my way and leaned against the counter, what I saw made my cock pulse. She had neatly tucked her cock to one side in her panties, I had to fight the urge to touch myself.

She slowly walked over to the table, the tap, tap of her heels driving me crazy. Putting the plates on the table she stood in front of me and smiled. She reached down and took my hand, placing it on her cock she put her hand on top of mine and together we slowly started stroking the outline of her cock thru her panties.

My right hand was under the table stroking my cock, she let me get worked up a bit then pushed my hand away and lightly slapping my cheek. Seeing my disappointment she laughed and told me later, but for now leave her and myself alone then she sat down.

As we ate, I could feel the sexual tension building between us, by now the front of my shorts had become soaked with my precum and I could smell the pungent odor of her excitement.

We were sitting next to each other and every time we touched her arms would erupt with goose pimples and her eyes would close. She kept taking a deep breath trying to calm herself as her body shook.

When we finally finished eating she stood up, taking hold of my hair she pulled my head down and rubbed my cheek up and down the length of her cock thru her panties. I could feel her wetness and smell the pungent odor on her panties.

I reached behind her and cupped her ass with my hands, pulling her towards me I put my mouth on the tip of her cock and sucked it thru her panties.

She reached down and pulled her cock out of her panties, holding my head by my hair she lined up her cock and roughly forced it past my lips. When it was halfway in I started gagging, she stopped just long enough for me to relax and catch my breath. Then taking hold of my head with both hands she pushed and pulled at the same time. I gagged again, she stopped and said, ” relax bitch, just take a deep breath and swallow”

I closed my eyes and tried to relax, it was hard to do with her holding my head and pumping her hips as she tried to force her cock down my throat. I looked up at her face, the look of lust and excitement made me want to please her, I pushed back on her hips, it broke her trance and she looked down at me.

Our eyes locked I pulled her forward until her cock stopped. Looking in her eyes I took a deep breath, she moaned as she watched her cock slide down my throat. My nose touched her tummy and she pulled tight and ground her pussy hair into my face.

She held my head tight and started fucking my mouth, her soft groan grew louder and louder as her orgasm grew.

Suddenly, with a sharp intake of breath her body started convulsing in pleasure and she screamed out, “AHHHHH FUCK I’m CUMMING” She was out of her mind with lust, fucking my mouth harder and harder until I was rewarded with her cum washing down my chest leaving me soaked with her cum .

After a moment and with one final thrust she let go of my hair and pushed me away, turning she said, ” I have to get dressed”

I watched her walk away in disbelief, I had just giving her an orgasm and she was leaving me so excited my cock hurt. Pulled my shorts to one side I started stroking my cock, I was just about too cum when I heard her yelling from the bedroom to leave my cock alone.

Her final warning was, “if you cum before I say that’s it for the day”

I was a little frustrated, fuck I was ready to explode. But not knowing what she had planned for the rest of the day there was no way I wasn’t going to follow her instructions. So reluctantly I let go of my cock and started cleaning the kitchen.

Half hour later when she came out of the bedroom I was floored, fuck she looked hot. She was wearing her high heels and thigh high stockings with one of those high school dresses. She was wearing a black see thru top over her wife beater, but now she had cut it off just under her tits. As she walked towards me I could see she had cut it so short I could see the creamy white skin at the bottom of her jiggling tits.

She spent the next couple of hours teasing me, driving me crazy. Every time she caught me looking she would lift the front of her shirt. At first her cock was tucked neatly in her panties, by as the morning wore on it worked it way. By ten half of it was poking out of the top of her panties.

I bent over to pick the paper up off the floor and she walked up behind me. She put her hands on my hips and held tight as she ground her cock into my ass.

Ten minutes later she lifted her skirt, pulled her cock out and asked me, “how’d you like to suck my cock bitch” then she put it back in her panties and walked away.

I couldn’t take it any longer she was driving me crazy so I went outside and turned on the sprinklers on in the front yard. Sitting down on the porch I tried to cool off a bit but she wasn’t having it, ten minutes later she walked out the door.

Standing in front of me she slowly lifted her skirt until I could see the tip of her cock poking out the top of her panties. A car drove by and honked, I jumped up and pushed her skirt down, looking around I hopped no one had seen her. She laughed and went back into the house, I was pissed now and went around the house to the backyard trying to hide my hard on.

I was so fucking hot now I couldn’t stand it much longer I turned on the hose and soaked my head trying to cool off in more ways then one. I put the hose away and I noticed her garden needed weeding and figured it was a good way to cool down.

As I worked in the hot sun my sexual frustrations started to go away, half hour later, after I had almost managed to loose my hard on I heard the back door slam.

I looked up and see Wendy is still dressed like she was this morning, except now she had traded her stockings and heels for a pair of knee pads and tennis shoes. I had to admit she still looked fucking hot. She started walking towards me and I could see her cock bouncing with each step. I smiled now because I knew my time was coming close.

Watching as she started down the stairs I figured she’d grab me by the arm and drag me in the house, boy was I wrong. Instead she walked up behind me and knelt down between my legs. She pushed on my back as I tried to get up, my hands were on the ground and she pulled my shorts to one side.

I felt the lube launcher pushing in my asshole and the cold lube filling me, she save enough for just outside to lube the tip of her cock.

I suddenly realized what she had planned and tried to stand up. She pushed on my back and slapped my ass telling me to settle down. She leaned over my back and said, “you’re about to get fucked, whether you like it or not”

Looking over my shoulder I watched her lift her dress and lay it on my butt, then leaning forward I felt her cock slide past my cock as she bent over my back again and whisper in my ear, “don’t worry no one’s around, it’ll be fun”

I looked around, as horny as I was and not seeing anyone I figured what the hell, what’s the worst that can happen, we get arrested.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, Wendy patted me on my ass and said “good boy” One hand on my hip and the other holding her cock she lined her cock up and pushed, I was so excited it just slipped in.

When Wendy’s hips hit my butt she pulled hard and I heard her let out a moan, she shudder and her hot cum washed down my ass, she kept giving me these short little strokes that were hitting me just right.

With a shudder she came a second time.

By now my shorts were soaked, I could’ve cared less, I was really close to exploding.

She sensed I was close and started giving me long hard strokes that made her hips slap against my ass and push me forward. I told her to fuck me and she picked up speed really pounding her cock in my ass.

When I yelled out I was going to cum she reached under me and squeezed my balls, I exploded and came in a mind blowing orgasm. When she felt my hot cum hitting her hand she had her third and most intense orgasm of the day.

She just kept cuming, she’d pull really hard on my hips and grind her hips into my ass, I’d feel her wetness and she’d cum again. She must have done this ten times, one after the other, she kept at it until she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and collapsed on my back.

As I started to calm down I suddenly felt really exposed. I told Wendy we should go inside before someone drove by and saw us. She agreed, but we were both so drained we could hardly move and had to help each other up. Right about then, one of our neighbor’s turned the corner in his truck and honked as he drove by. Wendy and I looked at each other and had a good laugh as we helped each other in the house. We were both so drained we went straight to bed.

<![CDATA[A Toy Story]]>Mon, 01 Sep 2014 16:53:54 GMThttp://boyboygirllove.com/6/post/2014/09/a-toy-story.htmlPicture
Written by http://ymmv1.tumblr.com

Inspired by bbgl’s girlcock images and animated gif.

I admired her new boyshortz, the way they curved to her ass and dove down into the crack between her cheeks.  The way the panties grabbed her cheeks spread them slightly apart so when I ran my finger down her crack I slid readily over her rosebud, making her hips move a little.  I reached around her and cupped her breasts from below, then ran my hands down over her stomach to her crotch. The boyshortz clung tightly to her pussy mound and invited fondling.  By the time my hands arrived she already had a finger between her labia and was lightly stroking her clit.  She knew it made me crazy when she played with herself.

We mutually rubbed her pussy for a while as she moved her hips back and forth against my exposed cock.  I couldn’t quite push the tip into her crack deep enough to feel her panty-covered rosebud.  In the front I slid a finger under the edge of her panties and into her pussy, so warm and damp and welcoming.  I felt one of her fingers join me in the wetness.  Her hips started moving faster, in time with my swirling finger.  I raised my finger to her lips and she sucked greedily on her own juices while keeping her own finger buried in her pussy.

Finally we took out the new girlcock.

Finally we took out the new girlcock and she slid one end into her now-naked pussy.  The girlcock was new; it was a strapless Fetish Fantasy Elite with two cocks joined at an angle.  The short end goes in the wearer’s pussy and the long end hangs outside, ready for action.  I loved how the toy stuck out from her pussy at one end and disappeared into her depths at the other.  She started to lightly stroke it, acting as though she were a man beating off.  As she moved the outer cock I watched, mesmerized, as the other end moved inside her pussy.

I thought about the girlcock shifting deep inside her and I pushed her slightly forward onto some pillows we had piled at the edge of the bed.  She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me; she knew what I wanted and was going to let me have it.  I spread her cheeks and probed at her anus with my cock, applying steady pressure as I hit the target.  My cockhead popped in and she started stroking the girlcock faster.  My cock, in her ass, was being massaged by the inner end of the girlcock, through her thin inner wall.

As I fully entered her ass my cock became absolutely rigid.  She told me she was so full and kept stroking her girlcock.  Soon I reached around and took over the girlcock’s motions.  As I moved it around I felt the inner part stroking my cock.  It was magical, sensuous, debased, and wildly exciting.  It was as though I was fucking her in both her pussy and her ass.  She dipped a finger into her pussy again and I felt it with my cock.

She picked up a vibrator and applied it to her outer lips.  Immediately I felt her anus clench on my cock and the girlcock became harder to move.  Her breathing accelerated.  God I love to excite her and feel her response.  I started moving my hips faster and stroking the girlcock.  It was incredibly intense, I was awash in sexual ecstasy.  Finally she shouted out her orgasm and I came into her ass, and came and came.

"Might be good to have a spare," she said.

<![CDATA[The Adventures of Kira, The Girl Who Grew a Cock - Part 3]]>Thu, 17 Jul 2014 01:24:44 GMThttp://boyboygirllove.com/6/post/2014/07/the-adventures-of-kira-the-girl-who-grew-a-cock-part-3.htmlPicture
Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

First Breach

Part 1: HERE                   Part 2: HERE

Kira was bathed, scented and ready.  Her body was primed like a feline in heat, yet the weapon she now bore was fiercely masculine and hovering on staying eternally 3/4 erect, at the very least. Kira tried to bind it in a bit, with some of her wider silk panties, knowing her favored tiny g-strings would never do.

Kira’s cock felt like it would rise fully just from the caress of the silk, as she quickly discovered the slip and slide of sensual material against her shaft and head with every step she took.

"It’s just the newness, right?" she mused. "Or am I going to have an endless hard-on that all men would kill for?" That made her giggle aloud.

"Yeah, I’ll visit their homes and show them how to fuck their wives for hours on end, in ways they could never manage. I’ll have my own wild harem!"

Then she corrected the fantasy.  “No, two harems… one of women, one of men. Mmmmm, yes!” The filthy visuals started running amok in her head as she imagined all the different sizes and shapes, all the dirty tight little holes, along with combinations of sexes and ages that she might find herself impaling for the sheer gluttonous pleasure of it. Her new-found weapon of sexual breaching had her feeling utterly insatiable.

At first, the visuals were a series of one-on-ones, with faces and bodies she’d see on a near daily basis, but of people she barely knew. Then the daydreams blossomed into trios and more, then into full-on orgies. And while her mind wallowed in delicious depravity, she was finishing her makeup and watching the clock. Marlee would be arriving any minute. Kira reached down and felt her new cock nearly at full mast under her skirt, and the head was as wet as her pretty cunt would get when stirred up like this.

"Damn, I have to stop thinking about who and how to fuck everybody in sight. On the other hand: what’s that saying? ‘Use it or lose it?’"

Kira calmed herself, made sure she was tucked in enough not to show outright, and reminded herself to breathe. Then, just the right cure popped into her head: it was after 12 noon, so, yes, why not a little wine? She had some open from last night, she remembered, so she hit the kitchen all ready to receive her lusty company, poured two glasses and took a big hit from her own. That might soothe the savage beast between her thighs, she thought, at least until her dirty blonde prey arrives.

Kira wouldn’t have to wait long. Marlee, looking summer-dress luscious, primped prettily from the office world, showed up wide-eyed and wondering what the mystery texts with the SOS hints were all about. Kira beckoned her in with a come hither crooked finger.

When Marlee was within reach, Kira took her hand, pulled her in close, while keeping her hips back to hide the secret, as she remembered that timing was everything. Kira slowly French-kissed her flushed visitor with a half a mouthful of red grape to share. When the hot tangle paused, Marlee found her lips being licked by the hostess as Kira whispered,
"I need you, Marlee. Badly. Very badly. How long can you stay?"

Marlee stopped for a second, letting this different tone register. “An hour and a half, if I stretch it. The rest of the day if it’s really important.”

"Good," Kira answered, as she slipped a hand under Marlee’s skirt and panties for a quick tease. "Trust me, this is reaaalllly important. You may wanna book out for the week."

Both girls laughed, while Marlee’s eyes were mining for answers.

"What is it, Kira doll? What’s so urgent? I mean, other than fucking, which is almost always urgent."

"You sure you’re ready for this?"

"I fucking left work and showed up, didn’t I?"

"Yes, you did." Kira kissed her lovingly. "Thank you for that."
Then Kira whispered in Marlee’s ear, “And thank you for being my little cumwhore too. Let’s just say, I have a new…ummm, flavor for you to try. And I’m on a cock… err, clock. I think.”

Marlee peered around the room hunting for some hidden toy that Kira might have purchased.
"Okay, babe", insisted the visitor, "Give it to me."

Kira’s smile turned wickedly wild as she said, “Oh, I plan to, in ways you’ve yet to imagine.”

Kira’s voice was suddenly tinted with domme-like command, “Kneel, peel, and eat, Missy. Now!”

Marlee felt he push of Kira’s insistent arms as she descended to the clean tile floor like an obedient girl, her hands worshiping Kira’s thighs, and her tongue swiping the wine from her lips so she could taste some of that ambrosial eau de Kira. Marlee looked up with her customary naughty grin, and again was slightly taken aback by the new rabid glint in Kira’s smile.

"Do it." Said Kira, plainly.

Marlee wasn’t surprised by the slightly obvious bulge now showing a bit under Kira’s  gauzy skirt. She fully expected as she eyed it, that she’d be swallowing a new strap-on toy, so she decided to play along with the game, like a good little cock slut. After all, she loved that role. However much this blonde beauty controlled the boys she bedded, she would happily submit to a hot girl’s commands and play the obedient little sex slave, just for the rush of the shift in carnal power.

Marlee began to kiss through the skirt as she reached underneath, then she slowly tugged down Kira’s silken panties and let the monster loose from its sling. When the phallus popped out of the undies’ grip, Kira let out a half-moaned sigh that surprised both of the women. As Marlee began to kiss and toy with the still-veiled thickness through the skirt, Kira’s hands laced into Marlee’s hair, and Kira whispered a long, hissed, “Yesssss”, from the tingling, caressed sensations running up the entire length of her rising secret.

The tease was just too fucking good, and Kira could feel her new appendage swelling and firming further, hungry to shove forward and fuck this little doe-eyed wench into oblivion. This time, for the first time, the arousal came from someone else’s touch and it was fucking glorious.

Kira wondered how she was still retaining her feminine sensibilities while this new surge of testosterone-lit savagery took root in her libido. But somehow, they seemed to be living harmoniously in her, side by fucking side. Her beautiful breasts and nipples were tender and pleading for some lavish attentions, as her new manly girlcock was fiercely ready for some invasive sexual aggression. Kira’s head was in a whirl, as she felt Marlee’s hands gripping her naked ass under the skirt, and Kira rocked forward against the girl’s tongue through the gauze, teasing her weapon of feral intent even further.

Marlee backed off for a second, and got a rush as she saw a tiny pool of wetness forming on the skirt that she knew her tongue had not made. The blonde giddly thought “Oh, fuck, one of those new squirting strap-ons! Mmmmmm, I wonder what flavor…”.

And just as she was about to lift the veil and devour the new plaything, Kira tilted Marlee’s face upward and whispered with one raised eyebrow,
"Promise me you’ll take it all, my little suckwhore."

Marlee whispered back, “For you, Kira doll, anything!”

Again, Kira felt the rush from her impatiently desperate dick, and she let it take over her brain, as she feverishly but quietly said, “Just. Fucking. Do it. Now.”

Marlee lifted the skirt  and it took a moment with the sunlight and the hunt for the missing harness. “Fucking god! It looks so real!”

"It is." Kira intoned impatiently. "Take it and suck it until I dump a hot load in your face." There was a half-growl in those words that even surprised Kira. She wasn’t waiting any longer. She took her own hand to the incredibly thickened member, pumped it enough for good-sized pool of pre-cum to emerge at the tip, then Kira took the startled girl’s face in her other hand, and painted Marlee’s lips with the slippery spill.

"Taste that. It’s real."

Marlee lapped up the lush mess on her mouth and gasped, “Fuck, it’s like real pre-cum….how..?”

"Don’t ask, just suck it…. open wide!"

Marlee, half stunned, obeyed her new mistress, and suddenly her tongue was resting under a real life, quite long, flesh-and-blood cock. She closed her mouth around it and purred at the flavor. Kira placed Marlee’s hands on the swollen ball sac, and as the reality began to register in Marlee’s head, Kira took advantage of her position and rocked in and out of the blonde’s seductive mouth, losing herself in the myriad of new sensations of being inside another body’s soft, wet, enveloping orifice like that.

Kira popped her cock out and looked down. “Don’t ask. I don’t know. But it’s real and it’s mine and you promised. Remember, every drop, Marlee babe, every fucking drop.”
There was a semi-command and a semi-plea in her last statement.

"You begged me to use it on you if I ever got one, my little cockwhore. I got one. And now I need to fuck you - in all of your wicked holes. But you promised to take the first load down your throat”

Marlee looked up with that “How the fuck?” look in her eyes.

Kira neared the edge of her hunger’s impatience, which was a bit unlike her girlish ways.”I DON’T KNOW! But it’s here and it’s fucking loaded. So, suck my hot cock, you little cumwhore. I know you’re dying for it!”

Marlee shook off her disbelief, and began to stroke this new fleshy cock that her best girlfriend somehow had grown. Overnight, no less! 

As Marlee regained some orientation, she began toying with Kira as she would with any man who had one of these hot, pretty fuck tools.  If this is the way it was going to go, Marlee had her ways of controlling the game as well. She had some brilliant tricks up her cock-sucking sleeve, and she’d pull them all out to do her favorite girl but good.

As Marlee began to devour Kira’s pulsating meat,  and roll those swollen balls in one palm like lewd dice, she added her occasional intrusion, the wiggle of a finger in Kira’s moaning little rear bunghole.

Now, Kira could really sense her feral cock heating up and stiffening even more (if that was possible), weeping from the tip and reddening. This fucker was real, and she was learning a new meaning of the word “throbbing”. “No wonder they use that word in porn…. it is actually throbbing….FUCK!” That was the conversation in her head. The questions and conversation suddenly stopped as the quest for Kira’s cumload dump turned to full tilt.

As swiftly as the commanding mistress was slamming her gorgeous length into the kneeling receptacle before her, she was just as rapidly losing herself in the obscenely arousing feel of the oral assault that she had demanded. The slippery tight wrap of Marlee’s lips, the lapping and swirling of the blonde’s wicked tongue on her tender undervein, the studied teeth lock under the cock’s ridged head, and the humming from the swallower’s throat had Kira’s mind melting and cheering and somersaulting all at once.

As things heated up, Kira didn’t even realize that her fists had become locked into Marlee’s tawny mane. Kira was now instinctively face-fucking her pretty girlfriend with a half-blind fury, and Marlee was straining to take in this huge fuck-pole in as far as she could manage.

At one point, just to be able to breathe, Marlee backed off, and wrapped her delicate fist around the pretty monster dick, and began pumping away at it to keep the fever going as she gasped for air. Then Marlee pushed two fingers hard into Kira’s asshole. Kira’s body began vibrating, her eyes rolling backwards, as she stepped so very close to the edge of explosion. Kira reached down and stopped the movement of Marlee’s lithe hand, Their eyes locked, and the girls caught their breath together.

"So close. So good, my little cocksucker extraordinaire". Kira purred.  "When I cum, make sure you keep some for dirty kisses ….".

"Of course!" the kneeler panted.

"God I want to shove this thing right down your throat. Show me how much you love this, you little slut!" And without missing a beat, Marlee kept her eyes locked on Kira and took Kira’s weeping cock deep and ever deeper.

The eye-fuck/cocksuck was sending Kira right back to the edge again and very quickly. Kira legs were shaking from sheer want. Marlee released her mouth’s grip briefly, kept a gentle stroking going and whispered, “I can take more of it lying down… upside down.”

With barely a nanosecond’s hesitation, Kira grabbed Marlee by her hair, lifted her up off the floor an into a deep-throated filthy kiss, mostly to taste her own pre-spill on the girl’s lips. Kira tugged her accomplice into the bedroom, pushed her down hard onto the bed, walked to the other side, and pulled the girl to the edge of the bed, with her head tilted off of it. She tore open Marlee’s blouse, bared the blonde’s shaved puffy cunt, spanked it a few times, and found that it was so wet, the spanks actually splashed girl honey over them both.

Kira looked down at Marlee’s pleading face, shadowed by her own looming phallus. “You love sucking my cock, don’t you, Marlee. Admit it.” Marlee nodded her assent.

"Take it all, Missy. I mean ALL of it! C’mon, my little cumdoll, open up and swallow me whole. Your sopping sweet cunt tells me you’ve been wet-dreaming about this, haven’t you?" Marlee obeyed like a good girl, whose dirty tricks had just been found out by her horny, big-dicked daddy.

As Kira found her cock’s way into the depths of Marlee’s throat, she leaned down over the top of the willing blonde’s lush body for the scent and taste of her girlfriend’s weeping pussy. Then, Kira began thumping away at Marlee’s face with intent never to stop.

Kira could feel the throat-cunt’s depths opening more and more by her girldick’s forceful breach, and her own blood was stirred even more by the gurgling sounds of Marlee straining to take it all! But mostly, the feel of actually being wrapped full-sensuous-length in the warm, wet, pliable willing flesh of a usable fuckhole, took Kira right to the edge yet again…

Then it hit.

The trigger snapped, and Kira knew it: her upper body popped up to almost standing. Her eyes tried to look down to see the bulk of her newly acquired meat buried in Marlee’s maw, but that glance wavered swiftly. Her full sac began to force a rush of seed upward for the first cum blast. Kira grabbed her own nipples. They were so very on-fire that one touch caused the first hot jet of cum to erupt and shoot right down Marlee’s open throat. Kira’s whole body became an arching rocketing bowstring, and she instinctively began to push harder inward on the wanton receiver, fucking deeper into Marlee’s throat-cunt to dump her load as deeply as she could.

Marlee fought to keep the depth open without losing her breath or consciousness. She had never felt anything this big and willful and unyielding in her face before. Perhaps it was the newness of the owner, but nothing was held back, nothing at all. Yet somehow, the women stayed in perfect empathic carnal harmony, always right on the border of too much, yet never over it.

Kira’s head snapped back, and then forward again, and the constant pumping rush of her cum-geyser’s spurt after spurt had her roaring a rash new filthy tunes into the naked air. She was howling obscenities to the gods and goddesses, drowning her girlfriend in this spewed wash of cumlust, and not even realizing that she was crying tears of orgasmic joy.

Kira bent over in a full collapse when the last volley of pumping eased. She buried her face in her girl’s soft belly, kissing and crying and nipping and growling as the hyper-sensations of her new appendage became almost unbearable. Marlee could feel the shift, so she let half of Kira’s cock loose, but kept kissing and loving the upper shaft and head, which drove Kira’s nearly insane with how tender it suddenly all felt.

"Stop!" gasped Kira. "It’s so fucking… sensitive. Jesus. No wonder men want to curl up and hide afterward. Fuck!"

Kira gathered her strength and swiveled her still spasming body around so she could be face-to-face with the girl who had graced her with her first ever BJ . As she curled up into Marlee’s embrace, she felt her still-sparking cock nuzzle up to Marlee’s hips, and her brain veered right to the thought, “I need to fuck your hot little pussy purse now!”, though she hadn’t said anything aloud. Not yet.

"Marlee baby, that’s the best blowjob a girl could ever imagine. Kiss me with your cummy tongue. I wanna taste me."

Both girls paused enough to capture the breath they’d need, and then the sticky kissing fest was on.

"Mmmmm, I taste fucking great from your mouth", Kira purred and she licked more of her mess from Marlee’s pummeled face.

Both women lapped away and savored the mess in their stirring kisses, their bodies continuing to tangle, unconsciously readying for another round of… well, something hot and hard and pounding.

Marlee tried to find out again how her best girl had grown an actual penis.

"I really don’t know, honey, but I woke up with this. Just a day after we talked about how amazing it would be to have one. Honestly. this has been a fantasy… and I guess a hot ongoing prayer for me for fucking ever. Someone must have been listening."

"How long…", Marlee began.

"I have no idea, babe. And that’s why I needed you today. If I wake up tomorrow with no cock, I’d be kicking myself for not doing everything (and everyone) I could with this pretty hot new toy."

Marlee reached down and ooohed at the reanimation going on the her girlfriend’s cock. It was rising and firming for more already. “I think it knows you need to play, Kira.”

Kira nipped at Marlee’s ear as she slipped two fingers into Marlee’s wet cuntpool and stirred. “Oh yes, It wants to fuck you over every piece of furniture in this place. Oh, and in the garden too. The neighbors will love that!”

The girls fell right back into laughing and nuzzling and foreplay teasing with biting kisses.

Kira whispered with a daring tinge to her voice, “I can’t wait to be buried balls deep in your tight little ass. I want to fill your every hole with cum and fuck you until we both pass out. What do you say, babe?”

Marlee moaned aloud.

Kira smiled and added, “You better call work now. You may not get out of here for a month, if my cock has anything to say about it.’

"I will’, Marlee giggled, then her face turned a wicked shade of wantonness. "Give me a phone, Kira doll,  but get that hot cock inside of my cunt first. I want you slow-fucking me while I talk to my boss….".

Oh, this was going to be one hot entry for the fuck-diary….