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Tonight I came home to find my step mom sitting in the living room with my laptop open and watching some porn she had found on my computer. I caught a quick glance and noticed she had open one of my strap on movies open. Mz Berlin dressed in latex ramming her strap on deep into some guys ass. It was dark and her back was too me. Did she hear me come in?  

I was so nervous. Had she found my incest porn? My mom and son stash? What was she going to do if she had? I was so dead!  

I had better be quiet, I should just go upstairs, she won't know I am here. She probably won't even mention this, she probably didn't find the incest porn, everything will be OK, I thought to myself.

I went to take a step upstairs and it creaked. Oh fuck, she must have heard that. But wait she didn't. what is she doing anyways? I snuck closer to take a look, OH MY God! she's masturbating! She looked so hot dressed in stockings and garter with stilettos. Her tits heaving from her black satin bra, pouring out. Oh god mommy had never looked so good! I could hear the sound of her vibe that I had stolen and played with so many times rubbing up against her clit. My cock was getting so hard thinking about that vibe being in my ass so many times and now being on her clit.

What should i do? Should I watch? Should I leave? Should I take my cock out and jump in the room? Fuck, my cock was getting harder and harder, wetter and wetter. She was moaning louder and louder, holy fuck she was going to cum and I was going to be there, this is fucking amazing!

She clenched her breasts and threw her head back... and that's when it happened. Mommy saw me, she saw me standing there with my hands in my pockets. Oh no, what is going to happen I thought?

My step mom jumped up,

"Bobby, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Umm I'm sorry mom, ummm, I didn't see anything."

"What the fuck does that mean bobby? Clearly you can see everything! I am standing here half naked with my vibrator halfway up my pussy! You are in so much trouble young man!"

"No, really I just got here, I can forget about this, don't worry mom, I won't say anything to anyone, really mommy i swear"

"The fuck you won't Bobby, get in here, NOW!"

I walk in the room, nervous, what would she say? what would she do? She seemed so mad.

"Come here, stand next to me and tell me, what is this shit here on your computer? Women fucking men with strap ons? Is that what my stepson likes? Being fucked in the ass by women?"

"No mom, well I have never, um well, I don't know, I have never been with a women who has done that to me."

"Sucking their big thick strap on cocks! Do you like to wear panties to my dirty little boy? Imagine that, my son wearing panties and sucking cock, just like mommy"

"Look mom, I have never done that before, honestly"

"Don't lie to me you fucking little whore, I know you use to steal my panties and masturbate with them,  I know you always take my vibe, what do you think your mommy is stupid?"

"Umm no mom I don't, I am sorry"

She moves towards me a pushes me onto the sofa!

"Now sit there you bad little boy"

She moves towards the laptop and picks it up, she turns it towards her face and starts clicking.

"I bet you think mommy wouldn't find this, did you bobby?"

She turns the lap top back to me and it's playing a clip of incest mom son roleplay.

"Uhhmmm oh my god mom, I didn't know that was on there... It's not ummmm mine,  someone..."

"Shut up bobby!  Don't fucking lie to me, don't fucking lie to your step mom  you little slut"  

She walks towards me and puts the laptop down on the cushion next to me. . I am so scared yet my cock is still rock hard trying to push out through my jeans.she looks so good, one tit hanging out the other about to burst from her bra. Her pussy bare as she approaches me. She gets right in front of me and stands with her legs slightly open should width apart, my leg between hers. She pushes my chest back hard right up against the sofa.

"Sit there, and don't fucking move!" she yells.

She takes her hand and frees her other boob from her bra, both tits are now out hanging right in front of my face. Her right hand runs down her breast, down her torso and onto her pussy. She takes her fingers and spreads her pussy lips wide open for me to see.

"Is this what you want to see my son? You want to see your step mommies sweet wet dirty fucking pussy?"

I go to answer yes and she slaps me and yells "Shut up, you dirty slut."

She takes her right hand and stuffs her three fingers in my mouth, "Suck these, make them wet for mommy."

I lick them and suck them and taste her juices in my mouth from her fingers. "mmmmm good boy" she says as she takes her hand and slides it across my leg over my cock on the way back to her pussy. She begins to start rubbing her clit fast shoving her fingers deep into her juicy cunt. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes" she moans. She arches forward, she is right on top of me now, moaning louder and louder. From the laptop the sounds of Rachel Steele screaming "Oh fuck me son, yes fuck your mother, fuck me baby" are sounding out. My moms cunt is right above my face her hands rubbing frantically.

"Open your fucking mouth Bobby, I am going to cum all over your face" I open my mouth, her pussy not two inches away from my lips. My mom lets out a gasp and clenches my shoulder as she squirts all over my face, mouth head and chest. "Oh god, oh fuck oh GOD" she screamed. I had never seen so much cum in my life. Mommy was cumming and shaking, her legs and pussy soaked. She pushed the laptop aside and collapsed next to me.

"wow mom, that was so fucking hot." I said.  

"Bobby, did I say you could speak?"

"No mom."

"Well then, shut the fuck up. Besides, you are a dirty little boy who needs to be punished, sit here be quiet and don't fucking move...No wait, actually stand up and get naked."

I stood up and started to remove my shirt, pants and boxers. My cock sprung up like it had been caged for years.

"mmmmmm, my boy does have such a nice cock at least." My mom said only before she added, "Too bad you are a fucking whore who likes to take cock instead of giving it, now sit the fuck back down."

My mom got up off of the sofa started to walk out of the room. She looked like a hot mess but in a good way, like she had just been fucked for hours at an orgy. Her hair was a mess, her thighs, pussy and ass all wet with cum stains down her stockings, her face all flush and her tits red and plump. She left the room and went upstairs.

What was she going to do I thought? I was so scared, and excited at the same time. I had never seen or tasted that much cum before. It was incredible and the though of my mom squirting all over me just minutes before had my cock dripping with precum.

I started to rub the head of my cock, taking the precum between my fingers and licking them. The taste of my cum mixed with mommies was just incredible. Just then I heard my mom coming back down stairs. I straightened up on the sofa sitting perfectly still for mommies return. I heard her take her last step to the bottom of the stairs.

"Stand up and turn around Bobby, Mommy has something I want to show you."

I stood up and turned around just like mommy said. There she was standing at the bottom of the stairs hair tied back dressed in a full on latex corset with stockings and a great big strap on cock around her waist.

"Oh my god mom, you look incredible" I said Mommy started walking slowly towards me, her heels clicking against the floor with each step she took.

"Oh I do, do I Bobby?  You like mommies outfit? You like Mommies cock? Well why don't you get on your knees for mommy and should me what a good little slut you are."

To be continued :)


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That was hot, i like it!

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cant wait for part 2

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I am sure this next part is going to be good!

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When will part 2 come out?

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