It's Mutual


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"Oh fuck yes baby girl. Oh my god yes, you look so fucking hot with my big cock in your mouth," I pant and look down at you.  You feel both of my hands on your head, then feel them push deeper, my fingers weaving into your dark hair.  At the same time you feel something hard, something phallic in my left hand up against the side your head.  "Good girl, now look up at me and let me see you squeeze your tits if you’re getting wet tasting it."

"You get another inch into your pretty mouth and I’ll suck *your* cock, baby …  Need some help?" I ask and look down, seeing your wet eyes twinkle, seeing you nod.  I thrust my hips deeper, holding your head still for me.  "C’mon baby, take another inch then I’ll show you what a good cocksucker *I* am."   

You reach up, grab my ass, and pull my hips to you.  Your pretty eyes widen and glisten with water as you struggle and pull your head further down  my cock.  I look down at you and smile as I see more and more of my cock disappear, “Mmm, yes.  Attagirl.  I think someone wants her cock sucked.”   I pull out, cock smack your face with my right hand and hand you the girlcock I’d been holding in my left.  “Fuck yourself with it while I cum on your face, baby.  Fuck yourself with it hard.”  I start fucking your mouth harder and deeper and I watch your nipples harden and your eyes sparkle with lust.

"I want to see your gorgeous cum covered face look down at me while I suck your cream off your girl cock, babygirl."  Then I fuck your mouth deeper and growl, "I want to see your cum covered face looking down at me while you fuck my mouth like a cunt."   The second you start to cum on the girlcock you’re working in & out of your cunt, I palm the top of your head tightly in my big hand, hold your head steady, and pull back  and explode with a guttural growl onto your face.  Cum covering your forehead, your nose, your left cheek and across your mouth.  After multiple ropes, then last falling across your left shoulder, I wipe my cock across your right eyebrow.

I smile as you instinctively lick your lips where I came across them.  Then I use a finger to wipe the bit of cum from near your left eye.  And you watch me eat it.

I cock smack your cum covered face, “Good girl.  VERY good girl.  Now strap your girlcock on … on your knees.   I’m anxious to taste your cum on it.” As you do, i kneel, my hands on your shoulders, keeping you on your knees, then kiss you. Tasting my cum on your lips.  I move my face back on inch, looking straight into your eyes.  “I fucking LOVE sucking your cumcovered girlcock, baby.” Then you shockingly feel my right hand leave your left shoulder and smack downward, hard against the top of your left breast.  “Now do what you’re told and fuck my mouth … HARD.”

I move my hands from your shoulders and you stand.  I grab your ass and impale my face on the big black girlcock sticking straight out from your cunt.  It hits the back of my throat and I continue to pull your hips to me and push my face toward the intoxicating smell of your cunt.   You hear me gag, and you see me keep pushing my head down.  You see my eyes water and you see my push forward.  I wonder if you’ll do what I so crave.  I wonder if you’ll hold my head and devastate my mouth.

Then I bob. Feverishly and deeply.  Coating my tongue and inside of my mouth and the back of my throat with your cum on your big black girlcock.  I look up, pop back off the cock, and say “Fuck I love tasting you.  I’m glad you don’t have a real cock though — cause then I couldn’t taste your sweet fucking cum on it.”  I smack it on my own face and say “Talk dirty to me while you choke me.  Fuck my mouth.” And i throw my face back down on it, my eyes looking up at your gorgeous cum-smear faced.

I bob more, you see the lust in my eyes.  And then i stand and shove you back down — like a see saw as I elevate from my knees and shove you to yours.  I wrap my hand around your hair, and say “THIS is how much I love face fucking your big black girl cock, baby girl.”  And you feel my cock smack your face — you feel my rock hard cock smack across your face.  The you realize that although I’ve cum on your face just 10 minutes before, sucking your girlcock has me rock hard again.  “You FEEL how much I love sucking your cock baby?  You feel how much I love choking to the taste of your delicious cunt?  Answer me.”

"Now be a good girl and tell me if you’ve ever taken a load deep in your ass with cum on your face before."



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