Power Switch


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Matt had become enamored of the idea of getting his girl, Melissa, to take his ass for a good hard ride with a  strap-on cock. Tumblr porn could do that for an adventurous mind and ass.

Matt wasn’t really sure how to break that desire to a woman who had mostly let him lead in all things sexual. But somehow, he found his moment of reveal, and discovered that his Melissa was much more open to this idea than he expected. He mistakenly didn’t ask her why.

Matt somewhat awkwardly admitted to her that night, what he wanted badly to try. He said he’d seen it in some porn posts and it seemed like it was such a hot fucking thing to do. He also admitted to her that he often fingered his ass when he masturbated and it always made him cum harder.

At the time, Melissa had no strap-on, but without skipping a beat,  she happily grabbed a phallic toy that night, one that she rarely used anymore, and decided to test out his resolve with her vibrating dildo first. She had herself been unsure if going for his back door was something that would throw him off. Now she had permission to play there, as she’d often hoped for in secret.

As it turned out by the end of the night, her boy absolutely loved this ass play more than she’d ever imagined he would, And that discovery stirred up some powerful hidden fantasies of Melissa’s, some long-lingering carnal hungers that surprised even her at first.

The toy that she began using on him had some fair length and girth, so Melissa was rather surprised some nights later in this added play, when Matt expressed his desire for something bigger.

“Really, babe? Bigger? And wider?”, she asked, in order to make things clear, so she could keep him to his word. Her labial lips were almost licking themselves with delight.

“Yeah. I think it would be great. I like this toy, but I know I can take more. And I’d love to feel you ramming my ass with a big dick.”

“You got it, babe”, she said, trying to be nonchalant, while her nipples rose almost past bursting point. “Guess I need to go shopping.”

Next day, Matt emailed Melissa a gift certificate for a local sex toy store that she’d used and loved before. And when she opened the email at work, she closed her door and her eyes. and masturbated to what she knew she could now not stop planning in her depraved mind.

The shopping trip netted stunning treasures that had Melissa’s mind and body spinning new webs of heated desire. She even sprung for a hot new corset to complete her new rutting goddess outfit, highlighting for them both, what ring of power she would choose to rule from this very night.

Melissa could already feel that this night’s turnabout would change their dance, maybe for good. Her half-swollen clit through the entire work day, betrayed her incessant desire to have that be true.

She texted Matt: “Shopping done. I have something big to share with you. Guess what part of you I will own tonight? Get it over here after work. Stat!”

Matt was thrilled, as was his body too, drooling at the promise of some new wicked  play. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Not yet, anyway.

However, when Matt arrived, and caught sight of Melissa dressed to a Domme’s tee, and sporting that startling, monstrous cock weapon, he gasped audibly.

She smiled, with reigning intent, and simply said, “Be careful with you wish for, baby boy. You just might get it.”

He was terrified and utterly aroused in the same breath.

She whispered a soft, but deeply insistent commend that he prepare himself. He knew what that meant, so he was naked and bent over the bed in no time.

As she lubed his soon to be ruined insides, and greased her enormous anal battering ram of a cock, Melissa’s own sex began to weep with orgasmic anticipation.

As she nuzzled the wide tip of her seemingly endless, veined phallus into his nervous anal clench, Melissa leaned in and whispered, in a tone, Matt had never heard from her before:

“I want you to feel this reach all the way up into your throat before I let you cum. Make me proud, baby…. take it all. Your ass now belongs to me.”

And with her first breaching, forceful thrust, Melissa indeed began to hijack Matt’s body and soul, binding him to her in ways that he never knew were possible.

Melissa would take them both to savage heights that they’d never experienced before, to levels of desperation in edging, begging and pleading, and sheer, raw animal power-mating that neither had barely imagined.

And as Melissa swiftly became addicted to this new power switch, she silently prayed that they never return from these newly-mapped corners of lewd heaven. She meant to keep her new sexual ownership, and revel in its consequential cosmic, guttural bliss.

This night changed everything for them. Forever.


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