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Part 1 Here

Kira had the most stirring erotic dreams ever that night, the night after she and Marlee lost themselves in lust with the fantasies of Kira actually growing a real life cock of her own. Kira had even knelt in front of her long mirror before bedtime, with her harness and flesh colored dildo on, stroking it, her eyes squinting to imagine what she might look like with a flesh and blood dick, but she continued to ache for the feeling of a real cock in her fist.

The sun broke into Kira’s dreamscape just moments before her work alarm went off. She turned her face to the pillow knowing that the timer on her coffee maker just lit up and soon the aroma would remind her to get her gorgeous ass out of the sheets.

Kira surprised herself when her upper arm brushed by her fully risen and slightly throbbing right nipple, and she tried to rush back into her subconscious to see if she could spy a sliver of what dirty dreams had taken her there.

She felt yet another ache between her thighs, but it was somewhat unfamiliar. Kira wondered what the fuck had happened in her sleep. She was yet too immoblie to reach down, so she played twenty questions with herself.
"Did I fuck an army in my sleep? If so, where’s all the cum on my face"
That let slip a  sleepy giggle.
"Did I wet the bed? Am I five years old again?"

The ache was persistent. Her mind went to dirtier places. “Catherine the Great horse fucking?” Noooo, not her thing really.

She deigned to move finally, now that the coffee’s allure wafted into her nostrils. As her hands glided over her breasts, she gasped. They were tender, almost raw, nipples fully aroused like she was headed for a climax.
"Jesus, did I not cum at the end of the dream? Orgasm denial in my sleep now? Fuck me!"

Then she sensed it. “Holy shit, I left my harness on with a giant dick in it, didn’t I?”
She could feel something long nuzzling her left thigh. “No wonder I’m this horny while asleep.”

Her hands slipped downward, then stopped dead in their tracks. She could still feel the phantom dildo, but there was no harness. She reminded herself to breathe, then made a long reach for the object in question, and when she grabbed it, she startled herself.

It was a phallus alright, but the very touch of her silken hand made it jump. She could feel her hand’s embrace all through this long fleshy thickness, and the sensations ran through her pelvis and shot up to her spinning brain. Suddenly, her heart and mind raced in circles to see who would get the pole position first.

Kira’s other hand swiftly jerked down to where her cunt should be soaking her, wondering for a millisecond if there was an mostly-invisible lover embedded in her with only his cock showing.  It made as much sense as anything else in this moment. That hand found itself wrapping around what felt like a thick firm shaft and a swollen set of man’s balls, and once again, her very touch to these foreign objects set her entire  body’s flesh on tingling carnal fire.

Kira froze. For how long, she could not say. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she was processing this madness like a bullet train. When she could move, she threw off her covers and sheets, and there it was. The very gift that she had longed for and prayed for. Where her gorgeous cunt had been the night before, she was sporting her very own real  life, beautiful set of flesh-and-blood cock and balls.

 Again, she stared, not yet quite comprehending. She was sure this was still her dream. She grabbed for the cock and squeezed its entire length and girth hard, wondering if it would vanish like a mirage. All that did was make her moan with the shocking flavor of pleasure she’d never felt before. She half-silently formed the words “Oh. My. Fucking…” as she watched a huge bead of clear pre-cum spill over from its tip.

She began fondling the shaft the way she’d done with the men’s she had sex with, and with that she heard the dirtiest sounds oozing from her own throat in response to every touch. Her new cock was already at full mast, and halfway to bursting. “How the fuck…?” She stopped herself. “Is this how morning wood feels?”

Her mind was careening this way and that. One moment mesmerized by her new orgasmic sexual organ, the next trying to suss out how it came to be. Then: is this permanent, and if not, how fucking long does she have to play with it?  And then, how can i make it reappear if it vanishes. She would be driving herself insane, if her hand wasn’t calming her with the soft persistent stroking of this luscious, sensitive rod.

The first mystery to solve was “Am I actually awake?” She bounded out of bed, never letting go of her new appendage, though now and then she’d stop stroking and walking long enough to let the succulent and lewd sensations run up and down her spine. She whispered to herself, “If this is really real, I’m going to need someone to fuck - Badly!”

She fondled her cock with one hand and poured and sipped coffee with the other. The rush of caffeine made her jerk away at her new appendage a little harder, and she accidentally spilled some coffee both on her hand and down the side of her dripping member. The sensations were real. They tingled and burned. “Jesus, Kira” she muttered to herself, “Don’t ruin it it before you get to use it!”

It was becoming ultimately clear. Some force had heard her wild and lascivious prayer, and decided to grace her with this vulgar piece of sexual magic. She wasn’t about to try and figure that one out. She just quietly smiled at the thought of how something like this happened in the movie “Big”, and ignored the part about some carnival machine instigating it all. The clock was ticking, She was due at work. And yet… she feared that if she abandoned this gift for the mundane, it might vanish. Not only that, she could feel herself bringing that cock closer and closer to the point of no return, and god, how much did she want to feel that!?!

She gulped more coffee and left the mug behind, headed right for the daydreaming mirror of the night before. This time when she knelt, she saw in the sunlight, this beautiful, thick perfectly formed, hot hard-on, with luscious balls brimming with seed to shoot, and a cock tip already spilling the beans. In the back of her mind, she decided to be late. Car trouble. That’s all she could manage as an excuse.

She was hypnotized, not only by the look, but most especially by the very feel of her own touch on her own pulsating cockflesh. She tried to recall how to masturbate a man, but was sideswiped constantly by feelings it caused her, the ones that normally he would be feeling. She traced a soft finger from the base to the wetted tip, right up the vein on the underside of the shaft, and it made her shiver and blissfully curse. She squeezed the balls hard as she smeared the pre-cum over the head, taunting herself. She took herself right to the edge, stroking hard, then slow and soft. She even spanked her new set of balls, which almost made her eyes pop. She noticed her nipples stretched beyond belief with arousal. They looked like they could shoot cum too, and at this point she thought, anything was possible.

She leaned back, slipped a finger into her tight little anal opening, deciding it was time to feel her cock explode. It didn’t take much. She wriggled one finger inside of her as she teased the underside of the mushroomed head. It was so fucking sensitive that she almost burst right there. She stopped. Held her breath. She was going for a full-fisted pumping O. She gripped the shaft, played with pressure and speed, and wriggled a second finger into her welcoming ass. She could feel her eyes roll back and the pressure in her ballsack inch right up to the tripping point.

When she finally stumbled over the edge, she growled like a wildcat in rutted heat. She could feel that long powershot of cum run from the base of her thumping cock, rush up through its entire length and when she could manage, she watched it spray all over her belly and breasts, only to make room for the new geyser-like spurts. She pumped her cock vigorously from pure instinct and her entire body shook with every new base-to-bursting gush of rabid ejaculation.

Her eyes were wet with tears of shock and bliss and newness. Her torso was spattered in her own whipped up cum seed, and her new cock, twitched and spasmed and sparked in her hand. She’d stopped stroking and moving at all, but the least little brush or movement, and she gasped again. It was so fucking hyper-sensitive all of a sudden. Then she looked down to see the gorgeous filthy mess she had made all over herself and this time she wept for joy. “Oh my fucking god, this is real.”

Once that had registered, she took her hand off of this new stunning body part and admired it’s glistening shape in the sunlight, wet with seed, the veins still pulsing rapidly, just like her wild heart. Her next move was to take her messy hand (her ass hand was steadying her on the floor now, no longer inside of her), and scoop up the first batch of cum for the tasting. “Mmmmm, fuck, I taste good.”

Kira spent the next ten minutes or so having her own spurted cum for breakfast, lapping it from her skin and sucking it from her fingers. That reminded her to stuff some actual food in her face swiftly, shower off the telltale sex (as she mused, is it boy cum or girl cum or boygirl cum?), and get dressed for work.

She texted a colleague saying “I’m going to be an hour late. Having a little problem here.” She’d need time to find something to wear that didn’t show her new, ummm, bulge.

She was half dressed, and trying on skirts and panties and things that might bind her new appendage and keep it from public view. She tossed off her skirt and panties at one point, and seeing the camera she’d set up to take a few lewd pics of herself and Marlee the night before, she posed front and back with the cam’s timer on. She needed to see how this looked. And she needed to be able to see that it was real, even when she couldn’t whip it out at work.

Peeing made her very happy, standing and letting that stream just pour right out effortlessly. But every move, every kiss of lace or nuzzle of her thighs made her new cock swell and begin to harden again. “Oh god, I got one that’s on viagra or something.”

How the fuck was she going to get anything done with an all day erection? And again, how long would she have this? She may not want to go anywhere today. Or ever. Or go to sleep tonight.

That was it. This was definitely classified in her book as an emergency. She called in “violently ill” to work. Said it might be a day or two thing. They understood. She wondered what would happen if her new orgasmic toy stayed longer. But suddenly, Kira could breathe again. She could adjust to this new… development. Explore. Play. Taste. Masturbate. Have sex. Fuck yes! Her first thought - Marlee. Maybe later. No, sooner. Right now she had her own curiosity to sate, and satisfy it she would.

She wondered if her ex had left his fleshlight behind. “No fucking chance.” But she had some anal toys - dildos, plugs, beads - and they could be used while toying with her new hot cock. She dragged them out, laid them out on a towel, lube and all, in front of the mirror again. She stopped and watched herself. Stroking. Sensually, then hard-gripped and forceful. Then in between. She closed her eyes, memorizing every tingling, mounting sensation. She fingered every spilled bead of precum,  some she used as lube on the head and shaft, the rest as lip gloss she could lick and nibble off.

Before she reached for a toy, she knelt in the mirror, stroking herself, imagining Marlee or one of her favorite boys on all fours begging for her to face-fuck them. She whispered wickedly “Suck it, swallow it all. I’m going to dump buckets of cum down your whorish throat!” She came back to her reality, again mesmerized watching the head purple and swell as she taunted its entirety, her body temperature rising with every tease. This time when she let loose and erupted with a hot wail, she sprayed the looking glass with a shower of her cum, and once more whispered as she gasped for breath, “Swallow it all….now!”.

She had to pee again. She wrapped a skirt around her, even while she dripped cum, and for the sheer joy of it, walked into her garden, lifted her skirt a little and let loose into the flower bed. “Mmmm, gotta love this” she purred. And while she emptied her bladder from this unusual standing perch, almost in view of the neighbors, she remembered a recent conversation with Marlee who was finding an interest in pee play. More filthy wheels began to turn.

She went back inside, and got re-focused on her own present explorations. More photos. Different angles. Then a video of her masturbating this hot rod, with the microphone near enough to catch every gasped shiver and every obscene utterance. She wanted to see how this new accoutrement suited her and damned if it wasn’t just perfect! And hot! And fucking gorgeous.

She grabbed her phone and desperately texted Marlee.
"Can you leave work early? I NEED you. Big time. You’ll freak and you’ll fucking love this. Get your hot ass over her ASAP! Pleeease."

"What next?" Kira wondered aloud to herself. It was butt plug and lube time, she decided. That always got her stirred up and fast. She wondered anew how long she’d own this incredible body anomaly, and how many orgasms of different kinds she could insist it give her back to back. Once her plug was inserted and nested in her tight little anal grip, every move made her body purr and her new cock rise and drip profusely. "Fuckity fuck, I may never leave this house again!" she said and laughed out loud at the thought.

She walked around to stir her blood from her ass to her cock to her nipples and back, while she decided on her next exploration. A text rang back. “Can leave after lunch. Need me to bring you anything?”

Kira smirked to herself and wrote back “Bring snacks and kneepads”.

As she passed her discarded laundry basket she saw yesterday’s yoga clothes. She stopped in her tracks again. “Holy fuck! These things do take all the blood from your brain. Yoga…stretch. I can suck my own fucking cock!!!”

Once again, she planted herself by the mirror, with the video camera near and recording. This she would need to see and feel this again and again, both in real time and playback. She stretched her back wisely, and when she was warm enough, Kira  threw her lovely legs over her shoulders. There, not far from her face, and her hungry mouth was this beautiful new fleshy spout pole, already half-risen and profusely dripping pre-slickness. She let the weight of her legs ease down to the rug by her ears slowly. With every breath, that pretty hot cock moved a little closer to capture.

Her slow stroking movements on her cock began and she was hypnotized by the feel and the new perspective. She moaned aloud “Oh, God yes!” when a droplet of precum plopped itself right onto her lips. She tried not to force anything, but her back began to relax to a point where her tongue could reach out and lick the tip of her own phallus. She was determined, but patient. She didn’t need to be discovered like this by locking up her back. She pushed her hips with her hands easily, rocking them gently. The cockhead was brushing her lips. One more good move and…

Her lips could wrap about her mushroomed slippery head. She could be happy with just this. One of her hands wiggled the ass plug, the other began toying again with her balls and the underside of her growing thickness, while her lips stayed wrapped tight under the head’s rim, hoping to take in another inch or three. Her body shook with the position and the unbelievable erotic feel of this depraved act. And every now and then, when she could remember to, she’d stop with as much of the cock in her mouth that she could manage, and look sideways. The visual of this new cock of hers in her own face made Kira’s whole body wiggle with dirty delight, and she began stroking again, stirring herself ever further, seeing herself ready to gulp down a gallon of her own creamy spew.

When she finally tripped her trigger anew, and roared over the edge, Kira’s eyes fluttered and dampened, her jaw set itself not to let go of the cock and her hand began furiously pumping at her rock hard sex tool that ran from her pelvis to nest over her tongue. That rabid rush of sticky seed forced itself through the long length, and the gushing sensation, jet by jet, shooting into her throat only intensified every ounce of this seemingly endless orgasm. It felt like it filled her mouth and gullet with more cum than she’d ever swallowed. The last spurts were uncontrollably spilled onto her face and breasts as she unwittingly unfolded, and she gurgled with a throat full of sticky sex from her own furiously powerful cock.

She lay for a brief eternity, letting each sensation embed itself in her sense memory. And when she could move, she reached to turn the video camera off, but thought better of it. She saw herself in the mirror and was so aroused by the pornographic sight, she moved her face into frame and as she wickedly licked up her own cummy mess, she hissed to the lens and microphone “I just sucked my own cock, and I fucking loved it. I just may become my very own cumwhore.” She left a few more moments of lapping up the mess as a closer, then hit STOP.

She looked at the clock. She had time. “A bath. Some food. Some more exploring. Then Marlee should be here.” she purred to herself.

"Oh Marlee. You are going to be my little cock and cumslut today. You promised. I’m going to fill up every crevice you own and then some. I’m going to fuck you like no one ever has, and you are going to beg me for more."

That thought made her cock jump again, ready for another bout of pleasuring.

Kira looked down at her beautiful piece of flesh-pole magic and said sweetly. “You stick around for awhile, you brilliant prick. We have pleasure to do. And very soon, someone else to do it to.”

Kira would find it hard to let go of her new toy. Then again, as Marlee’s arrival neared, Kira’s cock seemed to know the meaning of true sexual north and would not stop rising to point at it. Kira just gently teased herself and stole little licks of pre-cum. She was saving the huge first load for Marlee’s gaping, surprised mouth.

Kira made herself moan aloud one more time. She was suddenly imagining buckets of her new cocky cum spilling from every opening on Marlee’s naked body.

Kira quietly whispered to herself. “Oh yeah, that is definitely going to happen…”

More to Cum…

Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

Part 1, The Prayer

Kira had one rising, semi-secret sexual wish, that seemed to rumble louder and louder as her forays of carnal exploration deepened. She would giggle to herself that, if she ever found a genie in a lamp, she knew exactly what one of her wishes would be. And in truth, she felt like it was the next logical step in her own depravity’s evolution.

She had become so enamored of pegging, that luscious strap-on ass play with a couple of her men, and of the “slam-bam, I’m fucking your cunt ma’am” usage of the same tools with her best dirty girlfriends, that she couldn’t help but wonder, then fantasize, then lose herself endlessly in the ever-growing desire to know what it was like to have an actual, sensory-registering, hardening, growing, dripping and cum-showering cock of her very own.

She knew the pleasures she could bestow upon a man by the way she toyed with his phallic flesh. She had tasted the slippery pre-cum and the bursting cream of various moaning males along the way. But when she had her “girlcock” as she called it, her strap-on dildo, deep inside of a man or a woman, more and more was she dying to know how that felt along the entire hard, plunging length of sensitive, tingling carnal skin. She yearned to feel the build-up, the pressure, the friction and the depth perception, and then lose herself in the rabid ejaculation, feeling the jizz pound at the release door and then the rush of it as it flies out in wild forceful, geyser-like spurts, shooting through the entire length of the thumping shaft, through the straining hole at the tip, emptying out her raging lust, in palpable pools, from deep inside of her.

It’s not that she didn’t get off from strap-on play. Au contraire, she did indeed. The weight of those attachments rubbing on her tender clit, the perch of taking the reins with male or female, which she rarely did unless in a mood; and the obvious surrender of whichever mate she was pounding, all led to her own eventual, wild bliss-ridden eruptions.

But orgasm or not, she knew that shooting her wad through her own hard-pole cockflesh was a whole other matter. She knew she couldn’t grow one just because she longed to, but she still constantly ached for a day or a week, every now and then, to own her own fierce, live cock tool as part of her body’s natural accoutrements. She would look at her clit sometimes in the midst of toying with it, and whisper playfully, yet earnestly, “C’mon, you can do it. Grow into a nice big penis for me, pleeeease.” That began to send her into more intense orgasms every time.

And with every playtime that she strapped on, her mind would always spin now to that ravenous fantasy. She had her best girl, Marlee, on her knees one afternoon, sucking that big fat black dildo in her harness like it was Kira’s own thundering dick, and she nearly choked Marlee with the intensity of the throat fuck. Much to Kira’s surprise, when she started apologizing for the mindless breaching, Marlee admitted that she fucking loved it. She also loved when guys face-fucked her and erupted down her throat. Kira leaned in and kissed Marlee hard and whispered, “God, if I had a real cock, I would fill every inch of you with buckets of cum. I wouldn’t be able to stop fucking your face, or your hot little ass and cunt too, you sweet yummy cockwhore. Ever. I would make you my very own cum eating slut, missy.”

Kira was about to ask what Marlee thought of that, but the melting girl in her arms was so turned on by the thought, that their strap-on session took off like a rampaging comet in the skies. Kira slam-fucked Marlee’s pleading cunt until both of the wailed their dirty bliss. And before she even caught her breath fully, Kira took that girlcock and shoved it into Marlee’s back door, breaching and rocking in deeper and deeper until both women were headed toward yet another precipice.

Kira suddenly felt that surge of phantom testosterone as she spanked Marlee’s cunt and slapped her tits, then tugged and twisted Marlee’s nipples, until one girl’s orgasm tripped the other’s.  And in the aftermath, not to let this fiery ride end too soon, Kira took the cum and ass dipped girlcock, and filthily fed her prey deep into her wanton throat, just for the lewd feel of it all. “Every drop”, Kira kept repeating as she fell into real cock reverie, “Every drop”.

After all, Kira had experienced the bottom of this dance many times, and loved every iota of it. But when the fire struck her and the visions of her own real cock arose, there was no stopping her from turning the tables and demanding.

As the girls recovered, Marlee was gobsmacked at the intensity of this wildness. “You really need to grow that cock and fuck me with it. I’d be your fuck slave forever, Kira doll.”

The girls braided tongues in the next long kiss and as it broke, Kira sighed, “Yeah, if only…”.

They lost themselves in fantasies of what they might do together if that miracle occurred, then Kira veered off into sharing the visions she often had of making some men kneel like good boys and suck her gorgeous real cock, and swallow her loads, as she’d done for a couple of them time and time again.

Marlee started blatantly masturbating at the thought of watching her Kira savage some guy’s asshole with a real, cum-dumping cock that belonged to Kira. And somehow, when Kira started growling about fucking his dirty “mancunt” into submission, that sent Marlee over the edge yet again.

"Promise me, Kira," Marlee purred as Kira sucked her cunt-flavored fingers dry,"that I get first crack at your real dick. And first swallow of your creamy girlcum that shoots from it."

Kira teased back, “Only if you’re really, really good at sucking me off, baby.” They both moaned and kissed and giggled, then Kira added, “You owe me one.” And with those words Marlee’s head was shoved southward to Kira’s swollen clit and aching drenched cunt. Kira unstrapped her appendage and harness just enough to give Marlee full access to her insatiable pink slit.

As Marlee lapped and fingered away, and brought Kira back into her girl-girl bi pleasure world, Marlee asked in between licks, “Wouldn’t you miss this, baby?”

"Mmmmmm, fuck yes. I wouldn’t want a cock all the time. Maybe just for a few days, a weekend, or a week every now and then. Grow a cock, fuck my way into oblivion, then wake with my pretty pussy in the afterglow. I love my pussy, and I love what you and my boys do to it.

She went on, lost in the feral hunger. “I want to remember every sensation from real-cock fucking and sucking, so I could get lost in those when I’m playing with myself… or pushing you to my needy cunt.” Kira pressed Marlee back to the task, and purred loudly. “Such a good girl. Don’t stop, baby.”

Marlee went back to work on sending her girl into the gushing stratosphere, but along the way, she heard Kira giggle, “Fuck, the first time it happens, I’ll probably stay home and jack off for days.” It broke the spell for a moment, and both girls laughed loudly, until Kira once more pressed Marlee to her cunt’s pleading, then wickedly hissed, “Eat me, my little cum slut. Suck my clit until it grows into a big fat cock and gorges your wicked throat, then dumps a truckload of filthy cum in it.”

Those words, that vision and Marlee’s brilliant cunnilingus sent Kira into a showering explosion that felt like it might never stop. And all through that flight, Kira pleaded in unintelligible syllables for the powers that be in the Universe to grant her a real life, flesh and blood cock to own for a few, wild and dirty days at a time.

She had no idea this prayer was about to be answered. The next morning would tell the rabid tale.

To Be Continued...

Written by http://tombure.tumblr.com/

Tonight I came home to find my step mom sitting in the living room with my laptop open and watching some porn she had found on my computer. I caught a quick glance and noticed she had open one of my strap on movies open. Mz Berlin dressed in latex ramming her strap on deep into some guys ass. It was dark and her back was too me. Did she hear me come in?  

I was so nervous. Had she found my incest porn? My mom and son stash? What was she going to do if she had? I was so dead!  

I had better be quiet, I should just go upstairs, she won't know I am here. She probably won't even mention this, she probably didn't find the incest porn, everything will be OK, I thought to myself.

I went to take a step upstairs and it creaked. Oh fuck, she must have heard that. But wait she didn't. what is she doing anyways? I snuck closer to take a look, OH MY God! she's masturbating! She looked so hot dressed in stockings and garter with stilettos. Her tits heaving from her black satin bra, pouring out. Oh god mommy had never looked so good! I could hear the sound of her vibe that I had stolen and played with so many times rubbing up against her clit. My cock was getting so hard thinking about that vibe being in my ass so many times and now being on her clit.

What should i do? Should I watch? Should I leave? Should I take my cock out and jump in the room? Fuck, my cock was getting harder and harder, wetter and wetter. She was moaning louder and louder, holy fuck she was going to cum and I was going to be there, this is fucking amazing!

She clenched her breasts and threw her head back... and that's when it happened. Mommy saw me, she saw me standing there with my hands in my pockets. Oh no, what is going to happen I thought?

My step mom jumped up,

"Bobby, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Umm I'm sorry mom, ummm, I didn't see anything."

"What the fuck does that mean bobby? Clearly you can see everything! I am standing here half naked with my vibrator halfway up my pussy! You are in so much trouble young man!"

"No, really I just got here, I can forget about this, don't worry mom, I won't say anything to anyone, really mommy i swear"

"The fuck you won't Bobby, get in here, NOW!"

I walk in the room, nervous, what would she say? what would she do? She seemed so mad.

"Come here, stand next to me and tell me, what is this shit here on your computer? Women fucking men with strap ons? Is that what my stepson likes? Being fucked in the ass by women?"

"No mom, well I have never, um well, I don't know, I have never been with a women who has done that to me."

"Sucking their big thick strap on cocks! Do you like to wear panties to my dirty little boy? Imagine that, my son wearing panties and sucking cock, just like mommy"

"Look mom, I have never done that before, honestly"

"Don't lie to me you fucking little whore, I know you use to steal my panties and masturbate with them,  I know you always take my vibe, what do you think your mommy is stupid?"

"Umm no mom I don't, I am sorry"

She moves towards me a pushes me onto the sofa!

"Now sit there you bad little boy"

She moves towards the laptop and picks it up, she turns it towards her face and starts clicking.

"I bet you think mommy wouldn't find this, did you bobby?"

She turns the lap top back to me and it's playing a clip of incest mom son roleplay.

"Uhhmmm oh my god mom, I didn't know that was on there... It's not ummmm mine,  someone..."

"Shut up bobby!  Don't fucking lie to me, don't fucking lie to your step mom  you little slut"  

She walks towards me and puts the laptop down on the cushion next to me. . I am so scared yet my cock is still rock hard trying to push out through my jeans.she looks so good, one tit hanging out the other about to burst from her bra. Her pussy bare as she approaches me. She gets right in front of me and stands with her legs slightly open should width apart, my leg between hers. She pushes my chest back hard right up against the sofa.

"Sit there, and don't fucking move!" she yells.

She takes her hand and frees her other boob from her bra, both tits are now out hanging right in front of my face. Her right hand runs down her breast, down her torso and onto her pussy. She takes her fingers and spreads her pussy lips wide open for me to see.

"Is this what you want to see my son? You want to see your step mommies sweet wet dirty fucking pussy?"

I go to answer yes and she slaps me and yells "Shut up, you dirty slut."

She takes her right hand and stuffs her three fingers in my mouth, "Suck these, make them wet for mommy."

I lick them and suck them and taste her juices in my mouth from her fingers. "mmmmm good boy" she says as she takes her hand and slides it across my leg over my cock on the way back to her pussy. She begins to start rubbing her clit fast shoving her fingers deep into her juicy cunt. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes" she moans. She arches forward, she is right on top of me now, moaning louder and louder. From the laptop the sounds of Rachel Steele screaming "Oh fuck me son, yes fuck your mother, fuck me baby" are sounding out. My moms cunt is right above my face her hands rubbing frantically.

"Open your fucking mouth Bobby, I am going to cum all over your face" I open my mouth, her pussy not two inches away from my lips. My mom lets out a gasp and clenches my shoulder as she squirts all over my face, mouth head and chest. "Oh god, oh fuck oh GOD" she screamed. I had never seen so much cum in my life. Mommy was cumming and shaking, her legs and pussy soaked. She pushed the laptop aside and collapsed next to me.

"wow mom, that was so fucking hot." I said.  

"Bobby, did I say you could speak?"

"No mom."

"Well then, shut the fuck up. Besides, you are a dirty little boy who needs to be punished, sit here be quiet and don't fucking move...No wait, actually stand up and get naked."

I stood up and started to remove my shirt, pants and boxers. My cock sprung up like it had been caged for years.

"mmmmmm, my boy does have such a nice cock at least." My mom said only before she added, "Too bad you are a fucking whore who likes to take cock instead of giving it, now sit the fuck back down."

My mom got up off of the sofa started to walk out of the room. She looked like a hot mess but in a good way, like she had just been fucked for hours at an orgy. Her hair was a mess, her thighs, pussy and ass all wet with cum stains down her stockings, her face all flush and her tits red and plump. She left the room and went upstairs.

What was she going to do I thought? I was so scared, and excited at the same time. I had never seen or tasted that much cum before. It was incredible and the though of my mom squirting all over me just minutes before had my cock dripping with precum.

I started to rub the head of my cock, taking the precum between my fingers and licking them. The taste of my cum mixed with mommies was just incredible. Just then I heard my mom coming back down stairs. I straightened up on the sofa sitting perfectly still for mommies return. I heard her take her last step to the bottom of the stairs.

"Stand up and turn around Bobby, Mommy has something I want to show you."

I stood up and turned around just like mommy said. There she was standing at the bottom of the stairs hair tied back dressed in a full on latex corset with stockings and a great big strap on cock around her waist.

"Oh my god mom, you look incredible" I said Mommy started walking slowly towards me, her heels clicking against the floor with each step she took.

"Oh I do, do I Bobby?  You like mommies outfit? You like Mommies cock? Well why don't you get on your knees for mommy and should me what a good little slut you are."

To be continued :)

Pretty From Behind


**Fan Fic**

Written by http://pegginglover13.tumblr.com/

Hermione Potter loved her husband’s arse.

When they were at school she once made the mistake of sitting behind him in History of Magic class. Harry found the topic boring so he would fidget, trying to stay awake. Watching his arse as he leaned forward, sat back, and otherwise squirmed in his seat drove her to such distraction that she had to duck into the nearest girls room right after class to get herself off.

Perhaps it was the Quidditch that made it so perfect, all that clenching to stay on the broom (though, oddly, it didn’t help Draco Malfoy, who had no arse to speak of). She would often pinch it as she walked by him in the halls and he would yelp and laugh nervously. Making him feel like a sex object amused her no end.

Once when she was kneeling before him, she slipped her fingers between her legs to wet them then softly pressed one against his entrance. He gasped and tensed up slightly, so she stopped, suckling him gently to relax him. Gradually she worked two fingers into him, fucking him in the same rhythm as she sucked him, and it wasn’t long before he was shouting her name and she was swallowing his seed.

She always kept her fingernails short after that.

Some months after they were married she and Harry were taking advantage of a warm and sunny summer afternoon, sitting out in their small sheltered garden. She settled into her chaise with a glass of lemonade and a novel, ready to sun herself in her orange two-piece swimsuit. But she was distracted from her reading by the sight of Harry laying face down on the chaise opposite, his gorgeous bottom wrapped in blue swim trunks.

Hermione gave up on the book and set it aside. As quickly and softly as she could, she left her own chair and knelt on Harry’s, her legs straddling his.

"Hello," he said, drowsily turning his head.

Hermione placed her hands on his shoulders and began to give him a massage. She moved her hands down his slim back, feeling him relax at her touch. She scooted back on the chaise slightly then slid his swim trunks off, spreading her legs to ease them down his and onto the floor.

"Mmmm," Harry said.

Hermione smiled to herself. So far, so good, she thought as she rubbed the small of his back. Then she slowly slid her hands down, caressing the firm flesh almost reverently. She leaned down and kissed the cleft just above his entrance, then waited for a reaction.

He didn’t stir.

She pulled on his hips and found he was so relaxed, he was quite malleable, so she lifted him up by his hips. He got the idea and pulled his legs through hers and underneath him, so that he was kneeling on the chair. She sat down behind him, her legs straddling the chaise and held onto that perfect arse as she leaned forward with her tongue.

She started with the smallish testicles that hung so invitingly between his legs so as not to startle him. Though considering the semi-hard state of his cock, he must have had little doubt of her final goal. Slowly her head rose as her tongue trailed along the flesh between those firm, pretty cheeks. Her hands spread them wider and Harry adjusted his stance. Then her tongue reached the small puckered opening.

Harry shivered slightly in reaction but made no sound.

Hermione smiled to herself as she moved her tongue all around, experimenting, exploring this new territory. She tried to remember what she liked him to do to her: quickly, then slowly; all around, then in and out like a tiny penis. She did this for some time, alternating her mouth and forefinger, enjoying the way his skin felt against her tongue, the way he tasted, the way he smelled—fresh and clean from the shower but musky, too, underneath—the tiny mewling noises he was making, something he had never done before, and the way that tiny ring of strong muscle little by little relaxed and he opened like a flower.

Suddenly, Harry grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back. She released him and he turned to face her, face flushed, eyes glassy, penis hard. He took her again by the shoulders, pulled her to him, then flipped them both over so that she lay on her back on the chaise, he atop her. With no preamble (surely she needed none; her cunt was on fire) he shoved her bikini bottoms aside and plunged into her. He fucked her so hard she wondered if the chaise would collapse beneath them but it didn’t somehow. He stared into her eyes fiercely, not with anger but … frustration, that’s what it was, she realized. Then, as he always did, an instinct by now, he reached one thumb down to brush against her clitoris and she exploded around him with a shout, clenching him firmly outside and in. A minute more of ragged thrusting and he was coming, too, shouting her name as she had his, then dropping on top of her.

Slowly she felt his breath return to normal. “Well,” she said, “that was certainly something.”

She felt him smiling against her neck. He rolled his head sideways and whispered, hoarsely, “That’s what you get for being such a bloody tease, isn’t it?”

Tease, eh? she thought. Okay, then.

At breakfast a week or so later, Hedwig arrived with a small brown parcel tied in string. Hermione grabbed it quickly, then at Harry’s questioning glance explained that it was just some historical documents she had been expecting.

He shrugged. “Well, that should keep you very happily busy all day,” he said, kissing her before Apparating to the office.

VERY happily busy, she thought. She tidied up their breakfast dishes, then dashed upstairs to the bedroom with her purchase.

Opening the box, she found her purchase came with a spell to make it “her own.” Obviously she needed to give it a test run, just to make sure all was in working order. She opened the smaller box to find a cylinder of clay about 13 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. She held it in her left hand, her wand in her right, and recited the words of the spell:

Godemiche, Godemiche, Godemiche,
Iche habe er vom Ton gemacht,
Und als er hart und fertig ist
Mit dem Godemiche werde ich spielen.

She could feel the clay morphing in her hand, then hardening somewhat. Apparently, this was the penis she “would have had” if she’d been a man. That it was almost the same as Harry’s was unsurprising. She took off her clothes, glanced at the instructions again, then affixed the toy between her legs so that it rested atop her clitoris. She turned to look at herself in the full length mirror.

Hermione had seen photos of “chicks with dicks” before, but of course they weren’t really chicks. Her penis looked oddly out of place between the (to her) rather overgenerous hips. She grabbed hold of it, and the intensity of the sensation nearly brought her to her knees. She silently apologized to Ron for all her adolescent fumbling, then applied a much lighter touch. It felt wonderful, and she felt the penis hardening in her hand.

She sank to her knees before the mirror. Hand jobs were not a favorite of Harry’s—he preferred her mouth and truth be told she loved giving him head—so she was a bit out of practice. As good as the magical dildo was at transmitting the sensations, it was still a device, so it didn’t feel quite as good as just touching herself. But she had no doubt that this friction, her hand warm against her cock, would get her off. She suckled a finger into her mouth and began lazily pinching her left nipple as her right hand settled into a steady rhythm. She looked up at the mirror and gasped as the orgasm began to rock her body—one wave, two waves, then the big one came and she cried out. Her cock, as advertised, squirted thick white liquid onto the carpet.

Hermione sat back on her haunches, breathless. When she had recovered, she reached a finger down and sampled some of the ejaculate and was amazed to discover that it didn’t taste like semen but more like her own juices.Well, she thought, this will definitely work.

Harry came back from lunch to find an owl post from his wife on his desk:

So you think I’m a tease, do you? Ready to put your arse where your mouth is?

Harry raised his eyebrows, read the post again, then sat back in his chair, smiling to himself. After a moment, he scribbled a note in reply:

My arse can take whatever you can dish out. I’ll be home in three hours.

When Harry arrived home the sun was already setting and he was surprised not to see any lights on in the house. He called out for Hermione but heard no answer. Then he saw the note on the table:

Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower?

Harry took the stairs two at a time but when he reached the bathroom he saw no sign of Hermione. Where is she? He felt slightly disappointed as he shrugged off his robes and underclothes, setting his glasses on the counter before stepping into the shower. He stood under the water for long minutes, then quickly scrubbed his body. Staring at the soap in his hand, he thought about what he hoped would happen that evening, sighed deeply to relax, then slid a slim, soapy finger between his cheeks, into the small opening. The vague hard-on he’d been trying to hide all afternoon started to swell as he used first one, then two fingers, in and out. He told himself he was just making sure he was clean but it felt so good he couldn’t help but moan.

"Don’t waste it in there!" said a voice from just outside the shower.

Harry spun around, peeking past the curtain to see Hermione standing in the middle of the bathroom, wrapped in a robe, a large towel held out in front of her.

"I was just—"

"Getting clean?" she interrupted, shaking her head. "Come out, you’re getting all pruney in there."

Harry nodded and closed the curtain. He rinsed off quickly, then stepped out of the shower into the waiting towel. “Sorry about that,” he said.

Hermione slid his glasses back onto his face and answered him with a kiss, slowly backing him into the bathroom counter. She ran her hands over his shoulders. “We’re going to have to get you calmer,” she murmured.

"Oh?" he gasped between kisses. "Any ideas?"

"A few," she said, pulling away from him. "Come on." She walked into the bedroom and he followed, rubbing the towel across his body and hair. Once there, she slipped her robe off and lay down on the unmade bed, her legs spread slightly.

Harry grinned as he always did when his wife displayed herself before him. He dropped the towel to the floor and crawled across the bed until he was crouched between her legs.

"Look at you," she said, smiling a little as she trailed her hand down his chest, then brushed her fingertips across his erection.

He hummed a little, kissing her, then began to run his hand across her chest, but she pulled it down to her sex.

"I’ve been thinking about you all day," she said.

"I’ll say you have," he said, feeling her wetness.

She spread her legs wider. “Go on, then.”

He hesitated. “Is this your plan to relax me?” he asked, setting his glasses on the other pillow.

"Part of it."

He kissed her as he slid into her, gasping at the tight fit. After a moment, he dropped his head to her shoulder and began moving his hips, thrusting into her. He could feel her move a little beneath him, whispering, then suddenly there was a cool wetness in his arse. He stopped moving, lifting his head to look at her.

"Sh," she said, rubbing his head soothingly and smiling. "You’re going to love this."

He nodded and she kissed him, and he sighed, relaxing into her. As he started fucking her again, he felt her hand leave his hair and trail down his back. She slipped a finger into his now-slick entrance and he groaned, burying his head in her shoulder and thrusting harder into her. Another finger followed and he felt her scissoring them, back and forth, widening him. Then her fingers were gone and he felt something blunt being pressed against him.

"Relax," she whispered.

Harry let out a long breath, willing his muscles to relax. He felt this foreign object, whatever it was, entering him slowly. Her other hand rubbed the small of his back, soothing him. He closed his eyes and stopped thrusting, trying to get used to this feeling of fullness, so much more than just a finger or a tongue. She kept pushing it in until he felt the ring of muscle relax and the object slipped in further, stretching him. Finally he felt the larger, flatter end of it resting against him. Whatever it was, it was all the way inside him, and mingled with the pleasure was a perverse sort of pride. He lifted his head up and kissed her, hard.

"I take it you’re okay," she said, grinning.

He nodded, then began fucking her again. As he did, she turned the toy in his arse, spinning it and rubbing it against him until--

He yelped and slammed into her as the toy stroked his prostate. He kissed her again, even harder, and when he released her lips she smiled. He began to fuck her in earnest, harder and harder, his forehead resting on her shoulder as his hips ground into her, hard. She kept moving the toy against him and he couldn’t last much longer but oh, he wanted to. He lifted his head to look into her eyes and the orgasm hit him like running into a wall. He cried out, lifting up his head, then collapsed on top of her.

As he got his breath back, he felt her removing the toy. He slid out of her and rolled over to lie next to her, on his back. He looked up to see her laying on her side, smiling down at him.

"More relaxed?" she asked.

He nodded, sinking down into the pillows and letting out a deep sigh.

"Good," she said. She kissed his shoulder, then put something hard and warm and slippery into his hand. "This is yours," she said, rising from the bed. "I’ll be right back." She slipped out of the room.

He grabbed his glasses from the pillow and looked down at the object in his hand. It was a small bright green butt plug. Looking at it, he couldn’t believe all 8 cm of it had been inside him, and that odd sense of pride surged in him as he trailed his fingertip over its contours.

Suddenly he realized that he hadn’t done anything for Hermione. “Baby?”

"Yeah?" she called back.

"You didn’t … I mean, I didn’t make you … ."

"Don’t worry about it! That one was for you, to relax, remember?"

Relax for what? he thought. “Right.” Was she really going to --

At that moment she appeared in the doorway, wearing only a sleeveless undershirt and boxers. The boyish outfit accentuated her femininity, her curves distorting the straight lines of the clothes. She walked toward him slowly, and then he saw it, there between her legs, pushing out at the front of the pants.

"Oh," said Harry, sitting up and sliding to the foot of the bed.

Hermione reached him and put her hands on her hips, then thrust her pelvis slightly, making the half-erect dildo show through the flap of her boxers.

"You aren’t teasing," he said unnecessarily.

She shook her head. “Touch it.”

He slipped his hand into her boxers, flinching when he touched the dildo, surprised at how warm and lifelike it was. He began to stroke it slowly, watching and feeling it harden at his touch. Hermione moaned low in her throat and he realized that she must be able to feel it. Which meant, of course, that she would be able to feel it later, too … .

"Stop, Harry," she said suddenly, rousing him from his reverie. She pushed him back slightly by his shoulders, then leaned down and kissed him tenderly. "You’re sure you want this."

"Yes," he whispered. "I’m sure. I want this. I want you to fuck me."

She smiled and stood up straight. “I put down a cushion for you,” she said, indicating the space in front of the full-length mirror.

Harry got off the bed and walked over to the cushion. He sank to his knees, then looked over his shoulder. “Why the mirror?”

"I want to watch you."

But do I want to watch myself? he thought. He looked in the mirror as he leaned down on his hands. Well, I can always close my eyes. Or watch Hermione. He looked up and watched her walk over to him.

"Would you rather I took the clothes off?" she asked.

He nodded. “I want to watch your breasts.”

She grinned, pulling the undershirt off over her head, then stepping out of the boxers.

Harry gulped, seeing her naked in the mirror, the cock rising out of the brown curls between her legs. It looked very wrong, and yet not. “Oh God, you look so … ” he searched for the right word. “You look like sex.”

She laughed a bit as she sank to her knees behind him. Keeping eye contact with him in the mirror, she slipped one finger into his arse.

He moaned a little, closing his eyes. He was still slick and relaxed from before—she was right as always, it had been just the thing—and as one finger became two, became three, it felt nothing but good. She moved them around slowly, then rubbed up against that perfect spot again and again. He groaned low in his throat. When he looked up, she was smiling at him so sweetly, so sexily. He realized that she was stroking her cock with her other hand; it was slick and shone in the low light of the bedroom candles. He could feel his own cock hardening in anticipation.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

He nodded.

She took her cock in her left hand, put her right hand against him, and began to push in, slowly. After a moment she said, “Are you okay?”

He nodded, still looking at her. Her hands were on his hips and she was sliding in slowly but steadily. It felt good but different than the plug, which was narrower. He felt so open and yet so full. Then suddenly--

"Ow," he said.

She stopped and rubbed his back. “Relax, baby,” she said.

He nodded, breathing out slowly, until it felt comfortable again. “Keep going,” he said.

"We’re almost there, baby," Hermione whispered, moving in further but even more slowly than before. "Push out; it will make it easier."

He concentrated on relaxing, on being as open as possible, and she slowly slid the rest of the way in. He looked up at the mirror.

She had never looked as lustful as she did then. Her eyes were closed and her mouth half-open, tiny beads of sweat running along her forehead, and then she stuck out the top of her pink tongue to wet her lips. Harry bit his lip. He had got used the fullness; it didn’t hurt as much as ache but it was a really good ache. He felt that strange pride welling up in him again, that he had taken all of it, that she was buried to the hilt within him. But now that she had been still for a bit and he had relaxed around her, he missed the friction. He took a deep breath in and out, then he clenched his muscles around her.

She gasped and shuddered, making her breasts tremble slightly, then she opened her eyes and met his in the mirror. “So,” she asked, her voice hoarse and soft, “you want me to move?”

Hermione hands were still on his hips. She pulled her own hips back and thrust forward a few times, stabbing into him a bit awkwardly, and he realized that of course fucking wasn’t as instinctive for her as it was for him, and he said, “It’s easier if you move faster.”

She looked up at him in the mirror, eyes wide.

"You won’t break me," he said.

She nodded and began moving a bit faster, pulling out a little more each time, until she found her rhythm and began fucking him in earnest. He closed his eyes and hung his head. It still ached, even hurt just a little, but with each thrust her cock rubbed against his prostate, and that felt so good that it was worth it. The feeling of just getting fucked was nice, too, of opening himself up to her. It was also a little dirty, a little perverse, like he was getting away with something. He had never lost his love for that feeling.

He looked up at her in the mirror and she was staring right at him, her breasts swaying with each thrust, her skin shiny with sweat, a lusty smile on her face. He had thought she’d looked like sex before, but the sight of her taking him like this was almost more than he could handle. Next time, he thought, he’d make her fuck him face up so he could grab at those breasts as they swayed above him.

He was moaning incoherently now, so close, but he didn’t want to touch himself. Trust Hermione, though. Her soft moans started getting higher-pitched and her thrusting gained speed, and then one hand slid down from his hips and touched his cock. Harry exploded, throwing his head back and shouting her name. He clenched around her, buried in him as she was, and he felt her tense up behind him. Warm fluid came shooting out of her cock and deep into him and she collapsed atop him, breathing heavily. But he was still weak from his own orgasm, so down on the floor they went.

She pulled out of him and rolled over on her back beside him. He pushed his glasses up and looked over to see her detach the now-flaccid penis and set it aside. Seeing him watching her, she smiled. “Feel okay?” she asked.

He nodded. “Feel amazing.” They lay there for a bit, recovering. Then he got up, gathered her into his arms (he was still the man after all) and laid her on the bed. He stretched out next to her and she cuddled into his chest.

Mimicking Malfoy’s schoolboy drawl, she said, “Your arse is mine now, Potter.”

"Really?" he replied. "Because your arse has been mine for quite a while,Potter.

"Funny how that works out," Hermione said.

Written by VeloFelo at liberotica

My jaw and gums begin to ache from the thick ballgag filling my mouth. Every little movement I make is transferred to all different parts of my body; naked, bound tightly with coarse rope. Wrists lashed behind the small of my back, tied to my waist, the ropes running down to my crotch, binding my veined, straining penis and balls. I am standing feet together, slightly crouched, as my package is pulled back between my legs, and fastened there by my knees and ankles being bound together, dick fully erect but pointed at the floor, balls below my exposed asshole.

The pain swells like a tide of blood, my ears roar, veins throb. The room is cold, and her heels clip-clipping along the hard floor are like pinpricks to my ears. She approaches from behind, runs a gloved hand over my left buttock, and faces me. I daren't look her in the eye, even as she firmly takes my jaw to plant the most delicious tender kiss on my lower lip. Black leather catsuit-clad, blonde hair flowing, this shining goddess reaches behind my head to unfasten the ballgag, allowing me to wet my upper lip and flex my jaw, spit drooling down my chin.

She leans in to lick the wetness from my face; her perfume poses a deadly challenge to my already limited ability to keep balanced in this position. She collects my spit in her hand, reaches down to her crotch, and slathers the sticky saliva over her thick, black rubber strap-on. Her hands on my shoulders, she guides me down onto my knees, pulsating dick and balls given a small relief with the change in position. I am level with this huge dripping prick, when she takes the back of my head, and pulls me in.

I take the round head of the cock in my sore mouth, wrapping my lips around it, and running my tongue beneath it, willing to generate as much spit as I can. She begins to slowly pump her lips, fucking me in the mouth, back and forth to a depth of about four inches. For a few minutes this goes on, and I have to stop and gasp for breath a couple of times, while my whole lower face becomes wet and sticky with spit, and I try to coat and lube her dick as well as I can, as I could guess where it was destined to go. Before long, she thrusts hard and deep, forcing all seven inches of rubber cock into my throat, and I retch loudly. Again, spit and phlegm pour down my chin and chest, I suck it up again and spit it out along the length of the strap-on.

My knees cry out in pain, grinding on the cold hard floor. Again, and I manage to hold the length in, head brushing the back of my throat, before I gag again, stringy strands of saliva swinging between the tip and my lips. Satisfied, my goddess bends down to plant her luscious lips on mine, kissing, sucking, collecting moisture. Moving around behind me, she retrieves the ballgag and forced my jaws painfully open once again, and I'm sure she fastens it tighter than before. A hand at the back of my head pushes me forward, forehead touching the floor, bare ass in the air.

I shiver violently as my tight hole is caressed by a dripping wet tongue. Around in circles, feeling every little crinkle of flesh, pushing violently against my hole, before moving down to the tip of my cock to run a wet tongue-tip up the shaft and over my balls, up to my anus again; it is almost intolerable, and I moan loudly, knees creaking on the floor. An eternity passes in the space of just a minute, when a hand is placed on my hip, and I feel a much larger, more blunt, object swirling around my asshole. The pressure increases, my muscles slowly and painfully concede, before the wet head plops into my butt.

I'm not quite prepared for the sheer size of it, and I gasp through the ballgag. Slowly and steadily, she pumps the dick in my ass, while a hand gently tickles the underside of my shaft. My breathing deepens, as I move gently back and forth to her rhythm. Deeper, deeper she fucks me, and I am overwhelmed by a strange feeling of completeness, of fullness, as eventually the whole length disappears inside me. The moulded veins ripple over my anal muscle, massaging my prostate. My head swims. A firm, controlling, gloved hand wraps its fingers around my throbbing cock, and gently pumps it up and down, just an inch of movement, as the thick dildo thrusts quicker and quicker, along its entire length, head to balls.

Translucent black and white squares flash in my vision, the roar in my ears reaches a zenith, and I cry loudly, muffled by the ball, strong hand gripping the head of my penis, throbbing violently, pumping wads of hot cum into her collecting palm, dildo buried fully in my ass. I struggle not to pass out, as it takes a full minute for me to empty and my breathing to subside. I moan as the length of her dick withdraws with a 'shloop', my anus hot and wet. Another minute. I am barely aware of her removing the gag, collecting my cum in her own mouth. I deign to look into her gorgeous green eyes, lovingly they gaze back. She practically has a halo; although my vision is slightly blurred from the dizziness anyway. She leans in to kiss. My tongue extends, and she fills my mouth with my own sticky cum. It's sour, and I don't like it, but obediently I take it all, and gratefully swallow.

My eyes open again. Her expression has changed. Her hand is drawn back...then white. All white, then flashing black stripes, and ringing! Deafening ringing! But I could just make out a distant, echoing voice...


Written by http://pegginglover13.tumblr.com/

Nicole’s breasts were pressed into my back and arms wrapped around me, clutching me tight. We were both warm and a little sweaty after a good, hard, late-night fuck. Her fingers raked through my pubic hair tickling me with a soft, light touch. We were both drifting, close to sleep when I decided to casually throw it out there.

“Have you ever been curious about trying anal sex?”

Her fingers stopped their wandering abruptly. The silence seemed to hang forever and I fought to not tense up my body in apprehension. Keep it casual…

“Anal? No not really, although now that you mention it, it does sound pretty kinky.”

Oh, really? Back from the brink… Play this cool…

“Yeah - I thought so, too. I have to admit to always being a little curious what it would feel like.”

I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she was whispering in my ear.

“Mmmm! Oh, yeah… Very freaky! I’m game - I’ve heard that prostrate massage is supposed to be pretty intense.”

“Umm, sweetie… you don’t have a prostrate.”

“I know that, silly…….. You do.”

Uh, what? With an uncomfortable laugh, I replied…

“Oh, sweetie… I wasn’t talking about my ass. I meant me doing yours.”

There was another long, uncomfortable pause. I was beginning to regret bringing this up. Finally, I felt her warm lips on my neck. She sprinkled me with soft kisses, working closer and closer to my ear.

Her voice was low - she was almost purring. “I know exactly what you meant, and I’ll do it, too. You can plough my virgin ass until you pump it full of your cum. BUT… only if I get to do you first. Goodnight, sweetie”

With that she plunged her tongue into my ear and moaned before biting me hard on the earlobe. My heart was racing and my head began to spin. What? What was she proposing? This is NOT what I imagined!

She untangled her arms and legs from mine and scooted back to her side of the bed. She reached out and stroked her hand across my ass. Her touch felt wonderful until she shocked the hell out of me by snaking a finger into my crack and lightly scratching right over my bud with her long, manicured fingernail. I jumped from the unexpected contact but I couldn’t deny the electric charge that ran straight to my cock. She cupped my ass and gave it a good squeeze before rolling over.

“Think it over.”


I was thinking all right. Thinking about how the hell I had ended up in my current position - laying on a paper-covered table in a brightly lit treatment room with my legs pulled to my chest while a 20-something, blonde woman smeared hot wax all over my balls and ass. Each pull of the paper produced the same exclamation.


I had an entirely new appreciation for women’s grooming rituals. God bless them for doing this for us.

I kept muttering under my breath, “What the fuck am I doing?”

Diane, my ‘technician,’ had my cock firmly in her grasp, pulling it obscenely away from my body to pull the skin taught. With another swipe of the wax she finally said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. A lot of guys do this for their boyfriends.”

Through my teeth I was able to gasp, “Oh no, I’m doing this for my girlfriend.”

“Right.” She smiled and went back to her work. A few moments later she whispered, “Wait, you’re serious, aren’t you.”


She must have been able to read all over my face why I was in the spa today.


And that was all that we said until she helped me up and handed me a mirror to admire her handiwork. Bare. Red, angry, and bare - that was all I could think until I ran my fingers across the skin. Ok, add smooth to that. Very, very smooth.

I gave her a big tip as I checked out at the main counter. She just winked and said, “Enjoy!”


It was the third day in a row that I’d given myself a light enema in the early afternoon per Nicole’s instructions. The anticipation was killing me but she was crystal clear that it would happen when she wanted it and that I should be constantly ready for her to take me.

The doorbell rang, snapping me out of my contemplation. I opened the door to see Nicole wearing a long coat over black pants with red heels. I croaked out a hello as she stepped inside. I took her coat as she slipped it down her arms revealing a nearly sheer, low-cut white top framing deep, eye-popping cleavage. 

Turning back from the closet, I was pinned against the wall as Nicole attacked my mouth with her own forcing her tongue into my mouth and gripping my hair by the roots. Our tongues battled in and out of each other’s mouths. When she pulled back, I gasped for breath. She only stepped back and pointed to her feet.

“On your knees. I want a blowjob.”

I gazed down her body past the mountains of flesh bound by her straining top. She was wearing a tight pair of black dress pants that hugged her every curve. Simply beautiful.

There was one thing that was completely out of the ordinary, however. The clinging fabric revealed a decent bulge and the outline of a stiff cock pushed down one of her pant legs. I dropped to my knees, looking up into her eyes. She took my hand and placed it on her ‘cock’ - making me stroke it through her pants as she smiled down at me.

“Take it out.”

I began fumbling with the clasps until I was able to pull her pants open and push them down a few inches. She was wearing a pair of black latex panties that clung to her sex. Fastened to the front, however, was a bright red, jelly cock. I reached inside and tugged it free of its confines.

I knew how she wanted to play this now. This wasn’t just about pegging my ass; this was about control. My pulse echoed in my ears as I began to jack her off without hesitation. This was more than I’d bargained for, but I was eager to please her. Slowing my strokes, I tentatively placed the tip to my lips and sucked on the head of her “cock.” It tasted of floral soap, but not unpleasantly so.

She stepped back and leaned against the wall as I began to lick and suck at her. After a few minutes she grabbed me by the hair and thrust in and out of my mouth, pushing the fake cock nearly into my throat. I did my best not to choke on it as she fucked my face rhythmically.

“God, I feel so powerful. Suck my cock, you dirty slut.” Turned on by the humiliation I pushed her as deep as I could go until I felt my lips touch the cool latex of her panties. I took a few deep breaths through my nose before she pulled me off her and pointed to the bedroom.

I quickly stripped naked as she waited, then helped her take her pants down. She slipped the red stilettos back on, perfectly matching the deep red of her cock. She pulled her top and bra off leaving her in nothing but the heels and the strap-on. Stepping close to me I could feel her hard nipples against my chest while both our rigid cocks rub against each other. She took one in each hand and gripped them tight at the bases.

“Mmm, so smooth and soft, but mine’s bigger than yours. I can’t wait to hear you beg me to fuck you with it.”

She spun me around and bent me over the footboard, pushing my face into the sheets and pulling my ass up into the air. Her fingers traced my balls, over my taint, and up and down my crack before lingering at my entrance. She slowly circled the bud as I felt her dribble lube onto her finger. It ran down into my crack as she rimmed me. I’d never felt anything so amazing. My already sensitive, hairless ass was tingling as she continued her lazy circles, slowly applying pressure until the tip of her finger broke through my ring.

I grunted at the intrusion, but she just laughed. “That’s nothing sweetie, wait until I’ve got my thick cock pressed into your ass.”

She worked her finger in and out, loosening me up until she could fit a second and then a third finger inside. She poured more and more lube on her fingers until it was running all over my ass and even down my thighs.

“Ooh, you’re so wet. Did I do that to you? It is a good thing I’ve got you naked or you’d be soaking your pretty panties. I think you’re ready for it now, don’t you?”

I didn’t say a word, only sucking in air as I felt her fingers leave my ass. It was quickly replaced by the tip of her jelly cock.

“Pull yourself open for me!”

My face turned scarlet as I reached back to grip each of my cheeks and held them apart. The wet head of her cock pushed past my ring in a quick thrust and I cried out. She held steady, though, neither advancing nor retreating.

“Gentle or rough?”

I froze, unsure of what to say.

“Gentle or rough?” This time her voice was stern and accompanied by a hard smack across my ass.

I couldn’t bring myself to look back at her. It was barely a whisper, but she heard it nonetheless. “Rough.”

She pushed away my hands and grabbed my hips hard. With no warning she slammed into me until I was full to bursting. Without concern for my comfort she began to ram in and out of me until she’d managed to loosen my ass enough that she could get completely inside me. The smacking sound of her hips against my ass was the only sound louder than me breathing as I gripped the sheets and held on, dancing on my tip-toes, through her brutal assault on my ass.

Every few minutes she’d smack my ass across one cheek or the other leaving a hot, stinging sensation to accompany the burning fullness in my ass. My cock was as hard as it has ever been and was smacking against the footboard with each thrust. She slowed and paused, pulling out of me completely.

I moaned aloud from the sudden feeling of emptiness. The realization that it was a frustrated moan of disappointment was not lost on either of us.

“Get on the bed. Knees forward, ass in the air!”

Moving as quickly as I could I crawled onto the bed, burying my face, and assuming the position she demanded. Her hands roughly pulled me back until my backside was hanging off the edge of the bed. Another big squirt of lube ran down my ass, dribbling onto my balls and cock. 

I heard a buzzing sound and a feminine gasp before I felt the thick red cock force its way inside me again. She resumed her fierce thrusting in and out of me, but this time I could feel a faint buzzing running through my ass and a tremble in her legs. Her pace increased until the slapping of our bodies was nearly deafening. She was panting now and growling as she had her way with me.

“Beg me for it!”


“Beg! Beg for it!”

This was totally out of character for Nicole. We didn’t really do the dirty talk in bed thing, but she was clearly getting into it tonight. I had no shame left as I shouted into the pillow. 

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass with your big cock!”

“Cum with me. I want to make you cum while I fuck your ass.”

Ever eager to please, I reached between my legs and began furiously pumping my cock while she kept working toward her own peak. As she got closer she began a series of long, hard thrusts. I stopped pumping my fist and let the force of her thrusts push my cock through my fingers.

She screamed as her orgasm hit her and rammed into me hard. She ground her crotch into my ass as she rode wave after wave. A few short pulls on my cock and I unleashed a tremendous load of cum onto the sheets beneath me. She leaned into me and I collapsed under our combined weight onto the wet bed. We were both covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the exertion of the fucking we’d just experienced.

Once she caught her breath, Nicole pushed herself up and pulled the huge cock out of my sore ass. She rolled over causing it to flop obscenely in the air.

I reached out and held her hand tight. Smiling at me, all she said was, “If you’re that hard on MY ass, I’ll fucking kill you!”
Dancassidy @ Liberotica.com

"Would you like some ass fucking?"

"Well yes," I said, "I didn't think you wanted it."

Jane gave my ass cheek a little squeeze.

"Dave, I think you've got it backwards," Jane said. " The ass fucking is for you."

"No, I don't roll that way," I answered her.

"Dave, are you sure?" Jane answered, "because someone with as horny an ass as you have should try it at least once."

Jane is my wife of 5 years. She is so beautiful and sexy. I'll try to describe her and do her justice. Jane is 31 years old and is 5' 9" tall. Jane has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears her long hair with bangs kinda like Betty Page. Jane is slim and yet curvy at the same time. She has a round muscular ass and spectacular tits. I say her tits are spectacular, not because they're big, but because they are nice sized and perfectly shaped. They have puffy pink nipples. Best of all, Jane is horny all the time, is up for anything sexually and is very adventurous!

Jane found out I have a horny ass one night while we were 69'ing. She started touching my anus and I unconsciously started to moan. I had never done this before, moan that is, and I wasn't even aware I was doing it. Jane was. She would later tell me that she was surprised and found it very sexy.

When Jane pushed her finger into my ass she got another surprise. Instead of me protesting, my ass started to noticeably wiggle around on her finger. I remember her pushing her finger into my ass that first time and how good it felt. Of course having my cock halfway down her throat at the same time didn't hurt. She shoved her finger all the way into my ass and started fucking motions. I came as hard as I ever have and sent a big load into Jane's mouth.

We had sex the very next night, instigated by Jane. She had me lay on my back in bed. We had both taken our clothes off. Jane crawled up between my spread thighs and started sucking my dick. My cock quickly became hard. For those of you who care, my cock is just under eight inches long and about six inches around. Jane tells me that it is perfectly formed. She also has told me that she likes the way the head is just bigger than the shaft because she can grab the head of my dick with her lips and pull on it. Am I a lucky guy or what?

Jane couldn't wait to experiment. She knew I had just taken a shower and wanted to play with my ass again. When Jane started rubbing my ass hole, I started to softly moan.

"You really like that, don't you?" Jane asked.

"What's that?" I said. "The blow job?"

"No," Jane said, "you really like having your ass played with." "You like it so much that you are moaning out loud."

I told her she was crazy and she continued the blow job. I lost myself in the pleasure but noticed it when she again started to touch my hole. It really felt good and I secretly hoped she would stick her finger in like she had the previous night.

"Go ahead and moan if you want to," Janie said. "I know it feels good for you and I think it's sexy."

When Jane pushed her finger into my ass, I couldn't help myself. I let out a loud moan and started moving my ass around trying to help her finger reach deeper.

"Don't hold back," Jane told me. "I know it feels really good for you."

"You've got a horny ass," she continued. "I can tell by your moans and the way you can't keep your bottom still that you love it." "You have an ass that needs fucking."

I don't know if it was the finger-fucking or the way Jane was talking to me but I couldn't help myself. I lost all control. I found myself moaning out loud and humping her finger.

"Please don't stop," I heard myself say.

"Don't stop what?" Jane asked.

My male pride made me hesitate for a moment. Jane had stopped moving her finger.

"Say it." "Don't be ashamed." "It's perfectly alright," Jane encouraged. "Ask me for what you want."

I don't remember ever being so turned on. My ass now felt neglected and empty. "Please, please finger-fuck me." "I confess, I love it!" "Please stick your finger back in me."

Jane pushed her finger back into my ass and must have added another. It felt wonderful and I thrashed around on the bed as she fucked me and sucked my dick. I softly screamed as I came harder than I had ever come. Jane never took her mouth off my dick and swallowed every bit of my come. Jane and I weren't done that night as I later made sure she had a good orgasm.

In the following weeks we continued to experiment with anal sex.. We added toys and butt plugs to our lovemaking and Jane also came to enjoy having her ass played with. It wasn't an every time thing but it took place quite often. And, of course, we talked about my special enjoyment of it. We read about anal sex and found that it was perfectly normal for the heterosexual male to enjoy it.

During that time, Jane occasionally would tease me. She would come up behind me and pat or squeeze my ass cheeks and tell me I had a hot ass.

One night during an especially hot session, Jane allowed me to fuck her ass. It was the first time for her and I had taken my time warming her up. Her beautiful ass was properly stretched out and ready and I had lubricated her hole very well. I put her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. Once she got used to the size of my dick, I was able to penetrate her fully. I ended up fucking her with long slow strokes.

Just before she came, she said something that echoed in my mind.

"Dave, you have got to try this sometime," Jane said. "I'm serious." "With that hot horny ass you've got, you need to experience a real ass fucking by someone who knows what they are doing." "It's a shame you are totally strait because you will never get to feel this pleasure."

I remember another instance when Jane came up to me in the bathroom after I had just gotten out of the shower. I hadn't had time to dress and she began to stroke my cock.. When it was good and hard she told me to bend over the vanity. Jane soaped up her finger and pushed it into my ass hole. I lost control and started moving my ass around like someone inviting a good fuck.

"You know your thirtieth birthday is coming up next week," Jane said. "I got a birthday present for you and thought you might like to know what you are getting."

Jane stroked my cock and finger fucked my ass as she talked to me. "I have decided you need a good ass fucking and that's what your present will be."

Jane took her left hand off my cock, all the while continuing the probing of my ass with the right. She slid a drawer open under the sink and brought out a realistic looking dildo and a leather strap-on harness.

"Well, what do you think?" she said. "Do you think you can take this bad boy."

"How big is that thing?" I moaned. All the while, she continued her assault on my ass. She must have added another finger because I felt full. The sight of the fake cock excited me.

Jane said, "My new dick feels just like a real one." "It was taken from a mold of a porn star's penis and is nine inches long." Jane teased, "I hope I can prepare you for this big dick"

Jane continued to tease me and I had no resistance to her. Whenever my cock was hard and my ass was turned on, I would do anything for Jane.

Jane handed the dildo to me and started to stroke my cock again. "Put it in your mouth and suck on it," she said. "This time next week, I'm going to strap it on and give you the fucking you need so bad."

I went to that special place I always went to when she had me by my ass. I was putty in her hands and moaned loudly around the cock in my mouth as she jacked me off into the sink.

Jane insisted I refrain from all sex for the next week. She made it plain to me that the day of my birthday, I was to take a shower and give myself an extra good enema.

The day of my birthday came fast and I was very horny and excited. We shared a very nice meal that Jane had prepared and a good bottle of wine. After dinner, Jane handed me a nicely wrapped birthday present and suggested that I open it. I tore the paper off the box and looked inside. I found Jane's new cock and harness inside.

"Bring my cock and follow me into the bedroom," Jane said.

Once in the bedroom, we took off all our clothes. Jane sat at the edge of the bed and told me to crawl over and carry the present over in my mouth. I held the lifelike cock sideways in my mouth like a pirate holds his knife and crawled over to her. Jane let me eat her pussy and my cock stiffened. After I brought Jane to an orgasm, she had me help her strap on her cock. The sight of Jane with a big cock was strange and exciting at the same time.

Jane grabbed me by my hard cock and led me to the center of the room. She threw me a pair of handcuffs at me and told me to put them on my right wrist. Screwed into our wooden bedroom floor were two stainless eye hooks.

"Lock the handcuffs to the right eye-hook," Jane began.

"What's this for?" I asked.

Jane answered, "I want total control of you tonight." "You will do everything I say."

Jane brought out another pair of handcuffs and locked the cuffs on my left wrist and then to the left eye-hook.

"Your all mine now and will do everything I say," Jane stated. "Don't think you can get loose, the eye-hooks screw into the floor joists."

Jane rolled an ottoman under my stomach and tied my knees to the legs of the ottoman so I was secured on my belly with my ass exposed. Jane slid a vibrating butt plug up my ass after lubing it. The plug had a remote control on a cord. Jane pulled up chair up and sat right in front of my face. I had to lift my head to look at her. Jane turned on the vibrator and my ass came alive.

Jane began to stroke her big cock.

"Do you like my cock?" Jane asked. "You will answer my every question truthfully and you will call me Ma'am!"

My ass was wiggling like a little puppy's tail by this time and I answered her, "I love your cock, Ma'am."

"Right answer," my mistress said. "Now, what should I do with my big cock?" Jane continued.

Jane turned the dial on the remote control and the plug in my ass vibrated faster.

"You should fuck me in my ass, Ma'am," I answered. I was never hotter and was anxious for what was to come.

"How bad do you need your ass fucked?" Jane demanded. "Make it good and be convincing." "Say the dirtiest thing that comes into your head."

I answered and I was surprised by my answer as it spilled out of me but seemed like it came from someone else. "My ass needs to be fucked by an expert." My ass needs to be filled by a real cock." My ass needs a hard fucking by a big man with a big dick who has fucked a lot of ass."

I couldn't believe what I had just said.

"Great answer," Jane said. "I love your passion and I think you're right." "You do need the very best ass fucking." She continued, "You may have to settle for a beginner tonight, but you never know." "Dave, has anyone ever told you that you were psychic?"

Jane slid a leather hood over my head. It prevented me from seeing anything but allowed me to breath normally. She pulled out the butt plug and squirted lots of lube into my ass. Jane fucked my ass with what must have been a little dildo and asked me "Are you ready for the big boy?"

Jane slid some sound-deadening head phones over my ears and left me there with an empty and hungry ass hole. I found myself wiggling my ass around in a invitation to anyone to fuck me.

I thought I sensed some doors opening and closing and I felt my asshole which had been loosened by the butt plug clenching and un-clenching. I found my thoughts drifting back to a childhood memory of masturbation. I had once, when I was about six, placed a cool stone between my ass cheeks before I stroked my little hairless dick.

Leather gloved hands on my ass cheeks jarred me back to the present. The headphones were removed from my ears and I heard Jane say from just behind me, "Beg me, my little helpless slave, beg me for what you need so badly."

"Please fuck me," I said. "Stick you big cock in my ass."

Her leather clad finger probed my ass and I pushed back against it. I couldn't see anything but my sense of touch was heightened. I tried to tighten my sphincter on the finger as she probed me. I arched my back and moaned.

"Good boy Davy," Jane teased. "Moan for me." "I know it feels good for you, but you will have to beg me better if you want your fucking." "You need to be real nasty."

No one has ever needed their ass filled more than I did at that moment.

"I need cock!", I pleaded. "I need a big hard cock in my ass so bad."

I felt just the big tip of my wife's cock push into my needy ass. It felt warm and wonderful.

"You can beg better than that," she said. "If you expect me to fuck your ass, you need to give up control to me totally so I know your ready." "You will have to say the most nasty thing you can think of," Jane demanded. "If you say the right thing, you will get the ass fucking of your life." "And don't forget, I'm your mistress."

"Please Mistress," I said. "I need a real cock." "Please bring a big strong man in here to fuck my ass."

I tried to push my asshole back onto Jane's cock but each time I tried, she pulled back.

I begged harder. "Please give me an ass fucking by a man who is an ass fucking expert." 'I'll suck his big cock and get it nice and hard." "Please mistress, I'll beg him to fuck my ass and I'll thank him after."

I couldn't see anything but I felt Mistress Jane give me another inch. The big head of her dick pushed passed my inner sphincter muscle. It felt wonderful. I was cock crazy and needed the whole thing.

I heard Jane tease me. She said, "Does that feel good Dave?" "It should feel good." "That's a real dick in your ass."

I was past the point of caring. I would play along. I heard myself saying, "Fuck my ass sir." "Stick your big warm wonderful cock all the way up my ass and make me your bitch." "I need a real dick so bad!"

The big dick slid all the way into my ass and started long slow trips from my anus to about nine inches into my ass. When the cock was fully inserted I could feel the roughness of blue jeans and a big metal belt buckle. It felt cool, as it touched my hot ass.

I heard Jane ask me from somewhere across the room, "How's that big cock feel in your ass?" "Show me your appreciation for your birthday present by giving our new friend the best ass he has ever fucked."

I knew then that a man was fucking my ass, but at that point, I couldn't care less. In fact, the nastiness of the act was making me even hotter. I bucked and tried to get more cock in my ass even though he was fully inserted. I moaned like the horniest young girl who had ever loved the feel of a big cock.

I loved Jane so much then that I tried to please her. I began to talk dirty.

"Your cock feels so good," I told him. "I love your big cock in my ass." "You can fuck my ass anytime you want to and I'll suck your big cock too." "Please fuck me harder."

The cock began to pick up tempo and began to slam my ass hard. I began to feel the start of an orgasm, even though no one was touching my cock. I could feel my ass lips pull on the big dick each time it was withdrawn. On every in stroke, I pushed my ass back to meet him.

From across the room I heard Jane say, "Come for me my Davey." "Now you know what a good ass fucking feels like." "Do you like it?"

"I love it", I cried. The cock came all the way out of my ass and I wiggled my ass frantically. The stranger jammed his cock into my ass and rode me to orgasm. I came harder than I ever had in my life and nothing was even touching my dick. It must have been having a prostate orgasm. It lasted about 30 seconds and I shot a big load onto the bedroom floor.

I never felt the stranger's come in my ass so he must have been wearing a rubber, but I could tell that he had come too. I collapsed onto the ottoman and felt Jane put the sound deadening headphones back over my ears. I don't know how long I lay there but I could feel my anal muscles clench and unclench for a long time after. I felt so satisfied.

The next thing I knew, Jane was taking the hood and headphones off. She un-cuffed me and we got dressed and went for something to drink. After my experience, I needed something strong. I drank whiskey.

"How could you do that to me?" I asked. "You know I'm straight."

"You loved every bit of it," she said. "Are you sure your not a little Bi?" she teased. "Do you still remember some of the things you said?"

"That's not fair," I said. "You had me way horned up."

That's when I noticed that Jane was wearing blue jeans and a big belt buckle.

"That was you, wasn't it?" I asked her.

Jane showed me her leather gloves and we had a big laugh.

"How did you throw your voice?" I asked. I heard your voice coming from way across the room.

Jane showed me the tape machine that she had recorded the few comments on. She showed me how she had used a remote to activate it.

"Your really a good fucker," I told her, just before we went to bed. "You really had me fooled." "That was an awesome birthday present." "I owe you."

Jane reached around and touched my ass hole.

"Your really stretched out now", she teased. "You'll never be the same now that someone has fucked you!"

I slept good that night and woke rested the next morning. When I went to the bathroom, my ass had a thoroughly fucked feeling. It was a pleasant sensation. I happened to look over into the waste basket and noticed something under some discarded facial tissues. I couldn't believe my eyes when what I had noticed turned out to be a used condom containing a big load of come. I have never used condoms because Jane is on the pill. I took the condom and flushed it down the toilet.

A few nights later while we were having sex, Jane asked me what I wanted for my next birthday.

"Can we do it again?" I asked.

Written by murseguy.tumblr.com

I felt a little nervous as I parked in the medical arts building parking lot. It was not because my new doctor was a woman; I was secure enough in my manhood that it didn’t bother me. I just felt a little uncomfortable, as was natural, whenever you establish yourself as patient with a new doctor. The fact that I was running late, and had the last appointment of the day, did not help.

The company I had just joined insisted on a physical exam, and since I was new to the area, I needed to find myself a doctor. I had picked Dr. Troski’s name from my companies benefits package. I had chosen her partly because her practice had gotten such high reviews on the web, and partly because the thought of a female Dr. seemed hot to me.

When I arrived I the waiting room, I was greeted by a stern look from the nurse. She was blonde, nearly six feet tall, and was slightly chubby, but it looked extremely good on her. ”Your late Mr. Smith, The receptionist has already left for the day, and I was about to lock the door” she scolded. “No need to sign in, go directly to the examination room in the back.”

I did as I was told, and sat there for nearly five minutes before the nurse entered the room. She rolled her eyes and said with disdain “Why are you still dressed!? Have you never been to the doctors before? Strip down naked so the doctor can examine you!” She stood there eyeing me with her arms folded in front of her, an impatient look on her face.

“Are you going to stand there while I get undressed?” I asked meekly. I was definitely intimidated by this woman and her striking beauty. ”You don’t have anything I’ve not seen before; now strip before she gets here. You don’t want to waste her time do you?”

” I guess not.” I said as I striped down naked under the watchful eye of the nurse. She did not avert her eyes or look away. She in no way attempted to make me feel any less uncomfortable.

Just then, Doctor Troski burst in “Good evening Mr. Smith I trust you are feeling well, only here for an initial office visit and physical examination, yes?” she rushed in her eastern european accent.

“Yes, Yes ma’am” I stuttered. I looked her up and down instinctively. She was shorter than the nurse by a good six inches, but still tall, and slender. She had red hair, but you could tell it was a color job and not natural. Her pristine white labcoat came down to her knee’s, but you could not see her legs for they were obscured by shiny black patent leather boots.

The next fifteen minutes were consumed with rudimentary physical exam things like say ahh, turn and cough, and listening to my heart and lungs. The only thing that seemed out of order was that fact that the imposing nurse stayed in the room glaring at me. 

When I thought we were about finished I reached for my trousers and Dr. Troski said “Tut, tut, we just have one more eensy, weensy thing before were done, a prostate exam.”

“But I’m no where near forty years old!” I protested.

“Now dear, those are only guidelines, merely the standard. I pride myself on being very thorough, and providing exceptional healthcare, not just standard treatment.” she explained almost insulted. ” Now please be a good patient and bend over the table and expose your anus to me.” I complied with her direction and spread my ass cheeks. I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life; but I thought that this is something every man must go through sooner or later. I could hear her changing gloves and applying a generous amount of lube to her fingers. ”Now first an external visual exam” she explained. It must have been a close up exam because I swear I could feel her hot breath against my ass. I began to get a soft erection, and prayed that she would not notice.

“Now tell me dear, have you ever engaged in any anal play or sex?” she asked quite matter-of-factly.

“No, never!” I lied. What did she see, did my butt hole look different? 

“Now, now, I am just trying to get a complete medical history. The doctor/patient relationship is sacred to me, and you have nothing to fear or hide. ”Anything you tell me will be held in the strictest of confidence,” she explained further. ” My doctorate thesis was in sexiophysiology of the male rectum, and in my studies I’ve learned that a vast majority of straight men have used self-rectal stimulation at one time or another.”

“Ok,” I admitted “Once or twice, while masturbating in the shower, I penetrated myself with a finger or thumb.”

“Very well then, this shouldn’t be all that uncomfortable to you then,” she explained. With that I felt her cool lubed finger begin to probe at my opening. Soon, she was all the way in to the third knuckle, poking gently around as if hunting for something. ”It appears as if it is farther up than I thought,” she said as I felt a second finger join the first. I let out a soft groan as her two fingers bent forward and found their mark! It was an exhilarating sensation that I had never felt before! ”Had you ever found this spot while penetrating yourself, dear?” she questioned.

“No, I’ve never felt that before!” I moaned. I realized my previously semi-hard member was now at a full on rage! There was no way it had gone unnoticed by the ladies in the room.

She explained “Men have a spot in their rectum that is similar to what is known as the G-spot in the vagina. And that, dear, is what we have discovered in you today. Now, tell me what exactly do you fantasize about while you penetrate yourself during mastubation? Is it being penetrated by a penis perhaps?”

I would have confessed anything to her while her fingers were applying expert pressure on that sweet magical spot, but I was completely unable to form a coherent thought at the moment.

“It’s ok dear, you don’t have to answer, I already know. Now, I feel as your doctor that it is my duty to help you understand your body and psyche a little better.” She explained, vey clinically, as she parted her lab coat to reveal a glistening flesh colored six inch strapon dildo.

I began to protest, but went unheard as the doctor turned her attention to the nurse. ”Nurse Cathy, your assistance please,” she ordered. In a flash, the overbearing nurse stood across the table from me, and with some kind of expert wrestling move, used her arms and body weight to pin me firmly to the table.

In the next instant I felt the head of the doctors cock against my quivering asshole. The direct pressure kept building until POP! The mushroom head of her penis exploded past my anal sphincter. She then stopped while shards of glass like pain coursed through my entire being and I squirmed under the nurses grip. ”Don’t worry, dear, the pain will dissipate as your body becomes accustom to the intrusion.” She whispered in my ear.

She was right, and as my body relaxed she began to advance her prosthesis further into me. The length of it seemed to keep coming as I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that I was getting fucked in the ass! Her cock rubbed that magical spot, and I could feel cum like pressure building up in my pelvis. I knew that my dick was probably drooling a fair amount of precum. It didn’t stop there though, her cock continued to invade my body until could feel the pressure of it way up in my belly.

When I thought that I could not take another micro-inch of that cock, she stopped, and began to slowly withdraw it. The relief was almost heavenly enough to make me forget I still had a fair amount of dick in my ass! ”That is about all the length I would expect a beginer to tolerate.” She told the nurse, as if this was some kind of teaching moment for the staff. 

When she had nearly withdrawn the entire length of it, she began using her hips to create a circular, but thrusting motion. She was hitting the male G-spot she had talked about with every stroke. After about five minutes of this, the precum feeling in my pelvis had multiplied exponentialy and I let out a loud grunt, straining every muscle in my body. I exploded in an orgasm like I had never felt before. I was reduced to a pile of groaning, spasming, and spurting flesh!

Soon after, the nurse had released me from her grasp, and the doctor had pulled the cock out of my ass. In her matter-of-fact clinical tone she explained “You are a very lucky man, only a small percentage of men are able to achieve orgasm and ejaculation without stimulation of the penis. You have a rare gift.”

Not many days later I received an e-mail from a review service asking me to rate my visit to Dr. Trotski’s office. Five fucking stars!!!?

Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

As lovers, Rob and Danielle were amazingly adventurous, nearly fearless, and anal play had become one of their favorite erotic sports when they were nakedly entangled. Never wanting to settle for less than heaven, the pair were also on a constant hunt for new ways to send one another soaring into the shameless ether. Ass play had been less a part of Rob's arousal world before he met Dani, but her insatiable taste for so many things forbidden by old world mores opened his mind, as she opened his eyes and his startled anus to some of the most extraordinary pleasuring he had ever felt in his fucking life.

It didn't take long for Rob to fall in love with the way Danielle could fire off all of his orgasmic rockets at once (even from buttons he didn't know he had), just by adding some emboldened ass toying to her already brilliantly administered, edging oral assaults, and other assorted depravities.

More and more, these two wild creatures would push the envelope and prod one another into new adventures they sensed looming on their sexual horizons. 

"Why not try it once?" Danielle would say, when she saw him balking at one of her latest lascivious ideas. "If we don't like it, we'll toss it out of the repertoire. You might just fucking love it, baby!  Or are you afraid of owing me for that?" and she would let out the wickedest laugh ever.

She knew that, in the end, Rob would willingly to rise to any challenge she tossed his way, even if it took him a little time to process what he'd said yes to. And as for the "never do list" boundaries, they already knew they were on the same page there, so other than that list, nothing was off limits.

Today, they went shopping at a relatively new adult store that had opened very close to Danielle's place of work. She giggled when she texted him about the store's debut. "This is dangerous. I may end up owning the entire place and all of its contents by the end of the week! Eeps!"

The original intent of their excursion was to first check the place out, and if it was a nice venue to buy things, then together they could pick out a new, slightly larger girlcock for Dani's strap-on harness. Rob was loving the rides she'd given him when the fancy struck, but his back door was ready and willing to take in something longer and wider for a meatier slamfest. That thought alone made Danielle's insides quiver, and gush just enough to soak any pair of panties within striking distance. 

Oh, she had even more plans for him, for them, and maybe with a few joiners down the road. And she knew he'd be ready for those one day soon. But, for now, the mere thought of impaling this dominant-leaning man, and fucking his hot little ass like he was her wanton willing boytoy, both for her own orgasmic pleasures and his, made her soak her inner thighs at the most inappropriate moments.

The store, dubbed "Dreams Come True" (their site address read "dreamscumtrue"), was brilliantly put together. It was clean, creative and classy, and was stocked to the ceiling with so many things to fawn over, grab at and fantasize about. Five minutes in the place and the lovers wondered if they'd ever get out of there without stripping down completely and offering to try everything out right there on the floor. as a live in-store demo team.

As they headed toward the strap-on dildos, Danielle stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh my god in dirty fucking heaven!" She lifted up an enormous double headed dildo, which looked, at first glance, to be almost as big as her arm. She was drooling from the inside out, and suddenly could not imagine why this idea had never come up before. She knew why: they'd been too enraptured with every other carnal inspiration they'd adopted, so who needed to look for more? However, with this thick weighty monster toy in her grasp, she couldn't stop envisioning all of the perverse possibilities. Rob could almost hear Dani's cunt gurgling and her clit squealing with joy.

She looked at Rob with those big "You know you wanna" eyes. 

"I know", she hummed, "It's bigger than anything we've had in our asses, but, just think...at least we'll both be taking all of that in... together." She let that visual sink into his gluttonous. prurient mind, and she gently leaned into him as she handed him the heavy package, and curled her hands about his taut ass. 

"I will if you will."  She could tell he was surrendering to the idea. 

"I'll bet I can take more than you can" she dared him. 

"You're on!" he snapped back.  Rob just hated being bested without a tryout, and now Danielle had a new obscene dream about to cum explosively true.


Once back home, the double-headed dare was on. The monster was out of its case, cleaned and readied for some succulent, hot play. Lube and other implements were at bedside, and in a naked heartbeat, Rob felt Danielle's impatient hands reaching around from behind him to unleash his blushing ass from his jeans and boxers. Before he knew it, his clothes were hugging his ankles and she had him pushed and leaning over the bed, so his knees were at the end of the mattress and his delicious ass was poised for her first bold ploy.

"You need more warming up than me, baby." Dani teased him. "But you'll get your turn too. Remember, two heads, two asses, we both get the same down and dirty, ass-ruining ride." 

And as those words spilled from her mouth, Danielle's tongue slipped into the crack of his ass, and once she wet his nervous whistle, her fingers began to nuzzle their way inside of him, gently prodding open his tight rear door. He was melting into her luscious tease, because he already knew the places she could take him with her eloquent tongue and her lewd, brazen will. In no time his cock was being licked along its undershaft, and three fingers were spreading his anus open, and pushing their insistent way in, heading closer and closer toward her delicate knuckles.

Rob began pushing back onto Dani's hand, almost daring her to insert the missing digits and just fist him, but before anything more erupted between them, he whispered to her, as his ass suddenly clamped down on her burrowing fingers, "Don't go anywhere with those...." 

Without warning, he reached underneath, and yanked Danielle's slim body right through his legs and onto the bed. His strength and agility so often took his girl by sheer surprise, and this time it actually took her breath away. "Fuck", she growled, "How do you do that?" And in her mind, she was thinking "Just turn me upside down and fuck my brains out, will you?"

In no time, the wild pair were stripped bare, nipping and biting one another wherever they could reach. Rob's fingers took a little detour into Dani's now sopping cunt-gates, first to have a long taste of his favorite syrup, and then to lube his feelers up with Eau de Danielle.  And though Rob's probing fingers were soon making their way into widening her yawning back passage, both of the lovers knew they were going need a little more help with the warm-up for this monster of a two-headed snake.

"One toy each, one toy only, before the big guy" Rob declared. 

Dani loved the new game's call, and toppled him over to get to the toys first. She grabbed her suction cup dildo and tossed him the strap-on girlcock out of its harness. They tussled over the lube, and ended up devouring each other's mouths while slathering both toys in slippery, flavored goo.

When they were ready, brilliant Danielle turned the tables on his expectations. She pushed Rob to the bed and licked her suction cup, and attempted to secure it to his chest. When it wouldn't quite stay, she put his hands at the base and told him to hold it steady. She was in for the long, salacious tease, and he was about to get the most incredible view of her squatting over him and lowering herself, bit by squirming bit, onto this long, veined dong. Once it was securely inside of her moaning ass' grip, she began sliding with a taunting wriggle, bidding him to hold the base steady, and the sounds she made alone had Rob's cock standing at attention and dripping steadily away.

Dani leaned forward as she knelt down on the bed, encouraging Rob to tilt the dildo a bit so she could keep riding it in his view. She lapped away at his own leaking cockhead as she wriggled and fucked the toy for his pleasure. "Mmmmm, this is my reward for the hottest warm-up performance." She popped his mushrooming head in and out of her lush lips, then as he was losing all focus, she wickedly stopped and said, "Okay, your turn."

She reached back for him to pass her the lubed girlcock, and reminded him to keep the base of her impaler steady. She playfully spanked his balls to get him to spread his legs and lift them for her, and the ache that was already in his filling sac had him groaning aloud with her open-handed swats. Danielle then set to the task of giving Rob's ass a reminder lesson in how she loved to fuck her man. She took the slickened girlcock and shallow-fucked his hole's shuddering iris, until it willfully relaxed and begged her for more.

Once, her plunging toy was deep enough within him, Dani soon found a thrusting rhythm that Rob was happily surrendering to. She began to shove that girlcock into him as far and as fast as she could, all the while sliding up and down on the one in her own ass. Already the twin harmonic sounds of gathering lust had them both wondering if they'd ever make it to the big double header. 

Danielle purred as they slowed the prep-rocking, "God, this ass-to-ass fuck is going to be amazing... every shove will take us both deeper. Oh, fuck, I wonder if we can take enough of it in to make our asses touch."

Rob added, in between his panting breaths, "I wonder if we can cum without touching ourselves."

Let's try to do it, baby!" Dani squealed. "Make me cum with just your asscock fucking mine." 

Rob decided on another game rule. "If our asses touch, we can reach back and play with the other and make them cum. No self-touching at all."

Dani was growling now. "Oh my fucking heavens, YES!"

She turned her head back. "I'm ready. Let's do it now!" Rob was lost in her girlcock's push, so she stopped it abruptly and spanked his balls again.

"Fucking hell!" he yelled, and he spanked her ass back in retort, quite hard a few times, leaving burning hand prints in his wake.

She roared back to him, "You're only gonna make me want that more!"

Rob let out a long near-howl as she slowly, then swiftly unsheathed her girlcock from his reamed ass' canal. And in response, he pushed Dani forward and did the same thing to her hot little impaled hole, tugging the faux phallus from inside of her until it loudly popped our of her anal wink's grasp, which made her almost shriek. She turned to dive onto him and their tongue-fucking kisses lasted for a brief eternity, as the heat between them was already more than most people would bear.

Danielle reached for the big two-headed snaking cock they were about to share, and opened her mouth to envelop one end's wide umbrella'd head, letting her tongue flick out the way she did to Rob's cock, any time she wanted to turn his will to running jelly. 

"C'mon, baby, suck it." she teased him. "I will if you will." 

And her insides went completely liquid when her man opened his mouth wide and wrapped it around the opposite end of this thick, horsey-sized toy. She longed to watch him suck a real cock one day, but she had no idea how close that was to really happening. This moment gave her the first hint. The two lovers locked eyes, and  tried to match each other's oral skills, move for move, depth for depth. Danielle's nipples were near to bursting and her clit spun like a sparkling pinwheel as her hot cunt wept for triumphant carnal joy.

As if that weren't enough, she grabbed the lube and soaked her end of the giant cock, then handed the lube over for him to do his. "Boys first" she insisted, simply because she called it before he did. 

"C'mon, time to ride the big boy, big boy!" She straddled Rob in reverse again, and to distract him from the initial stretch, she pushed her gorgeous cunt into his face and wiggled it over him, just as the big fat cockhead kissed his slippery anus' gateway.

When she pushed inward with the big mushroomed head, Rob's hips rose right off the bed, and she pressed her pelvis back onto him, smothering his face. Then she let the huge head slip out of him again for a moment. 

Holy fucking fuck!!" he growled. 

"I know. baby" she answered. "I'm taking the same thing shortly, and my little asshole is way tighter and smaller than yours, Mister.  So, buck up, baby." She demanded. "You're not going to give up already, are you?" She wiggled her hips over his face again. 

No, he wasn't about to be shown up by a girl, and she knew it. Dani returned to the breaching task, and this time, when she pushed the monster phallus inward, it was far enough inside him to stay. She smiled at the elongated curses coming from Rob's throat, and she began toying with his ass, using her hand to vibrate and wiggle and push the fat cock inward. 

She heard him cry "Jeeeesus", just before she felt his hand hard-paddle her ass and clit again, which of course, she leaned into sluttishly and happily.  And the heat of that spanking made her shove his end of the game cock in ever deeper.

Danielle rawr'd when it was far enough into his panting ass to be considered ready for fucking. 

"Mmmmm, someone likes a big cock in his ass, doesn't he?. Shall we get you a nice big horsie to fuck, baby?"  His answer was more open-handed paddling on her already marked cheeks, which let up only when Dani wrapped her lips around Rob's dripping hardness and took it in enough to completely make his eyes roll backwards in his skull. 

When Rob could speak again, he teased back. "Well, you'll have to fuck the horse too then, it's only fair -  and you have two holes he'll want." The pair laughed together, then Rob said, 

"C'mon, time to get your sexy ass filled up too, hot cheeks!" And to punctuate his intent, he shoved his tongue into her ass so deep, with a fast-fucking motion, she begged him not to stop.... EVER!! 

Danielle rolled off of him with a push of his strong arms, and nearly melted with the sizzling sight of her man with a chunky dildo stuffed in his sweet mancunt. She decided one more tease was due. She knelt facing him, and bent the meaty-viened toy upwards, re-lubed her end, and like with the suction cup cock, she wriggled like a ravenous street whore on its big head to let Rob watch the vulgar pleasure it was giving her. This time it was her eyes nearly rolling backwards as she felt the huge monster spread her tight hole wider than she thought it would. And with every move she made, the length of the toy played with the other end that was inside of Rob's bottom, and now both lovers were moaning and quietly cursing together.

The angle wasn't quite working for any deeper penetration, so Dani finally let it slip out, and she begged Rob to turn over, then smirkingly bade him to lift his ass like a good cock whore. He played along, or he tried to, thinking he could wiggle his ass the way she did. But every move he made, even just turning himself over, had him oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing and making savage sounds he'd never heard himself make before. Every nuance of motion made the huge head inside him taunt his prostate and kiss the entire length of his passage it was filling. And Danielle was loving every second of this delectably dirty show. 

When he was finally in place on all fours, she took one more liberty, grabbed a love-paddle from the toy stash, and made sure his ass was as red hot as he had made hers, while she vibrated his side of the dildo enough to make him squirm and go almost breathless with the thundering sensations.

She then turned away from her moaning man, mirroring his all-fours stance, backed herself into him enough to grab her end of the monster dildo, and this time, she would truly work this beast into her tiny, tight hole. Once again, every move affected his ass from rim to head-depth, and the pair were soon making echoing sounds of guttural filth to rival the other. At one point, when Rob  could look back over his shoulder, he was thrilled  to see his gorgeous girl laying her head down on the bed, arching her mouth-watering pelvis and pushing back onto this near-fist-sized cock like her life depended on it.

They were now set for the fiercest ass-fucking ever, both of them already panting and both already gently rocking on each other. In this non-stop movement, they were testing the flexibility of the beast cock against each other, and in between their uncontrollable soft moans, they traded new taunts.

"You ready to fuck my ass, Mister?" Danielle asked. 

"More than you know, babydoll" Rob grunted back.

"Whoever takes the most cock wins" Dani challenged. 

"Whoever cums hardest without touching, wins!" Rob riposted.

"No self touching" he added,

"Only touching the other if we're close enough" Dani happily finished his sentence.

"C'mon, fuck me horsey boy!" she shouted. And without an answer, Rob shoved his hips back into Dani's and both lovers howled at the force of the huge phallus driving hard into their deeply-plowed insides.

The meat of the monster-fuck was on, and with every ramming push toward the cock's center, and every thrust toward their panting, penetrated partner, the raw ass-splitting sensations sent them both into new heights of vocal ferocity and verbal filth. They were both shouting obscenities to all the deities who had ears. Both Rob's swaying penis and Danielle's swollen cuntwalls were weeping tears of pre-cum rain, speckling the sheets with warm, slippery musk. 

Swiftly the foul language turned to daring, dirty talk. Rob growled that he longed to see Danielle do this dirty dance with her uptight girlfriend, Nikki, whose hot body Dani had crushed on forever, but who was too much of a prude to think about even kissing a girl. The very visual of sharing this kind of ass-fuck with the unyielding girl she lusted after, made Danielle shout back that Rob could fuck Nikki's throat as they did, and Dani would tongue dive for his cum afterward in some endless kissing with her prudish hottie friend. Then she said, " No, I'd rather eat your cum from her sweet pussy... so hold off until after we're done, then fuck away!"

With every lewder and louder dirty scenario they tossed over their grimacing shoulders, Rob and Dani would shove their pumping, penetrated rumps towards one another. Danielle could tell they were getting closer to actual body touch, and maybe finally touching each other for the final trigger trips. She rasped that she might not need him to even touch her now, and if he did, one graze to her clit and she'd be screaming so loudly, the fire company might arrive.

Rob, too, could tell they were nearing the middle meeting place, so he reached back with one long arm, and was able to grab Dani's thigh to add a pull to every rocking, forced push. And with that, the pair renewed their final shoving match, both bodies on sensory overload, vibrating from the inside out, both throats raw from near bellowing; both sets of bones hovering on the launch pad, ready for the raging, cosmic explosion to hit.

Danielle couldn't quite reach Rob's cock, so she threw her dirtiest visual yet to his ringing ears, to see how much it could set him or her off. "I want to watch you do this with your buddy Michael." She said with a wicked dare. "Fuck, you two hot assed boys, fucking like this?? Do you have any idea what that would do to me??" She bayed like a coyote in heat. "I'll lie underneath you both and suck your cocks together as you do... or maybe try and stuff both of your dicks in my little cunt once your asses are close enough to fuck me together... how about that, my dirty ass-fucker??"

Just at that moment, when they were both gasping at the ever-deepening penetration and the ramped-up visuals, their two asses finally met and rolled against each other. Dani's hand managed to catch Rob's cock and with one squeeze had him fly off with an animalistic orgasmic roar. And with the wild wriggling and the visual of Rob and his buddy Mike in a naked ass-lock like this one, Danielle went soaring off with him in a stratospheric, naked nano-second.

The lovers' two asses tried to stay kissing and rolling against each other, until one or the other of them decided to fuck the big snake again. The long wrist-thick double impaler reminded each of their inner cores that nearly every inch of its length was buried in one dirty hole or the other.  And both sets of raging orgasms rolled on and on in endlessly echoing waves with such fiery intensity, that the breached lovers felt like they were on the edge of losing consciousness. 

By the time the wild ride began to subside, their sheets were as soaked as their flesh - drenched in sweat and cum and exquisite, drooling fuck-bliss. Their bodies would not stop moving and shaking, swaying and rolling against one another, causing more echoing spikes, adding to the trail of aftershocks from the most intense climaxes either could remember (though even remembering their names might be difficult in this moment).

And as Rob and Dani finally agree to unsheathe the monster, they began to very slowly move apart, and with every inch of the phallus bared, there were more sweet obscenities and more unannounced thrustbacks for one more ass-fucked sensation.

The couple collapsed into a purring, nipping, cum-drenched ball of filthy joy. And after a long, lush makeout session, Danielle had one final dare to make.

She lifted the freed and sullied monster, and intently flipped it around to the opposite way they had used it.

"Suck and clean my side off, and I'll do yours..."  She let her tongue out to curl up and take a first taste.

"I will if you will." 

Rob was already in. He do anything for her after that feral bout of reaming ambrosia. And one look at him swallowing a giant cock again had Danielle's clit swelling, readying for round 2.. of whatever she could get going.

As she watched, all she could think was "I wonder how much of that he can swallow...."

Written by http://justabitkinky.tumblr.com/

It only took 45 minutes but I talked myself into going to the gym tonight. I am pretty out of shape and recently joined a gym to try and get back on track.
The gym is open 24/7 and I like going late when not as many people are there so I don't have to wait to use the equipment or deal with the insane body builders who can't resist grunting out loud every other minute.
I get there and it's just how I like it. Easy to park, gym scattered with maybe 20 people and so I head over to a treadmill and begin my usual light jog. I'm only a minute in and already out of breath. "Only at level 4 and speed 5," I think to myself in disgust!
As I repeatedly tell myself that I can't expect instant results, blah, blah, blah, I am startled when a woman gets on a treadmill right next to mine. I wonder why of the 40 or so available treadmills, she chooses that one. I settle on assuming that maybe since it's closest to the locker rooms she just wanted that one.
I am a pretty shy guy so initially I didn't even look at her, just saw a female figure in my peripheral. After a few minutes though I just couldn't stand not looking in her direction. My mind almost made me do so.
When I did, I was stunned. She was probably 30 years old and about 5'5", black hair and brown eyes. However, what stunned me was that she was ripped! Wearing just a sports bra and shorts, I could see her well defined six pack. Her arms looked like she had 2 percent body fat; bulging biceps which made me think she had just done a set of curls. Her legs, quads, etc were quite muscular too. She didn't look like she was on steroids but looked as fit as she could naturally get.
I don't know how long I was staring at her or how I was still jogging straight on the treadmill but when I looked back up, she was staring back at me. She then smiled at me with the sweetest disengaging smile. I barely smiled back and then turned away feeling all nervous. I jogged for another 5 minutes or so, pretending to be cooling down and then left to the mens locker room while berating myself in my head for not being able to look back at her.
The locker room is empty, which is another reason I go late, so I decide to take a quick shower. I take off my sweaty t-shirt, shorts and boxers and put them in my bag. Grabbing a towel I head to the shower room which consists of several decently sized shower stalls with curtains. I turn on the shower and wait a few seconds for the water to be a nice hot temperature which I can handle. I dispense some soap into my hands from the dispenser on the stall wall and begin washing myself.
I've got my back to the curtain as I'm rubbing both of my ass cheeks with soap when suddenly I feel both of my wrists being grasped, tightly! Before I can even say anything, still in shock, my hands are forced together and restrained with what I guessed were plastic "handcuffs" by the zipping sound I heard as the plastic strip tightened around my wrists. My knees were then kicked in from behind, forcing me to my knees. Then my jaw was squeezed really tightly which forced my mouth open allowing for a gag to be shoved in.
I am forced down on my stomach and then finally flipped over onto my back, with ease. That all had to have taken under a minute which barely gave me time to react if I even could have given how much shock I was in.
It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust but I quickly recognize the woman from the treadmill standing over me while smiling sadistically. My eyes must have been pleading with her, asking why, what did I do to deserve this? That's definitely what I was thinking. This was not a fantasy come true, this seemed really scary and serious; she seemed way too efficient at getting me into this position for this to be her first time doing this and I had no idea what to expect.
What I noticed next though really terrified me. Jutting out from her waist was a huge skin colored strap-on dildo which had to be about 8 inches long and pretty thick too. It put my cock to instant shame. She reached down and took hold of the strap-on and started to slowly stroke it while still smiling at me.
She finally spoke.
"That's right, little bitch, I'm going to fuck your sweet ass with my cock!" she said really calmly which scared me even more.
I started squirming and trying to yell through the gag. It was useless. Especially when she straddled me, sitting on my thighs with her strong legs on either side of mine. I couldn't move. My hands were really starting to hurt me being trapped underneath my ass. She didn't care though, she seemed to have a very specific and selfish agenda.
"Let's see how much you like my big hard cock, little boy, " she said condescendingly as she grabbed hold of my soft cock and started to fondle it, surprisingly softly.
"Yes, that's it boy, you know you like my cock. If you get hard I'll take it as a sign that you want me to fuck your ass nice and hard, " she said in a soft sexy voice.
I tried real hard to not be confused by her temporary change in character. She was tricking me and I knew it. It was so frustrating having her toy with me like that, as if I actually had a chance to get out of it.
Eventually, after several minutes, I couldn't control it any longer. My cock was rock hard as she lightly ran her finger nail up and down my shaft. She scooted forward and rubbed my cock head with her cock head.
"God, look how pathetic your cock looks compared to mine. You're all hard for me though, I knew you wanted me to fuck your ass you little slut!" she says as she begins jerking me off.
It feels good for a second but not for long as she stops jerking me off but pinches my nipple really hard. I yell into the gag and my eyes almost pop out of my head.
I don't know where she had it but she thankfully reaches back and grabs a tube of lube she must have put down on the floor. Squeezing a generous amount onto her cock, she coats the head mostly.
Getting up off of me she lifts my legs into the air and forcibly holds them in place. She is so damn strong and effortlessly holds me in position to her liking.I close my eyes in fear as I feel her giant cock head at the entrance of my virgin asshole.
"The only way you're cumming, bitch, is by my cock milking your prostate. You'll learn to like it quick, I'm sure, " she says confidently but without much care.
I feel her slippery cock head begin to force its way into my ass. My legs are now resting on her strong shoulders with her arms wrapped tightly around my thighs as she moves in closer, forcing her cock into me. Her eyes almost glaze over as she rocks back and forth, getting herself off on the base of her cock as it rubs against her pussy.
She seemingly couldn't care less that I was in obvious pain or that I was even there as long as she was getting off. This isn't good for me as she can't control her thrusts anymore and her cock is driving deeper into my tight asshole.
I am now being handled like a doll by this strong crazy bitch as she pumps her cock in and out of me at a decent pace. What's worse is that my body is betraying me further. I'm actually enjoying this ass fucking as much as I don't want to. I can't help it. My eyes close and I involuntarily thrust back against her cock. That gets her attention as she looks down at me and slaps my face.
"Open your eyes, slut!"
I open them and she makes me look her in the eyes as she continues raping me.
"Look at me while I give you pleasure, my little fuck toy!" she says as her breath quickens.
"I told you that you would learn to enjoy this!"
She is now fucking me harder and faster, increasing speed and yelping as she apparently begins to cum, convulsing on top of me which makes her cock wiggle around inside my tight ass.
Dismounting me, she points at my stomach which is now coated with my cum. I didn't even realize it but her ass fucking completely milked a load of cum from me, as she said it would.
She then flipped me over to release my hands from the tie as well as reach around to take the gag from my mouth. I was spent and exhausted and could barely move.
"Get on your knees in front of me, bitch, " she commanded.
I obeyed, fearing she would hurt me otherwise.
"Suck my cock like the slut you are, " she said as she took hold of her cock and slapped it against my cheek.
I wrapped my lips around her cock which had just been in my asshole and she began fucking my face.
After only a few minutes she stopped.
"I have somewhere to be, you little whore, you almost made me late!" she had the audacity to say.
"Prepare to get a good ass fucking whenever you're here, " she said as she walked out of the stall leaving me to lay there ashamed and confused.
I lay there wondering how long it would take to talk myself into coming to the gym next time!