The Cuckhold



~Dennis Saran

his eyes shine

and his lips tremble

as he watches from the chair at your dressing table

while upon your bed

i bend you to my will

he wants desparately

to reach down and pleasure himself as he watches

but he has not been given permission

aroused by the sounds

of his loving wifes whispers of submission

growing louder

becoming panther like howls of ecstasy

as i brutally ravage you

driving into you over and over

ever harder

whispering deliciously naughty things to you

bringing us both over the edge

after our passions have climaxed

and i lie at your side

both of us trying to catch our breath

i crook one finger

summoning him

joining us on the bed

he kneels worshipfully between your legs

kissing tenderly where i have savaged you

hesitantly tasting at first

then licking hungrily

savoring every drop

of our mingled lovejuices

you smile and moan softly

with one of his hands

upon the lovely curve of your hip

he reaches out with the other

to gently caress my balls

and we all three wonder

what strange new twist

is our play about to take

uncharted exploration

where do we go from here?


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