What A Night


Written by Paul448284@gmail.com
Well last night I was alone, so I indulged myself with a spot of self bondage, handcuffs, ball gag, leather collar, leather blindfold, ankle cuffs and a chain to connect my collar to my ankle cuffs so I was in a nice hogtie position. 
The key for my release was on a string attached above me encased in ice, all I had to do is wait for it to drop and then roll around abit to find it and unlock my handcuffs and get the key for my ankle cuffs off the wall on the hook. Easy, I practiced undoing my cuffs from behind my back for a few days before my fun last night.
Escape plan, as I read on the internet, have an escape plan do if all goes wrong someone else will get you out.
Plan was to have a couple of hours leaving the ice to melt, however my alternative plan would help me if I needed it but also embarrass me immensely which is another huge turn on. Prior to me getting myself bound I spoke with my wife’s friend becky, we can be quite flirtatious at times so I decided she was the best one. I asked her to come over about 9pm to discuss my wife’s birthday party, I told her that I maybe still on my way home from work so to just let herself in with the spare key she had. After this phone call I then wrote a note and pinned it to the door of the room I was going to bound myself in.
It simply said……
If you have found me like this, tighten the chain connecting my ankles and wrists and make sure the gag goes on.
I then hooked up my ice key on some string above me that would melt and fall onto me, ankle cuffs on, connected the chain from the ankle cuffs to the wrist cuffs, blindfolded myself, lay on my front and with an excited but scared sigh I attached the wrist cuffs. The gag was on the floor next to me. It was at this point I realised I had left something out, the butt plug I had intended to use in me that would cause some discomfort and the two pegs I intended to place on my nipples. However I was in now for a couple of hours wait and only being 2 pm I had lots of time. 
The idea was I’d release myself long before becky turned up. I layed there for what felt like forever, no sense of time but the feeling of the ice dripping on my back as the ice melted , my hands began to hurt as well as my back. Starting to panic a little as I felt like I’d been there for hours I started to wriggle trying to feel for the key as I could not feel the ice dripping on my back. I panicked realising that I was now stuck then if that wasn’t enough I thought about becky finding me like this, at least I would be found but now I was nervous and scared and all I could do was lay there. An eternity past and I layed in pain trying not to move as best I could. I didn’t even here the door bell or the key in the door just footsteps downstairs, I heard the kettle click on in the kitchen and the tv come on. She then shouted for me asking if I was up here. I didn’t answer, but then panicked in case she then left, I took a deep breath and shouted I was up here, I needed help. I heard her coming up the stairs and then pause outside the room. Fuck the note on the door . I heard her come in, I apologised and said I was sorry and it was a game, hogtied blindfolded with a but plug on the floor, gag and pegs. She left the room and did not say a word. She came back and issued for her help again, at this point I felt her man handle my head and the ball of the gag forced into my mouth, she then pushed my over exposing my very shrivelled cock. The shock of the clips going on my nipples made me jump. She then walked out. The butt plug was still on the floor, now not do panicky as I thought that she didn’t go mad but complied with the note on the door, she then came back in and felt her pull my SSS cheeks apart, all she the said was not to fight it, I felt something cold hard and large enter me. Not a butt plug but a dildo, probably my wife’s, the pain was quite intense and I moved and twitched. Once in it wasn’t to bad. I heard a click click click, and then she said she will keep the pictures safe as ! well as my secret. She then said that shed pop in on her way to work in the morning to release me, if I’d let the dildo out then shed leave me here for my wife to find me on her return and shed deny anything to with it. As I tried to talk through the gag she laughed and walked out. This was immense I my cock was twitching as I heard her leave the house. It was a long night last night and when I awoke from the odd bits of sleep I had I clenched hard to make sure the dildo was still in. She came back this morning and before unlocking one handcuff she had a probe and a giggle with the dildo, my back and shoulders where killing and I moaned in pain not excitement. Once the cuffs were off she told me to keep the blindfold on and stay on the floor until she had left, I did as I was told. Once she had gone I released myself and stretched my back and shoulders which still hurt now. On the table down stairs was an email address with her name on it. On the note it said its easier and safer to email each then text. I contacted her this afternoon about why I had done it and my fantasy of prisoner play and being left bound and alone. The reply I got from her was simple, next time she will restrain me and leave me, there will be no sexual activity but she lilies the thought of a man being under her control. The pictures she has said she will keep for a rainy day….. Not sure if that scares me or turns me on



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