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Written by murseguy.tumblr.com

”Hey I’m home!” I called out, only to be greeted by silence. ”Amy are you home?”  No reply.  Ah, a little alone time.  Maybe I’ll cruise the tumblr for some nasty gifs, I thought as I headed for the den. That's where I found her, at my desk with her back to me. She slapped my laptop shut and spun around to face me. Her pinched, pouty lips and narrowed eye let me know I was in deep shit! My mind raced to remember if I had logged out of tumblr and erase my history as is my usual practice.

”What have you been looking at on the computer!?” she asked. ”It’s just, It’s just” I stammered. I was unable to gather or complete my thoughts before she rose and slapped me, open handed across the face. The blow really stung and I instinctively turned my face. It was then that I noticed, through the mirror, that she was wearing my bathrobe and a pair of black platform shoes with leather straps.

“Is that the kind of sick shit you’re into?” she asked “Are you some kind of pervert”! Another full arm swing slap to the face. This one really rung my bell and again I spun toward the mirror. I threw my hands out and braced myself against the dresser to keep from falling down. ”Only fantasy” was all I was able to come up with as a defence and trying to complete my thought from earlier.

”Don't you move and you don’t get to talk.” she scolded as she reached around and unfastened my belt and fly. In one violent jerk she pulled both my trousers and briefs down around my ankles. ”I’m the one who has been wronged here and you don’t get to fucking talk until I say you can!” “And I don’t want to hear any of you’re lame ass, pussy ass excuses!” she railed ”Oh and look what I found hidden behind your underwear drawer.” I looked up in the mirror and saw a ping pong paddle with a 1 inch hole drilled in the middle. I’ve had it hidden for about a year, trying to figure out how to introduce a little playful paddling into our love making.

”You didn’t think you were ever going to use this on my beautiful round ass did you? WRONG!” she yelled as the paddle came crashing down on my pale right cheek. “Ooow!” came out involuntarily, as the sting of the strike coursed through my body. ”I was just-” ”I SAID YOU DONT GET TO FUCKING TALK!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!” she screamed, “you can nod your head if you do.”

I guess I didn’t nod quick enough because the paddle came crashing down three more times, in quick succession, blistering my buttocks. The pain coursed through my body as I tried to stifle my moans and nod as fast as I could. ”That's much better”, she purred, “now are you going to be a good boy and pay your penance?” I couldn’t nod my head fast enough this time, my arse still stinging from the last time I was too slow.

“Now turn around so you can see yourself in the mirror.” she ordered. I complied immediately  and what I saw shocked me! There was my pasty white ass with bright red paddle shaped welts on each cheek. There were white circles contained within each paddle mark that was a brilliant white by contrast. I was feeling completely humiliated by now, being bent over and beaten like this. I was shaking all over and tears were welling up in my eyes when she began to laugh and point at my groin.

“Oh My God!! You got a hard on from this," she laughed. “Are you getting off on this you little bitch?” “N-“. Smack, the paddle came down on my ass again before I could get the entire word out. ”I Fucking told you, bitch, you do not get to talk!!!”

“Now do you want to continue with the spankings?” she asked. I nodded my head no, as if she really cared what I wanted. ”Thats a good boy, not using you words, just like I taught you.” ”Lets move on to the next phase of your penance, go to the bedroom, lay face up on the bed with your head hanging off the foot of the mattress” I nodded quickly to let her know that I understood and would comply. I bent over, and reached to pull up my pants when SMACK!!! down came the paddle on my raw ass cheeks.

”Who told you to pull up your pants!! now shuffle your pink ass to the bedroom like I said!”

Humiliated, I shuffled into the bedroom and lay on the bed as instructed. I lay there alone in silence wondering what new form of torment she had dreamt up. Clip Clop, the sound of her heels announcing her arrival churned up new fear in me and I began to tremble again.

“Good, I see your finally starting to learn how to obey,” she said. She walked toward me and turned around, hiking up the back of the bathrobe. She reached back, spread her ample ass cheeks, and lowered her asshole directly down on my mouth. ”Lick, motherfucker!” she yelled, and let the robe fall back down over her ass and my head, plunging me into darkness.

Although I could tell she had recently bathed, her puckered ass still tasted quite musty, but what really tuned me on was the smell and feel of her wet vagina against my nose. ”My God” I thought, ”she’s soaking wet; this is turning HER on!” I held my tongue out firm as I hoped would please her and began ever so gently to penetrate her anal ring. ”OHHH!” she let out a moan, and began gyrating her hips, slightly penetrating her wet pussy on my nose, and ass with my tongue. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ve tried playing with her ass before, and she had always adamantly refused.

The gyrations became swifter and firmer and I could feel that her hand was massaging her clitoris vigorously. I lost myself in the taste of her ass and the smell of her sweet pussy; I reached for my own swelling member to stroke it. ”Don’t even fucking think about it bitch, this is for my pleasure only,” she scolded. How on earth she knew, I’ll never know. ”You don’t get any cock pleasure, unless I allow it. Right now, your face is nothing to me but my fuck toy!” 

Her degrading words must have sent her right to the edge, for the gyrating stopped and became a firm downward pressure. ”I’m fucking cumming on your face bitch boy!” she screamed as her clitoral massage became downright violent. Suddenly, a flood of sweet honey nectar flowed from her vagina right into my nose nearly drowning me. The downward pressure increased to a nearly painful point as her round thighs began to convulse against the sides of my head.

Between all of her cum flowing up my nose, and her round ass obscuring my airway, I began to feel like a drowning man. My world began to close in and turn fuzzy all over. A panic welled up from some deep, primal survival part of me, and I began to thrash my arms and legs like a drowning man!

It was only then that she lifted her suffocating rear end off of my face, allowing me to take a breath. ”Ha, Ha” she laughed. ” You always said I had an ass to die for!” She let out a maniacal laugh that lasted for nearly a minute, then suddenly became very serious. She leaned down close to my ear and whispered “Let this be a 
reminder to you, you only get to fucking breath at my discretion.”

Clip Clop, I heard the sound of heels against the floor as she strode over to the closet. I lay there coughing, and trying to catch my breath as she rummaged through my neck ties. ”I think this will do.” she cooed, as she selected one that was black, wide and silk.

“Now be a good boy, and don’t resist,” she whispered as she applied the tie to act as a blindfold. Once again plunged into darkness, my mind raced imagining what she had lined up next. Would it be absolute torture, humiliation, degradation, or,….pleasure? My mind was so mixed up. I was so humiliated by what this woman has done to me, but was I also enjoying every moment!?

With my sense of sight taken away, I strained my ears to determine what was coming next. I heard the flip of a cap and the tell-tell farting sound of a lubricant tube being squeezed.

I felt the shift of the bed as she joined me there. Then she began to speak, “In light of your recent online activities, I’ve come to realize that I don’t know you as well as I thought. Now it’s time for me to explore and understand you better.” Oh how I wished she was going to use her lubed up hand to stroke my raging hard on. Instead what I felt was her cold lubed hand slipping between my ass crack!

“Now hold on!” I had forgotten myself for a moment. SLAP!! A stinging blow came down upon my face!

“Do you need a repeat lesson?” she asked. ”No mamm,” I replied and shook my head. I tried to relax as one of her lubed fingers began to probe my puckered ass ring.

I let out an involuntary groan as her finger found it’s mark and slid all the way in. ”Oh yeah, I knew you would like that,” she purred as she slowly began to work her finger around and around, making circles inside my rectum. She then changed tactics and slowly withdrew the finger until just the tip was inside me, only to thrust the entire digit back in to the hilt! Was I getting finger banged by my girlfriend!? and was I enjoying it!?

She continued with this motion for sometime when I heard and felt more lube being applied. More pressure on my bunghole, was that a second finger? She began working both fingers all the way out, and then back in, applying more lube every several strokes. Then something changed! 

She thrust both digits in as far as they would go. Instead of withdrawing them, she angled them upward and began curling them in a come hither motion. She hit some hidden spot in me that I never knew existed! Something deep inside me felt as though it needed to explode but couldn’t. By reflex my back arched, and I sucked in a deep breath! 

“Ahah!” she laughed “I just found your bitch ass G-spot, now I own you!!” She continued to finger this unknown spot and my hand went toward my cock of it’s own volition. I knew that just the slight touch would send me into exploding bliss. SLAP! my hand was shot down short of it’s target. ”Remember, no cock pleasure unless I give permission.

She suddenly withdrew her fingers, leaving my ass feeling strangely empty. My cock harder than ever, my balls swollen and aching for release, I realized that I never truly understood what being on the “edge” meant until now; and was my ass hungry!?

“I think it’s time to move on.” she said as she moved to undo the makeshift blindfold. “I want you to see what’s coming next!”

She whipped off the silk tie, and what I saw before me took my breath away. A black vinyl harness came around her curvy hips and secured a large flesh colored dildo standing at full attention! ”Six and a half inches Love, it’s only fitting that mine should be bigger than yours,” she giggled. A finger was one thing, but this thing looked like a monster! Strangely I was both terrified and hungry for this cock. It was not the same as seeing a naked man, somehow it was oddly erotic seeing this dick on such a lovely and curvy feminine frame.

Will she make me suck it? I thought. Would I suck it? I made up my mind that I would; not because I wanted to, but only if it would please her. I began to contemplate these thoughts as she stroked her massive cock. I would show her how much I wanted to submit to and please her now. If she insisted, I would deep throat, gag, and slobber all over her rubber girl cock! If she insisted? I don’t know, deep down maybe it’s what I wanted.

“I think thats enough lube,” she said as she continued to fist her lubed hand up and down her strapped on cock. ”Slide your ass down here to the edge of the bed and prop it up on these pillows!” I complied without question. She grinned as she guided my legs to rest upon her shoulders.

She stood there on the floor with my ankles on her shoulders, a I lay on the bed with my ass propped up; a very familiar position except completely opposite of the way it should be happening. She was in a position of power, and I supine and helpless waiting to be penetrated; nothing between us but her cock. ”Are you ready for this?” she growled. ”I don’t know,” I whimpered. ”Rhetorical fucking question!” she hissed as I felt her finger slip into my ass. She then used her hand and that finger to guide her girlcock to my puckering hole. 

I felt more and more pressure until POP!! The head of her cock blasted through my anal ring. I winced and nearly cried out as my spasming sphincter sent shards of pain throughout my entire body.

She held perfectly still as my body became accustom to this new intrusion. ”Just try to relax and accept it so it wont hurt so much,” she said, “or don’t, I really don’t give a fuck!” She then slowly, with continuous pressure, advanced the thing into my bottom. It’s way too big, I kept thinking. More and more of it just kept coming and it hurt so much, but it was hitting that unknown wonderful spot she had found with her finger! Fuller and fuller, I didn’t know how much more I could take and I began to whimper like the little bitch she had been telling me I was. When I knew that I was going to split wide open she stopped. I opened my eyes, and there she was, bent over looking at me face to face. She wore a grin like the cheshire cat as she said, “Its all the way in. Now it's time to do some fucking!” she snarled. 

She slowly withdrew her dong until it was nearly out, and with a violent thrust of her hips forced it all the way in, causing excruciating pain and yet mind blowing pleasure at the same time. She continued pounding my ass like this for some time causing me to whimper and cry while she just grinned. My ass felt so full with each thrust, and the artificial veins of her fake cock kept hitting my newly discovered “sweet” spot.

My mind reeled, I didn’t want this, but my body was enjoying getting fucked in the ass by her? Something began to build deep inside me as she began to huskily breathe, “Thats it, take that big cock in your ass bitch, you fucking love dick in your ass don’t you, SLUT!’

”No, I cant” I tried to whimper when an explosion took place in my pelvis and a roaring stream of ejaculate spewed forth across my chest, even reaching to my face! It was the strongest orgasm i’ve ever had, if it could even be classified as an orgasm. 

When I came to my senses I realized that her cock was balls deep inside me, and she was bent over me convulsing and spasming! She had cum to!

She withdrew from me and unfastened her harness. ”I cant believe what just happened, I love you so much,” I said as her dong fell to the floor with a thud. ”Of course you do,” she replied coldly, "now clean up this mess!”

She walked out of the room without another word.




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