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"Quit being so slow, your gonna make us miss our plane!" She scolded as we approached security screening.  Since we were only staying in Vegas for the weekend, we decided to forego checked baggage, and each toted a large carry-on.
  She tossed her bag on the conveyer and passed through security without a incident.  When my bag passed through the X-ray however, there appeared to be some kind of problem.   The TSA agent was pointing at the screen and waving over his supervisor.
  "Is this your bag?" Supervisor asked.  "Yes sir" I replied.  "And you packed it yourself, and it has been in your possession since?"  "Of course" I said, really starting to get nervous.
  ZIP, the supervisor opened the bag, and retrieved what appeared to be a foot-long hoagie wrapped in tinfoil.  "Oh shit!" he whispered as he attempted to open the "Hoagie", and dropped an eight inch black dong and strap to the floor.  That bitch must of slipped that in there, I thought as the dong bounced and then rolled to my feet.
  "Oh honey,"  she said, "You brought the small one?" "You know you don't feel full and satisfied with that one!" she feigned actual concern.
  "Please pick that up, while I search the rest of your bag!"  the supervisor ordered.  All the men just chuckled, as I stood there holding a giant black dong for what seemed like hours.  The supervisor was finally satisfied that I did not have any other threats to national security in my bag besides the big black cock.  "Whats next, officer?" she ask so innocently "Some kind of body cavity search?"  

"No," he replied, "just leave and for Gods sake put that thing away!!"
  As we walked away, my head hung down in shame and my cheeks flushed red with embarrassment and she whispered in my ear, "Oh yes my little bitch, it's going to be that kind of weekend!"



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