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Written by Eroticscribe.tumblr.com  *MFM*

She had thought about this for as long as she could remember. There wasn’t a day that passed that her mind wasn’t thinking of the possibilities and the sweet passion that bloom between them. She tried so hard to keep her imagination at bay. They say if you can’t go a day without thinking of a dream that you shouldn’t give up on it. She wanted this more then anything and her dream was about to come true. There had been nights when she couldn’t sleep; her thoughts so vivid and amazing hot it kept her up until she quenched her need with her hand. It wasn’t enough and she knew it. The only thing that would satisfy Sophia’s need was actual touch. Your mind can be a powerful tool and take you places you could only imagine, and now that imagination was going to be put to the test. Was it going to be better then she thought?

It was nearly dark out and the sun that was streaming through the hotel room was slowly disappearing. Her hands sat in her lap, twisting and turning nervously. She was assured by a very good friend that who was showing up was the best at her club. Sophia’s friend Jane ran a private BDSM club and only the best were allowed to frequent her club. She was so strict on who could enter. Background checks were just the tip of it. She thanked her friend for that now. Who the hell knew who would be showing up at her room other wise.

It was nearly time for them to show up and she was going insane with anticipation. Her friend knew what she liked and hoped to hell that she delivered. One night. Sophia told herself that it was only one night of sensual, raw, unadulterated sex that would leave her whimpering. Just one night and it would be out of her system. Her hand ran over her cheek, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear, smoothing slowly over her neck and down her breasts. Yes, just one steamy night to lock away in her memories for those long lonely nights. Three hot bodies rubbing and slapping together in the dark. Sweating and panting into orgasm over and over. Panting now Sophia’s thoughts were cut off when a knock came over the door.

She jumped and adjusted her jeans and t-shirt. Did she turn the heat up? Fanning her flushed face as she walked to the door she checked herself out in the mirror before looking the peephole and saw two gorgeous men waiting to be let in her room. Swallowing hard he took one last deep breath and opened the door. This was it. No turning back now. Stepping back a bit so they could enter she gave her best smile and waved them inside.

"Hi, I’m Sophia. Please, come in"

She nearly swallowed her tongue. Hot was an under statement for these two. One of them was tall dark and had killer blue eyes you could drown in and with just a hint of stubble on his jaw. While his friend was just a bit shorter, dirty blonde hair and green eyes that looked like emeralds. They both smiled back and walked in. As they walked in Sophia took a second to let her jaw drop. Where did Jane get these men from!? GQ? Get it together Sophia. She took another breath to calm her self and shut the door, locking it just in case house keeping decided to play a cruel joke.

"Sophia, it’s nice to finally meet you. Jane has said a lot about you, but she didn’t mention how amazingly beautiful you are" tall dark and hansom spoke first. This guy was going to be trouble. He flashed an amazing set of teeth and she swooned immediately. "I’m Anthony. And let’s not make this formal or awkward, please, take a seat." He held out his hand and she took it, trusting him before she even gave him a chance. Taking a seat on the bed both men took a seat on the chairs in front of her. The blonde smiled and leaned forward resting his elbows on his thighs.

"I’m Brandon by the way. We spoke to Jane a few times and she told us what you wanted. But we want to hear it from you. What you want from us. What you plan to get out of this. And please, be as graphic as you like"

Brandon grinned again and now she knew she was in trouble. If Anthony was trouble, Brandon was the devil in an Armani suit. Her pulse started to race and her palms became sweaty. Rubbing them franticly against her thighs she tried to get her words out.

"Well, I’m not sure exactly what Jane told you but she got one thing right. I wanted two men,” She laughed nervously. She was acting like a child and fucking this up before anything began. Brandon slid from his chair and was on his knee in front of her. He took her hands in his and kissed her knuckles.

"Relax Sophia. We aren’t here to make this anything less then for your pleasure.

"Back off a bit Brandon and maybe she’ll talk to us. We don’t want to freak her out 5 minutes into this" Anthony gave her an apologetic smile. She could tell they have done this together before and he was clearly the man in control. Brandon on the other hand was a force to be reckoned with. Chuckling lightly she shook her head.

"No, it’s ok. I don’t know why I’m being so nervous about this. I have done nothing but think about this night for over a year now. Everything always plays out in my head so perfectly and right now words escape me. I gave my list of rules and guide lines to Jane, I hope she passed those along to you both?" When they both nodded she went on "To be honest I don’t want to plan this out. I just.. I want.." For a year this played out in her head and now on the night that it was happening she was at a lose for words. She wanted to scream at the frustration "I want raw, powerful sex that leaves me screaming and trembling " Before she could stop the words from leaving her lips it was out. Quickly she slapped a hand over her mouth and tried to take it back, but it was too late. Both men sat back and smirked. Anthony stood and spoke first.

"That is what we do Sophia. Don’t be shy, or ashamed to admit what you want. We want you to just feel, can you do that for us?"

She didn’t know what it was about these two men but she felt a sense of trust and understanding as soon as they entered her room. Slowly she nodded to him and he started to take off his blazer. Laying it over the back of the chair Anthony walked towards the bed and sat next to her. His hand started of light and caressed her arm moving up over her shoulder. Sophia’s eyes closed and her head rolled back. His fingers weaved into her red hair and then grabbed a handful and gently forced her head in his direction.

"Jane also mentioned that you are a very submissive little thing. That you aren’t afraid of being dominated as part of this. Was she telling us the truth? Because if she wasn’t I will go back there and spank her ass twenty shades of red. I don’t like to be teased Sophia. Answer the question"

She groaned and her eyes closed again. Sweet Jesus she was going to kill Jane for this. But he was right. This was a side that she had little experience with but deep down she knew what she was and this was just adding fuel to the fire.

“Yes, she told you the truth” Both men groaned out loud and Anthony’s grip in her hair pulled tighter. He pulled her back a little and kissed her cheek.

“That makes me very happy. Brandon, get her comfortable and undress her for us.” The other man smiled wide and gladly took her hand and helped her up. “Gladly” She swallowed hard again and Brandon’s hand smoothed over her cheek. “You ready for this darling? Anytime you want to stop you just say the word and we back off. No silly safe words, no means no. Got it?” She nodded and was grateful that they were talking everything out with her and not just jumping into everything. Brandon moved in and his lips brushed over her ear, his hot breath making her shiver.

“Let go Sophia” That was all she needed to hear.

Her eyes closed and she was gone, transported into another world because no way could this be her reality. Brandon’s hands ran over her body, getting her comfortable to his touch until his hands played with the hem of her shirt. With amazing patience he lifted her shirt up and over her head. A cool breeze washed over her over heated skin and it felt good. A slight moan escaped her lips and her eyes opened to Brandon’s grinning face. He wasted no time and didn’t let her discomfort come back at all. Without warning his lips came down on hers. With a gasp she kissed him back. Opening to him, letting his lips and tongue explore hers. He consumed her, taking her breath away. Hands came form behind her and moved down her hips. She was trying to focus on Brandon but Anthony was distracting her by unbuttoning her jeans and parting her zipper. Brandon’s hands gripped her breasts and squeezed, bringing her back to him in front of her. His hands were rough and calloused, real man hands. He peeled her bra down and kissed down her neck to the swell of her breasts. Kissing the top of each before taking a nipple between his lips. She was going to lose it. Her panties were soaked and she wasn’t even naked yet! She ached all over. Her nipples were so sensitive and Brandon’s lips and teeth on them were making them even more so. A moan left her lips again and he sucked harder. Her jeans were gone. How the hell had that happened? Oh god she was going to drown in pure ecstasy.

“Please..” She begged but she didn’t know what she was asking for. Brandon let up and stepped back sitting back on the bed Anthony finished undressing her while Brandon watched. Leaning back on the bed he pulled off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt. Letting the sides fall open over his rock hard body. In clear view she bit her lip, imagining licking every inch of that body. Anthony tipped her chin so she was looking at him. She now stood before them naked as the day she was born. She had this odd feeling of empowerment standing here. Like she could do anything.

With his hand still on her chin he looked down into her eyes. “I want you to go suck on Brandon’s cock until he is so close he cums in that pretty little mouth. But don’t let him. Make him wait.” With her heart in her throat she nodded and smirked. Doing exactly what he had told her to do. Sophia knelt down on the floor and undid Brandon’s pants. With his help she slid them off until he was as naked as she was. He was already hard and she smiled again knowing it was her that did that. He was long and thick. His hard cock resting against his tight abs got her wetter. He was going to be a tight fit. She was no pro at giving a blowjob but she was damn sure she could make him beg for more. She made an O with her lips and took the head of him into her mouth and sucked. Taking another inch of him and then another she took him until he hit the back of her throat and swallowed. “Holy fuck! That mouth is damn sweet babe!”

Taking control she did what she was told and sucked him until he was going to explode. Sucking, licking and taking him deep into her mouth over and over again. His hands fisted in her hair and he stated to fuck her mouth. He was close she could tell and she stopped, pulling back but not before she kissed the tip of his cock. His hips jerked and he growled with a smirk. “You’re going to regret that sweetheart. Climb on up here. I want you to ride my cock while you suck off Ant. He’s been eyeing that mouth of yours since we got here”

So that’s why Brandon couldn’t finish in her mouth, he wanted it. As she adjusted her self on the bed Brandon pulled a condom out of the pocket of his pants and quickly sheathed his cock in latex. He crooked his finger at her to come closer. As she crawled up he gripped her hips and hauled her ass on top of him. Sophia squealed and caught herself on his chest. Her hands hit rock solid muscle. His cock found her wet pussy and Brandon took no time slamming home in one thrust. It took her breath away. Brandon’s hips thrust up and down taking her on a long ride when she felt the bed dip. Looking up she saw Anthony now naked and his palm stroking his cock mere inches from her face.

“Open those sweet lips for me Sophia. Take all of me. I know you can” She hesitated for a moment because Anthony was thicker then Brandon. How the hell was she going to take all of that? Her thoughts were brought up short when Brandon thrust up balls deep.

“Don’t think about it darling, just do it” Brandon took her mind of the fear with another thrust. Taking Anthony’s cock in hand and her other balancing her on Brandon’s chest she took him into her mouth. Sucking his head, tasting pre cum she moaned at his taste. He was different than Brandon. He tasted of sandalwood and soap, clean and fresh from the shower. She took him deeper opening her mouth as wide as she could. Her pussy was throbbing as Brandon pounded unto her and her mouth was busy taking more of Anthony. His hand gripped her hair, god they loved her hair. Pulling her further down his cock. He fucked her mouth slowly at first. Letting her get used to his width. She was so close to taking him all the way; she wanted to do this for him. She wanted to please him, to give him just as much pleasure as she was getting. Brandon was relentless, groaning and thrusting faster, harder, pounding her pussy into submission. She was pinned between the two of them. Stuck giving into their pleasure as well as her own.

Brandon’s hand came between them and he touched her clit, nearly setting her off. He didn’t stop and neither could she. She was so pent up and ready she lost it as soon as she pinched her clit. Screaming around Anthony’s cock her legs trembled as she came down from an intense orgasm.

“Good girl, baby. God damn that was hot”

When she came back, with no mercy Anthony fucked her mouth as if it was her wet cunt and she welcomed it. Her eyes were tearing and she was no doubt a mess but the burning in her pussy and the back of her throat kept her going.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer Sophia. You make him cum and swallow everything he gives you” His fingerprints were going to be imprinted in her hips and she loved it. Riding that hard cock and sucking the other with everything she had she heard Brandon go off first. Grunting and falling on the bed Anthony was close too. She could feel his cock getting harder. His balls rolling in her hand she squeezed a bit and he was done for. Cumming hard she wanted to scream but she couldn’t. She swallowed even bit he gave her. Brandon’s cock was still hard inside her and he thrust up again and then pulled out of her. She was on her back in seconds flat with her legs spread wide. Brandon’s mouth was on her pussy lapping at her juices and sucking her clit.

“Oh god! It’s too much! I can’t!” He didn’t give up. He sucked her clit again and she was lost. Falling over the edge again into oblivion. It was even bigger then her first orgasm. She couldn’t breath. Her world was dimming around her, she couldn’t even keep her eyes open. She was in pure bliss.

“Sorry babe, I couldn’t help myself. I had to taste you. Get some rest before we start all over again”

With a content smile on her face she felt the bed dip on both sides of her and she gave into the rest that her body needed. The night was just beginning and she had no regrets, but would she be able to let this go after tonight?



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Great start would like to read about what happens next

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