Written by Mexmed

Lacey and I continue to have fun with our sex life and finding new ways to experiment and push each others buttons. She is amazing in supporting and encouraging my new found bisexuality, especially since I have to remain closeted with my line of work. We love daring each other and making sexual bets. For example, we 69 each other and whoever cums first has to do what the other asks or face punishment. Or we make bets playing board games or playing spades. I love making her walk publicly with no bra and a sheer button down shirt or a tight polo. I bought a remote control vibrator for her that adds to the fun. She failed to live up to a bet she lost. She was supposed to send me a picture of her fingering herself at work. So her punishment was to wear only jean shorts and walk around my apartment with nipple clamps on. I ordered a pizza and she had to open the door still wearing the nipple clamps. The poor high school kid almost dropped the pizza. I told him to come in while I gave Lacey the tip to give to the kid. I then had Lacey come to me and drop on her knees. As she unzipped my pants, I had the boy leave.

“You’re going to lose a bet and I’m going to get you back,” Lacey said with a smirk, just as she was about to suck my cock.

Days later I lost at 69. She had me cumming hard and quick. So her task for me was to wear a cockring, butt plug and panties while in uniform at work and send her proof every 2 hours. I got busy at work and completely missed 2 deadlines. I was hers. She told me my punishment would come in a week but wouldn’t tell me what it was. All she said was that I would be her slave to do with as she pleased and to have my next Sunday freed up.

After some overnight fun, Lacey and I woke up around 9am. She told me to be ready by noon including being “well cleaned,” while she took care of some errands and not to leave the upstairs. I was drying off in her bedroom when Lacey walked in and I could hear people downstairs. Lacey pulled out a pair of shear yellow, lace panties and had me wear them under my jeans. She also had me wear a plain white T-shirt. “On your knees,” Lacey commanded. I did as she ordered.

She looked good in her simple yet sexy outfit. Tight jeans, red heels, a red button down shirt and her dark brown hair pulled back yet laying to one side. As I was on my knees admiring her, Lacey placed a leather collar around my neck, attached a leash to it and bound my hands with leather cuffs and locked them together. Lacey began to explain to me, “I know how you like to flaunt me around and it is fun. But I’ve never flaunted you… until today. I’m having a sex toy party and you’re going to be my live model for everyone present.”

I actually got a little nervous and I’m sure it showed.

“Don’t worry,” she started, “It’s no one from your work it’s only people that we know from my side…. and maybe a few you haven’t met yet,” she said with a tease in her voice. She had me get up and she blindfolded me. She pulled me by the leash and walked me out the room and down her stairs. I could sense I had cleared the wall of the stairwell because I heard gasps and “oh my gods.” They sounded all female to me. I completely cleared the stairwell and Lacey led me to what felt was her living room. She had me stand straight and in place.

“I told you all I had a surprise for this party. My boyfriend has generously offered himself to assist me in demonstrating the toys I have brought to you today, and I am placing him at your disposal. Each and every one of you can use him to answer your questions.”

I recognized Tiffany’s voice from the salon, “Lacey, I think you are crazier than he is.”

I heard another female voice that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place, “You’re seriously letting us test any toy we want on him?”

Lacey responded, “Absolutely, Casey. Isn’t that right?” She asked as she tugged on my leash. I nodded enthusiastically.

Finally I heard unfamiliar voice, a male yet effeminate voice,“Any of us can use him to answer our questions?”

Lacey tugged on my leash, and I nodded and answered, “Yes, sir.” 

“Oh wow! And he is cute,” I heard him respond.

Lacey finally took the blindfold off. I saw 4 girls and 2 guys in the room. I recognized 3 of the girls and no one else. Tiffany and I knew each rather well, and I recognized Casey and Amanda from the salon. “Since you haven’t met everyone, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Lacey mentioned.

I started walking to the first girl, who was the only girl I didn’t know, when Lacey stopped me with the leash. “Let’s be open with everyone from the get go and show them what they’re dealing with,” Lacey said. She had me unzip my jeans and slowly take them off with my bound hands in front of me. I stood in front of all with only the yellow panties Lacey had me wear. Casey and Tiffany both smiled and let out, “Oh sexy! He looks good in those!” Amanda and the other girl were shocked and the guys were devilishly smiling.

Lacey led me to meet her guests. Starting with the one girl I didn’t know. I went to her and with my bound hands I reached to shake her hand and introduced myself. Still in a state of bewilderment she managed to say, “Hi, I’m Laura.” Laura was a cute slender brunette about 5’5” with glasses. She has an adorable quality yet sex appeal. Reminded of the shy bookworm type. She dressed me up and down a few times which actually caused me to blush. Lacey took me over to Amanda. “Seeing you in the salon and seeing you and Lacey, I never would imagine seeing you like this,” Amanda stated. Amanda is a more voluptuous girl. Not fat or chubby at all, but nice rack and nice ass. She’s a brown-hair shorter hair girl with a stylish cut with red highlights.

I was lead over to Casey and introduced myself. Casey is an attractive dirty blonde girl. Athletic and slender, she had a fun bubbly personality. “I heard rumors about you. Nice to see you live up to the rumors,” she stated. Casey turned to Tiffany, “I can see why you like him so much,” as Casey patted my ass, “the panties work on you too. Cute, devious and sexy.”

I was then lead to Tiffany. “The tables have been turned on you,” Tiffany started, “I can’t wait to test drive some of these toys on you.” Tiffany must’ve had an idea ahead of time of what was going to happen. She looked damn good in her white shorts, sandals and light blue T-shirt… too good. Standing at 5’9”-5’10” she had legs that went all the way to the floor.

Finally, Lacey led me to the 2 guys. Ryan and Mike were their names. Both were slender. Mike was definitely more effeminate while Ryan was more cut or built. Both were taller than me. Neither Ryan nor Mike were shy in feeling me up and even copping a feel through my panties as Lacey introduced me to them.

Lacey finished introducing me to everyone. She led me back to the center of the living room. I could see she laid out on one of her 3 shelf stand, a whole slew of sex toys, along with a bag sitting on the side with more toys. The items displayed spanned the gambit of dildos, handcuffs, floggers, crops, gags, vibrators, plugs, clamps, pumps, lubes, and even chastity devices. “As an added bonus, should several of you decide to purchase, the person who orders the most gets to enjoy my boyfriend afterwards if they so desire.”

“You’re pimpin’ your own boyfriend?” gasped Amanda.

“If you only knew the things I’ve done for him. Besides, he’s enjoying this and I know you wouldn’t mind winning,” Lacey replied. “So let’s get started.” “What toys are you curious about?” Lacey announced.

There was a bit of a pause. Finally, Tiffany asked, “What was the thing he used to spank you when he handcuffed you?” Lacey brought out the crop I used on her with Tiffany. This is a nifty toy to spank your partner with especially if you’re new and aren’t sure about floggers.

Lacey had me pull the ottoman that was nearby into place. She had me bend over and she pulled down my panties and gave me a several decent whacks. I winced a little and she had me stand up straight finally giving everyone an unobstructed view of me. “And what do you say after I spank you?” Lacey asked. “Thank you, mistress,” I responded. Everyone smiled and made comments like, “Very nice” and “Wow!” “Did everyone like that demonstration?” Lacey asked. Everyone gave their approval. “Want to see more?” Everyone said yes.

With that she uncuffed me and pulled out a spreader bar that had preset ankle and wrist attachments. Lacey ordered me face down, ass up on the ottoman and locked the spreader bar on my ankles with my wrists bound on the inside. She pulled out various spanking tools and offered people to come up. Lacey started with a larger suede flogger and flogged my ass and back a few times. It didn’t hurt too bad.

Then Tiffany came around with a smaller flogger and gave me a round of hits. “Those hurt a little more,” I said after I almost yelped. Mike then came around and grabbed a split crop and gave quite a few spanking. “I love the way this sounds and feels,” Mike said. I tried to muffle my winces with that one but it didn’t work.

“Aww, poor thing,” Lacey started, “I guess if you’re going to whine we need to muzzle you a bit.” Lacey undid the cuffs to the spreader bar, had me stand up and spread my legs. She attached an adjustable bar to my ankles and at the same time had Laura bring one of the chairs from the kitchen. It was placed far enough in front of me that I had to bend over to reach it. Lacey handcuffed my wrists to the chair leaving me in the bent position with legs spread. She pulled out a ball gag and mentioned, “If you’re ever concerned that your partner is being too loud or simply don’t like their whining, this is a good tool to help with that.” Lacey tighten the ball gag on me. “Tiffany, did you want to continue trying out your flogger on him?” Lacey asked.

“Of course,” Tiffany responded. Tiffany gave me a several rounds with her small flogger with increasing strength. I winced and even yelled a little after the last hit. Was about 10 decent hits. Casey and Amanda were astonished, while Mike and Ryan smiled and smirked. Laura was examining the other toys.

“How much does this one hurt?” Laura asked as she picked up a cane.

“You have to be careful with the canes. Those will cause a lot of pain and leave welts. They’re made for dishing some tough discipline,” Lacey responded.

“Can I try it him?” Laura asked. “Sure. Just go easy and see his reaction.” Lacey reminded. Laura gave me what she felt was a light hit, but it stung bad for me. But I had never had a cane used on me before that moment. I gave out a muffled scream. Lacey looked at me asking me if I was ok. I nodded my head as she said, “Good boy. Laura looks like she liked your reaction.” Laura gave me 2 more whacks noticeably lighter. I still winced but not as bad.

Amanda mentioned, “I’m not sure how I feel about the punishment, but it’s kinda hot to see him drool. It looks like Laura might be taking a liking to it.”

“Well does anyone want to see what happens when we introduce anal toys?” Lacey asked. Of course everyone was eager. Lacey uncuffed me from the chair, rebound my hands and placed me on the ottoman again, ass up face down and cuffed my hands to the spreader bar. “Who would like to go first?” Lacey asked.

Ryan got up and asked, “How experienced is he in anal play?”

Lacey responded with a smirk, “He has some experience and likes expanding his horizons.” Only Tiffany and Amanda knew that I had been with guys. Ryan grabbed some lube and some nice size anal beads, definitely not a beginner’s set, that got gradually bigger. He inserted the first two slowly and I enjoyed it. He inserted the rest a little faster and I was moaning through the ball gag. Ryan teased me with pushing and pulling a little and then pushed them all in and suddenly pulled them all out.

“Oh my god!” I moaned through the gag.

“Oh and he is even clean inside,” Ryan mentioned as he held on to the beads.

“That is so hot!” Casey followed. “I’ve never seen a guy take anything in the ass, let alone like it. That is awesome!”

Lacey responded, “Well, you’re next then. Try something out.”

Casey scanned the toys and grabbed a dildo. “I know these are for girls, but can guys take them?”

Lacey answered, “The one you have actually is for a strap on. It attaches to a harness and you can fuck him with it, or you can use it alone. Try it on him if you like.” Casey picked it up and got behind me. Lacey guided her hand with the dildo. “Do like anal, Casey?” Lacey asked. “I do.” Casey answered “Well put it in him the way you like it.”

Casey slid the dildo slowly into my ass and slid it all the way. It felt good and everyone knew it. Then Casey started pulling and pushing, getting more enthusiastic. She went a while playing with it because I almost felt like cumming.

“Casey!” Lacey said. “I had no idea you would like this so much. But we can’t let him cum yet. We have more to go.”

“It is rather fun. And now you have an idea of how I like it.” Casey deviously replied. “I would like to hear him moan in pleasure without the ball gag,” Casey continued.

“As it turns out, I have something you may like.” Lacey replied. She undid did all of my restraints then applied ankle and wrist cuffs on me but didn’t bind them. She kept me on my knees facing everyone. I could see everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, even the shy looking Laura. I was semi-hard and a little wet from the anal stimulation. Lacey stood behind me and took out the ball gag and let me move my mouth a bit.

“Thank you, mistress,” I stated.

“Don’t thank me just yet,” she said as she kissed me. She then put a O-ring/spider gag in my mouth. Lacey explained the O-ring gag to everyone as I faced them. “You can still control their speech and yet enjoy their sounds even more. And Amanda, you can count on some drooling to happen with this gag for sure. Finally, you have access to use their mouth as you like. Anyone else want to hear him moan with anal play?”

Mike got up this time and went straight for a red inflatable butt plug that was on the stand. “I wanna use this on him and see how he handles it,” he stated.

“I haven’t used that one on him, yet. Good choice,” Lacey replied.

Mike had me bend over on the ottoman as he held on to the leash. I was facing away from everyone. As Mike inserted the butt plug I started moaning. “Wow. Lacey, how experienced is he? He seems to still have a tight ass.” Mike stated as he rubbed my ass and then spanked it with his hand. The girls were enjoying the scene.

Lacey giggled as she responded, “He has some experience for sure. You might even be surprised.”

Mike started pumping the plug. I felt by the second pump. The full sensation was different that having something inserted. By the 4th pump I was moaning quite a bit. The 5th one got me shaking a little. I couldn’t take a 6th pump. It felt good but overwhelming. I was moaning quite a bit, and drooling. Lacey released the pressure on the butt plug. I was breathing heavily as she pulled it out. “So who is liking the O-ring over the ball gag?” Lacey asked.

“I like his moaning,” Ryan started, “Now what about this access to his mouth you mentioned? Are we able to test that out?”

Lacey lit up. “You want to test him right now? Umm I mean the O-ring gag?” Lacey asked.

“Just put him on his knees and find out,” Ryan said as he unzipped his jeans. All the girls gasped in surprise.

“I’ll do you one better,” Lacey stated. Lacey bound my wrists behind me and then went to the stand and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps. She placed them on my nipples as I gasped with the initial pain. “Now on your knees.”

“That is so damn hot,” Tiffany said. “How do those clamps feel?” Amanda asked Lacey answered, “They hurt, but in a good way. They heighten your sensations, especially when they come off because blood flow returns to your nipples.” Lacey handed Amanda a pair as Casey and Laura joined in the curiosity. They put them on their fingers to see how they felt. “Damn! These do hurt!” Casey stated. “I don’t know if I’d want these on.” “They can make an orgasm better, trust me.” Tiffany chimed in as she deviously smiled at Lacey.

Then Ryan stepped in with his semi-hard cock out of his unzipped pants. “See what you think,” Lacey insisted. Ryan’s cock fit through the O-ring as he slowly face fucked me. I did use my tongue since I was unable to actually suck his cock. “This is different, but nice! I may have to get one of these for us,” Ryan stated as he looked at Mike.

“Lacey you’re a lucky girl,” Amanda started, “I’ve only ever seen guys kissed and it never did anything for me. But this is such a turn on right now.”

Lacey giggled and replied, “We have quite a bit of fun. Tiffany can tell you.”

Mike then asked, “Can I try him out?” Ryan took his cock out and walked me on all fours by the leash to Mike sitting in one of the chairs. I moaned as the clamps dangled as I moved. I got to Mike who was stroking his cock and I rose to my knees. Ryan gave the least to Mike and he grabbed my head as I pulled my face to his cock. As I started using my gagged mouth, they kissed. “This isn’t bad at all, especially since he uses his tongue,” Mike stated. I almost gagged on his cock when he lifted my head. “Not bad at all.” I was drooling and had precum on my mouth and cheeks.

“How good is he at licking pussy with that gag?” Amanda asked.

“He is very good at it without a gag,” Tiffany inserted.

Lacey laughed and agreed, “Why don’t you find out? But first, let’s give him a little relief.” Lacey grabbed my leash, stood me up facing everyone and started removing each clamp. At first I gasped then moaned, and maybe shook a little. The clamps had been on for longer than I had worn them before. After Lacey took the left one off, she rubbed my nipple with her fingers. I was so sensitive. Then she kissed and sucked on it. I had difficulty maintaining my composure and posture. “And that’s just the left one,” she chided.

Tiffany noted, “He is almost rock hard and dripping a little. I think he likes it.”

Lacey rubbed the wetness of my cock and had me lick her fingers. Then she took the right clamp off. I moaned even more with that one. Lacey licked it getting me hard again. She then bound my wrists to the front. “Now go to Amanda and show her how good you are at licking pussy even with a gag,” Lacey seductively ordered.

“Amanda! You’re going to let him eat you out, right here in front of us?” exclaimed Casey.

“Actually I’m testing the validity that he can lick me through the gag well. We just saw him take cock through it. What’s the big deal? We’re all kinky freaks in some way. It’s why none of us have walked out yet. Besides, I haven’t had any in 3 weeks and Tiffany has me curious.”

I walked over to Amanda who was by the chaise end of the sectional. She was wearing a summertime style dress that went almost to the ground with sandals. It had an earthy but elegant look to it, with its purple, pink, brown and red colors. Amanda looked good with the low cut sleeveless top of the dress accentuating her C cup breasts. She hiked up her dress a little, reached and pulled down her light purple panties and let the dress drop again. She grabbed my leash and told me, “If you’re as good as the girls say you are, I just might let you keep my panties as a souvenir.” With that, she laid me on my back on the chaise and she straddled my face with the dress draped over. I started tonguing her pussy starting around the outside and making my way to her clitoris. She started moaning a little.

“Lacey, your boyfriend is pretty good. Wonder what he could do without the gag,” Amanda said, starting to breathe heavier. As she started grinding my face, I nudged my face back and caught her ass hole. I started rimming her and Amanda suddenly gave a slight yelp of pleasure and the moaning recommenced. “He is good,” Amanda exhaled. As my face was covered by her dress, I felt her leaning her hands on my chest.

“Oh I know what he’s doing,” smirked Tiffany.

“Uh huh,” Lacey echoed. “That’s enough for now.”

“Oh let him make me cum,” Amanda protested.

“Nope,” Lacey insisted, “But if you want to test drive one of the vibrators or dildos, you welcome to cum that way.”

I could here in the background Casey and Tiffany giggling. Tiffany told Lacey, “Casey just found out what your boyfriend was doing to Amanda. She’s never had it done.”

“You have no idea what you’re missing out on, girl,” replied Lacey.

Amanda got up and led me to Lacey. Lacey released me from the gag. “Thank you, mistress.” I stated appreciatively. My mouth and jaw were sore. As Amanda handed me her panties, she asked, “So which would you recommend?” Lacey handed her a cordless version of the magic wand. Amanda started using it while sitting on the sectional. I was starting to get hard when Lacey spanked me from admiring Amanda.

“While she’s getting off, I’m accessorizing you again.” Lacey slid a cock ring on me. Amanda was in the midst of cumming and I was once again hard and it wasn’t going away anytime soon. “This is so hot,” Casey let out, “Lacey, I like your parties. And you’re boyfriend is hot. I didn’t think I’d like watching this kind of stuff, but wow! I’d like to know what more your boyfriend can do.”

“If you’re nice, I may let you.” Lacey chided. Ryan chimed in, “Any way we can enjoy some more of your boyfriend?” “We’ll see.” Lacey smirked. We watched as Amanda finished cumming for a second time with the cordless Hitachi. “You think she’s hot, don’t you?” Lacey whispered to me as I remained with my hands bound in front of me.

“I find all of your friends hot. But if I was in control, I would be pounding you in front of them.” I replied.

“Too bad you lost,” Lacey laughed.

Everyone continued looking at various toys as I stood hard off to the side. Lacey let Casey and Amanda feel me up some more to tease me and nothing more. Mike was allowed to give me a reach around with a penis sleeve while he grinded me from behind. Ryan followed up with inserting a glass butt plug in me that I kept in the rest of the time. Then Amanda had my wrists bound from behind and tested a pump on my cock. Casey and Tiffany played with other clitoral stimulators.

“I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves so far. But unless someone has a toy they desperately want to try that they haven’t had a chance yet, let’s start the ordering process.” Lacey stated. I was set to the side as she reminded everyone that the most ordered had the option to enjoy me. All started writing down. Tiffany and Ryan were the first to finish. All the order forms were in and of course Lacey had to build suspense. I remained to the side, arms bound behind me, cock ring on, butt plug in and semi hard. Lacey went through the forms. She finally revealed that Laura had ordered the most with Amanda coming in a close second. Lacey gave Laura my leash and told her that since her and Amanda were so close, Laura would have the option of invited Amanda to join in, if she so pleased. “I wouldn’t mind Amanda watching and enjoying him after I’m done with him. But I wanna fuck the shit out of your boyfriend, Lacey,” Laura announced.

“Laura! I’m surprised!” exclaimed Lacey. “Goes to show that you have to watch for the shy and quiet ones.” Lacey told Laura and Amanda they could go upstairs into her bedroom and have fun. Laura led Amanda and I upstairs.

Laura was attractive in a simple way, wearing tight jeans, a brown spaghetti strap tank top and sandals. Laura unbound me and had me take out my butt plug. She took off her jeans, revealing her cotton white panties. Meanwhile, Amanda got dropped her dress laid in bed with only her panties on. Laura asked Amanda what she wanted to do with me.

“Honestly, I just want to see how good he is at eating me out and see if that cock of his is still up for fucking me right,” Amanda said in a sexually frustrated but fun tone.

“Well, let see if he can multitask,” Laura challenged. Laura slid into the strap on. The dildo was 9in, black and ribbed. She looked hot standing there with it. Laura had Amanda on the edge of the bed while she bent me over to insert the strapon into me. Laura didn’t waste time. She slowly inserted it into me and almost immediately started fucking me fast and hard. I had Amanda’s legs on my shoulders as I ate her out. I got her aroused, but Laura was fucking me very hard. I was moaning a lot. Then I came hard. I was shaking.

“Well I’m done with you.” Laura started, “Now focus on Amanda.” Laura stayed in the room and watched and masturbated as she witness my ravage Amanda. I ate her out for about 10 mins and had her cum twice. Then I took my sexual frustrations from being toyed with out on Amanda as I fucked her doggie style facing Laura and watching her masturbate. After cumming again, Amanda was generous enough to suck my cock until I came on her beautiful breasts.

Suddenly I heard from behind, “Now lick her breasts,” ordered Lacey. I obeyed. Amanda and Laura both expressed their pleasure with me as they cleaned up and got dressed.

Laura whispered to me, “I want to have more fun with you, just the two of us.” And she walked away.

Lacey stated, “You did quite well. You’re quite popular.”

“Thank you,” I replied. “But you know the stakes are raised from here on out, right?”

“I know.” Lacey stated.


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All I can say is thank you!! That story was phenomenal.

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Awesome and what fun :)

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That was great to read! I just didn't want it to stop....

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