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"Baby girl", I call to you on a Saturday morning. "Come here".  Your pussy immediately begins to tingle as you hear those words since you know that tone and what normally follows when I call you by that name.  You find me sitting in my office behind the desk going through the credit card statement for last month and you immediately know....  Without looking up, I tell you to pack the bag, get the list, and be ready to leave in an hour.  You begin to form the question "where are we going" but stop because you know I am in no mood for discussion.  Instead, you respond simply "yes sir, I will be ready".  As you turn from the doorway you feel waves of excitement and apprehension as you begin to recount all the expenses I was just looking at, as well as the other things that have accumulated on the list since the last time it was reconciled.  You know everything that needs to be packed in the bag and set about retrieving and packing the clothes pins, the riding crop, the restraints, the blindfold, camera, a change of clothes, an assortment of butt plugs, your battery operated vibrators, and a recent addition to our games, a funnel.  You then jump in the shower shaking with anticipation have what is to come as you wash your sexy body, paying close attention to your soaking wet cunt and your sexy pucker.  You consider sneaking in a quick orgasm but know better than to cum without permission, particularly on a day like today.  After your shower, you dress in sexy panties, jeans, and a tank top with no bra.  You throw a loose shirt over top to wear, at least until we are in the truck.  55 minutes after receiving your instructions, you're waiting by the door with the bag, the list, and the truck keys.

Once inside the truck, we began driving in silence.  When we hit the highway, I pull a piece of paper from my pocket and you recognize it as the credit card statement. I hand it to you and simply say read it.  As you begin to read off the various charges even you are surprised by the amount of money you spent on toys, and lingerie.  Next I tell you to read the list, which includes about two-dozen items.  Once you're finished I tell you that you've outdone yourself this time, which means I must do the same. A wave of heat rolls through your body as you hear the solitary word "strip ".  You hesitate for a second because you realize how crowded the highway is this time of day. Fortunately, we are in my truck, which is high enough to preclude anyone from seeing except for truck drivers.

Your hands are shaking as you first remove your shoes, then your socks, then your jeans, then your panties, and lastly your shirts. I can see the mixture of excitement and embarrassment on your face as you sit there completely naked. I instruct you to retrieve the biggest glass butt plug from the bag, turn around and kneel on the seat with your ass facing the windshield, and insert it into your tight asshole. Once it is securely nestled deep in your ass, I tell you to turn around and sit back down. I explained how this next bit will work. You are to sit in the seat with your legs open wide and fuck your cunt with a vibrator. The thing is, you have to do so until you are acknowledged by 10 different truck drivers all without cumming. If you orgasm, I will add five more trucks and if it appears as though you are not fucking yourself hard enough, you will be required to kneel back up on the seat so everyone will have a much better view.  If you follow the rules, after 10 truck drivers acknowledge you, you will have paid off half the list.

You reach in the bag and fish out the vibrator, lean the seat back, open your legs and begin running the vibrator along you're very wet cunt before sliding it in. The fresh batteries have the vibrator sending powerful pulses to your core as you plunge it in and out of your greedy pussy. I can hear obscenely sexy squishing sounds coming from you as you contract against the vibrator.  Every bump we hit forces the plug deeper into your ass, and quiet moans are beginning to escape your lips.  The first truck we pass doesn't notice, but as we passed the second one I noticed him speeding up so as to get a better look.  I tell you to look him in the eye as he drives beside us. Your face is flush with the combination of embarrassment and excitement as he hits his air horn in appreciation.  I speed up so we can catch up with the next truck. As we get close, it is apparent that the first driver has radioed ahead and every truck we pass from that point forward is anxiously awaiting a glimpse inside our cab.  Somehow you manage to stave off your orgasm until we get the final acknowledgment from the truck driver. After we pass the last truck I tell you "clean it and get dressed".  You remove the vibrator from your pussy and proceed to lick and suck it clean before getting fully dressed.  You attempted to remove the plug from your ass but I instruct you to leave it.

I hand you two bottles of water and tell you to drink them before we arrive which will be in about 20 minutes.  You already are feeling some pressure because of the coffee you drank this morning, but do as you're told. You also notice I have been drinking water since we begin the drive, and instinctively know what's coming. 

About 20 minutes later I turn the truck off of the road onto a dirt trail and drive another few minutes before stopping. The trail is very rough and you feel the plug invading deeper and deeper into your tight ass.  Once stopped, I get out of the truck, walk around, and open your door for you to get out.  Once out of the truck I grab you spin you around and roughly press you face first against the side of the truck as I grab your hair and whisper into your ear that you are mine to do with what I want today, like it or not.  I asked you if you understand you say yes sir.  With that, you hear a telltale click of me opening the knife I always carry my pocket.  The next thing you feel is me pulling your shirt away from your body and slicing cleanly through it with the knife. After the cut is made, I roughly pull it off of your body. I repeat the process with your tank top and then with your jeans until you're standing there with only your panties on and a pile of cut clothing at your feet.  I reach in the truck, grab the bag, toss it on the ground and tell you to retrieve your collar and cuffs.  I secure the cuffs to your wrists and ankles and fasten the collar around your neck. The simple act of securing the restraints to your body causes you to exude a much more submissive posture.  I reach in the bag and retrieve your nipple clamps and affix them to each nipple and connect the chain between the two of them. After the chain is connected I grab it by the center and tug it, causing your nipples to extend and a grimace of pain shoot across your face.  The pain is momentary and is immediately replaced with a wave of pleasure radiating through year already aroused cunt.  As I glanced down at your panties, I can see you have completely soaked through them with your arousal.  I ask you what your role is today and trembling, with eyes lowered, you say "today I am your ass slave and dirty piss whore for as long as you desire".  Before we begin walking, I instruct you to pull the plug out of your ass and hand it to me, which you do. Holding the plug in my right hand and placing my left hand around your throat, I command "open".  You open your mouth and I slide plug fresh from your ass into your open and eager mouth.  With that, I clip the leash on your collar and have you retrieve the bag.  I instruct you to suck the plug clean as we walk, me holding your leash and you trailing behind wearing nothing but a pair of soaked panties.

After walking five minutes, we arrived in a secluded clearing. You immediately notice straps attached to two different trees both higher up and at the base.  You also notice a large tree log lying in the clearing, also with straps affixed to either side.  You are nearly trembling with anticipation as I secure your wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs in a standing spread eagle position between the two trees.  You watch as I retrieve the video camera, place it on a stump ensuring it is aimed directly at you, and then approach you to remove the now clean plug from your mouth.  With one hand, I again grasp the chain connecting the nipple clamps and pull it tight as my other hand finds its way to your throat. I lean in and remind you that you are, by all definitions of the word, my dirty piss whore who will do precisely what she's told until I decide we are done. You acknowledge me with a submissive nod. With that, I move behind you, pull your panties down far enough for me to reinsert the plug in your ass, and then put your panties back in place.  You're greedy cunt is literally dripping wet with excitement and apprehension with thoughts of what will follow.

I move to the bag, which is behind you, and although you are tempted to turn your head to see what I'm doing, you know better.  The next thing you feel is the sharp smack the riding crop as it makes contact with your panty covered ass.  I grab a handful of your hair, pull your head back and growl into your ear "that was just to get your attention".  

I now circle around in front of you ensuring the riding crop remains in contact with your body the whole time. When I get in front, I run the leather patch of the crop across your lips, down over your chin, and rest it directly on your hard and still clamped nipple. I tell you that ordinarily the reconciliation comes with a set number of smacks, but this time the list will be reconciled only when I am satisfied.  With quick flicks of my wrist, I deliver deliberate stinging smacks to your tits and nipples.  I notice you struggling against your restraints and subconsciously pushing your cunt toward me trying to find any friction for relief.  At this point, I can also see the telltale signs of you needing to piss. After distributing another series of light but stinging smacks of the riding crop equally between both tits, I slide the leather patch of the crop down your belly over your panties and between your legs.  The crop itself is now nestled between your lips causing your panties to make contact with your very sensitive clit.  Feeling the friction, you immediately struggle against your wrist restraints to lower your pussy further down onto the crop. Knowing what you are trying to do, I lower it just a bit to keep you from gaining any relief.  Your moans are now becoming whimpers of frustration.  With no warning, I lower the riding crop and bring it up sharply make contact with your ever so greedy cunt covered by your soaked panties. The smack causes an audible gasp and a grimace of pain across your face. Your reaction causes me to deliver four more exactly the same way in rapid succession.  In a low but very deliberate tone I remind you that since your antics have become more creative, the reconciliation would become equally creative.  Hearing those words, and anticipating what it might mean causes an animalistic moan to escape your lips.  The stinging you feel on your cunt has been replaced by a warm wave of pleasure, which suddenly reminds you of the urgency with which you need to piss.

Your voice takes on tone of desperation as you say "Sir I desperately need to pee, may I have permission to"?  I tell you that you are not yet permitted to, but soon you will.  With that, I step back away from you to retrieve a cup I brought with me and pick up the video camera.  I place the cup on the ground between your legs, step back, and zoom the camera in on your face. I then tell you that before you will be permitted to piss, you need to look in the camera and say "I am Jeff's dirty piss whore and I am asking permission to piss my panties".  A flush of embarrassment crosses your face, and your lips are about to form a question but you catch yourself.  With you face crimson with embarrassment; you look directly into the camera and say those words.  With that, I give my consent, with the condition that you must ensure the stream of piss goes in the cup. With no hesitation, you moan as a torrent of piss soaks through your panties and forms stream.  The first bit misses the cup, but with a slight adjustment you end up getting most of the rest of it in the cup until it overflows.  The whole time you were pissing, I pan the camera from the close up on your face down your body to catch you pissing your panties into the cup.  I return the camera to the stump, approach you, deliver four more sharp smacks to your cunt and then move the cup to the side.  Once again, you hear the click of my knife as it springs open.  You feel the cool steel touch your leg as I use the blade to cut the material from each hip causing your panties fall away into my hand.  You hear one word "open".  You open your mouth and I stuff your panties, soaked with piss and girl cum in.  You are audibly moaning when I tell you to suck them clean.  As I looked down between your legs, I can see strings of girl cum clinging to your lips.  After delivering another series of snacks to your now naked cunt, I unhook your wrists and ankles, clip your leash back to your collar and walk you over to the large log that is lying on the ground. 

The log is smooth, and I tell you to straddle it, then lay flat face down on it.  You comply and subconsciously grind against it as soon as your pussy makes contact. This causes a very stern smack the riding crop across your ass. Baby girl, you have not been given permission to cum yet.  With this, I secure your wrists and ankles which prevents you from being able to sit back up.  As I circle you, admiring my handiwork, I stop behind you and remove the plug from your ass.  I notice your asshole is gaping nicely from the large plug as I put it down and retrieve the funnel.  I slide the funnel deep into your ass and warn you to not let it slide out.  I then walk in front of you and undress while you continue sucking your panties clean.  Once I am fully undressed, I approach you and wordlessly present you my cock to suck.  You make an attempt to spit out your panties which causes another sharp smack your ass with the riding crop.  Baby girl, I said nothing about taking those out.  You arrange the panties in such a way that you can keep them in your mouth and suck my cock at the same time.  Since you are my piss whore today, I think it is time for you to earn that title.  Without warning, I release a short stream of piss into the already piss soaked panties in your mouth.  You struggle to contain it all in your mouth but somehow manage to.  Abruptly, I withdraw my cock from your mouth and disappear from your view.  The next thing you feel is hot piss streaming into your open asshole through the funnel.  Your moans are continuous and loud enough for anyone to hear.  Once my stream subsides, I retrieve the cup of your piss and add it to the mixture.  I withdraw the funnel and instruct you to keep it in and not let any escape.  You clamp your asshole as tight as you can as I walk around in front of you again.  When I get there, I remove your panties from your mouth and return my cock to your lips.  I inform you that we are going to fuck your ass dry by alternating between fucking your ass and then your mouth until your ass is dry and my cock is clean.  I remind you not to cum until you're given permission.  If you manage to not orgasm during that process, I will then fuck your cunt hard and fast and give you the orgasm you so desperately want.  Once you orgasm, the list and credit card statement will be reconciled.  

For the next 10 minutes, I alternate between fucking your ass deep and hard and presenting my cock for you to clean.  The obscenely sexy squishing sound of our combined piss squeezing past my cock is loud enough for the camera to pick up.  Every time I present my cock to your mouth, you greedily suck and lick the combination of ass and piss from it.  Once I am satisfied I have fucked all the piss out of you, and you have cleaned my cock for the last time, I instruct you to ask me for what you want.  In and almost in audible voice, you beg for an orgasm.  I unhook your legs and wrists, lay back on the stump, and instruct you to fuck yourself on my cock hard and fast until you cum.  I have never felt your pussy so wet as you slide the whole way down in one quick motion and then proceed to fuck yourself on my cock.  Your orgasm comes quickly and violently - I have never seen you cum that hard before.  I feel my own orgasm is now inevitable and I lift you off of me and instruct you suck the cum out of my cock.  You greedily take my cock in your mouth as spurts of cum coat your tongue and throat.

Once our breathing returns to normal, take your face gently in my hands and kiss you deeply with my tongue tasting the combination of everything we've done that day.  I look deep in your eyes and with a smile say "I love you my perfect, sexy, baby girl".  We gather everything we brought with us, and I lead you back to the truck.  Once there, I produce gallons of water that have been warmed in the sun and proceed to rinse you off.  Once you are clean, I dry you with a towel and hand you complete change of clothes.  We hug each other tightly and kiss again before I get you back in the truck.

As we're driving home, you have your head on my shoulder, and suddenly you remember the video camera.  You ask me why I had you announce your name and the fact that you are my dirty piss whore and what I intend to do with the video.   My lips curl into a wicked smile and I reply the next time you misbehave, maybe our neighbor would like to see the epic adventure of my dirty piss whore and hear it in her own words.......


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