The Poker Game


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It has been a week since we did the list reconciliation and while we are in bed having sex, and I tell you that you appeared to be very turned on with the thought of Dave watching you fuck yourself on your dildo stuck to the window.  You blush and tell me it wasn't that Dave would be watching you, it was that some man or woman could be watching you behave like a dirty little whore.  Hearing that, I begin taunting you with a fantasy of you having spectators watching you acting like a greedy little cock whore.  I am describing how you begin by fucking your pussy back against your big rubber cock and then on command, you transition to fucking your ass with it.  How you feel eyes staring at your gaping pussy and then your gaping ass as you lose yourself in the pleasure. 

As I am describing this to you, I notice moans escaping from your mouth and extra energy you put toward meeting my thrusts deep inside you.  I ask you if it turns you on knowing you were being watched, knowing that you're behaving like a wanting little slut in front of others. You respond with an almost inaudible yes.  Almost immediately, I feel your body tense, your tight wet cunt gripping my cock, and a flood of your cum gushing over my cock and balls.  As your orgasm subsides, I tell you that if you want to pretend to be a cock whore, you may as well add cum whore to it and lick all of your juice off with me and suck my cock until I cum in your mouth.  Immediately lift yourself off of me slide down between my legs, you suck, tongue, and lick every bit of your essence off of me before taking my cock deep in your mouth and throat.  Because of your very talented mouth I find myself ready to cum soon after.

Instead of you sucking my cock while I cum, I want you to behave like a true Porn star slut and look up at me as I stroke my cock and shoot my cum on your face and in your open mouth.  As the last bit of cum finishes hitting you, and without being told, you use your fingers to scoop all of it off your face and into your eager mouth. Once you have it on your mouth you make a point of showing me your full mouth and then you swallow hard.  I can't resist kissing you deeply and tasting myself on your tongue.   I love the taste of your kisses, but when they are mixed with your cum and mine, they taste amazing.  Naked and a mess, we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

It is two nights later and the night of our monthly poker game with a few of my buddies.  Throughout the day, I kept mentioning to you that if you had cum the other night, Dave would have watched you fuck yourself against the window and then would have been at the poker night across the table from you.  I wondered out loud what it been more embarrassed, you for having acted like a cock starved slut in front of him, or him for knowing how sexy you are and not able to touch you.  I then asked if you thought Dave would have been lying awake at night jerking off wishing he could've been that cock on the window.  You admitted that while you did not find Dave attractive, it was a turn on thinking about him watching you behave like that and then masturbating while thinking about it.

As Dave and others arrived, I smile at the thought of Dave not knowing just how close was to seeing the greatest show on earth.  Throughout the evening, I ensure you have a drink with you at all times and enjoy making little comments here and there about how this evening could have gone.  It is near the end of the evening, and although you normally kick my ass in poker, a combination of you being very distracted and a little bit drunk has you tapped out when it comes to the last hand and you wanting to raise.  As you don't have the chips to cover your raise, I offer to back you, with the understanding that if you win, I get my chips back and if you lose, you will have to pay me back another way.  Feeling quite confident in your hand, you agree to the terms and I stake you for the final portion of the game.  As luck would have it, your two pair was no match for the full house Dave had. 

The game is over and it is time for everyone to leave, and as we say goodbye to everyone, I ask Dave to stick around for a few minutes to talk about the game this weekend.  He does, and after closing the door I tell him to have a seat and that we will be back with another round of beers.  I accompany you to the kitchen where I explain that it is time for you to repay me for staking you. You look at me with a combination of horror and excitement and say no Jeff you can't possibly mean.....  I stop you before you can finish by saying yes baby girl, that is exactly what I mean.  I instruct you to say good night to Dave, head up to the spare bedroom, put your jeweled plug in your ass, get you favorite vibe and wait for me.  I promise you I will come back alone first.  You are flush with nervousness and excitement.  I kiss you deeply, tell you I love you, tell you he won't touch you, and give you a chance to say no.  You say you trust me and take my hand and guide it to your pussy, which is dripping wet.  I can't resist licking your juice from my fingers. 

With that, you say good night to Dave and head upstairs, while I join Dave for a beer and talk with him.  After a few minutes, I excuse myself and head up to see you.  I find you naked with a plug in your ass.  As I enter the room I approach you and kiss you roughly.  You see the desire in my eyes and feel it as my hard cock pushes against you.  I instruct you to lie on the bed and I secure your wrists and ankles.  I blindfold you, and work the vibrator into your ravenous, wet pussy.  I place a pillow against the end to ensure the vibe stays put and kiss you one last time before leaving and closing the door behind me.  

As you hear me walk downstairs, you suddenly feel that you should have told me no, but the steady flow of wetness pouring from your cunt and pooling under your sexy ass betrays your true feeling.  Down stairs, after a few minutes of talking with Dave, I ask him to come upstairs to give me some advice about a project I'm working on in the spare room.  He agrees, completely unaware of what is about to happen.  You hear the footsteps, your heart nearly drowns out our arrival.  I open the door and see you looking completely sexy, flush with excitement and shame.  Dave is shocked and instinctively blurts out "I'm sorry" and turns away.  I grab his shoulder and explain that you have been misbehaving recently and tonight when you bet with money you didn't have was the last straw.  You can't see anything, but hear the buzzing of the vibe and our voices.  You also feel four eyes burning into your pussy. 

I tell Dave he can't touch you but he should feel free to comment of what a sexy little slut you are.  He starts slowly but as he warms up to the idea, he tell me he never knew you were such a cock whore to allow a neighbor to watch this.  I'm not convinced he realizes you want to do this.  I unhook your right hand and tell you to fuck your wet cunt for Dave.  You moan at the thought and immediately begin working the vibe in an out.  Your cunt is making obscenely sexy slurping noises and your wetness is pouring out.  I know you are going to let go and cum soon.  I suggest that perhaps you would look better covered in cum.  With that, Dave pulls his hard cock out and begins stroking it.  I want you to see this so I take the blindfold off. 

Your eyes adjust to the light and see Dave working his cock aimed at your stomach and tits.  You moan as I tell you to ask Dave to cum on your tits.  You look him in the eye and brazenly tell him to cum.  Hearing the words escape your lips, Dave grunts and sends a hot rope of cum that lands on your arm and tits.  Two more spurts hit you before he is spent.  I tell you to stay where you are as I take Dave downstairs and let him out.  I tell him if he ever wants to see that again, he will tell no one.  He readily agrees.  I come back up finding you still feverishly fucking your cunt.  I undress and gather some of Dave’s cum on my cock and feed it to your open mouth.  I repeat the process twice more before I untie you, climb on top of you and plunge my cock deep in your gaping cunt.  I bring your legs up, and lean down to kiss you while fucking you deeply.  I ask you if you loved the idea of behaving like such a wanton slut in front of Dave. 

Unable to form words, you moan out a yes.  As you start to cum, I pound you harder and harder until you gush out the wettest orgasm you've ever had.  I fill you with my cum and then climb between your legs to suck it out of your pussy and spit it in your mouth.  We share it in a kiss until it is gone and we are spent.  We shower together and climb into bed naked.  I hold you close, kiss you, and whisper in your ear how much I love you before we drift off into a deep sleep.


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