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I lay naked between them in a secluded area of the park. Their semi-erect cocks hung loosely between their legs as sun glistened off their tan muscular bodies.

“You want them don’t you slut?” My wife asked harshly as she stood beside us with her hands resting on her full hips. Like me she was fully dressed. Her words stung but the truth was that I had no desire to be there much less touch them. I was straight and it was her fantasy and my transgression that had let us there.

I sat motionless, unwilling to respond to her untrue taunts. My eyes avoided there cocks and I tried to think about something to take my mind off of what was about to happen. It was of course my own fault that I was there. I had been unfaithful and my penance was to fulfill my wife’s long time fantasy of watching me suck cock. I had no idea that women wanted to see that and I didn’t understand the allure. I could understand wanting to see two women together because the female body was a beautiful work of art and two women together was soft and sensuous. Two men on the other hand was disgusting. Men were hard and rough. Their bodies didn’t fit together and I had no desire to be a part of her twisted fantasy but if I wanted to stay married to her I had too.

“Get started slut,” she said impatiently as she looked down at me with a combination of contempt and lust on her pretty face.

I reached out tentatively with trembling hands and touched Gianni’s strong muscular body. He was tan and his compact yet athletic body was shaved smooth except for a neatly trimmed patch of light brown hair above his dick. He was well hung even flaccid and he was uncut as was typical of a European. His tan lines were sharp evidence that he wore bikini style bathing suits on the beach.

My eyes moved from his strong body to my wife’s pretty green eyes and I saw a smile spread across her beautiful face. She had always enjoyed being in charge and she was enjoying my humiliation as much as the show.

Gianni sighed as my hands approached his cock and it twitched noticably. It grew harder and my fingers grazed it teasing him as I grew more comfortable with my role as my wife’s play toy. He was openly gay and had no interest in my wife but the same could not be said for his bisexual friend Steve who stood patiently behind me waiting for his turn.

I gripped Gianni’s rapidly rising cock with both hands and I was surprised at how comfortable it felt. It was similar to mine in length but thicker and I wondered briefly what it would feel like in my mouth. The though was unsettling given the fact that I had never in my life considered a gay or bisexual experience as a possibility. 
“Lick it slut, let your lust control your actions,” my wife teased and I glared at her in anger. Yet my tongue slithered out from between my lips and ran slowly up the underside of his big hard dick. I could taste the salty flavor of his sweat and I found it oddly appealing.

My eyes closed briefly and I felt my repulsion for his cock turn to desire. I licked the length of his shaft before pulling back his foreskin and taking the head between my lips. The rich flavor of his precum filled my mouth and I fought hard to stifle a low moan.

“I heard that slut,” my wife laughed. “I knew you were a cock slut.” Her harsh words tore through me and made my passion soar. My head bobbed slowly over his turgid rod taking it deeper with each stroke. I forced it down my throat and gagged as tears streamed down my cheeks. I could smell the faint scent of his natural musk and I liked it.

My hands explored his hard body as I sucked noisily on his throbbing manhood. I caressed his heavy balls and tickled his taint. The world around me disappeared and all of my focus was devoted to sucking his big delicious cock. It felt hot in my mouth and the creases and veins caressed my hungry lips with each bob of my head.

“Deeper slut, take it deeper. All the way down your cock loving throat,” my wife groaned. Her voice sounded raspy and thick with lust. I could feel her eyes on me but I dared not look. My eyes closed tight and I forced the entire length of his cock down my throat. My nose touched his pubes and I sucked hard with my mouth as my tongue lapped at the underside of his shaft. 

Gianni moaned signaling that he was close to cumming. I wanted his seed. I wanted to feel him erupt in my mouth and I wanted to taste his cum. The realization of that fact shook me to the core. My wife had been right. I was a cock slut. I was her cock slut and I liked it.

“Not yet,” my wife said loudly as she pulled me off Gianni’s hard, throbbing dick. She moved Steve in front of me and smiled.

My eyes traveled slowly over Steve’s hard athletic body. He looked much different than his Italian friend. He was tall and lean with taut rippled muscles. His body was more pale than Gianni’s and unshaven but he wasn’t naturally hairy. His cock was longer but thinner than the one which had just filled my mouth and he was circumsized with a fat bulbous head that I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around.

“Suck it slut,” my wife hissed loudly. I could hear her fingers rustling in her pants and her voice trembled as she spoke.

I took Steve’s hard cock into my mouth and sucked hard making him moan deep and low. His voice was more masculine than Gianni’s and the thick bass of his moan gave me a wicked thrill as his cock disappeared down my throat.

My head bobbed fast and hard on his long hard dick. His breathing became labored and I felt him building quickly toward a climax. His taste and smell was also different than his friend’s but it was no less appealing and I wanted his cum as badly as I had Gianni’s.

“Not yet Piggy,” my wife said softly. Her voice sounded almost sweet and I realized that I must have missed her orgasm because she had clearly taken the edge off. She positioned me on all fours facing Gianni as Steve moved behind me and rolled a condom onto his dick.

My eyes grew wide and I looked at my wife with fear and trepidation in my eyes. Sucking cock had been one thing and while I had thoroughly enjoyed everything about it I did not want a dick in my ass.

“Are you ready to get fucked slut?” She asked playfully.

I shook my head “no” and looked at her with soft pleading eyes.

“It’s okay Baby, if you do this for me all will be forgiven. Just wrap your sexy lips around Gianni’s dick and let Steve fuck you. You will love it.” She stroked my head and Gianni guided his thick cock into my waiting mouth.

I closed my eyes and savored the feel of his hot cock in my mouth. With my head up his shaft easily slid down my throat and my hard dick betrayed my excitement to my beautiful wife.

Steve lubed my asshole and pushed his fingers inside me stretching it out for his long hard cock. He rubbed the slippery tip across my sphincter and I moaned around Gianni’s dick. It felt good out there but I feared the pain of insertion.

“Relax Baby,” my wife groaned. I could tell she was playing with her pussy and I could smell the faint aroma of her arousal.

Steve pushed the head of his cock into my ass and I groaned around Gianni’s dick. The pain was intense but bearable and he slowly pushed forward until his balls pressed tightly against mine. 

I liked the sensation and I moaned as he eased back until just his head was inside me.

Steve fell into a steady rhythm. His balls slapped against mine as his friend’s hit my chin. 

They thrust harder using me like a fuck toy and building toward an orgasmic conclusion.

Gianni came first. His hot cream filled my mouth and I swallowed quickly so it wouldn’t spill. 

I could still feel him erupting in my mouth when I came. My cock exploded sending ribbons of cum onto the ground beneath me.

Steve pulled his dick from my ass and tore off the condom. He stroked his cock until it spit copious amounts of hot cum onto my back as my wife cried out loudly and came hard. Her knees went weak and she collapsed beside me as Gianni and Steve quickly dressed.

“Thanks,” Gianni said as we lay in the ground spent and exhausted. “Call us if you want to do it again.” He walked down the wooded trail with Steve and disappeared from view.

“Wanna do it again?” My wife asked with a pleased expression on her beautiful face.

“Yes,” I replied sheepishly.

“I knew you were a cock slut,” she teased.

“I’m your cock slut Baby,” I corrected her. I knew my life would never be the same and I was okay with that on every level.
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I sit in the chair, waiting totally blind by the hood, the smell of leather engulfing my nose, with the bite of the clamps on my nipples and the restriction of the handcuffs on my wrists. I wait for my cuckholdress and her lover to come into the room. I hear them outside, a mix of chat and moaning, they're getting ready to pleasure themselves. I can feel the steel rings around my cock as I throb with the prospect of being humiliated by her, she'll call me names as she catches her breath inbetween his thrusts. The thought of his cock deep inside her cunt makes me throb in anticipation; I swallow hard underneath my collar which is tightly fastened around my neck. This time it will be different, this time I'll feel the heat of his dick in my mouth, and in my ass, I will become their cum slut and sex slave, I will take his cock, his spunk, without hesitation, without question.
They come into the room, she grabs my balls, hows my little bitch then, are you ready to become my slut she hisses into my ear, I reply as I always do yes mistress. She grabs my cock which is now aching with the restriction of the three cock rings, she pulls on my cock giving me a wank which is not pleasurable I am deep in submission not only to her but to him as well, he fucked her hard, she moaned and screamed for twenty minutes last time while I watched. He has a nice cock which looked really good as he pumped away at her from behind, I really wanted to suck him with her juice on his shaft but I was cuffed, unable to move as I am now, this time though I will have his cock in my mouth and my ass.
One of them grabs my head and I feel the heat of what turns out to be his cock, he puts the head in my mouth and I suck and lick eagerly, that’s right bitch keep him hard while I prepare my pussy for a good fucking, something a pathetic little cuck like you can’t do, the mix of having him in my mouth and her humiliation makes my cock throb uncontrollably. She tells him to come over to her and the warm cock leaves my mouth without warning. He moves over to her and he buries his cock in all the way, she gives out a load moan in appreciation of the 8 inch smoothly shaven cock that just entered her pussy. MMMM fuck me in front of my pathetic cuck, make him want you to fuck me harder. They begin to fuck, I hear the wetness of her cunt as he slides his dick in and out of her, she is enjoying it, I’m enjoying it, I know that she’ll squirt and it will be all over his cock, which is something I will taste later as I finish him off with my mouth. He fucks her relentlessly; she struggles to issue her humiliation towards me as his thrusts take the wind out of her, which only makes me more excited, she is being fucked hard. The pussy juice stops squelching and the laboured breathing becomes less, he comes over to me and tells me if I want to taste his squirt covered cock I have to ask him to fuck her harder. I obey his command and ask him to pound my girlfriend as hard as he could, he places his cock on my lips and I open my mouth accepting his hard drenched cock eagerly, I know I’m giving him pleasure as only a slut can give as he moans as I flick my tongue around his knob, I feel his cock throb hard, he is close, he pulls out and tells her that I have a sluts mouth. He mounts her again and the slapping of skin is louder and her moaning turns to muffled screams to another orgasm as he thrusts into her as hard as he can, he manages 30 seconds and moves back to my mouth, time for his spunk. This time when he withdraws it will be because he will have emptied his balls into my eager mouth. I suck hard on his ! cock, I can feel him tremble only a few more times up and down his cock with my mouth and he will unload, I manage to take about 6 inches into my mouth before gagging, I pull up and the first spurts of spunk hit the back of my throat, he pulls out and sprays my face with spurt after spurt, I get his cock back in my mouth as he moans loudly from the orgasm that is pulsing through him. He withdraws and she orders me to swallow, I dutifully obey and swallow the large amount of spunk that was in my mouth, he was definitely a heavy cummer as there was easily the same again over my mask and chest. Half way to being my slut, she announced as they both leave the room.Alone with my thoughts as I savour the taste of spunk mixed with her juice, my cock aches hard against its cold steel cage, I know any orgasm I may have tonight will be prolonged and uncomfortable, even so I will enjoy it as a grateful slut should, this is not about my pleasure, this is about my mistresses’ pleasure. The smell of sex grows ever stronger the longer I wait, she got what she wanted, a guy who knows how to fuck her. Everything about tonight replays in my head, making the ache in my cock worse, I see her dressing up for him, she looked sexy as hell but even then I wasn’t allowed to touch, she played her part perfectly from the minute she put on her basque and stockings. She began to rub herself and I fell for it, I went closer to touch her and the next thing she grabs my balls and pulls on them in a downward motion, I let out an involuntary noise, she just laughed as she declared “time to cage this cucky cock of yours, If I’m allowing you a hard on then I don’t want you to have a pleasurable one”. She puts the gates of hell on my cock and around my balls, she then plays with it, daring it to get hard. I try not to get hard, and for the most part succeed, although I can’t stop my cock producing a semi, she pushes me to the chair and gives me a lapdance, forcing her body hard against my cock, I feel the heat from her cunt on my cock and the moist heat from her breath as she whispers kinky sweet nothings in my ear, all this to make sure she leaves me with a fully caged hard on. She cuffs me to the chair using two pairs of cuffs attaching each to a spindle on the chairs back. She gets up and looks at my now rock hard cock, she gives it a few strokes to help it along, she smiles at me as we lock eyes, both of us knowing what was going to happen, both full of lust, her lust fuelled by the thought of a her lovers cock penetrating her once again and that same cock was going to penetrate me for the first time. For me my lust was fuelled by the thought of hearing/watching them fuck, I love watching her get fucked or sucking on a nice thick cock, we both loved sex, we both loved each other, tonight was all sex and both of us enjoying the same cock.She couldn’t wait to be pounded so she could feel the intense pleasure of squirting her juice over his throbbing cock as he relentlessly fucks her. Once satisfied she would then enjoy the show lying back on the bed watching the same cock fuck me and empty into my mouth.I’m brought back to reality as she enters the room; she has her breasts hanging out of her basque revealing her very hard erect nipples. She sits on my hardon grinding as she did before, smiling as grinds away knowing how uncomfortable it must be for me
To be continued …]]>
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